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name contact description traits taxa traitDetails taxaDetails
PhenObs Robert Rauschkolb A data base for phenological records of vascular, herbaceous plant species collected in botanical gardens including 11 phenological stages (“Initial growth”, “Onset of leaf unfolding”, “Onset of flowering”, “Peak of flowering”, “End of flowering”, “Flowering duration”, “Onset of fruiting”, “End of fruiting”, “Onset of senescence”, “Peak of senescence”, “End of senescence”). 11 vegetative and reproductive phenological stages covering the seasonal life cycle of herbaceous species 362+ plant taxa, standardized based on The Leipzig Catalogue of Vascular Plants under construction under construction
UCIMLR-Iris Daniel Mietchen 50 datapoints each for four flower traits (sepal length in cm, sepal width in cm, petal length in cm and petal width in cm) in three Iris species (Iris setosa, Iris versicolor, Iris virginica). This dataset is famous enough to have Wikipedia articles about it in 12 languages as well as a range of public versions and mirror copies, including via the default distributions of RStudio or the Python library pandas. The UCI-MLR version listed here corrects some of the statistical mistakes found in the original work by Fisher 1936, yet it introduces a spelling error in the name of Iris versicolor. sepal length in cm / sepal width in cm / petal length in cm / petal width in cm Iris setosa / Iris versicolor / Iris virginica under construction under construction
World Spider Trait database Jonas Wolff A database of spider traits. 199 traits of spiders 9379 spider taxa, standardized by the World Spider Catalog ( under construction under construction
Alava and Aguirre, 2005 Jen Hammock ALAVA, J.J. and AGUIRRE, W.E., 2005. Scanning electron microscopy of Neoechinorhynchus sp.(Acanthocephala: Neoechinorhynchidae), a possible new species of intestinal parasite of the Tallfin croaker Micropogonias altipinnis (G/onther, 1864). Parasitolog/<>a latinoamericana, 60(1-2), pp.48-53. body shape   under construction under construction
Alexander, 2004 Jen Hammock R. McN. Alexander. 2004. Bipedal animals, and their differences from humans. J. Anat. (2004) 204, pp 321,Aei330. locomotion Hominidae/Homo under construction under construction
Altman, 1965 Jen Hammock Altman, J., 1965. Nematodes. Methods of Soil Analysis: Part 2 Chemical and Microbiological Properties, 9, pp.1517-1523. body shape   under construction under construction
AmP Bas Kooijman A database of metabolic traits and associated parameter estimates for the Dynamic Energy Budget theory. 272 trait observations of metabolic (including life history) traits for parameter estimates under the Dynamic Energy Budget theory framework 2026 animal taxa under construction under construction
AmphiBIO Brunno Freire Oliveira / Gabriel C. Costa Global database for amphibian ecological traits (collection of data from literature) Habitat / Diet / Circadian_activity_rhythm / Seasonality / Body_weight / Age_at_mature_min_y / Age_at_mature_max_y / Body_length / Size_at_mature_min_mm / Size_at_mature_max_mm / Longevity_min_y / Longevity_max_y / Litter_size_min_n / Litter_size_max_n / Reproductive_output_y / Offspring_size_min_mm / Offspring_size_min_mm / Breeding strategy   under construction under construction
Ankel-Simons 2008 Jen Hammock Ankel-Simons F, Rasmussen DT. Diurnality, nocturnality, and the evolution of primate visual systems. Am J Phys Anthropol. 2008; Suppl 47:100-17. doi: 10.1002/ajpa.20957. PMID: 19003895. behavioral circadian rhythm   under construction under construction
Arthropod Species Traits Martin M Gossner A summary of eight traits of Coleoptera, Hemiptera, Orthoptera and Araneae, occurring in grasslands in Germany Body_size / Dispersal_ability / Feeding_guild / Feeding_mode / Feeding_specialization / Feeding_tissue / Feeding_plant_part / Endophagous_lifestyle / Stratum_use / Coleoptera / Hemiptera / Orthoptera / Araneae under construction under construction
Ashley-Ross, 1994 Jen Hammock M Ashley-Ross. 1994. HINDLIMB KINEMATICS DURING TERRESTRIAL LOCOMOTION IN A SALAMANDER (DICAMPTODON TENEBROSUS). Journal of Experimental Biology 1994 193: 255-283; locomotion Anura/Caudata under construction under construction
AusTraits Elizabeth Wenk AusTraits is an open-source, harmonized database of Australian plant trait data. 462 plant traits, with definitions at 28640 taxa, mostly aligned with the Australian Plant Census (APC) under construction under construction
Australian birds Stephen Garnett Traits for all Australian birds Distribution / Morphology / Habitat / Food / Behaviour / Breeding / Mobility / Climate metrics   under construction under construction
Avian hand-wing index Catherine Sheard Hand-wing index values for 10,338 species, together with a variety of ecological and environmental traits, matched to the Jetz et al. 2012 phylogeny and to IUCN Red List scientific names. HWI / Sample-size / Body-mass / Range-Size / Island / Migration-1 / Migration-2 / Migration-3 / Territoriality / Diet / Habitat / Latitude / AnnualTemp / TempRange / AnnualPrecip / PrecipRange   under construction under construction
AVONET Joe Tobias The AVONET database contains comprehensive functional trait data for all birds, including six ecological variables, eleven continuous morphological traits, and information on range size and location. Raw morphological measurements are available from 90020 individuals of 11009 extant bird species sampled from 181 countries. These data are also summarised as species averages in three taxonomic formats, allowing integration with a global phylogeny, geographical range maps, IUCN Red List data, and the eBird citizen science database. Code to reproduce the analyses and figures presented in Tobias et al 2022 “AVONET: morphological, ecological and geographical data for all birds” Ecology Letters, is also included. 11 continuous morphological traits (beak dimensions, wing dimensions, tail, tarsus, and body size), 6 ecological variables, range size, geographic location 11,009 extant bird species under construction under construction
Baumiller and Messing, 2007 Jen Hammock Baumiller, T.K, Messing, C.G. 2007. Stalked Crinoid Locomotion, and its Ecological and Evolutionary Implications. Palaeontologia Electronica, 10(1):1-10. locomotion/motility Comatulida/Isocrinida under construction under construction
Beckers et al, 2019 Jen Hammock Beckers, P., Helm, C. & Bartolomaeus, T. The anatomy and development of the nervous system in Magelonidae (Annelida) ,Aei insights into the evolution of the annelid brain. BMC Evol Biol 19, 173 (2019). visual system   under construction under construction
Bee Morphological Trait Dataset Madeleine Ostwald A dataset of bee morphological traits. bee morphological traits >1200 bee species under construction under construction
GlobTherm Joanne Bennett Thermal tolerance metrics for 2,133 species of multicellular algae, plants, fungi, and animals in 43 classes, 203 orders and 525 families from marine, intertidal, freshwater, and terrestrial realms, extracted from published studies. Updates to the data and metadata will be curated through the iDiv data portal Tmax / max_metric / error / error measure / Multiple measures / max_interval_after_LT0 / Tmax_2 / max_metric_2\terror / error measure / max_interval_before_LT100 / max_pretreatment / max_ramp / lat_max / long_max\televation_max / REF_max / location_max / N / tmin / min_metric / Multiple measures_min / min_interval_after_LT0 / tmin_2 / min_metric_2 / min_interval_before_LT100 / min_pretreatment / ramp_min\t Chlorophyta / Plantae / Fungi / Animalia under construction under construction
Berking, 2007 Jen Hammock Berking, S., 2007. Generation of bilateral symmetry in Anthozoa: a model. Journal of theoretical biology, 246(3), pp.477-490. body symmetry   under construction under construction
BryForTrait Markus Bernhardt-Römermann A compilation of autecological information and morphological and regenerative trait data on different stages of the life cycle of bryophytes occurring in forest ecosystems. The database contains information for 35 traits and 721 Central European bryophyte species; in total more than 23,000 trait values growth form / stem / shoot length / life form / life strategy / protonema / Hyalinnhairpoint / dominants / distribution of gametangia / seta / capsules / size of spores / spore ornamentation / fruiting / vegetative dispersal traits 721 Central European bryophyte species under construction under construction
