Department of Ecology, Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul, Campo Grande, MS, Brazil

Diogo is an amphibian ecologist and evolutionary biologist in Campo Grande, Brazil.

Collaboration statement

I have engaged in trait- and phylogenetic-based approaches to community and evolutionary ecology since the beginning of my PhD in 2011. I usually work on amphibians, but I have papers and advise students with other groups as well. My research programs combine traits and phylogenetic comparative methods to understand ecological patterns at multiple spatial scales. I have a small trait data base on anuran larvae I worked during my master’s, but I plan to contribute other datasets from my students.

I can offer expertise in workflows for cleaning occurrence data and combining with trait data in R. I am also happy to help connect people together in Latin America around traits by running working groups, hosting visitors in my lab, organizing symposia at conferences and maintaining our Open Traits website.