UMDI-Sisal, Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM, Yucatan, Mexico

Nuno Simoes is a marine biologist based in merida, yucatan, Mexico.

Collaboration statement

I am a broadly trained marine biologist and ecologist with a special interest in aquatic biodiversity and conservation, as well as sustainable aquaculture/fisheries. I am particularly interested on field studies in coral reefs, sandy beaches and other coastal habitats, including the fresh water sinkholes of the Yucatán peninsula, Mexico. Together with colleagues, I participate and co-lead three research groups. One related to biodiversity and conservation of the Yucatán peninsula sinkholes or cenotes (, another related to marine biodiversity monitoring ( and the third focused on marine ornamental species with a special interest on seahorse conservation (

I am very interested to learn more on how to contribute dynamic functional traits data on coastal, marine and freshwater species from our region of interest. I have very little experience and knowledge on programming and guess that my contribution will perhaps be more useful from the user prspective and raw data-gathering activities. I am also happy to help connect people together around traits by running working groups, hosting visitors in my lab, organising symposia at conferences and maintaining our Open Traits website.