BETYdb David LeBauer A database of plant traits and ecosystem services. Designed to support meta-analysis and crop and ecosystem modeling. Over 50k plant traits and ecosystem functions from over 5k taxa 1312 distinct genera, 3032 distinct species, and 470 taxa resolved below plant species (mostly cultivars), standardized mainly based on USDA Plants database under construction under construction
Beukhof_2019 Esther Beukhof / Aurore Maureaud A trait collection of marine fish species from North Atlantic and Northeast Pacific continental shelf seas. trophic level / offspring size / age at maturity / fecundity / length infinity / growth coefficient K / maximum length / maximum age / caudal fin aspect ratio / habitat / feeding mode / body shape / caudal fin shape / spawning type 6216 fish taxa, standardized based on World Register of Marine Species under construction under construction
BIEN Brian J. Enquist / Brad Boyle / Cory Merow / Xiao Feng / Dan Park /Brian S. Maitner / BIEN working group   53 plant traits   under construction under construction
Biewener, 1989 Jen Hammock Biewener, Andrew A. ,AeuMammalian Terrestrial Locomotion and Size.,Aeu BioScience, vol. 39, no. 11, 1989, pp. 776,Aei783. JSTOR, Accessed 20 July 2020. locomotion   under construction under construction
Bitsch, 2005 Jen Hammock C Bitsch, J Bitsch. 2005. Evolution of eye structure and arthropod phylogeny. In: Crustacean Issues, Stefan Koenemann and Ronald Jenner, eds. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, USA visual system   under construction under construction
Bland_2017 Lucie Bland Data on intrinsic (biology and ecology) and extrinsic (environment and threats) factors for 450 crayfish species assessed on the IUCN Red List Body size / Egg number / Chela size / Chela shape / Habitat breadth / Habitat type Arthropoda / Crustacea / Malacostraca under construction under construction
Boistel et al, 2013 Jen Hammock Renaud Boistel, Thierry Aubin, Peter Cloetens, Fran/ssoise Peyrin, Thierry Scotti, Philippe Herzog, Justin Gerlach, Nicolas Pollet, Jean-Fran/ssois Aubry. 2013. Hearing without a middle ear. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Sep 2013, 110 (38) 15360-15364; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1302218110 hearing range/auditory system   under construction under construction
Bok et al, 2016 Jen Hammock Michael J. Bok, Mar/<>a Capa, Dan-Eric Nilsson, Here, There and Everywhere: The Radiolar Eyes of Fan Worms (Annelida, Sabellidae), Integrative and Comparative Biology, Volume 56, Issue 5, November 2016, Pages 784,Aei795, visual system   under construction under construction
Bond, 1983 Jen Hammock Bond, G. (1983) in Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Forest Ecosystems, eds. Gordon, J. C. & Wheeler, C. T. (Nijhoff, Dordrecht, The Netherlands), pp. 55-87. id=c8TtCAAAQBAJ fixes   under construction under construction
Bone and James 1993 Jen Hammock Bone, Y., James, N.P. 1993. Bryozoans as carbonate sediment producers on the cool-water Lacepede Shelf, southern Australia. Sedimentary Geology, 86(3,Aei4):247-271. forms   under construction under construction
Borges et al, 2016 Jen Hammock Renee M. Borges, Hema Somanathan, and Almut Kelber. 2016. Patterns and Processes in Nocturnal and Crepuscular Pollination Services. The Quarterly Review of Biology 2016 91:4, 389-418 behavioral circadian rhythm   under construction under construction
Boyle and Rice, 2018 Jen Hammock Boyle, M.J. and Rice, M.E., 2018. Comparative development and the evolution of life history diversity in Sipuncula. In Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on the Biology of the Sipuncula. Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press. body shape   under construction under construction
Bringloe et al, 2020 Jen Hammock Trevor T. Bringloe, Samuel Starko, Rachael M. Wade, Christophe Vieira, Hiroshi Kawai, Olivier De Clerck, J. Mark Cock, Susana M. Coelho, Christophe Destombe, Myriam Valero, Jo/#o Neiva, Gareth A. Pearson, Sylvain Faugeron, Ester A. Serr/#o & Heroen Verbruggen (2020) Phylogeny and Evolution of the Brown Algae, Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences, 39:4, 281-321, DOI: 10.1080/07352689.2020.1787679 habitat Bodanella lauterborni/Ectocarpus subulatus/Heribaudiella fluviatilis/Phaeophyceae/Pleurocladia lacustris/Porterinema fluviatile under construction under construction
BROT Juli Pausas A functional trait database for Mediterranean Basin plants 44 traits 2457 taxa under construction under construction
Bruce, 1988 Jen Hammock AJ Bruce. 1988. Thaumastochelopsis wardi, gen. et. sp. nov., a new blind deep-sea lobster from the coral sea (Crustacea : Decapoda : Nephropidea). Invertebrate Taxonomy 2(7) 903 - 914 visual system   under construction under construction
Brusca et al, 2016 Jen Hammock Brusca RC, Moore W, & Shuster SM 2016. Invertebrates, 3rd ed. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, Massachusetts. habitat   under construction under construction
Budelmann, 1992 Jen Hammock Budelmann B.U. (1992) Hearing in Crustacea. In: Webster D.B., Popper A.N., Fay R.R. (eds) The Evolutionary Biology of Hearing. Springer, New York, NY. . hearing threshold/hearing range/auditory system   under construction under construction
Bullock et al, 1983 Jen Hammock T. H. BULLOCK, D. A. BODZNICK and R. G. NORTHCUTT. 1983. The Phylogenetic Distribution of Electroreception: Evidence for Convergent Evolution of a Primitive Vertebrate Sense Modality. Brain Research Reviews, 6 (1983) 25-46 sensory system   under construction under construction
Burr, 1984 Jen Hammock Burr A.H. (1984) Evolution of Eyes and Photoreceptor Organelles in the Lower Phyla. In: Ali M.A. (eds) Photoreception and Vision in Invertebrates. NATO ASI Series (Series A: Life Sciences), vol 74. Springer, Boston, MA. visual system Bryozoa/Chromadorina bioculata/Deontostoma californicum/Enoplus anisospiculus/Mermis nigrescens/Oncholaimus vesicarius under construction under construction
Burr and Robinson, 2004 Jen Hammock A.H.J. BURR AND A.F. ROBINSON, 2004. Locomotion Behaviour. In: Nematode Behaviour, Randy Gaugler and Anwar L. Bilgrami (eds). Cambridge, MA : CABI Publishing. locomotion   under construction under construction
Buskey et al, 2012 Jen Hammock Buskey, E. J., Lenz, P. H., & Hartline, D. K. (2012). Sensory perception, neurobiology, and behavioral adaptations for predator avoidance in planktonic copepods. Adaptive Behavior, 20(1), 57,Aei66. locomotion   under construction under construction
Cameron et al, 2000 Jen Hammock Cameron CB, Garey JR, Swalla BJ. Evolution of the chordate body plan: new insights from phylogenetic analyses of deuterostome phyla. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2000 Apr 25;97(9):4469-74. doi: 10.1073/pnas.97.9.4469. PMID: 10781046; PMCID: PMC18258. body shape/ecomorphological guild/body organization Enteropneusta/Pterobranchia under construction under construction
Cartwright, 2003 Jen Hammock Paulyn Cartwright, Developmental Insights into the Origin of Complex colonial Hydrozoans, Integrative and Comparative Biology, Volume 43, Issue 1, February 2003, Pages 82,Aei86, body organization   under construction under construction
Catching crabs, a case study in local-scale English conservation Will Pearse   diameter / sex Carcinus maenas under construction under construction
Chan, 2010 Jen Hammock TY Chan. 2010. Annotated checklist of the world’s marine lobsters (Crustacea: Decapoda: Astacidea, Glypheidea, Achelata, Polychelida). The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 2010 Supplement No. 23: 153,Aei181 visual system   under construction under construction
Chia, 1966 Jen Hammock Chia, Fu-Shiang. ,AeuSystematics of the Six-Rayed Sea Star, Leptasterias, in the Vicinity of San Juan Island, Washington.,Aeu Systematic Zoology, vol. 15, no. 4, 1966, pp. 300,Aei06. JSTOR, Accessed 30 May 2022. body symmetry   under construction under construction
