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Date OTN (Co-)Authors Title
2022-11-22 Alexander Keller | Caterina Penone | Markus Ankenbrand | Brian J. Enquist | Jens Kattge | Roberto Salguero-Gómez | Florian Dirk Schneider | Joshua S Madin | Jennifer A Hammock | Brian S. Maitner | Daniel Falster | Rachael V. Gallagher | William D. Pearse | Mohammad Bagher Erfanian | Jorrit Poelen Ten (mostly) simple rules to future‐proof trait data in ecological and evolutionary sciences
2022-11-19 Melissa Haendel | Meghan Balk Unifying the identification of biomedical entities with the Bioregistry
2022-11-16 Daniel Mietchen Recommendations for use of annotations and persistent identifiers in taxonomy and biodiversity publishing
2022-11-14 Caterina Penone | Pete Manning The supply of multiple ecosystem services requires biodiversity across spatial scales
2022-11-11 Jonas J. Lembrechts | Anton Potapov Frontiers in soil ecology—Insights from the World Biodiversity Forum 2022
2022-11-01 Maribeth Latvis Community‐level phylogenetic diversity does not differ between rare and common lineages across tallgrass prairies in the northern Great Plains
2022-11-01 Vigdis Vandvik | Brian J. Enquist How to improve scaling from traits to ecosystem processes
2022-11-01 Daniel Mietchen Letter to the Editor: FHIR RDF - Why the world needs structured electronic health records
2022-10-20 Jens Kattge Citizen science plant observations encode global trait patterns
2022-10-17 Ignasi Bartomeus Increasing crop richness and reducing field sizes provide higher yields to pollinator‐dependent crops
2022-10-14 Daniel Mietchen Recommendations for interoperability among infrastructures
2022-10-12 Alana R O Chin Acclimation of interacting leaf surface traits affects foliar water uptake
2022-10-12 Anne Thessen Improving the discoverability of biodiversity data using the Global Names Finder
2022-10-12 Daniel Mietchen The ecology of FAIR Digital Objects, with special attention to roundtripping and benchmarking across the research ecosystem
2022-10-12 Daniel Mietchen FAIRifying the dependencies of FAIR Digital Objects within and beyond the research ecosystem
2022-10-12 Daniel Mietchen Connecting research-related FAIR Digital Objects with communities of stakeholders
2022-10-10 Ian J. Wright How do functional traits influence tree demographic properties in a subtropical monsoon forest?
2022-10-01 Meghan Balk | Ramona L Walls A solution to the challenges of interdisciplinary aggregation and use of specimen-level trait data
2022-10-01 Jens Kattge Functional rarity of plants in German hay meadows — Patterns on the species level and mismatches with community species richness
2022-10-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Evaluating the biological validity of European river typology systems with least disturbed benthic macroinvertebrate communities
2022-09-30 Vigdis Vandvik | Sean T. Michaletz Intraspecific trait variability is a key feature underlying high Arctic plant community resistance to climate warming
2022-09-29 Daniel Mietchen Using logical constraints to validate statistical information about disease outbreaks in collaborative knowledge graphs: the case of COVID-19 epidemiology in Wikidata
2022-09-20 Rachael V. Gallagher | Vanessa M. Adams Defining biodiverse reforestation: Why it matters for climate change mitigation and biodiversity
2022-09-19 Rachael V. Gallagher Climate change increases global risk to urban forests
2022-09-19 Joseph A Tobias Threatened and extinct island endemic birds of the world: Distribution, threats and functional diversity
2022-09-15 Daniel Mietchen Scholia for Software
2022-09-12 Daniel Mietchen Mining the literature for ethics statements: a step towards standardizing research ethics
2022-09-09 Daniel Mietchen Computational reproducibility of Jupyter notebooks from biomedical publications
2022-09-08 Steven L. Chown Emerging biological archives can reveal ecological and climatic change in Antarctica
2022-09-07 Teresa Mayfield-Meyer Challenges and Opportunities for Collection Data Sharing: dwc:MaterialSample
2022-09-07 Eveliina P. Kallioniemi Developing and Maintaining a National Biodiversity Data Infrastructure – An example from Norway
2022-09-07 Daniel Mietchen Visualizing Biodiversity Information using Wikidata and Scholia
2022-09-07 Daniel Mietchen Unpacking IPCC and IPBES Reports
2022-09-02 Michael J. McWilliam Net effects of life‐history traits explain persistent differences in abundance among similar species
2022-09-01 Cyrille Violle Nitrogen availability and plant–plant interactions drive leaf silicon concentration in wheat genotypes
2022-09-01 Franziska Schrodt Global patterns of vascular plant alpha diversity
2022-09-01 Ignasi Bartomeus The potential and realized foraging movements of bees are differentially determined by body size and sociality
2022-08-30 Dylan J. Craven Phylogenetic composition of native island floras influences naturalized alien species richness
2022-08-30 J. Aaron Hogan Future changes in habitat availability for two specialist snake species in the imperiled rocklands of South Florida, USA
2022-08-29 Jorrit Poelen Signed Citations: Making Persistent and Verifiable Citations of Digital Scientific Content
2022-08-24 Eveliina P. Kallioniemi Reusable Ontology Modelling Patterns for Biodiversity Data with Reasonable Ontology Templates (OTTR)
2022-08-24 Katelin D. Pearson Leveraging the Symbiota Support Hub for Biodiversity Data Mobilization
2022-08-23 Teresa Mayfield-Meyer MaterialSample and its Properties
2022-08-23 Carlos Alberto Martínez-Muñoz BIOfid Steps Up to Provide Introduced Species Information: The case of myriapods in German greenhouses
2022-08-23 Carlos Alberto Martínez-Muñoz Mobilizing and Enhancing Legacy Biodiversity Data: The case of Karl Wilhelm Verhoeff’s correspondence
2022-08-23 Katelin D. Pearson Taxonomic Curation in a Multi-taxa Symbiota Portal
2022-08-23 Hamish Holewa Growth and Collaboration in the Atlas of Living Australia
2022-08-23 Hamish Holewa Building an Australian Reference Genome Atlas
2022-08-23 Jens Kattge iKNOW: A platform for knowledge graph construction for biodiversity
2022-08-23 Katja Seltmann | Jorrit Poelen Indexing Biotic Interactions in GBIF data
2022-08-20 William Farfan-Rios | Belén Fadrique FunAndes – A functional trait database of Andean plants
2022-08-19 Stefano Mammola Species conservation profiles of the endemic spiders Troglohyphantes (Araneae, Linyphiidae) from the Alps and the north-western Dinarides
2022-08-16 Catherine H Bravo-Avila | Belén Fadrique Bamboo climatic tolerances are decoupled from leaf functional traits across an Andean elevation gradient
2022-08-14 Kim S. Ely Remote sensing from unoccupied aerial systems: Opportunities to enhance Arctic plant ecology in a changing climate
2022-08-08 Brian S. Maitner Co-limitation towards lower latitudes shapes global forest diversity gradients
2022-08-05 Heloise Gibb The global distribution of known and undiscovered ant biodiversity
2022-08-01 Anton Potapov Earthworm invasion shifts trophic niches of ground-dwelling invertebrates in a North American forest
2022-08-01 Jorrit Poelen The Importance of Collecting and Archiving Data on Domestic and Cultivated Organisms
2022-08-01 Jorrit Poelen Signed Citations: Making citations of digital scientific content persistent
2022-08-01 William D. Pearse Predicting catchment suitability for biodiversity at national scales
2022-08-01 Stefano Mammola Dimension and impact of biases in funding for species and habitat conservation
2022-08-01 Ian J. Wright Leaf nitrogen from the perspective of optimal plant function
2022-08-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Potential propagation of agricultural pesticide exposure and effects to upstream sections in a biosphere reserve
2022-08-01 Jennifer C. Girón Using the Audubon Core Controlled Vocabularies for subjectPart and subjectOrientation
2022-07-28 Vigdis Vandvik | Aud H. Halbritter | Richard J Telford The role of plant functional groups mediating climate impacts on carbon and biodiversity of alpine grasslands
2022-07-27 Samraat S. Pawar Investigating microscale patchiness of motile microbes under turbulence in a simulated convective mixed layer
2022-07-24 Melissa Haendel Prenatal phenotyping: A community effort to enhance the Human Phenotype Ontology
2022-07-15 Marko J. Spasojevic Beta diversity as a driver of forest biomass across spatial scales
2022-07-14 Stefano Mammola On the conservation of subterranean ecosystems
2022-07-11 Franziska Schrodt Pollen‐based reconstruction reveals the impact of the onset of agriculture on plant functional trait composition
