Italian National Research Council (CNR), Institute of Research on Terrestrial Ecosystems (IRET), Lecce, Italy

Jessica is an aquatic ecologist based in Lecce, Italy.

Collaboration statement

I am interested in investigating functional traits dynamics in phytoplankton-zooplankton interactions in the context of global change and biodiversity loss, and in understanding the effects and consequences of functional trait diversity loss/variation in aquatic food webs. Currently, I am working on the harmonisation, integration and analysis of data and metadata of phytoplankton/zooplankton functional traits and I am involved in the creation and implementation of trait specific semantic resources “Functional Traits Thesauri” for aquatic organisms (i. e. Phytoplankton Traits Thesaurus, Zooplankton Traits Thesaurus, Macroalgae Traits Thesaurus, Fish Traits Thesaurus, Macrozoobenthos Traits Thesaurus) within the LifeWatch Italy research infrastructure.

I can offer assistance/help in data harmonisation and integration and support for improving trait data semantic interoperability.