ChinaRoots, Sapling leaf and root traits from 6.6 km Jianfengling transect J. Aaron Hogan   Leaf Area / LeafPermiter / LeafWidth / LeafHeight / LeafCircularity / LeafAspectRatio / LeafRoundness / LeafMass / SLA / LeafThickness / RootMass / RootLength / SpecificRootLength / RootProjArea / RootArea / SpecifcRootArea / RootAvgDiam / RootLenPerVol / RootVolume / RootTD / NRootTips / SRTipAbund NForks / NCrossings   under construction under construction
Choe and Crespi, 1997 Jen Hammock Jae C. Choe, Bernard J. Crespi. 1997. The Evolution of Mating Systems in Insects and Arachnids. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK trophic guild/behavioral circadian rhythm   under construction under construction
Christensen, Christensen-Dalsgaard and Madsen 2015 Jen Hammock Christensen, C. B., Christensen-Dalsgaard, J., & Madsen, P. T. (2015). Hearing of the African lungfish (Protopterus annectens) suggests underwater pressure detection and rudimentary aerial hearing in early tetrapods. Journal of Experimental Biology, 218(3), 381,Aei387. doi:10.1242/jeb.116012. hearing threshold/hearing range/auditory system   under construction under construction
Christensen et al, 2015 Jen Hammock Christensen Christian Bech, Lauridsen Henrik, Christensen-Dalsgaard Jakob, Pedersen Michael and Madsen Peter Teglberg 2015 Better than fish on land? Hearing across metamorphosis in salamandersProc. R. Soc. B.28220141943. hearing threshold/hearing range/auditory system   under construction under construction
CLARK, 2019 Jen Hammock CLARK, E.G. 2019. Ophiuroid locomotion from fundamental structures to integrated systems. Zoosymposia 15: 013,Aei022. locomotion   under construction under construction
Clark and Hermans, 1976 Jen Hammock R. B. Clark, C.O. Hermans. 1976. Kinetics of smimming in some smooth,Aeebodied polychaetes. Journal of Zoology, 178(2):147-159. locomotion Amniotrypane/Armandia/Polygordius/Protodrilus under construction under construction
Coe, 1927 Jen Hammock Coe, WR. 1927. Adaptations of the bathypelagic Nemerteans. The American Naturalist, 61(675):345-352 locomotion/habitat Nemertea/Pelagica under construction under construction
A morphological database for Colombian anuran species from conservation‐priority ecosystems Beatriz Salgado-Negret A database of traits for amphibians from Colombia. SnoutVentLength / HeadWidth / MouthWidth / ForearmLength / TibiaLength / FemurLength / FootLength / FootWebbing 293 species / 14 families under construction under construction
Compadre Rob Salguero-Gómez Demographic, taxonomic, biogeographic and phylogenetic information of thousand of plants and animals Survival / Development / Reproduction / Recruitment / and many more! See here Plantae and Animalia under construction under construction
The Coral Trait Database Joshua Madin The Coral Trait Database is a growing compilation of scleractinian coral life history trait, phylogenetic and biogeographic data. As of today, there are 68494 coral observations with 106462 trait entries of 158 traits for 1548 coral species in the database. Most of these entries are for shallow-water, reef-building species. 150 coral traits Scleractinia under construction under construction
Panama_SecondFor_LeafTraits Dylan Craven A database of 17 leaf traits measured on 55 woody species and up to 1750 individuals (per species) in tropical secondary forests in Central Panama. 17 leaf traits, standardized according to 55 plant taxa, standardized using The Plant List under construction under construction
Cubo, 2000 Jen Hammock Cubo, J., Arthur, W. Patterns of correlated character evolution in flightless birds: a phylogenetic approach. Evolutionary Ecology 14, 693,Aei702 (2000). locomotion   under construction under construction
Danielopol, 1990 Jen Hammock DL Danielopol. 1990. The origin of the anchialine cave fauna ,Aei the ,Aeudeep sea,Aeu versus the ,Aeushallow water,Aeu hypothesis tested against the empirical evidence of the Thaumatocyprididae (Ostracoda) Bijdragen tot de Dierkunde, 60 (3/4):137-143 visual system   under construction under construction
Daniels et al, 2002 Jen Hammock Daniels, S. R., Heideman, N., Hendricks, M., & Willson, B. (2002). A molecular phylogeny for the South African limbless lizard taxa of the subfamily Acontinae (Sauria: Scincidae) with special emphasis on relationships within Acontias. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 24(2), 315,Aei323. doi:10.1016/s1055-7903(02)00217-8 visual system   under construction under construction
Delwiche and Cooper, 2015 Jen Hammock Charles-Francis Delwiche, Endymion-Dante Cooper. 2015. The Evolutionary Origin of a Terrestrial Flora. Current Biology, 25(19):R899-R910. ISSN 0960-9822. habitat Charophyceae/Coleochaetophyceae/Embryophytes/Klebsormidiophyceae/Mesostigmatophyceae/Zygnemophyceae under construction under construction
Desutter-Grandcolas, 1995 Jen Hammock L. Desutter-Grandcolas. 1995. Toward the Knowledge of the Evolutionary Biology of Phalangopsid Crickets (Orthoptera: Grylloidea: Phalangopsidae): Data, Questions and Evolutionary Scenarios. Journal of Orthoptera Research, No. 4 (Aug., 1995), pp. 163-175 habitat/behavioral circadian rhythm   under construction under construction
Dittami et al, 2017 Jen Hammock Dittami, S. M., Heesch, S., Olsen, J. L., & Coll/(c)n, J. (2017). Transitions between marine and freshwater environments provide new clues about the origins of multicellular plants and algae. Journal of Phycology, 53(4), 731,Aei745. doi:10.1111/jpy.12547-* habitat   under construction under construction
Dive Duration Dataset Wilco Verberk A database on dive durations of diving, airbreathing animals, ectotherms and endotherms. 1792 entries on dive duration of 286 taxa of animal divers 286 animal taxa under construction under construction
Dooling et al, 2000 Jen Hammock Dooling, R. J., Lohr, B., & Dent, M. L. (2000). Hearing in Birds and Reptiles. Comparative Hearing: Birds and Reptiles, 308,Aei359. hearing threshold/hearing range/auditory system   under construction under construction
Database of Plant Heat Tolerances Timothy M. Perez A growing database of plant heat tolerances, primarily for photosynthetic tissues, quantified in terms of temperatures causing a pre-determined level of damage. The present database contains Tcrit and T50 heat tolerance estimates corresponding to the temperatures that cause initial and 50% damage to maximum quantum yield. Heat tolerance estimates for 123 species 123 species names based on the Taxonomic Name Resolution Service under construction under construction
Du et al, 2016 Jen Hammock Du, Z.,AeeY., Wang, Q.,AeeF. and China Phylogeny Consortium. (2016), Phylogenetic tree of vascular plants reveals the origins of aquatic angiosperms. Jnl of Sytematics Evolution, 54: 342-348. habitat   under construction under construction
Dunn et al, 2015 Jen Hammock Dunn, C.W., Leys, S.P. and Haddock, S.H., 2015. The hidden biology of sponges and ctenophores. Trends in ecology & evolution, 30(5), pp.282-291. body symmetry   under construction under construction
eFLOWER Hervé Sauquet / Jürg Schönenberger Dataset of angiosperm floral traits (mostly structural), extracted from the PROTEUS database and built for the eFLOWER project; for more information on PROTEUS and eFLOWER, see Sex / Ovary_position / Number_of_perianth_parts / Fusion_of_perianth / Symmetry_of_perianth / Perianth_phyllotaxy / Number_of_perianth_whorls / Perianth_merism / Perianth_differentiation / Number_of_fertile_stamens / Filament / Anther_orientation / Anther_attachment / Anther_dehiscence / Androecium_structural_phyllotaxy / Number_of_androecium_structural_whorls / Androecium_structural_merism / Gynoecium_phyllotaxy / Number_of_structural_carpels / Fusion_of_ovaries / Number_of_ovules_per_functional_carpel 792 angiosperm species under construction under construction
Ecotaxonomy Anton Potapov / Dorothee Sandmann / Stefan Scheu Ecotaxonomy (, is an open web platform, that allows traits, taxa, individuals and samples to be linked within research projects. Any morphological or ecological traits can be customized inside the system and attached either to taxa, individuals, or environmental samples. The system is flexible to include any group of organisms. The taxonomic system of Ecotaxonomy is based on the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (, but may be complemented by morphospecies, pictures, literature and other parameters. As public output, the system provides interactive identification keys and web catalogs of traits and taxa. Multiple morphological and ecological traits Multiple groups of organisms (focused on Arthropoda) under construction under construction