2022-07-11 Ignasi Bartomeus Showcasing synergies between agriculture, biodiversity and ecosystem services to help farmers capitalising on native biodiversity (SHOWCASE)
2022-07-11 Steven L. Chown The rising threat of climate change for arthropods from Earth’s cold regions: Taxonomic rather than native status drives species sensitivity
2022-07-10 Melissa Haendel | Meghan Balk Unifying the Identification of Biomedical Entities with the Bioregistry
2022-07-07 Loïc Chalmandrier Inferring community assembly processes from functional seed trait variation along elevation gradient
2022-07-06 Melissa Haendel | Ramona L Walls Ontology Development Kit: a toolkit for building, maintaining, and standardising biomedical ontologies
2022-07-06 Daniel Mietchen Dataset of a Study of Computational reproducibility of Jupyter notebooks from biomedical publications
2022-07-05 Nicolas Fanin Tree species identity drives nutrient use efficiency in young mixed‐species plantations, at both high and low water availability
2022-07-05 Heloise Gibb PERSPECTIVES : Ecological strategies of (pl)ants: toward a world‐wide worker economic spectrum for ants
2022-07-04 Jennifer C. Girón Female terminalia morphology and cladistic relations among Tok‐Tok beetles (Tenebrionidae: Sepidiini)
2022-07-02 Nicolas Fanin Ericoid shrubs shape fungal communities and suppress organic matter decomposition in boreal forests
2022-07-02 Malte Jochum | Luca Santini Global environmental drivers of local abundance-mass scaling in soil animal communities
2022-07-01 Sandra M Durán | Dylan J. Craven Strong floristic distinctiveness across Neotropical successional forests
2022-07-01 J. Aaron Hogan Solar radiation and soil moisture drive tropical forest understory responses to experimental and natural hurricanes
2022-07-01 Diogo Borges Provete Influence of Prey Availability in the Dissimilarity of Predator–Prey Interactions
2022-07-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Pesticide effects on macroinvertebrates and leaf litter decomposition in areas with traditional agriculture
2022-06-30 Cyrille Violle Ectomycorrhizal Networks in the Anthropocene: From Natural Ecosystems to Urban Planning
2022-06-29 Jérôme Mathieu Global worming: massive invasion of North America by earthworms revealed
2022-06-27 Brunno Freire Oliveira Biodiversity mediates ecosystem sensitivity to climate variability
2022-06-24 Dalia A. Conde Slow and negligible senescence among testudines challenges evolutionary theories of senescence
2022-06-17 Cyrille Violle Effects of Habitat and Competition on Niche Partitioning and Community Structure in Neotropical Ants
2022-06-16 Ian J. Wright | Brian J. Enquist | Jens Kattge | Franziska Schrodt | Cyrille Violle | Brian S. Maitner | Sean T. Michaletz High exposure of global tree diversity to human pressure
2022-06-15 Daniel Falster Tallo–a global tree allometry and crown architecture database
2022-06-15 Franziska Schrodt A possible role for river restoration enhancing biodiversity through interaction with wildfire
2022-06-10 Nuno Simões Predator control of marine communities increases with temperature across 115 degrees of latitude
2022-06-08 Jens Kattge Global relationships in tree functional traits
2022-06-07 Stefano Mammola Measuring the influence of non-scientific features on citations
2022-06-06 Melissa Haendel | Anne Thessen Biolink Model: A universal schema for knowledge graphs in clinical, biomedical, and translational science
2022-06-03 Vanessa M. Adams The minimum land area requiring conservation attention to safeguard biodiversity
2022-06-03 Steven L. Chown | Michael Ray Kearney Parthenogenesis without costs in a grasshopper with hybrid origins
2022-06-02 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright | Joshua S Madin | Daniel Falster | Alexandra J. R. Carthey AnimalTraits - a curated animal trait database for body mass, metabolic rate and brain size
2022-05-27 Jens Kattge Root traits catching up
2022-05-26 Stefano Mammola A trait database and updated checklist for European subterranean spiders
2022-05-26 Daniel Mietchen The LOTUS initiative for open knowledge management in natural products research
2022-05-25 Brian J. Enquist | Sandra M Durán Improving landscape‐scale productivity estimates by integrating trait‐based models and remotely‐sensed foliar‐trait and canopy‐structural data
2022-05-25 Melissa Haendel | Anne Thessen A Simple Standard for Sharing Ontological Mappings (SSSOM)
2022-05-24 Mark Westoby | Daniel Falster Trait ecology of startup plants
2022-05-23 Xiao Feng GridDER: Grid Detection and Evaluation in R
2022-05-22 Michael Ray Kearney mcera5 : Driving microclimate models with ERA5 global gridded climate data
2022-05-19 Diogo Borges Provete Differences in prey availability across space and time lead to interaction rewiring and reshape a predator–prey metaweb
2022-05-19 Hervé Sauquet Trait-dependent diversification in angiosperms: patterns, models and data
2022-05-16 Ralf B. Schäfer Invasion impacts and dynamics of a European‐wide introduced species
2022-05-16 William Farfan-Rios Functional susceptibility of tropical forests to climate change
2022-05-15 Melissa Haendel NSAID use and clinical outcomes in COVID-19 patients: a 38-center retrospective cohort study
2022-05-15 Alexander Keller Diets maintained in a changing world: Does land-use intensification alter wild bee communities by selecting for flexible generalists?
2022-05-13 Stefano Mammola Global response of conservationists across mass media likely constrained bat persecution due to COVID-19
2022-05-12 Stefano Mammola Distance decay 2.0 – A global synthesis of taxonomic and functional turnover in ecological communities
2022-05-12 Marko J. Spasojevic Rethinking biodiversity patterns and processes in stream ecosystems
2022-05-11 Jacintha Ellers Heritability of Morphological and Behavioural Traits in Evolving Robots
2022-05-11 Hervé Sauquet | Daniel Falster | Rachael V. Gallagher Climate shapes community flowering periods across biomes
2022-05-10 Dylan J. Craven Broad‐ and small‐scale environmental gradients drive variation in chemical, but not morphological, leaf traits of vascular epiphytes
2022-05-10 Franziska Schrodt Remote Sensing of Geomorphodiversity Linked to Biodiversity—Part III: Traits, Processes and Remote Sensing Characteristics
2022-05-05 Sharif Ahmed Mukul A Proposed Safari Park in a Subtropical Forest in Northeastern Bangladesh Will Be Detrimental to Native Biodiversity
2022-05-02 Sadie J. Ryan Urban-adapted mammal species have more known pathogens
2022-05-02 Ignasi Bartomeus Towards a system-level causative knowledge of pollinator communities
2022-05-02 William Farfan-Rios Limits to reproduction and seed size-number trade-offs that shape forest dominance and future recovery
2022-05-02 Alexander Keller Do amino and fatty acid profiles of pollen provisions correlate with bacterial microbiomes in the mason bee Osmia bicornis?
2022-05-01 Hervé Sauquet Early diversifications of angiosperms and their insect pollinators: were they unlinked?
2022-04-30 Alexander Keller Wild bee larval food composition in five European cities
2022-04-29 Steven L. Chown Using near‐ground leaf temperatures alters the projected climate change impacts on the historical range of a floristic biodiversity hotspot
2022-04-28 Colleen M. Iversen Corrigendum
2022-04-28 Alexander Keller Phylogenetic relatedness of food plants reveals highest insect herbivore specialization at intermediate temperatures along a broad climatic gradient
2022-04-27 Ralf B. Schäfer Interactive effects of multiple stressors vary with consumer interactions, stressor dynamics and magnitude
2022-04-25 Daniel S. Park | Brian J. Enquist | Brian S. Maitner | Xiao Feng Geographic Name Resolution Service: A tool for the standardization and indexing of world political division names, with applications to species distribution modeling
2022-04-23 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Transient demographic approaches can drastically expand the toolbox of coral reef science
2022-04-22 Ian J. Wright Rising CO 2 and warming reduce global canopy demand for nitrogen
2022-04-20 Belén Fadrique Changes in tree functional composition across topographic gradients and through time in a tropical montane forest
2022-04-20 Samraat S. Pawar Metabolic plasticity can amplify ecosystem responses to global warming
2022-04-20 Sadie J. Ryan Solar geoengineering could redistribute malaria risk in developing countries
2022-04-19 Melissa Haendel The Clinical Variant Analysis Tool: Analyzing the evidence supporting reported genomic variation in clinical practice
2022-04-19 Hervé Sauquet Pulled Diversification Rates, Lineages-Through-Time Plots, and Modern Macroevolutionary Modeling
2022-04-19 Hervé Sauquet What is the age of flowering plants?
