Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

Stefania is a marine biologist specializing in macroinvertebrates. She works at the Laboratory of Marine Ecology of IBER-BAS on the Black Sea.

Collaboration statement

I’m an early career researcher who works on benthic invertebrate communities and how they change under the combined effects of human activities. I’m interested in expanding into functional diversity analyses, and modeling changes in ecosystem functioning. I’m currently involved in developing a functional trait database for Black Sea benthic invertebrates (primarily from literature sources), and I want to follow best open science practices and standards. I intend to make all resources freely available afterwards.

I can offer expertise in workflows for cleaning and analysis of occurrence and abundance data, and related environmental parameters. I am also happy to connect with experts in trait-based analysis and trait-environment relationships, and welcome any and all advice!