Edmondst, 2000 Jen Hammock Edmondst, S.J., 2000. 4. PHYLUM ECHIURA. Polychaetes & Allies: The Southern Synthesis, 4, p.353. body shape/body symmetry   under construction under construction
EGrowth Jerome Mathieu The EGrowth database contains 1073 growth curves of 51 species of earthworms, representing 16002 measures of body mass. It covers publications on earthworm body size from 1900 to 2016. The environmental conditions in which the growth curves were produced are also reported (e.g. temperature, pesticides). Body mass of earthworm individuals during ontogenic growth (growth curves) 51 species under construction under construction
Eick et al, 2005 Jen Hammock Geeta N. Eick, David S. Jacobs, Conrad A. Matthee, A Nuclear DNA Phylogenetic Perspective on the Evolution of Echolocation and Historical Biogeography of Extant Bats (Chiroptera), Molecular Biology and Evolution, Volume 22, Issue 9, September 2005, Pages 1869,Aei1886. sensory system Chiroptera/Furipteridae/Hipposideridae/Megadermatidae/Nycteridae/Phyllostomidae/Pteronotus parnellii/Rhinolophoidae/Rhinopomatidae/Thyropteridae under construction under construction
angiosperm-wide database of gynodioecious species Katherine Eisen angiosperm-wide database of gynodioecious species gynodioecious Marsupials under construction under construction
Elofsson, 1965 Jen Hammock Rolf Elofsson (1965) The nauplius eye and frontal organs in malagostraca (crustacea), Sarsia, 19:1, 1-54, DOI: 10.1080/00364827.1965.10409549 visual system Anaspidacea/Euphausiacea/Stomatopoda under construction under construction
Elofsson, 1966 Jen Hammock Rolf Elofsson (1966) The nauplius eye and frontal organs of the nonMalacostraca (Crustacea), Sarsia, 25:1, 1-128, DOI: 10.1080/00364827.1966.10409568 visual system Anostraca/Argulidae/Cirripedia/Copepoda/Cypridinidae/Diplostraca/Notostraca/Ostracoda under construction under construction
Elofsson and Hessler, 1990 Jen Hammock Elofsson, R., & Hessler, R. (1990). Central Nervous System of Hutchinsoniella macracantha (Cephalocarida). Journal of Crustacean Biology, 10(3), 423-439. doi:10.2307/1548332 visual system   under construction under construction
Elton Traits Walter Jetz EltonTraits 1.0, Species-level foraging attributes of the world’s birds and mammals Diet / Foraging_stratum / Nocturnal / Body_mass   under construction under construction
Emig, 1985 Jen Hammock C. C. Emig (1985). Phylogenetic systematics in Phoronida (Lophophorata). , 23(3), 184,Aei193. doi:10.1111/j.1439-0469.1985.tb00581.x body shape/ecomorphological guild   under construction under construction
European Amphibians Database Audrey Trochet A database of life-history traits of European amphibians (collection of data from literature) Body_weight / Male_body_length / Female_body_length / Body_length / Foot length / Tibia length / Hind limb length / Metamorphosis size / Number of eggs / Survival rates in adults / Sexual maturity / Movement ability   under construction under construction
Fabre et al, 2016 Jen Hammock Anne-Claire Fabre, David Bickford, Marion Segall, Anthony Herrel, The impact of diet, habitat use, and behaviour on head shape evolution in homalopsid snakes, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Volume 118, Issue 3, July 2016, Pages 634,Aei647, diet/habitat/trophic guild/behavioral circadian rhythm   under construction under construction
Fish, 2000 Jen Hammock Fish, Frank E. 2000. ,AeuBiomechanics and Energetics in Aquatic and Semiaquatic Mammals: Platypus to Whale.,Aeu Physiological and Biochemical Zoology: Ecological and Evolutionary Approaches, vol. 73, no. 6, pp. 683,Aei698. JSTOR, Accessed 15 July 2020. locomotion   under construction under construction
FishBase Rainer Froese FishBase is a global biodiversity information system on finfishes. It provides key facts on population dynamics for 200 major commercial species and has a wider range of data on all finfish species currently known in the world: taxonomy, biology, trophic ecology, life history, and uses biology / trophic ecology / life history 33,000 fish species under construction under construction
FishTraits Emmanuel Frimpong We have compiled a database of > 100 traits for 809 (731 native and 78 nonnative) fish species found in freshwaters of the conterminous United States, including 37 native families and 145 native genera.The database, named Fish Traits, contains information on four major categories of traits: (1) trophic ecology; (2) body size, reproductive ecology, and life history; (3) habitat preferences; and (4) salinity and temperature tolerances trophic ecology / body size / reproductive ecology / life history / habitat preferences / salinity and temperature tolerances Chordata / Vertebrata / Fish under construction under construction
Marsupial trait data Diana Fisher Marsupial trait data Adult female mass / Age at weaning / arboreality / diet type / diurnality / Female age at maturity / Gestation length / Inter-birth interval / Litter size / Mass at birth / Mass at pouch vacation / Mass at weaning / Maximum lifespan / Mean group size / Population density / shelter type Marsupials under construction under construction
Fornoff et al, 2012 Jen Hammock Fornoff, Felix; Dechmann, Dina; Wikelski, Martin. 2012. Observation of movement and activity via radio-telemetry reveals diurnal behavior of the neotropical katydid Philophyllia Ingens (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae). Ecotropica, 18 (1):27-34 behavioral circadian rhythm   under construction under construction
Francis, 1979 Jen Hammock LISBETH FRANCIS, Contrast Between solitary and Clonal Lifestyles in the Sea Anemone Anthopleura elegantissima, American Zoologist, Volume 19, Issue 3, August 1979, Pages 669,Aei681, habitat/body organization Actiniaria/Haliplanella luciae/Metridium senile fimbriatum/Phymactis clematis under construction under construction
Fuchs et al, 2010 Jen Hammock Fuchs, J., Iseto, T., Hirose, M., Sundberg, P. and Obst, M., 2010. The first internal molecular phylogeny of the animal phylum Entoprocta (Kamptozoa). Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 56(1), pp.370-379. body shape/body organization Barentsiidae/Entoprocta/Loxokalypodidae/Loxosomatidae/Pedicellinidae under construction under construction
Ecological traits of the world’s primates Carmen Galan-Acedo A database on some important ecological traits of the world’s primates (504 species), including home range size, locomotion type, diel activity, trophic guild, body mass, habitat type, current conservation status, population trend, and geographic realm. We compiled this information through a careful review of 1,216 studies published between 1941 and 2018 home range size / locomotion type / diel activity / trophic guild / body mass / habitat type / current conservation status / population trend / geographic realm 504 primate species under construction under construction
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GlobalAnts Heloise Gibb Part of a database that also includes assemblage and abundance data for ants / / / / / / / / / / / Sculpturing / Pilosity / Number.of.Spines / Dominant.colour.head..Fig..16 / Dominant.colour.mesosoma..Fig..16 / Dominant.colour.gaster..Fig..16 / Polymorphism / Queen.number / Worker.number / Colony.type / Colony.founding / Nest.Site / Activity / Diet Formicidae - should discuss how you want this as we have localised morphospecies in a lot of datasets under construction under construction
Global Biotic Interactions Jorrit H. Poelen A global index of existing species interaction data records (e.g., predator-prey, pollinator-plant, pathogen-host, parasite-host). predator-prey / plant-pollinator / pathogen-host / parasite-host / symbionts   under construction under construction