2022-04-18 Daniel S. Park | Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle | Brian S. Maitner | Brad Boyle | Yaoqi Li | Rachael V. Gallagher | Xiao Feng A review of the heterogeneous landscape of biodiversity databases: Opportunities and challenges for a synthesized biodiversity knowledge base
2022-04-11 Rachael V. Gallagher Fire‐related threats and transformational change in Australian ecosystems
2022-04-09 Ian J. Wright | Samuel C. Andrew | Rachael V. Gallagher Assessing the vulnerability of plant functional trait strategies to climate change
2022-04-07 Anton Potapov Multifunctionality of belowground food webs: resource, size and spatial energy channels
2022-04-07 Markus Ankenbrand Efficient Permutation-based Genome-wide Association Studies for Normal and Skewed Phenotypic Distributions
2022-04-05 William D. Pearse The hidden value of trees: Quantifying the ecosystem services of tree lineages and their major threats across the contiguous US
2022-04-04 Daniel Mietchen WikiProject Clinical Trials for Wikidata
2022-04-02 Mark Westoby Field experiments on mechanisms influencing species boundary movement under climate change
2022-04-01 Rachael V. Gallagher Towards species‐level forecasts of drought‐induced tree mortality risk
2022-04-01 Brian J. Enquist | Brian S. Maitner | Xiao Feng Elevated extinction risk of cacti under climate change
2022-04-01 Alexander Keller Critical links between biodiversity and health in wild bee conservation
2022-03-31 Malte Jochum Plant-invertebrate interactions across a forested retrogressive chronosequence
2022-03-31 Brian J. Enquist Tropical tree growth driven by dry-season climate variability
2022-03-30 Anton Potapov Tropical land use alters functional diversity of soil food webs and leads to monopolization of the detrital energy channel
2022-03-30 Malte Jochum Aboveground impacts of a belowground invader: how invasive earthworms alter aboveground arthropod communities in a northern North American forest
2022-03-30 Dalia A. Conde Coevolution of relative brain size and life expectancy in parrots
2022-03-29 Nuno Simões An integrative re-evaluation of Typhlatya shrimp within the karst aquifer of the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
2022-03-28 Stefano Mammola An expert-curated global database of online newspaper articles on spiders and spider bites
2022-03-28 Brian J. Enquist Mapping 35 years of change in Leaf Mass per Area across the globe from multispectral satellite data
2022-03-27 Anton Potapov Multifunctionality of belowground food webs
2022-03-27 Anton Potapov Global monitoring of soil animal communities using a common methodology
2022-03-25 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Life history mediates the trade‐offs among different components of demographic resilience
2022-03-25 Melissa Haendel Biolink Model: A Universal Schema for Knowledge Graphs in Clinical, Biomedical, and Translational Science
2022-03-23 Nicolas Fanin Advancing the mechanistic understanding of the priming effect on soil organic matter mineralisation
2022-03-22 Stefano Mammola Towards evidence‐based conservation of subterranean ecosystems
2022-03-22 Colleen M. Iversen Whole-Ecosystem Warming Increases Plant-Available Nitrogen and Phosphorus in an Ombrotrophic Bog
2022-03-22 Daniel Mietchen A formalization of one of the main claims of “Creative Commons licenses and the non-commercial condition: Implications for the re-use of biodiversity information” by Hagedorn et al. 2011
2022-03-22 Daniel Mietchen A formalization of one of the main claims of “Cortex reorganization of Xenopus laevis eggs in strong static magnetic fields” by Mietchen et al. 20051
2022-03-20 Alexander Keller Using a combination of CRISPR/Cas9, behavioural experiments and functional analysis to characterise taste receptors in honeybees
2022-03-19 Dylan J. Craven Water and energy availability mediate biodiversity patterns along an elevational gradient in the tropical Andes
2022-03-19 Maurizio Rossetto Tracking habitat or testing its suitability? Similar distributional patterns can hide very different histories of persistence versus nonequilibrium dynamics
2022-03-15 Daniel Mietchen SKG4EOSC - Scholarly Knowledge Graphs for EOSC: Establishing a backbone of knowledge graphs for FAIR Scholarly Information in EOSC
2022-03-14 Sean T. Michaletz Trait phenology and fire seasonality co‐drive seasonal variation in fire effects on tree crowns
2022-03-14 Maurizio Rossetto Detecting steps in spatial genetic data: Which diversity measures are best?
2022-03-11 Melissa Haendel | Anne Thessen Implementation of Zebrafish Ontologies for Toxicology Screening
2022-03-10 Franziska Schrodt How well do species distribution models predict occurrences in exotic ranges?
2022-03-10 Paula M. Mabee Assessing Bayesian Phylogenetic Information Content of Morphological Data Using Knowledge From Anatomy Ontologies
2022-03-09 Nicolas Fanin Soil enzymes in response to climate warming: Mechanisms and feedbacks
2022-03-08 Luca Santini Population density estimates for terrestrial mammal species
2022-03-08 Vigdis Vandvik More than what they eat: uncoupled biophysical constraints underlie geographic patterns of herbivory
2022-03-08 Maurizio Rossetto Genomic Screening to Identify Food Trees Potentially Dispersed by Precolonial Indigenous Peoples
2022-03-08 Katja Seltmann Plant-arthropod interactions of an endangered California lupine
2022-03-07 Heloise Gibb Subtle structures with not‐so‐subtle functions: A data set of arthropod constructs and their host plants
2022-03-07 Jens Kattge Increasing Functional Diversity in a Global Land Surface Model Illustrates Uncertainties Related to Parameter Simplification
2022-03-06 Rachael V. Gallagher An integrated approach to assessing abiotic and biotic threats to post‐fire plant species recovery: Lessons from the 2019–2020 Australian fire season
2022-03-06 Michael Ray Kearney | Xiao Feng ENM2020: A Free Online Course and Set of Resources on Modeling Species’ Niches and Distributions
2022-03-04 J. Aaron Hogan Mycorrhizal symbiosis pathway and edaphic fertility frame root economics space among tree species
2022-03-04 J. Aaron Hogan A general pattern of trade-offs between ecosystem resistance and resilience to tropical cyclones
2022-03-04 Heloise Gibb Climate variability and aridity modulate the role of leaf shelters for arthropods: A global experiment
2022-03-03 Rachael V. Gallagher Mapping risk to plant populations from short fire intervals via relationships between maturation period and environmental productivity
2022-03-03 Cyrille Violle Do leaf nitrogen resorption dynamics align with the slow‐fast continuum? A test at the intraspecific level
2022-03-03 Ian J. Wright Nitrogen concentration and physical properties are key drivers of woody tissue respiration
2022-03-02 Renee A. Catullo | Rachael V. Gallagher The conservation impacts of ecological disturbance: Time‐bound estimates of population loss and recovery for fauna affected by the 2019–2020 Australian megafires
2022-03-01 Nicolas Fanin Wood-decay type and fungal guild dominance across a North American log transplant experiment
2022-03-01 Sadie J. Ryan The Global Virome in One Network (VIRION): an Atlas of Vertebrate-Virus Associations
2022-03-01 Joseph A Tobias Developing a national indicator of functional connectivity
2022-03-01 Steven L. Chown Invasive species impacts on sub-Antarctic Collembola support the Antarctic climate-diversity-invasion hypothesis
2022-03-01 Maurizio Rossetto Plant collections for conservation and restoration: Can they be adapted and adaptable?
2022-03-01 Hervé Sauquet Exceptional evolutionary lability of flower‐like inflorescences (pseudanthia) in Apiaceae subfamily Apioideae
2022-02-28 Daniel Mietchen WikiProject Clinical Trials snapshot February 2022
2022-02-24 Sadie J. Ryan Global Economic and Diet Transitions Drive Latin American and Caribbean Forest Change during the First Decade of the Century: A Multi-Scale Analysis of Socioeconomic, Demographic, and Environmental Drivers of Local Forest Cover Change
2022-02-24 Joseph A Tobias A bird in the hand: Global‐scale morphological trait datasets open new frontiers of ecology, evolution and ecosystem science
2022-02-24 Joseph A Tobias AVONET: morphological, ecological and geographical data for all birds
2022-02-24 Joseph A Tobias The latitudinal gradient in rates of evolution for bird beaks, a species interaction trait
2022-02-24 Joseph A Tobias | Luca Santini Global impacts of climate change on avian functional diversity
2022-02-24 Joseph A Tobias Diversity and extinction risk are inversely related at a global scale
2022-02-24 Joseph A Tobias Global plant‐frugivore trait matching is shaped by climate and biogeographic history
2022-02-24 Joseph A Tobias A test of Darwin’s naturalization conundrum in birds reveals enhanced invasion success in the presence of close relatives
2022-02-24 Dalia A. Conde Bridging the Research Gap between Live Collections in Zoos and Preserved Collections in Natural History Museums
2022-02-23 Joseph A Tobias Assessing taxonomic and functional change in British breeding bird assemblages over time
2022-02-21 Dylan J. Craven Tree diversity effects on soil microbial biomass and respiration are context dependent across forest diversity experiments
2022-02-19 Hervé Sauquet Integrating Fossil Flowers into the Angiosperm Phylogeny using a Total Evidence Approach
2022-02-18 Marko J. Spasojevic Altered precipitation has asymmetric impacts on annual plant communities in warm and cool growing seasons
2022-02-18 Daniel S. Park Leaf out time correlates with wood anatomy across large geographic scales and within local communities
2022-02-17 David B. Roy Local adaptation to climate anomalies relates to species phylogeny
2022-02-16 Sean T. Michaletz Variations in accuracy of leaf functional trait prediction due to spectral mixing
2022-02-15 Ben Sparrow Simultaneous effect of habitat remnancy, exotic species, and anthropogenic disturbance on orchid diversity in South Australia
2022-02-15 Jonas J. Lembrechts | Vigdis Vandvik Think globally, measure locally: The MIREN standardized protocol for monitoring plant species distributions along elevation gradients
2022-02-13 Loïc Chalmandrier Predictions of biodiversity are improved by integrating trait‐based competition with abiotic filtering
2022-02-05 Jonas J. Lembrechts Fifteen emerging challenges and opportunities for vegetation science ‐ A horizon scan by early career researchers
2022-02-03 Anton Potapov Riparian buffers made of mature oil palms have inconsistent impacts on oil palm ecosystems
2022-02-03 Vigdis Vandvik Buffering Climate Change with Nature
2022-01-31 Brian J. Enquist | Brian S. Maitner The number of tree species on Earth
2022-01-30 Vigdis Vandvik LOTVS: A global collection of permanent vegetation plots
2022-01-28 Kim S. Ely An improved representation of the relationship between photosynthesis and stomatal conductance leads to more stable estimation of conductance parameters and improves the goodness‐of‐fit across diverse data sets
2022-01-28 Cyrille Violle A genome‐wide analysis suggests pleiotropic effects of Green Revolution genes on shade avoidance in wheat
2022-01-28 Maurizio Rossetto Applying biocultural research protocols in ecology: Insider and outsider experiences from Australia
2022-01-27 Jennifer C. Girón Enhanced monography in a collaboratively evolved hub for systematic biology
2022-01-25 Dalia A. Conde The Earth BioGenome Project 2020: Starting the clock
2022-01-22 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Plant community impact on productivity: Trait diversity or key(stone) species effects?
