German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig & Leipzig University

Malte is a community ecologist based at iDiv in Leipzig, Germany.

Projects / publications

Schneider, F.D., Güntsch, A., Penone, C., Fichtmueller, D., Manning, P., Gossner, M.M., Jochum, M., Ries, B.K., Ostrowski, A. & Simons, N.K. (2019) Towards an ecological trait ‐ data standard. Methods in Ecology & Evolution, 2019, 1–14.

Existing openscience trait datasets

Temperate and tropical macroinvertebrate body length, body width, body mass from a paper offering length-mass regressions for temperate and tropical invertebrates:

Sohlström, E.H., Marian, L., Barnes, A.D., Haneda, N.F., Scheu, S., Rall, B.C., Brose, U. & Jochum, M. (2018) Applying generalized allometric regressions to predict live body mass of tropical and temperate arthropods. Ecology and Evolution, 8, 12737–12749.

dataset doi:

Collaboration statement:

I have done field surveys and experimental field research in boreal, temperate and tropical areas and across terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems. Currently, I am working on exotic earthworm invasion in North American forests in the EcoWorm project ( run by Nico Eisenhauer at iDiv, Leipzig, Germany.

I have mostyl worked with macroinvertebrates / arthropods, but recently also synthesized vascular plant trait data from TRY to compare plant communities of biodiversity experiments to those from related real-world systems (

Not all my data is published open access, yet, but I am always open to sharing data and collaborate on questions of joint interest. Please do get in touch if any of my research or data (see sounds interesting.