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Jeppsson_2014 Tobias Jeppsson We compiled information on species’ traits for all resident Swedish longhorn beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) frompublished sources. body_size / generation_time / number_of_larval_host_plant_species / adult_activity_period / overwintering_stage_before_reproduction / substrate_utilization_breadth   under construction under construction
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Bacterial and archaeal phenotypic trait database Joshua Madin A synthesis of phenotypic and quantitative genomic traits is provided for bacteria and archaea, in the form of a scripted, reproducible workflow that standardizes and merges 26 sources. The resulting unified dataset covers 14 phenotypic traits, 5 quantitative genomic traits, and 4 environmental characteristics for approximately 170,000 strain-level and 15,000 species-aggregated records. It spans all habitats including soils, marine and fresh waters and sediments, host-associated and thermal. Trait data can find use in clarifying major dimensions of ecological strategy variation across species. They can also be used in conjunction with species and abundance sampling to characterize trait mixtures in communities and responses of traits along environmental gradients. 14 phenotypic traits, 5 quantitative genomic traits, and 4 environmental characteristics Approximately 170,000 strains and 15,000 species under construction under construction
marine ecology literature Jen Hammock A collection, from the literature, of traits relating to trophic guild, habitat and host relationships of marine invertebrates body length/diet/ecomorphological guild/forms/geographic distribution/trophic level/motility/habitat/have host/are endoparasites of/kleptoparasitize/trophic guild/burrow depth/burrow diameter   under construction under construction
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Meiri_2018 Shai Meiri Geographical, morphological, ecological, physiological and life history data for the 6,657 known species of lizards body size / ecological / thermal biology / geographic / phylogenetic / life history data Reptilia under construction under construction
Mineralogy Jen Hammock A collection, from the literature and from individual experts, of traits relating to mineralogy of hard parts of organisms, chiefly calcified tissues. skeleton structure/skeleton contains/mineralized tissue contains/mineralized skeleton contains   under construction under construction
Moore and Gibson, 1981 Jen Hammock MOORE, J. AND GIBSON, R. 1981. The Geonemertes problem (Nemertea). J. Zool., Lond. (1981) 194, 175-201 habitat Geonemertes/Pantinonemertes enalios/Pantinonemertes winsori under construction under construction
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Myhrvold_2015 Nathan Myhrvold A normalized and consolidated database of up to 29 life-history parameters, containing at least one life-history parameter for 21 322 species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. In order to facilitate comparative analyses between amniote life‐history data, we created a database compiled from peer-reviewed studies on individual species, macroecological studies of multiple species, existing life-history databases, and other aggregated sources as well as published books and other compilations female_maturity_d / litter_or_clutch_size_n / litters_or_clutches_per_y / adult_body_mass_g / maximum_longevity_y / gestation_d / weaning_d / birth_or_hatching_weight_g / weaning_weight_g / egg_mass_g\tincubation_d\t/ fledging_age_d / longevity_y / male_maturity_d / inter_litter_or_interbirth_interval_y / female_body_mass_g / male_body_mass_g / no_sex_body_mass_g\tegg_width_mm / egg_length_mm / fledging_mass_g / adult_svl_cm\tmale_svl_cm\tfemale_svl_cm / birth_or_hatching_svl_cm / female_svl_at_maturity_cm / female_body_mass_at_maturity_g / no_sex_svl_cm / no_sex_maturity_d Amniotes / Aves / Reptilia / Mammalia under construction under construction
Namigai et al, 2014 Jen Hammock Namigai, E.K., Kenny, N.J. and Shimeld, S.M., 2014. Right across the tree of life: the evolution of left,Aeiright asymmetry in the Bilateria. Genesis, 52(6), pp.458-470. body symmetry   under construction under construction
Nebelsick 1992 Jen Hammock Nebelsick, J. (1992). Echinoid Distribution by Fragment Identification in the Northern Bay of Safaga, Red Sea, Egypt. PALAIOS, 7(3), 316-328. doi:10.2307/3514976 forms/ecosystem engineering/trophic guild Cassiduloida/Clypeasteroida/Echinoidea/Irregularia/Spatangoida under construction under construction
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Nilsson, 2013 Jen Hammock NILSSON, D. (2013). Eye evolution and its functional basis. Visual Neuroscience, 30(1-2), 5-20. doi:10.1017/S0952523813000035 visual system Acoela/Cephalochordata/Ctenophora/Placozoa/Platyhelminthes/Porifera/Urochordata under construction under construction
Norenburg, 1985 Jen Hammock Norenburg, J. (1985). Structure of the Nemertine Integument with Consideration of Its Ecological and Phylogenetic Significance. American Zoologist, 25(1), 37-51. Retrieved July 28, 2020, from locomotion   under construction under construction
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Owens and Lewis, 2018 Jen Hammock Owens, ACS, Lewis, SM. The impact of artificial light at night on nocturnal insects: A review and synthesis. Ecol Evol. 2018; 8: 11337,Aei 11358. behavioral circadian rhythm   under construction under construction
PanTHERIA Kate Jones Species-level data set compiled for analysis of life history, ecology, and geography of all known extant and recently extinct mammals life-history / ecological / geographic / taxonomic Chordata / Mammalia under construction under construction
Pangaea Philipp Brun A trait database for marine copepods Body_size / Feeding_mode / Clearance_rates / Ingestion_rates / Spawning_strategy / Egg_size / Clutch_size / Fecundity / Myelination / Hibernation / Resting_eggs / Respiration_rates / Growth_rates / Development_duration   under construction under construction
Panganiban et al, 1997 Jen Hammock Panganiban, G., Irvine, S.M., Lowe, C., Roehl, H., Corley, L.S., Sherbon, B., Grenier, J.K., Fallon, J.F., Kimble, J., Walker, M. and Wray, G.A., 1997. The origin and evolution of animal appendages. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 94(10), pp.5162-5166. appendages   under construction under construction
Pantheon Jon Webb Contains habitat-related traits, feeding guilds, conservation status (including rarity and threat status), legal protection data and associations with other taxa for just over 11,700 invertebrates habitat-related traits / feeding guilds / conservation status / biotic interactions 11700 invertebrates under construction under construction
Parker, 1995 Jen Hammock Parker AR. 1995. Discovery of functional iridescence and its coevolution with eyes in the phylogeny of Ostracoda (Crustacea). Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 262, 349,Aei355. visual system   under construction under construction
Passerine Morphology Robert E. Ricklefs Passerine morphology, external measurements of approximately one‐quarter of passerine bird species Body_length / Wing_length / Tail_length / Tarsus_length / Toe_length / Bill_length / Bill_width / Bill_depth / Biogeographic_region   under construction under construction
Paul and Smith, 1984 Jen Hammock Paul, C.R.C. and Smith, A.B., 1984. The early radiation and phylogeny of echinoderms. Biological Reviews, 59(4), pp.443-481. body symmetry   under construction under construction
Pereyra et al, 2016 Jen Hammock Pereyra, M., Womack, M., Barrionuevo, J. et al. The complex evolutionary history of the tympanic middle ear in frogs and toads (Anura). Sci Rep 6, 34130 (2016). auditory system   under construction under construction
Pettibone, 1982 Jen Hammock Pettibone, M.H., 1982. Annelida. Synopsis and Classification of Living Organisms, Volume 2. body shape/ecomorphological guild/appendages/have host/trophic guild   under construction under construction
PHYLACINE Søren Faurby PHYLACINE, The Phylogenetic Atlas of Mammal Macroecology. This taxonomically integrated platform contains phylogenies, range maps, trait data, and threat status for all 5,831 known mammal species that lived since the last interglacial (~130,000 years ago until present) Aerial / Diet.Invertebrate / Diet.Plant / Diet.Vertebrate / Freshwater / Island.Endemicity / Life.Habit.Method / Marine / Mass.Comparison / Mass.g / Terrestrial 5,831 mammals under construction under construction