2022-01-21 Sean T. Michaletz Dynamic biotic controls of leaf thermoregulation across the diel timescale
2022-01-20 Anton Potapov Feeding habits and multifunctional classification of soil‐associated consumers from protists to vertebrates
2022-01-20 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Rcompadre and Rage—Two R packages to facilitate the use of the COMPADRE and COMADRE databases and calculation of life‐history traits from matrix population models
2022-01-19 Cyrille Violle Functionally distinct tree species support long-term productivity in extreme environments
2022-01-19 Samraat S. Pawar Competition and resource depletion shape the thermal response of population fitness in Aedes aegypti
2022-01-18 Jennifer C. Girón Formalizing Insect Morphological Data: A Model-Based, Extensible Insect Anatomy Ontology and Its Potential Applications in Biodiversity Research and Informatics
2022-01-18 Maurizio Rossetto Threatened Species Initiative: Empowering conservation action using genomic resources
2022-01-15 Melissa Haendel Sleep and circadian informatics data harmonization: a workshop report from the Sleep Research Society and Sleep Research Network
2022-01-14 Brian J. Enquist Fiber-parenchyma trade-off underlies changes in tropical forest structure and xylem architecture across a soil water gradient
2022-01-13 Jonas J. Lembrechts Unveil the unseen: Using LiDAR to capture time‐lag dynamics in the herbaceous layer of European temperate forests
2022-01-12 Roberto Salguero-Gómez | Franziska Schrodt Functional Traits 2.0: The power of the metabolome for ecology
2022-01-11 Dalia A. Conde What’s left in the tank? Identification of non-ascribed aquarium’s coral collections with DNA barcodes as part of an integrated diagnostic approach
2022-01-11 Hervé Sauquet | Maurizio Rossetto Chromosome‐level de novo genome assembly of Telopea speciosissima (New South Wales waratah) using long‐reads, linked‐reads and Hi‐C
2022-01-07 Heloise Gibb Introduction to the Insect Ecology Special Issue
2022-01-05 Caterina Penone Land-use intensity and landscape structure drive the acoustic composition of grasslands
2022-01-04 Brian J. Enquist Hydraulic tradeoffs underlie local variation in tropical forest functional diversity and sensitivity to drought
2022-01-04 Melissa Haendel Association Between COVID-19 and Mortality in Hip Fracture Surgery in the National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C): A Retrospective Cohort Study
2022-01-01 Stefania L. Klayn Current distribution of Zostera seagrass meadows along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast (SW Black Sea, Bulgaria) (2010-2020)
2022-01-01 Luca Santini Bridging the research-implementation gap in IUCN Red List assessments
2022-01-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Three reasons why the Water Framework Directive (WFD) fails to identify pesticide risks
2022-01-01 Alexander Keller Forest landscapes increase diversity of honeybee diets in the tropics
2021-12-31 Jennifer C. Girón Book Review
2021-12-30 Vigdis Vandvik | Steven L. Chown | Jonas J. Lembrechts | Marko J. Spasojevic | Aud H. Halbritter | Nicolas Fanin | Jhonatan Sallo-Bravo | William D. Pearse | Fatih Fazlioglu | Sean T. Michaletz Global maps of soil temperature
2021-12-28 Courtenay A Ray Remote sensing of cytotype and its consequences for canopy damage in quaking aspen
2021-12-26 Anton Potapov Nitrogen deposition stimulates decomposition via changes in the structure and function of litter food webs
2021-12-24 Vanessa M. Adams Application of Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe Mass Spectrometry for the Taxonomic Analysis of Pollen
2021-12-24 Michael Ray Kearney Too hot for the devil? Did climate change cause the mid‐Holocene extinction of the Tasmanian devil Sarcophilus harrisii from mainland Australia?
2021-12-24 Ralf B. Schäfer Spatiotemporal dynamics drive synergism of land use and climatic extreme events in insect meta-populations
2021-12-24 Daniel S. Park | Brian J. Enquist | Brian S. Maitner Both source‐ and recipient‐range phylogenetic community structure can predict the outcome of avian introductions
2021-12-23 Ian J. Wright | Jens Kattge | Franziska Schrodt Climatic and soil factors explain the two-dimensional spectrum of global plant trait variation
2021-12-23 Katja Seltmann A semantically enriched taxonomic revision of Gryonoides Dodd, 1920 (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae), with a review of the hosts of Teleasinae
2021-12-22 Dalia A. Conde Cancer risk across mammals
2021-12-21 Markus Ankenbrand In Vitro Rearing Changes Social Task Performance and Physiology in Honeybees
2021-12-20 Marko J. Spasojevic Variation in δ13C and δ15N within and among plant species in the alpine tundra
2021-12-19 Daniel Mietchen WikiProject Clinical Trials snapshot of 2021 query results
2021-12-17 Belén Fadrique Litter decomposition rates across tropical montane and lowland forests are controlled foremost by climate
2021-12-17 Vigdis Vandvik Functional traits of alpine plant communities show long‐term resistance to changing herbivore densities
2021-12-15 Melissa Haendel | Anne Thessen A Simple Standard for Sharing Ontological Mappings (SSSOM)
2021-12-14 Cyrille Violle Into the range: a latitudinal gradient or a center-margins differentiation of ecological strategies in Arabidopsis thaliana?
2021-12-13 Colleen M. Iversen Assessing dynamic vegetation model parameter uncertainty across Alaskan arctic tundra plant communities
2021-12-13 Jacintha Ellers Mapping the economic loss of ecosystem services caused by the invasive plant species Antigonon leptopus on the Dutch Caribbean Island of St. Eustatius
2021-12-10 Sandra M Durán | Dylan J. Craven Multidimensional tropical forest recovery
2021-12-10 Ignasi Bartomeus Trade-offs among plant reproductive traits determine interactions with floral visitors
2021-12-06 Stefania L. Klayn Current distribution of Zostera seagrass meadows along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast (SW Black Sea, Bulgaria) (2010-2020)
2021-12-06 Ignasi Bartomeus Fine scale prediction of ecological community composition using a two-step sequential Machine Learning ensemble
2021-12-03 Malte Jochum Aboveground impacts of a belowground invader: how invasive earthworms alter aboveground arthropod communities in a northern North American forest
2021-12-03 Samraat S. Pawar Thermodynamic constraints on the assembly and diversity of microbial ecosystems are different near to and far from equilibrium
2021-12-02 Dylan J. Craven Biodiversity promotes ecosystem functioning despite environmental change
2021-12-02 Vigdis Vandvik Globally important plant functional traits for coping with climate change
2021-12-01 Vanessa M. Adams Southeast Asian protected areas are effective in conserving forest cover and forest carbon stocks compared to unprotected areas
2021-12-01 Joshua S Madin Factors Limiting the Range Extension of Corals into High-Latitude Reef Regions
2021-12-01 Ralf B. Schäfer A global agenda for advancing freshwater biodiversity research
2021-12-01 Pete Manning Assessing the impact of grassland management on landscape multifunctionality
2021-12-01 Ben Sparrow Applying conservation reserve design strategies to define ecosystem monitoring priorities
2021-12-01 Samuel C. Andrew | Ben Sparrow | Ian J. Wright | Daniel Falster | Rachael V. Gallagher Environmental associations of abundance-weighted functional traits in Australian plant communities
2021-12-01 Phuong D. Dao Mapping native and invasive grassland species and characterizing topography-driven species dynamics using high spatial resolution hyperspectral imagery
2021-11-29 Mark Westoby | Sandra M Durán | Dylan J. Craven Functional recovery of secondary tropical forests
2021-11-28 Michael Ray Kearney A hierarchical approach to understanding physiological associations with climate
2021-11-28 Steven L. Chown Half a century of thermal tolerance studies in springtails (Collembola): A review of metrics, spatial and temporal trends
2021-11-27 Joseph A Tobias Trophic niche shifts and phenotypic trait evolution are largely decoupled in Australasian parrots
2021-11-27 Jonas J. Lembrechts Soil chemistry, temperature and bacterial community composition drive brGDGT distributions along a subarctic elevation gradient
2021-11-26 Ian J. Wright A meta‐analysis of responses of C 3 plants to atmospheric CO 2 : dose–response curves for 85 traits ranging from the molecular to the whole‐plant level
2021-11-25 Brian J. Enquist Conservation needs to integrate knowledge across scales
2021-11-25 Melissa Haendel Characterizing Long COVID: Deep Phenotype of a Complex Condition
2021-11-24 William D. Pearse Strong trait correlation and phylogenetic signal in North American ground beetle (Carabidae) morphology
2021-11-23 Ignasi Bartomeus Bees increase seed set of wild plants while the proportion of arable land has a variable effect on pollination in European agricultural landscapes
2021-11-22 Ignasi Bartomeus Niche complementarity among pollinators increases community-level plant reproductive success
2021-11-19 J. Aaron Hogan Water levels primarily drive variation in photosynthesis and nutrient use of scrub Red Mangroves in the southeastern Florida Everglades
2021-11-19 Hervé Sauquet Early diversifications of angiosperms and their insect pollinators: Were they unlinked?
