Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada

Patrick is a biological oceanographer focusing on zooplankton ecology and is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Collaboration statement

I am most interested in the distribution and connectivity of marine communities and how this could aid in ocean management. I have aggregated a zooplankton traits dataset that expands the currently available global copepod trait datasets to include other zooplankton taxonomic groups and additional traits. I am currently curating and standardizing this dataset to follow the ETS vocabulary and FAIR principles. I wish to link the zooplankton dataset to the Open Traits Network especially to allow the use of zooplankton traits information in marine ecology research and modelling.

I offer my expertise in numerical analysis of traits data and environmental datasets. I am very much interested in collaborations regarding the synthesis of trait information and functional ecology theory across systems and taxonomic groups. I am leading a working group in February 2023 regarding traits and ecosystem functioning which mainly utilizes our zooplankton traits dataset but I would like to introduce other datasets from the Open Traits Network for our participants to potentially utilize.