Picciani et al, 2018 Jen Hammock Natasha Picciani, Jamie R. Kerlin, Noemie Sierra, Andrew J.M. Swafford, M. Desmond Ramirez, Nickellaus G. Roberts, Johanna T. Cannon, Marymegan Daly, Todd H. Oakley. 2018. Prolific Origination of Eyes in Cnidaria with Co-option of Non-visual Opsins. Current Biology, VOLUME 28, ISSUE 15, P2413-2419.E4. trophic guild/visual system   under construction under construction
Poinar, 2010 Jen Hammock G.O.Poinar Jr. 2010. Chapter 9 - Nematoda and Nematomorpha. In: Ecology and Classification of North American Freshwater Invertebrates (Third Edition), (James H. Thorp and Alan P. Covich, eds.) Pages 237-276. habitat Gordioida/Nectonematoida under construction under construction
PolyTraits Sarah Faulwetter A database on biological traits of polychaetes broad range, ~60 traits   under construction under construction
Price et al, 2005 Jen Hammock PRICE, J. J., JOHNSON, K. P., BUSH, S. E., & CLAYTON, D. H. (2005). Phylogenetic relationships of the Papuan Swiftlet Aerodramus papuensis and implications for the evolution of avian echolocation. Ibis, 147(4), 790,Aei796. breeding habitat/trophic guild/sensory system Aerodramus/Aerodramus papuensis/Collocalia/Collocalia troglodytes/Hydrochous/Steatornithidae under construction under construction
Queir/>=s et al, 2013 Jen Hammock Ana M. Queir/>=s Silvana N. R. Birchenough Julie Bremner Jasmin A. Godbold Ruth E. Parker Alicia Romero,AeeRamirez Henning Reiss Martin Solan Paul J. Somerfield Carl Van Colen Gert Van Hoey Stephen Widdicombe. 2013. A bioturbation classification of European marine infaunal invertebrates. Ecology and Evolution 2013; 3( 11): 3958,Aei 3985. ecomorphological guild/motility/ecosystem engineering   under construction under construction
Rasgos-CL Dylan Craven A database of functional traits for woody species in Chile 23 plant traits 662 plant taxa, standardized with the World Checklist of Vascular Plants and TROPICOS under construction under construction
Renous et al, 2007 Jen Hammock Renous, S., de Lapparent de Broin, F., Depecker, M., Davenport, J., Bels, V. 2007. Evolution of Locomotion in Aquatic Turtles. In book: Biology of Turtles, J. Wyneken, M. H. Godfrey & V. Bels (Eds) CRC Press, Taylor &Francis Group, Boca Raton (FL) USA. locomotion/habitat Carettochelyidae/Carettochelys/Chelydridae/Dermatemydidae/Platysternidae/Testudinidae/Trionychidae under construction under construction
Rintoul et al, 1999 Jen Hammock Tara L. Rintoul, Robert G. Sheath & Morgan L. Vis (1999) Systematics and biogeography of the Compsopogonales (Rhodophyta) with emphasis on the freshwater families in North America, Phycologia, 38:6, 517-527, DOI: 10.2216/i0031-8884-38-6-517.1 habitat Compsopogon caeruleus/Compsopogonales/Erythrotrichiaceae under construction under construction
Robin et al, 2018 Jen Hammock Robin, N., Velasquez, M., Boura, A., Garcia, G., Jauvion, C., Boiteau, J.M., Gomez, B., Daviero,AeeGomez, V. and Valentin, X., 2018. The oldest shipworms (Bivalvia, Pholadoidea, Teredinidae) preserved with soft parts (western France): insights into the fossil record and evolution of Pholadoidea. Palaeontology, 61(6), pp.905-918. body shape   under construction under construction
Rockwell et al 2014 Jen Hammock Rockwell, N. C., Lagarias, J. C., & Bhattacharya, D. (2014). Primary endosymbiosis and the evolution of light and oxygen sensing in photosynthetic eukaryotes. Frontiers in ecology and evolution, 2(66), produces/trophic guild   under construction under construction
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Roscito and Rodrigues, 2012 Jen Hammock Roscito, J. G., & Rodrigues, M. T. (2012). Embryonic development of the fossorial gymnophthalmid lizards Nothobachia ablephara and Calyptommatus sinebrachiatus. Zoology, 115(5), 302,Aei318. doi:10.1016/j.zool.2012.03.003 visual system   under construction under construction
Ryland, 1997 Jen Hammock JOHN S. RYLAND (1997) Reproduction in Zoanthidea (Anthozoa: Hexacorallia), Invertebrate Reproduction & Development, 31:1-3, 177-188, DOI: 10.1080/07924259.1997.9672575 body organization   under construction under construction
Salvini-Plawen and Mayr, 1977 Jen Hammock Salvini-Plawen, L. V., Mayr, E. 1977. On the evolution of photoreceptors and eyes. Evol. Biol. 10:207-63 visual system   under construction under construction
Santi et al, 2013 Jen Hammock Carole Santi, Didier Bogusz, Claudine Franche, Biological nitrogen fixation in non-legume plants, Annals of Botany, Volume 111, Issue 5, May 2013, Pages 743,Aei767, fixes   under construction under construction
Saunders, 2002 Jen Hammock D.S. Saunders. 2002. Insect Clocks, Third Edition. Elsevier Science B.V. Amsterdam, The Netherlands behavioral circadian rhythm   under construction under construction
Schaefer and Summers, 2005 Jen Hammock Schaefer, J.T. and Summers, A.P. (2005), Batoid wing skeletal structure: Novel morphologies, mechanical implications, and phylogenetic patterns. J. Morphol., 264: 298-313. doi:10.1002/jmor.10331 locomotion Gymnuridae/Myliobatidae/Potamotrygonidae/Urolophidae/Urotrygonidae under construction under construction
Schäfer_2011 Ralf Schäfer We compiled a database on a priori selected traits for South-East Australian freshwater macroinvertebrate families reproduction type / food source / respiration mode/ physiological sensitivity to salinity macroinvertebrates under construction under construction
Schilthuizen and Davison, 2005 Jen Hammock Schilthuizen, M. and Davison, A., 2005. The convoluted evolution of snail chirality. Naturwissenschaften, 92(11), pp.504-515. body symmetry   under construction under construction
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Senescence João Pedro de Magalhães AnAge Database of Animal Ageing and Longevity Female maturity / Male maturity / Gestation/Incubation / Weaning / Litter/Clutch size / Litters/Clutches per year/ Inter-litter/Interbirth interval / Birth weight / Weaning weight / Adult weight / Growth rate / Maximum longevity / IMR / MRDT / Metabolic rate / Body mass / Temperature   under construction under construction
Sharkipedia Christopher Mull An open-access curated database of shark and ray (all chondrichthyes) life history traits and abundance time-series. 3034 measurements of 49 traits covering 105 species (continuously updated) ~1,200 species based on current taxonomic status of chindrichthyes. See for full taxonomic information. under construction under construction
Shen et al, 2010 Jen Hammock Yong-Yi Shen, Lu Liang, Zhou-Hai Zhu, Wei-Ping Zhou, David M. Irwin, Ya-Ping Zhang. 2010. Adaptive evolution of energy metabolism genes and the origin of flight in bats. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, May 2010, 107 (19) 8666-8671; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0912613107. locomotion   under construction under construction
Shenkar et al, 2011 Jen Hammock Systematic division of ascidian species following the Ascidiacea World Database. Supplementary material from Shenkar N, Swalla BJ (2011) Global Diversity of Ascidiacea. PLoS ONE 6(6): e20657. ecomorphological guild/body organization   under construction under construction
Smirnov, 2014 Jen Hammock Smirnov, A.V. Sea cucumbers symmetry (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea). Paleontol. J. 48, 1215,Aei1236 (2014). body symmetry   under construction under construction
Smith, 1937 Jen Hammock Smith, J. (1937). The Structure and Function of the Tube Feet in Certain Echinoderms. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 22(1), 345-357. locomotion Asteroidea/Echinoidea/Holothuroidea/Ophiuroidea under construction under construction
Snyder, 1952 Jen Hammock Richard C. Snyder. 1952. Quadrupedal and Bipedal Locomotion of Lizards. Copeia , Jun. 26, 1952, Vol. 1952, No. 2, pp. 64-70. locomotion   under construction under construction
Tropical and temperate macroinvertebrate morphology Esra H. Sohlström / Malte Jochum Length-mass regression dataset to calculate live (fresh) body mass from body length, width, taxonomic group, and geographic region live body mass / body length / body width / taxonomic information   under construction under construction