2021-11-18 Ralf B. Schäfer Tackling inconsistencies among freshwater invertebrate trait databases: harmonising across continents and aggregating taxonomic resolution
2021-11-17 Nicolas Fanin Root traits and soil micro‐organisms as drivers of plant–soil feedbacks within the sub‐arctic tundra meadow
2021-11-16 Sadie J. Ryan Household and climate factors influence Aedes aegypti presence in the arid city of Huaquillas, Ecuador
2021-11-15 Brian J. Enquist | Sandra M Durán Remotely sensed assessment of increasing chronic and episodic drought effects on a Costa Rican tropical dry forest
2021-11-13 Cyrille Violle Early positive biodiversity effects on total biomass in experimental tree seedling assemblages with and without water limitation
2021-11-12 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Visitor’s Willingness to Pay for Cultural Ecosystem Services in Bangladesh: An Assessment for Lawachara National Park, a Biodiversity Hotspot
2021-11-12 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Publication Performance and Trends in Mangrove Forests: A Bibliometric Analysis
2021-11-12 Alexander Keller Functional resin use in solitary bees
2021-11-12 Nuno Simões Evaluation of the Use of Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures (ARMS) for Describing the Species Diversity of Two Coral Reefs in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
2021-11-11 Caterina Penone Trait-based research across taxa made easier
2021-11-10 Sandra M Durán Expanding NEON biodiversity surveys with new instrumentation and machine learning approaches
2021-11-10 Joseph A Tobias Loss of functional diversity through anthropogenic extinctions of island birds is not offset by biotic invasions
2021-11-10 Steven L. Chown Chronic heat stress in tropical urban informal settlements
2021-11-10 Melissa Haendel The Data Use Ontology to streamline responsible access to human biomedical datasets
2021-11-10 Melissa Haendel GA4GH: International policies and standards for data sharing across genomic research and healthcare
2021-11-10 John Alroy Marine diversity patterns in Australia are filtered through biogeography
2021-11-09 Luca Santini Trait‐based projections of climate change effects on global biome distributions
2021-11-09 Alexander Keller Preservation methods of honey bee-collected pollen are not a source of bias in ITS2 metabarcoding
2021-11-08 Malte Jochum Adaptive foraging behaviour increases vulnerability to climate change
2021-11-08 Sadie J. Ryan The future of zoonotic risk prediction
2021-11-08 Samraat S. Pawar The role of competition versus cooperation in microbial community coalescence
2021-11-06 Paul Efren Santos Andrade Tropical tree growth sensitivity to climate is driven by species intrinsic growth rate and leaf traits
2021-11-05 Nuno Simões Pigment and Fatty Acid Heterogeneity in the Sea Slug Elysia crispata Is Not Shaped by Habitat Depth
2021-11-03 Colleen M. Iversen Deciphering the shifting role of intrinsic and extrinsic drivers on moss decomposition in peatlands over a 5‐year period
2021-11-03 Alexander Keller An integrative environmental pollen diversity assessment and its importance for the Sustainable Development Goals
2021-11-01 Carlos Alberto Martínez-Muñoz Scientists’ warning to humanity on illegal or unsustainable wildlife trade
2021-11-01 Stefano Mammola Getting the ‘most out of the hotspot’ for practical conservation of groundwater biodiversity
2021-11-01 Diogo Borges Provete Frog community composition-environment relationships vary over time: Are snapshot studies of metacommunity dynamics useful?
2021-11-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Risk from pesticide mixtures – The gap between risk assessment and reality
2021-11-01 Jonas J. Lembrechts Maintaining forest cover to enhance temperature buffering under future climate change
2021-11-01 Alexander Keller DNA sequence-based biodiversity and interaction ecology
2021-10-31 Daniel S. Park | Xiao Feng The colonial legacy of herbaria
2021-10-29 Stefano Mammola Challenges and opportunities of species distribution modelling of terrestrial arthropod predators
2021-10-29 Daniel Mietchen WikiCite 2020-2021: Citations for the sum of all human knowledge
2021-10-28 Alexander Keller How wild bees find a way in European cities: Pollen metabarcoding unravels multiple feeding strategies and their effects on distribution patterns in four wild bee species
2021-10-27 Yaoqi Li Towards an understanding of the latitudinal patterns in thermal tolerance and vulnerability of woody plants under climate warming
2021-10-26 Ignasi Bartomeus The spatial configuration of biotic interactions shapes coexistence-area relationships in an annual plant community
2021-10-26 Hervé Sauquet The Angiosperm Terrestrial Revolution and the origins of modern biodiversity
2021-10-24 Joshua S Madin The contribution of corals to reef structural complexity in Kāne‘ohe Bay
2021-10-23 Diogo Borges Provete High species turnover shapes anuran community composition in ponds along an urban-rural gradient
2021-10-22 Jens Kattge Putting vascular epiphytes on the traits map
2021-10-22 Melissa Haendel The IDeaS initiative: pilot study to assess the impact of rare diseases on patients and healthcare systems
2021-10-21 Kim S. Ely Rapid estimation of photosynthetic leaf traits of tropical plants in diverse environmental conditions using reflectance spectroscopy
2021-10-21 Yaoqi Li Phylogenetic niche conservatism and variations in species diversity–climate relationships
2021-10-20 Ian J. Wright Enhanced photosynthetic nitrogen use efficiency and increased nitrogen allocation to photosynthetic machinery under cotton domestication
2021-10-20 John Alroy Global distribution of mammal herbivore biomass reveals megafauna extinction patterns
2021-10-19 Nuno Simões Marine amphipods (Parhyale hawaiensis) as an alternative feed for the lined seahorse (Hippocampus erectus, Perri 1810): nutritional value and feeding trial
2021-10-17 Ramona L Walls Internet of Samples
2021-10-16 Franziska Schrodt | Xiao Feng Accounting for dispersal using simulated data improves understanding of species abundance patterns
2021-10-16 Mark Westoby | Joshua S Madin Strategic traits of bacteria and archaea vary widely within substrate-use groups
2021-10-15 William D. Pearse Fractal triads efficiently sample ecological diversity and processes across spatial scales
2021-10-15 Stefano Mammola The World Spider Trait database: a centralized global open repository for curated data on spider traits
2021-10-13 Cyrille Violle National-scale changes in crop diversity through the Anthropocene
2021-10-13 Ignasi Bartomeus Negative impacts of dominance on bee communities: Does the influence of invasive honey bees differ from native bees?
2021-10-13 Melissa Haendel Associations between HIV infection and clinical spectrum of COVID-19: a population level analysis based on US National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C) data
2021-10-13 Melissa Haendel | Ramona L Walls OBO Foundry in 2021: operationalizing open data principles to evaluate ontologies
2021-10-12 Daniel Mietchen Metadata for a set of 100 publications from the field of invasion biology
2021-10-12 Hervé Sauquet | Daniel Falster | Rachael V. Gallagher Climate shapes flowering periods across plant communities
2021-10-11 Ben Sparrow Orchid fruiting success is unrelated to surrounding floral resources in South Australian plant communities
2021-10-10 Mohammad Bagher Erfanian Changes in plant composition and diversity in an alpine heath and meadow after 18 years of experimental warming
2021-10-10 Hervé Sauquet The age of flowering plants is unknown
2021-10-07 David B. Roy The influence of chalk grasslands on butterfly phenology and ecology
2021-10-07 Dylan J. Craven Biovera-Epi: A new database on species diversity, community composition and leaf functional traits of vascular epiphytes along gradients of elevation and forest-use intensity in Mexico
2021-10-07 Colleen M. Iversen A starting guide to root ecology: strengthening ecological concepts and standardising root classification, sampling, processing and trait measurements
2021-10-06 Rachael V. Gallagher Does threatened species listing status predict climate change risk? A case study with Australian Persoonia (Proteaceae) species
2021-10-05 Kim S. Ely New calculations for photosynthesis measurement systems: what’s the impact for physiologists and modelers?
2021-10-05 Markus Ankenbrand A data‐driven semantic segmentation model for direct cardiac functional analysis based on undersampled radial MR cine series
2021-10-05 Steven L. Chown Adequate sample sizes for improved accuracy of thermal trait estimates
2021-10-04 Mohammad Bagher Erfanian Severe vegetation degradation associated with different disturbance types in a poorly managed urban recreation destination in Iran
2021-10-03 Jonas J. Lembrechts ForestTemp – Sub‐canopy microclimate temperatures of European forests
2021-10-02 Franziska Schrodt Biodiversity alleviates the decrease of grassland multifunctionality under grazing disturbance: A global meta‐analysis
2021-10-01 Jorrit Poelen Liberating host–virus knowledge from biological dark data
2021-10-01 Luca Santini Mammal assemblage composition predicts global patterns in emerging infectious disease risk
2021-10-01 Vigdis Vandvik LOTVS: a global collection of permanent vegetation plots
2021-09-30 Hervé Sauquet | Maurizio Rossetto | Ian J. Wright | Mark Westoby | Samuel C. Andrew | Ben Sparrow | Daniel Falster | Rachael V. Gallagher AusTraits, a curated plant trait database for the Australian flora
2021-09-29 John Alroy Phylogeny‐based conservation priorities for Australian freshwater fishes
2021-09-28 Yaoqi Li Conservation of woody species in China under future climate and land‐cover changes
2021-09-28 Vigdis Vandvik Coastal heathland vegetation is surprisingly resistant to experimental drought across successional stages and latitude
2021-09-28 Daniel Mietchen Representing COVID-19 information in collaborative knowledge graphs: the case of Wikidata
2021-09-27 Ramona L Walls Internet of Samples: Progress report
2021-09-27 Cyrille Violle Disturbed habitats locally reduce the signal of deep evolutionary history in functional traits of plants
2021-09-27 Jens Kattge | Ian J. Wright The three major axes of terrestrial ecosystem function
2021-09-23 Daniel S. Park | Brian J. Enquist | Brian S. Maitner | Rachael V. Gallagher | Vanessa M. Adams | Xiao Feng Author Correction: Areas of global importance for conserving terrestrial biodiversity, carbon and water
2021-09-22 J. Aaron Hogan Disturbance frequency, intensity and forest structure modulate cyclone‐induced changes in mangrove forest canopy cover
2021-09-22 Steven L. Chown Sub-critical limits are viable alternatives to critical thermal limits
2021-09-20 Tanya Strydom A roadmap towards predicting species interaction networks (across space and time)
2021-09-20 Alexander Keller | Pete Manning Species richness is more important for ecosystem functioning than species turnover along an elevational gradient
2021-09-18 Markus Ankenbrand Dealing with software complexity in individual‐based models
2021-09-15 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Four key challenges in the open‐data revolution
2021-09-14 Katelin D. Pearson Data Standards for the Phenology of Plant Specimens
2021-09-14 Stefano Mammola Rarity facets of biodiversity: Integrating Zeta diversity and Dark diversity to understand the nature of commonness and rarity
2021-09-14 Malte Jochum For flux’s sake: General considerations for energy‐flux calculations in ecological communities
2021-09-13 Daniel Mietchen Hacking Infrastructures Together: Towards better interoperability of infrastructures
2021-09-09 Dylan J. Craven BIOVERA-Tree: tree diversity, community composition, forest structure and functional traits along gradients of forest-use intensity and elevation in Veracruz, Mexico
2021-09-09 Jens Kattge Updated respiration routines alter spatio-temporal patterns of carbon cycling in a global land surface model
2021-09-09 Brian J. Enquist The adaptive challenge of extreme conditions shapes evolutionary diversity of plant assemblages at continental scales
2021-09-08 Teresa Mayfield-Meyer Using the Taxonomic Backbone(s): The challenge of selecting a taxonomic resource and integrating it with a collection management solution
2021-09-07 Sadie J. Ryan Examining Wing Length–Abundance Relationships and Pyrethroid Resistance Mutations among Aedes albopictus in a Rapidly Growing Urban Area with Implications for Mosquito Surveillance and Control
2021-09-07 Pete Manning Combatting global grassland degradation
2021-09-07 Katja Seltmann | Jorrit Poelen Announcing Big-Bee: An initiative to promote understanding of bees through image and trait digitization
2021-09-01 Ramona L Walls Pathway Controlled Vocabulary List of Terms
2021-09-01 Ramona L Walls Establishment Means Controlled Vocabulary List of Terms
2021-09-01 Ramona L Walls Degree of Establishment Controlled Vocabulary List of Terms
2021-09-01 Sadie J. Ryan Anthrax Surveillance and the Limited Overlap Between Obligate Scavengers and Endemic Anthrax Zones in the United States
2021-09-01 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Reconciling resilience across ecological systems, species and subdisciplines
2021-09-01 Michael Ray Kearney NicheMapR – an R package for biophysical modelling: the endotherm model
2021-09-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Small streams–large concentrations? Pesticide monitoring in small agricultural streams in Germany during dry weather and rainfall
2021-09-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Mini-review of process-based food web models and their application in aquatic-terrestrial meta-ecosystems
2021-09-01 Sharif Ahmed Mukul The contribution of insects to global forest deadwood decomposition
2021-09-01 Daniel S. Park | Brian J. Enquist | Brian S. Maitner | Xiao Feng How deregulation, drought and increasing fire impact Amazonian biodiversity
2021-08-30 Vigdis Vandvik Can bryophyte groups increase functional resolution in tundra ecosystems?
