Institut de Biologie, Université de Neuchâtel

Disha is a postdoc based in Lausanne, Switzerland

Collaboration statement

In my current role, I am associated with Digital Botanical Gardens Initiative (DBGI, I am curating data on plant biodiversity, connecting their traits (TRY-db), interactions (GLOBI) and metabolites (ENPKG). I have used Ontop ( to build a virtual knowledge graph with this data. Subsequently, with DBGI contributors, I will create a big knowledge graph incorporating this data, thus making it my prospective open trait dataset.

Besides plant biodiversity, I am curating data on microbes and their evolution, across various biotic and abiotic hosts. I plan to contribute this data to OTN in the future. I have also built tools for quantifying microbial composition through short- and long-read technologies.

I can offer expertise in workflows for cleaning and combining plant biodiversity data. I can also help in creating virtual knowledge graphs using Ontop. I love communicating science and will be glad to write blogs for OTN on a variety of topics (e.g: general topics related to OTN, specific topics like importance of chemodiversity, etc.).