Sorensen et al, 2008 Jen Hammock S/PIrensen, M.V., Hebsgaard, M.B., Heiner, I., Glenner, H., Willerslev, E. and Kristensen, R.M., 2008. New data from an enigmatic phylum: evidence from molecular sequence data supports a sister,Aeegroup relationship between Loricifera and Nematomorpha. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, 46(3), pp.231-239. body shape   under construction under construction
Spain, 2002 Jen Hammock SPAIN D.D. 2002. PERISTALTIC LOCOMOTION IN HOLOTHUROIDS: MORPHOLOGY AND MOVEMENT. Ph.D. Thesis, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Adviser: William M. Kier. locomotion Aspidochirotida/Dendrochirotida under construction under construction
Sprent, 2008 Jen Hammock Sprent, J.I. 2008. Evolution and diversity of legume symbiosis. In: Nitrogen-fixing Leguminous Symbioses, Michael J. Dilworth, Euan K. James, Janet I. Sprent, William E. Newton (Eds). Springer Science & Business Media, Jan 18, 2008. 403 pages. fixes   under construction under construction
Stal, 2009 Jen Hammock Stal, L.J. (2009), Is the distribution of nitrogen,Aeefixing cyanobacteria in the oceans related to temperature?. Environmental Microbiology, 11: 1632-1645. fixes Crocosphaera/Cyanothece/Gloeothece/Lyngbya/Trichodesmium under construction under construction
Stanier and Cohen-Bazire 1977 Jen Hammock Stanier, R. Y. and G. Cohen-Bazire. 1977. PHOTOTROPHIC PROKARYOTES: THE CYANOBACTERIA. Ann. Rev. Microbio!. 1977. 31:225-74 produces/trophic guild   under construction under construction
Starko, 2019 Jen Hammock Starko, S. (2019). Morphological and functional diversification during kelp evolution (T). University of British Columbia. plant growth form/sexual system Akkesiphycus lubricus/Laminariales under construction under construction
Steinbauer and Weir, 2007 Jen Hammock Steinbauer, M.J. and Weir, T.A. (2007), Summer activity patterns of nocturnal Scarabaeoidea (Coleoptera) of the southern tablelands of New South Wales. Australian Journal of Entomology, 46: 7-16. behavioral circadian rhythm   under construction under construction
Strand and Sundberg, 2015 Jen Hammock Strand, M. and Sundberg, P., 2015. Phylum Nemertea. In Thorp and Covich’s Freshwater Invertebrates (pp. 205-209). Academic Press. body shape/body symmetry   under construction under construction
Strayer et al, 2010 Jen Hammock Strayer, D., W. Hummon, R. Hochberg. 2010. Gastrotricha. Pp. 163-172 in J Thorp, A Covich, eds. Ecology and Classification of North American Freshwater Invertebrates, 3rd Edition. London, England: Academic Press. Accessed July 26, 2020 at habitat Macrodasyida/Marinellina flagellata/Redudasys fornerise under construction under construction
Sumner-Rooney et al, 2020 Jen Hammock Sumner-Rooney, L., Kirwan, J. D., Lowe, E., & Ullrich-L/oter, E. (2020). Extraocular Vision in a Brittle Star Is Mediated by Chromatophore Movement in Response to Ambient Light. Current Biology. doi:10.1016/j.cub.2019.11.042 visual system   under construction under construction
Sundberg and Gibson 2007 Jen Hammock Sundberg P., Gibson R. (2007) Global diversity of nemerteans (Nemertea) in freshwater. In: Balian E.V., L/(c)v/(TM)que C., Segers H., Martens K. (eds) Freshwater Animal Diversity Assessment. Developments in Hydrobiology, vol 198. Springer, Dordrecht. habitat   under construction under construction
Suschenko and Purschke, 2008 Jen Hammock Suschenko, Dominick and G/onter Purschke. ,AeuUltrastructure of pigmented adult eyes in errant polychaetes (Annelida): implications for annelid evolution.,Aeu Zoomorphology 128 (2008): 75-96. visual system Eunicida/Phyllodocida under construction under construction
Suzuki et al, 2010 Jen Hammock Takahito G. Suzuki, Kazutoyo Ogino, Kazuhiko Tsuneki, Hidetaka Furuya “Phylogenetic Analysis of Dicyemid Mesozoans (Phylum Dicyemida) From Innexin Amino Acid Sequences: Dicyemids Are Not Related to Platyhelminthes,” Journal of Parasitology, 96(3), 614-625, (1 June 2010). body shape/ecomorphological guild/have host   under construction under construction
Syme and Oakley, 2012 Jen Hammock Anna E. Syme, Todd H. Oakley, Dispersal between Shallow and Abyssal Seas and Evolutionary Loss and Regain of Compound Eyes in Cylindroleberidid Ostracods: Conflicting Conclusions from Different Comparative Methods, Systematic Biology, Volume 61, Issue 2, March 2012, Page 314, visual system   under construction under construction
TetraDENSITY Luca Santini The dataset includes taxonomic information on species, population density estimate, year of data collection, season, coordinates of the locality, locality name, habitat, sampling method and sampling area. >18,000 georeferenced and dated population density estimates in terrestrial vertebrates 79 sp. of Amphibians, 284 sp. Reptiles, 1174 sp. of Birds, 564 sp. of Mammals under construction under construction
TRAD:Thermal traits of anurans database for the Southeastern United States Traci P. DuBose database of thermal trait values related to physiological (critical thermal minima and maxima, preferred temperature, mass) and behavioral thermoregulation (activity period, retreat emergence temperature, basking temperature, foraging temperature minimum and maximum) for 40 anuran species found within the southeastern United States. Activity / Preferred temperature / Critical thermal maximum / Critical thermal minimum / Mass / Emergence temperature / Basking temperature / Maximum foraging temperature / Minimum foraging temperature 37 anuran taxa, standardized using the Integrated Taxonomic Information System under construction under construction
Triblehorn and Yager, 2001 Jen Hammock Triblehorn, J. D., & Yager, D. D. (2001). Broad versus narrow auditory tuning and corresponding bat-evasive flight behaviour in praying mantids. Journal of Zoology, 254(1), 27,Aei40. hearing threshold/hearing range/auditory system Ameles heldreichi/Creobroter pictipennis/Empusa fasciata/Hymenopus coronatus/Litaneutria minor/Mantodea/Miomantis/Taumantis ehrmannii under construction under construction
TRY - Global Plant Trait Database Jens Kattge / Gerhard Boenisch / Sandra Díaz / Sandra Lavorel / Colin Prentice / Paul Leadley / Christian Wirth / the TRY Network The TRY database is a growing compilation of vascular plant traits (also mosses and lichens) including published (>10,000 original publications) and unpublished data. TRY started in 2007. As of today, there are 12 mio trait records. 2091 plant traits 280,000 plant taxa under construction under construction
Tshudy et al, 2009 Jen Hammock Tshudy, D., Robles, R., Chan, T., Felder, D. 2009. Phylogeny of Marine Clawed Lobster Families Nephropidae Dana, 1852, and Thaumastochelidae Bate, 1888, Based on Mitochondrial Genes. DOI: 10.1201/9781420092592-c18. In: Crustacean Issues 18: Decapod Crustacean Phylogenetics, Joel W. Martin, Keith A. Crandall, Darryl L. Felder, eds. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. visual system   under construction under construction
Tsurnamal, 2008 Jen Hammock M. Tsurnamal. 2008. A New Species of the Stygobiotic Blind Prawn Typhlocaris Calman, 1909 (Decapoda, Palaemonidae, Typhlocaridinae) from Israel. Crustaceana , Apr., 2008, Vol. 81, No. 4 (Apr., 2008), pp. 487-501 visual system   under construction under construction
Ullrich-L/oter et al, 2011 Jen Hammock Ullrich-L/oter, EM., Dupont, S., Arboleda, E., Hausen, H., Arnone, MI. 2011. Unique system of photoreceptors in sea urchin tube feet. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences May 2011, 108 (20) 8367-8372; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1018495108 visual system   under construction under construction
Vater et al, 2004 Jen Hammock Vater, M., Meng, J., & Fox, R. C. (2004). Hearing Organ Evolution and Specialization: Early and Later Mammals. Springer Handbook of Auditory Research, 256,Aei288. auditory system Eutheria/Marsupialia/Monotremata under construction under construction
Vidal et al, 2010 Jen Hammock Vidal N, Marin J, Morini M, et al. Blindsnake evolutionary tree reveals long history on Gondwana. Biol Lett. 2010;6(4):558-561. doi:10.1098/rsbl.2010.0220 visual system Anomalepididae/Gerrhopilidae/Leptotyphlopidae/Leptotyphlops macrops/Typhlopidae/Xenotyphlopidae under construction under construction