2021-08-30 Jens Kattge LT‐Brazil: A database of leaf traits across biomes and vegetation types in Brazil
2021-08-26 Anne Thessen Catalyzing Knowledge-Driven Discovery in Environmental Health Sciences through a Community-Driven Harmonized Language
2021-08-24 Joseph A Tobias Tempo and mode of morphological evolution are decoupled from latitude in birds
2021-08-24 William Farfan-Rios Evolutionary Diversity Peaks at Mid-Elevations Along an Amazon-to-Andes Elevation Gradient
2021-08-23 William D. Pearse Saving the Forest from the Trees: Expert Views on Funding Restoration of Northern Arizona Ponderosa Pine Forests through Registered Carbon Offsets
2021-08-23 Ian J. Wright | Mark Westoby A roadmap to plant functional island biogeography
2021-08-23 Daniel S. Park | Brian J. Enquist | Samuel C. Andrew | Cyrille Violle | Brian S. Maitner | Brad Boyle | Rachael V. Gallagher | Xiao Feng | Vanessa M. Adams Areas of global importance for conserving terrestrial biodiversity, carbon and water
2021-08-19 Joshua S Madin No evidence for tropicalization of coral assemblages in a subtropical climate change hot spot
2021-08-18 Colleen M. Iversen Filling gaps in our understanding of belowground plant traits across the world: an introduction to a Virtual Issue
2021-08-18 Daniel Mietchen Towards an open, zoomable atlas for invasion science and beyond
2021-08-17 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Welcome to the Pyrocene: animal survival in the age of megafire
2021-08-16 William Farfan-Rios Is there tree senescence? The fecundity evidence
2021-08-14 Heloise Gibb Testing the effects of ecologically extinct mammals on vegetation in arid Australia: A long‐term experimental approach
2021-08-14 Daniel Mietchen An overview of the COVID-19 related content of Wikimedia projects
2021-08-11 Jens Kattge Long-term leaf C:N ratio change under elevated CO2 and nitrogen deposition in China: Evidence from observations and process-based modeling
2021-08-11 William Farfan-Rios The evolutionary assembly of forest communities along environmental gradients: recent diversification or sorting of pre‐adapted clades?
2021-08-08 Alexander Keller | Markus Ankenbrand Standard methods for pollen research
2021-08-07 Jennifer C. Girón Considerations on the status of the knowledge of coleopteran diversity (Arthropoda: Insecta) in Colombia
2021-08-05 Sadie J. Ryan Data Proliferation, Reconciliation, and Synthesis in Viral Ecology
2021-08-05 Ben Sparrow Simultaneous effect of habitat remnancy, exotic species and anthropogenic disturbance on orchid diversity and abundance
2021-08-04 Pete Manning Changes in plant species abundance alter the multifunctionality and functional space of heathland ecosystems
2021-08-03 Yaoqi Li Global patterns of species richness of the holarctic alpine herb Saxifraga: the role of temperature and habitat heterogeneity
2021-08-02 Nuno Simões Biodiversity and biogeographic affinity of benthic amphipods from the Yucatan Shelf: an analysis across the warm Northwest Atlantic ecoregions
2021-08-01 Anton Potapov Multidimensional trophic niche revealed by complementary approaches: Gut content, digestive enzymes, fatty acids and stable isotopes in Collembola
2021-08-01 Vanessa M. Adams Methods for identifying spatially referenced conservation needs and opportunities
2021-08-01 Yaoqi Li Upward shift and elevational range contractions of subtropical mountain plants in response to climate change
2021-08-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Pesticides are the dominant stressors for vulnerable insects in lowland streams
2021-08-01 William Farfan-Rios | Belén Fadrique Taking the pulse of Earth’s tropical forests using networks of highly distributed plots
2021-08-01 Markus Ankenbrand Self-configuring nnU-net pipeline enables fully automatic infarct segmentation in late enhancement MRI after myocardial infarction
2021-07-30 Cyrille Violle Consistent functional clusters explain the effects of biodiversity on ecosystem productivity in a long‐term experiment
2021-07-30 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Validity of photo-oxidative stress markers and stress-related phytohormones as predictive proxies of mortality risk in the perennial herb Plantago lanceolata
2021-07-29 Ian J. Wright Coordination of plant hydraulic and photosynthetic traits: confronting optimality theory with field measurements
2021-07-27 Diogo Borges Provete The Tadpoles and Advertisement Call of Trachycephalus imitatrix and T. dibernardoi (Anura: Hylidae)
2021-07-27 Stefania L. Klayn Benthic habitat mapping of Plazh Gradina – Zlatna ribka (Black Sea) and Karpathos and Saria islands (Mediterranean Sea)
2021-07-27 Malte Jochum Out of the dark: Using energy flux to connect above‐ and belowground communities and ecosystem functioning
2021-07-27 Ralf B. Schäfer Environmental Change Threatens Freshwater Insect Communities in Northwest Africa: A Meta-Analysis
2021-07-23 Rachael V. Gallagher | Lucie M Bland | Vanessa M. Adams A guide to using species trait data in conservation
2021-07-23 Diogo Borges Provete Hematological parameters of a Neotropical wild frog population, with a phylogenetic perspective on blood cell composition in Anura
2021-07-23 Cyrille Violle Interspecific interactions regulate plant reproductive allometry in cereal–legume intercropping systems
2021-07-23 Markus Ankenbrand On the way to routine cardiac MRI at 7 Tesla - a pilot study on consecutive 84 examinations
2021-07-22 Jonas J. Lembrechts Anthropogenic factors overrule local abiotic variables in determining non-native plant invasions in mountains
2021-07-21 Pete Manning | Malte Jochum Above- and belowground biodiversity jointly tighten the P cycle in agricultural grasslands
2021-07-21 Melissa Haendel Interpretable prioritization of splice variants in diagnostic next-generation sequencing
2021-07-20 Dylan J. Craven Data Descriptor: Pacific Introduced Flora (PaciFLora)
2021-07-19 Kim S. Ely A Guide to Using GitHub for Developing and Versioning Data Standards and Reporting Formats
2021-07-19 Timothy M. Perez | Sean T. Michaletz Methods matter for assessing global variation in plant thermal tolerance
2021-07-19 Luca Santini MadingleyR: An R package for mechanistic ecosystem modelling
2021-07-16 Stefano Mammola Concepts and applications in functional diversity
2021-07-14 Anton Potapov Conversion of rainforest into oil palm and rubber plantations affects the functional composition of litter and soil Collembola
2021-07-13 Loïc Chalmandrier Predictions of biodiversity are improved by integrating trait-based competition with abiotic filtering
2021-07-13 Mohammad Bagher Erfanian Unpalatable plants induce a species-specific associational effect on neighboring communities
2021-07-13 Cyrille Violle Biological scaling in green algae: the role of cell size and geometry
2021-07-13 Jens Kattge Comprehensive leaf size traits dataset for seven plant species from digitised herbarium specimen images covering more than two centuries
2021-07-13 Jonas J. Lembrechts Shielded environments reduce stress in alien Asteraceae species during hot and dry summers along urban-to-rural gradients
2021-07-12 Anton Potapov Size compartmentalization of energy channeling in terrestrial belowground food webs
2021-07-12 J. Aaron Hogan Cold Wave-Induced Reductions in NDII and ChlRE for North-Western Pacific Mangroves Varies with Latitude and Climate History
2021-07-11 Dylan J. Craven Functional diversity and redundancy of tropical forests shift with elevation and forest‐use intensity
2021-07-07 Steven L. Chown Human activity strongly influences genetic dynamics of the most widespread invasive plant in the sub‐Antarctic
2021-07-06 Jonas J. Lembrechts Railways redistribute plant species in mountain landscapes
2021-07-06 Melissa Haendel One is the loneliest number: genotypic matchmaking using the electronic health record
2021-07-02 Jens Kattge | Colleen M. Iversen An integrated framework of plant form and function: the belowground perspective
2021-07-01 Vanessa M. Adams Indicators keep progress honest: A call to track both the quantity and quality of protected areas
2021-07-01 Brian J. Enquist Soil‐associated drivers of plant traits and functional composition in Atlantic Forest coastal tree communities
2021-07-01 Jonas J. Lembrechts Once upon a time in the far south: Influence of local drivers and functional traits on plant invasion in the harsh sub‐Antarctic islands
2021-07-01 Daniel Mietchen Wikipedia for multilingual COVID-19 vaccine education at scale
