Evolution and Ecology Research Centre, UNSW Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia



Joe is a plant ecologist currently based in Sydney Australia.

Collaboration statement

I am currently completing my PhD in plant ecology. For the time being, I am focused largely at the community- and population-level, integrating functional traits in the process. I like to work in restoration ecosystems because they can provide unexpected and amazing study systems for many trait-based ecological investigations.

I am keen to connect and collaborate with other researchers working with plant functional traits in any way I may be useful, and can offer my skills in coding, writing, and am always keen to take part in (and assist with, if helpful) workshops/discussions/conferences etc. I also have my own trait data for quite a number of popular southeastern Australian restoration species, though these either are already or are in the process of being submitted to the open database AusTraits. I am also keen to help out with the network - if I can be of use!