Vodopyanov and Purschke, 2017 Jen Hammock Vodopyanov, S., Purschke, G. Fine structure of the cerebral eyes in Flabelligera affinis (Annelida, Sedentaria, Cirratuliformia): new data prove the existence of typical converse annelid multicellular eyes in a sedentary polychaete. Zoomorphology 136, 307,Aei325 (2017). visual system   under construction under construction
Von Konrat et al, 2008 Jen Hammock Part II: Bryophyte Life History. In: Von Konrat, M. and Huhndorf, S.M., 2008. In celebration of Dr. John J. Engel: a tribute to 40 years in bryology. ploidy   under construction under construction
von Reumont et al, 2014 Jen Hammock Bj/drn M. von Reumont, Alexander Blanke, Sandy Richter, Fernando Alvarez, Christoph Bleidorn, Ronald A. Jenner, The First Venomous Crustacean Revealed by Transcriptomics and Functional Morphology: Remipede Venom Glands Express a Unique Toxin Cocktail Dominated by Enzymes and a Neurotoxin, Molecular Biology and Evolution, Volume 31, Issue 1, January 2014, Pages 48,Aei58, has venom   under construction under construction
Warrant et al, 2003 Jen Hammock Eric Warrant, Almut Kelber & Niels Peder Kristensen. 2003. Eyes and Vision. In: Niels P. Kristensen (ed.). Lepidoptera, Moths and Butterflies Volume 2: Morphology, Physiology, and Development. Walter de Gruyter -SumBerlin-Sum New York visual system Adelidae/Epicopeiidae/Eriocraniidae/Hyblaeidae/Lepidoptera/Micropterigoidea/Papilionoidea/Sesiidae/Uraniidae/Zygaenidae under construction under construction
Wcislo et al, 2004 Jen Hammock WILLIAM T. WCISLO, LAURA ARNESON, KARI ROESCH, VICTOR GONZALEZ, ADAM SMITH, HERM/iGENES FERN/ANDEZ, The evolution of nocturnal behaviour in sweat bees, Megalopta genalis and M. ecuadoria (Hymenoptera: Halictidae): an escape from competitors and enemies?, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Volume 83, Issue 3, November 2004, Pages 377,Aei387, behavioral circadian rhythm   under construction under construction
Webb, 1984 Jen Hammock P. W. WEBB, Body Form, Locomotion and Foraging in Aquatic Vertebrates, American Zoologist, Volume 24, Issue 1, February 1984, Pages 107,Aei120, locomotion Carcharhiniformes/Cottidae/Esociformes under construction under construction
Webb 2019 Jen Hammock Webb, P. 2019. Ocean Sediments. In: Introduction to Oceanography, P.Webb, 2019. LibreTexts (GeoSciences). forms Coccosphaerales/Diatomeae/Foraminifera/Radiolaria under construction under construction
Wever, 1975 Jen Hammock Wever, E. G. (1975). The caecilian ear. Journal of Experimental Zoology, 191(1), 63,Aei71. hearing threshold/hearing range/auditory system   under construction under construction
Wilkinson et al, 2003 Jen Hammock Mark Wilkinson , Simon P. Loader , David J. Gower , Jonathan A. Sheps & Bernard L. Cohen (2003) Phylogenetic relationships of African caecilians (Amphibia: Gymnophiona): Insights from mitochondrial rRNA gene sequences, African Journal of Herpetology, 52:2, 83-92. visual system Boulengerula/Gegeneophis under construction under construction
Wilkinson et al, 2011 Jen Hammock WILKINSON, M., SAN MAURO, D., SHERRATT, E., & GOWER, D. J. (2011). A nine-family classification of caecilians (Amphibia: Gymnophiona). Zootaxa, 2874(1), 41. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.2874.1.3 . visual system   under construction under construction
Womack et al, 2017 Jen Hammock Womack Molly C., Christensen-Dalsgaard Jakob, Coloma Luis A., Chaparro Juan C. and Hoke Kim L. 2017. Earless toads sense low frequencies but miss the high notes. Proc. R. Soc. B.284: 20171670. hearing threshold/hearing range/auditory system Osornophryne guacamayo/Rhinella arborescandens/Rhinella festae/Rhinella yunga under construction under construction
Woodward et al 2016 Jen Hammock Woodward W. Fischer, James Hemp, and Jena E. Johnson. 2016. Evolution of Oxygenic Photosynthesis. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences 2016 44:1, 647-683. trophic guild Chloracidobacterium thermophilum/Chlorobiaceae/Chlorobium/Chloroflexales/Gemmatimonas phototrophica/Heliobacteriaceae under construction under construction
Marine Species Traits in the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) Stefanie Dekeyzer (WoRMS Data Management Team) The World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) aims to provide an authoritative and comprehensive list of names of marine organisms, including information on synonymy. Within WoRMS, a series of traits are being documented on a continuous basis from literature. Traits can be documented at the species level, but also at the higher taxonomic levels, and then inherited to the species level. All traits in WoRMS can be searched through the Marine Species Traits sub-register. More than 35 traits for marine species ( More than 240.000 marine accepted species. under construction under construction
Wyneken, 1996 Jen Hammock J Wyneken. 1996. Sea Turtle Locomotion: Mechanisms, Behavior and Energetics. In: The biology of sea turtles, vol. 1. Peter L. Lutz, John A. Musick, eds. CRC Press, Dec 9, 1996. locomotion   under construction under construction
Yager, 1981 Jen Hammock Yager, J. 1981. REMIPEDIA, A NEW CLASS OF CRUSTACEA FROM A MARINE CAVE IN THE BAHAMAS. JOURNAL OF CRUSTACEAN BIOLOGY, 1(3): 328-333, 1981 visual system   under construction under construction
Yager, 1999 Jen Hammock Yager DD. Structure, development, and evolution of insect auditory systems. Microsc Res Tech. 1999;47(6):380-400. doi:10.1002/(SICI)1097-0029(19991215)47:6<380::AID-JEMT3>3.0.CO;2-P. hearing threshold/hearing range/auditory system   under construction under construction
Yamano et al 2000 Jen Hammock Yamano, H., Miyajima, T. & Koike, I. Importance of foraminifera for the formation and maintenance of a coral sand cay: Green Island, Australia. Coral Reefs 19, 51,Aei58 (2000). forms Amphistegina lessonii/Baculogypsina sphaerulata/Calcarina hispida/Corallinaceae/Halimeda/Mollusca/Scleractinia under construction under construction
Yen, 2012 Jen Hammock Yen, J. 2012. Appendage diversity and modes of locomotion: Swimming at intermediate Reynolds numbers. In: Functional morphology and diversity. Les Watling, Martin Thiel, eds. Oxford University Press. locomotion   under construction under construction
Yoon et al, 2006 Jen Hammock Yoon, H.S., M/oller, K.M., Sheath, R.G., Ott, F.D. and Bhattacharya, D., 2006. Defining the major lineages of red algae (RHODOPHYTA) 1. Journal of phycology, 42(2), pp.482-492. plant growth form Cyanidiales/Erythrolobus/Flintiella/Porphyridiales/Porphyridium/Rhodellophyceae/Rhodosorus/Rhodospora/Rufusia under construction under construction
Young, 1997 Jen Hammock YOUNG, BRUCE A. ,AeuA REVIEW OF SOUND PRODUCTION AND HEARING IN SNAKES, WITH A DISCUSSION OF INTRASPECIFIC ACOUSTIC COMMUNICATION IN SNAKES.,Aeu Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science, vol. 71, no. 1, 1997, pp. 39,Aei46. JSTOR, hearing range/auditory system   under construction under construction
Zieger and Meyer-Rochow, 2008 Jen Hammock Marina V. Zieger and Victor Benno Meyer-Rochow. 2008. Understanding the cephalic eyes of pulmonate gastropods: a review. Amer. Malac. Bull.26: 47-66 visual system Cecilioides acicula/Chilinoidea/Ellobioidea/Glacidorbidae/Helicodiscus singleyanus/Limacoidea/Lymnaeoidea/Stylommatophora/Systellommatophora under construction under construction
Zooplankton Trait Database Patrick Pata A global database of marine zooplankton traits including 7 phyla and traits on morphology, biochemical composition, physiology, behavior, and life history. body length, body weight, water content, carbon content, nitrogen content, phosphorus content, elemental ratios, protein content, lipid content, carbohydrate content, energy content, myelination, bioluminescence, respiration rate, ammonia excretion rate, phosphorus excretion rate, growth rate, clearance rate, ingestion rate, vertical distribution, reproduction mode, trophic group, feeding mode, diel vertical migration, habitat association, egg size, clutch size, fecundity, development duration, hibernation 4,122 marine zooplankton taxa in phylum Annelida, Arthropoda, Chaetognatha, Chordata, Cnidaria, Ctenophora, and Mollusca under construction under construction

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