2021-06-29 Daniel S. Park | Brian J. Enquist | Brian S. Maitner | Cyrille Violle | Brad Boyle | Yaoqi Li | Rachael V. Gallagher | Xiao Feng A review of the heterogeneous landscape of biodiversity databases: opportunities and challenges for a synthesized biodiversity knowledge base
2021-06-25 Dylan J. Craven Successional syndromes of saplings in tropical secondary forests emerge from environment‐dependent trait–demography relationships
2021-06-25 Rachael V. Gallagher Embedding biodiversity research into climate adaptation policy and practice
2021-06-24 Caterina Penone | Pete Manning Contrasting responses of above- and belowground diversity to multiple components of land-use intensity
2021-06-23 Dylan J. Craven Trash-basket epiphytes as secondary foundation species: a review of their distribution and effects on biodiversity and ecosystem functions
2021-06-22 John Alroy The legacy of Eastern Mediterranean mountain uplifts: rapid disparity of phylogenetic niche conservatism and divergence in mountain vipers
2021-06-21 David B. Roy Environmental drivers of annual population fluctuations in a trans-Saharan insect migrant
2021-06-21 Brian S. Maitner occCite: Tools for querying and managing large biodiversity occurrence datasets
2021-06-21 Brian J. Enquist | Ben Sparrow | Jens Kattge | Franziska Schrodt | Cyrille Violle sPlotOpen – An environmentally balanced, open‐access, global dataset of vegetation plots
2021-06-19 Ian J. Wright Comparisons of photosynthetic and anatomical traits between wild and domesticated cotton
2021-06-19 Joseph A Tobias Diversity of response and effect traits provides complementary information about avian community dynamics linked to ecological function
2021-06-18 Ian J. Wright | Rachael V. Gallagher Leaf size estimation based on leaf length, width and shape
2021-06-18 Jennifer C. Girón The Acidocerinae (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae): taxonomy, classification, and catalog of species
2021-06-17 Daniel Mietchen Wikipedia for multilingual COVID-19 vaccine education at scale
2021-06-16 Carlos Alberto Martínez-Muñoz On the correct authorship, spelling, and type species of genus Dasongius (Pauropoda: Pauropodidae)
2021-06-16 Dalia A. Conde The long lives of primates and the ‘invariant rate of ageing’ hypothesis
2021-06-16 Ian J. Wright Eco‐evolutionary optimality as a means to improve vegetation and land‐surface models
2021-06-16 Daniel Mietchen Developing a scalable framework for partnerships between health agencies and the Wikimedia ecosystem
2021-06-16 Daniel Mietchen Radical collaboration during a global health emergency: development of the RDA COVID-19 data sharing recommendations and guidelines
2021-06-15 Jorrit Poelen Holistic understanding of contemporary ecosystems requires integration of data on domesticated, captive and cultivated organisms
2021-06-15 Cyrille Violle Unveiling ecological assembly rules from commonalities in trait distributions
2021-06-14 Kim S. Ely A best-practice guide to predicting plant traits from leaf-level hyperspectral data using partial least squares regression
2021-06-14 Yaoqi Li Global distribution and evolutionary transitions of angiosperm sexual systems
2021-06-12 Nicolas Fanin Home‐field advantage of litter decomposition: from the phyllosphere to the soil
2021-06-10 Ramona L Walls Alleviating Environmental Health Disparities Through Community Science and Data Integration
2021-06-10 Lucie M Bland Determining ranges of poorly known mammals as a tool for global conservation assessment
2021-06-10 Franziska Schrodt | Jens Kattge | Colleen M. Iversen Root traits explain plant species distributions along climatic gradients yet challenge the nature of ecological trade-offs
2021-06-09 Paul Efren Santos Andrade Tropical tree growth sensitivity to climate is driven by species intrinsic growth rate and leaf traits
2021-06-07 Anton Potapov Multifunctionality of belowground food webs: resource, size and spatial energy channels
2021-06-07 Malte Jochum Thermal acclimation increases the stability of a predator–prey interaction in warmer environments
2021-06-07 Maurizio Rossetto Allele Surfing and Holocene Expansion of an Australian Fig (Ficus—Moraceae)
2021-06-03 Diogo Borges Provete Differential speciation rates, colonization time and niche conservatism affect community assembly across adjacent biogeographical regions
2021-06-03 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Using leading and lagging indicators for forest restoration
2021-06-02 Kim S. Ely Detection of the metabolic response to drought stress using hyperspectral reflectance
2021-06-02 Steven L. Chown | Michael Ray Kearney Where do functional traits come from? The role of theory and models
2021-06-02 Hervé Sauquet | Maurizio Rossetto Chromosome-level de novo genome assembly of Telopea speciosissima (New South Wales waratah) using long-reads, linked-reads and Hi-C
2021-06-01 Katherine C B Weiss SNAPSHOT USA 2019: a coordinated national camera trap survey of the United States
2021-06-01 Katherine C B Weiss Aligning actions with objectives in endangered species recovery plans
2021-06-01 Courtenay A Ray Shifting macroecological patterns and static theory failure in a stressed alpine plant community
2021-06-01 Nicolas Fanin Effects of mixing tree species and water availability on soil organic carbon stocks are depth dependent in a temperate podzol
2021-06-01 Jonas J. Lembrechts On the measurement of microclimate
2021-06-01 Nuno Simões Optimizing Large-Scale Biodiversity Sampling Effort: Toward an Unbalanced Survey Design
2021-05-31 Luca Santini Conditional love? Co‐occurrence patterns of drought‐sensitive species in European grasslands are consistent with the stress‐gradient hypothesis
2021-05-29 Daniel Mietchen Assessing the Causal Impact of COVID-19 Related Policies on Outbreak Dynamics: A Case Study in the US
2021-05-28 Sean T. Michaletz Dimensions of invasiveness: Links between local abundance, geographic range size, and habitat breadth in Europe’s alien and native floras
2021-05-28 Diogo Borges Provete Loss of Cultural and Functional Diversity Associated With Birds Across the Urbanization Gradient in a Tropical City
2021-05-27 Ignasi Bartomeus Individual‐based plant–pollinator networks are structured by phenotypic and microsite plant traits
2021-05-26 Marko J. Spasojevic Chemical Similarity of Co-occurring Trees Decreases With Precipitation and Temperature in North American Forests
2021-05-25 Ian J. Wright | Jens Kattge Functional biogeography of Neotropical moist forests: Trait–climate relationships and assembly patterns of tree communities
2021-05-25 Steven L. Chown Chemosynthetic and photosynthetic bacteria contribute differentially to primary production across a steep desert aridity gradient
2021-05-25 Vigdis Vandvik | Brian J. Enquist | Brian S. Maitner | Aud H. Halbritter | Tanya Strydom On estimating the shape and dynamics of phenotypic distributions in ecology and evolution
2021-05-24 Ian J. Wright | Mark Westoby Disentangling direct and indirect effects of island area on plant functional trait distributions
2021-05-22 Stefano Mammola Intraspecific genetic variation matters when predicting seagrass distribution under climate change
2021-05-21 Jérôme Mathieu Global data on earthworm abundance, biomass, diversity and corresponding environmental properties
2021-05-20 Cyrille Violle | Brian S. Maitner The dimensionality and structure of species trait spaces
2021-05-19 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk How to Restore Invertebrate Diversity of Degraded Heathlands? A Case Study on the Reproductive Performance of the Field Cricket Gryllus campestris (L.)
2021-05-19 Ignasi Bartomeus Brain size predicts learning abilities in bees
2021-05-18 Markus Ankenbrand Deep learning‐based cardiac cine segmentation: Transfer learning application to 7T ultrahigh‐field MRI
2021-05-17 Heloise Gibb What’s hot and what’s not – Identifying publication trends in insect ecology
2021-05-17 Vigdis Vandvik Evolutionary Rescue as a Mechanism Allowing a Clonal Grass to Adapt to Novel Climates
2021-05-17 Daniel S. Park | Brian J. Enquist | Brian S. Maitner Source range phylogenetic community structure can predict the outcome of avian introductions
2021-05-17 Alexander Keller Cryptic species and hidden ecological interactions of halictine bees along an elevational gradient
2021-05-15 Fatih Fazlioglu Is plant reproductive efficiency expressed on a continuum of facilitation and competition?
