Center for Tree Science, The Morton Arboretum, Illinois, USA

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Fine-Root Ecology Database (FRED)

Iversen CM, McCormack ML, Powell AS, Blackwood CB, Freschet GT, Kattge J, Roumet C, Stover DB, Soudzilovskaia NA, Valverde‐Barrantes OJ. 2017. A global Fine‐Root Ecology Database to address below‐ground challenges in plant ecology. New Phytologist 215(1): 15-26.

Iversen CM, Powell A, McCormack M, Blackwood C, Freschet G, Kattge J, Roumet C, Stover D, Soudzilovskaia N, Valverde-Barrantes O. 2018. Fine-Root Ecology Database (FRED): a global collection of root trait data with coincident site, vegetation, edaphic, and climatic data, Version 2: ORNLTESSFA (Oak Ridge National Lab’s Terrestrial Ecosystem Science Scientific Focus Area (ORNL TES SFA)).

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I am passionate about plant and ecosystem science. I also believe that the success of ongoing efforts to understand how plants function in contemporary environments and will respond to future perturbations will be dependent on willingness by the community to support each other’s efforts and openly share our knowledge and precious data. I am open to sharing my expertise in fine-root research, actively contribute data to the Fine-Root Ecology Data (FRED), and encourage similar contributions to freely available data repositories as well constructive dialog among researchers.

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lmccormack at mortonarb[dot]org and