2021-05-14 Vigdis Vandvik Maternal effects strengthen interactions of temperature and precipitation, determining seed germination of dominant alpine grass species
2021-05-13 Anton Potapov Variation in Community-Level Trophic Niches of Soil Microarthropods With Conversion of Tropical Rainforest Into Plantation Systems as Indicated by Stable Isotopes (15N, 13C)
2021-05-12 Daniel Mietchen Open science in practice: 300 published research ideas and outcomes illustrate how RIO Journal facilitates engagement with the research process
2021-05-11 Loïc Chalmandrier Linking functional traits and demography to model species-rich communities
2021-05-11 Daniel S. Park | Brian J. Enquist | Brian S. Maitner Where we’ve been and where we’re going: the importance of source communities in predicting establishment success from phylogenetic relationships
2021-05-08 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Strategic Pathways to Scale Up Forest and Landscape Restoration: Insights from Nepal’s Tarai
2021-05-08 Daniel S. Park Scale gaps in landscape phenology: challenges and opportunities
2021-05-07 Diogo Borges Provete Human Dimensions: The Latin America and the Caribbean Chapter of ESA. Embracing Our Diversity During Adverse Times
2021-05-07 Dalia A. Conde A standardized dataset for conservation prioritization of songbirds to support CITES
2021-05-05 Stefano Mammola Exploring ecological specialization in pipefish using genomic, morphometric and ecological evidence
2021-05-05 Malte Jochum Adaptive foraging behaviour increases vulnerability to climate change
2021-05-04 Fatih Fazlioglu Mining and quarrying activities tend to favor stress-tolerant plants
2021-05-03 Brian J. Enquist | Brian S. Maitner Human food use increases plant geographical ranges in the Sonoran Desert
2021-05-02 Heloise Gibb Rewilding with invertebrates and microbes to restore ecosystems: Present trends and future directions
2021-05-01 Dylan J. Craven Synthesizing tree biodiversity data to understand global patterns and processes of vegetation
2021-05-01 Dylan J. Craven Niche properties constrain occupancy but not abundance patterns of native and alien woody species across Hawaiian forests
2021-05-01 Meghan Balk | Ramona L Walls Ten simple rules to cultivate transdisciplinary collaboration in data science
2021-05-01 Luca Santini Plant functional and taxonomic diversity in European grasslands along climatic gradients
2021-05-01 Samraat S. Pawar The Temporal Dynamics of Multiple Stressor Effects: From Individuals to Ecosystems
2021-05-01 Jacintha Ellers The Tarnished Silver Lining of Extreme Climatic Events
2021-05-01 Michael Ray Kearney An endangered flightless grasshopper with strong genetic structure maintains population genetic variation despite extensive habitat loss
2021-05-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Social-ecological interactions in the Draa River Basin, southern Morocco: Towards nature conservation and human well-being using the IPBES framework
2021-05-01 Ben Sparrow ausplotsR : An R package for rapid extraction and analysis of vegetation and soil data collected by Australia’s Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network
2021-05-01 Steven L. Chown Monitoring of diverse enteric pathogens across environmental and host reservoirs with TaqMan array cards and standard qPCR: a methodological comparison study
2021-05-01 Alexander Keller Effects of three flower field types on bumblebees and their pollen diets
2021-05-01 Alexander Keller Putative roles of bacteria in the carbon and nitrogen cycles in a tropical peat swamp forest
2021-04-30 Dylan J. Craven Biotic homogenization destabilizes ecosystem functioning by decreasing spatial asynchrony
2021-04-30 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Demographic analysis of an Israeli Carpobrotus population
2021-04-29 Malte Jochum | Anton Potapov Oil palm and rubber expansion facilitates earthworm invasion in Indonesia
2021-04-28 Mohammad Bagher Erfanian Predicting range shifts of three endangered endemic plants of the Khorassan-Kopet Dagh floristic province under global change
2021-04-27 Sandra M Durán Tropical dry forest resilience and water use efficiency: an analysis of productivity under climate change
2021-04-26 Marko J. Spasojevic Predicting intraspecific trait variation among California’s grasses
2021-04-25 Mark Westoby | Joshua S Madin Trait dimensions in bacteria and archaea compared to vascular plants
2021-04-21 Dylan J. Craven Non-structural carbohydrate concentrations in woody organs, but not leaves, of temperate and tropical tree angiosperms are independent of the ‘fast-slow’ plant economic spectrum
2021-04-21 Marko J. Spasojevic Area Not Geographic Isolation Mediates Biodiversity Responses of Alpine Refugia to Climate Change
2021-04-21 Brian J. Enquist | Vigdis Vandvik | Brian S. Maitner | Aud H. Halbritter | Yaoqi Li | Richard J Telford | Sean T. Michaletz Multiscale mapping of plant functional groups and plant traits in the High Arctic using field spectroscopy, UAV imagery and Sentinel-2A data
2021-04-20 Steven L. Chown Geographical bias in physiological data limits predictions of global change impacts
2021-04-20 Ian G. Brennan Genetically diverse yet morphologically conserved: Hidden diversity revealed among Bornean geckos (Gekkonidae: Cyrtodactylus )
2021-04-19 Hervé Sauquet Phylogenomics of Brosimum (Moraceae) and allied genera, including a revised subgeneric system
2021-04-16 Sean T. Michaletz Leaf heat tolerance of 147 tropical forest species varies with elevation and leaf functional traits, but not with phylogeny
2021-04-15 Luca Santini The island rule explains consistent patterns of body size evolution in terrestrial vertebrates
2021-04-14 Stefano Mammola Specialized terminology reduces the number of citations of scientific papers
2021-04-14 Mark Westoby | Daniel Falster The conservative low‐phosphorus niche in Proteaceae
2021-04-12 Joseph A Tobias Ecological Correlates of Elevational Range Shifts in Tropical Birds
2021-04-12 Nuno Simões Bivalve Diversity on the Continental Shelf and Deep Sea of the Perdido Fold Belt, Northwest Gulf of Mexico, Mexico
2021-04-09 William Farfan-Rios Mature Andean forests as globally important carbon sinks and future carbon refuges
2021-04-08 Markus Ankenbrand Novel Integrative Elements and Genomic Plasticity in Ocean Ecosystems
2021-04-07 Sadie J. Ryan Zoonotic Risk Technology Enters the Viral Emergence Toolkit
2021-04-07 Michael Ray Kearney A general model of the thermal constraints on the world’s most destructive locust, Schistocerca gregaria
2021-04-06 Joseph A Tobias Performance of a points-based scoring system for assessing species limits in birds
2021-04-06 Melissa Haendel Drug repositioning candidates identified using in-silico quasi-quantum molecular simulation demonstrate reduced COVID-19 mortality in 1.5M patient records
2021-04-03 Stefano Mammola Spider conservation in Europe: a review
2021-04-02 Daniel Mietchen Knowledge graphs and wikidata subsetting
2021-04-01 Maribeth Latvis Botany is the root and the future of invasion biology
2021-04-01 Ben Sparrow The photosynthetic pathways of plant species surveyed in Australia’s national terrestrial monitoring network
2021-04-01 William Farfan-Rios | Brian J. Enquist | Vigdis Vandvik | Brian S. Maitner | Aud H. Halbritter | Tanya Strydom | Richard J Telford | Sean T. Michaletz Next-generation field courses: Integrating Open Science and online learning
2021-04-01 Steven L. Chown Options for reducing uncertainty in impact classification for alien species
2021-04-01 Melissa Haendel Sharing biological data: why, when, and how
2021-03-31 Nuno Simões Updated Distribution of the Mysid Antromysis cenotensis (Crustacea: Peracarida), a Protected Key Species in Yucatan Peninsula Cenotes
2021-03-26 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Erosion of global functional diversity across the tree of life
2021-03-26 Ian J. Wright | Samuel C. Andrew | Daniel Falster | Rachael V. Gallagher | Vanessa M. Adams Functional diversity of the Australian flora: Strong links to species richness and climate
2021-03-25 William D. Pearse Phylogenetic generalized linear mixed modeling presents novel opportunities for eco‐evolutionary synthesis
2021-03-25 Jonas J. Lembrechts Designing countrywide and regional microclimate networks
2021-03-25 Daniel Mietchen FAIR and open multilingual clinical trials in Wikidata and Wikipedia
2021-03-24 Ben Sparrow Applying conservation reserve design strategies to define ecosystem monitoring priorities
2021-03-22 Ralf B. Schäfer A Global Agenda for Advancing Freshwater Biodiversity Research
2021-03-21 Vigdis Vandvik | Steven L. Chown | Jonas J. Lembrechts | Brian J. Enquist | Marko J. Spasojevic | Aud H. Halbritter | Nicolas Fanin | Mohammad Bagher Erfanian | William D. Pearse | Fatih Fazlioglu | Sean T. Michaletz Global maps of soil temperature
2021-03-19 Dylan J. Craven Anthropogenic and environmental drivers shape diversity of naturalized plants across the Pacific
2021-03-19 Brian S. Maitner | Rachael V. Gallagher | Vanessa M. Adams High fire frequency and the impact of the 2019–2020 megafires on Australian plant diversity
2021-03-19 Joseph A Tobias Identifying the Drivers of Spatial Taxonomic and Functional Beta-Diversity of British Breeding Birds
2021-03-18 Kim S. Ely | Ramona L Walls Sample Identifiers and Metadata to Support Data Management and Reuse in Multidisciplinary Ecosystem Sciences
2021-03-18 Vigdis Vandvik Different sets of traits explain abundance and distribution patterns of European plants at different spatial scales
2021-03-18 Nuno Simões Phylogeography and genetic diversity of the commercially-collected Caribbean blue-legged hermit crab (Clibanarius tricolor)
2021-03-17 Xiao Feng Underappreciated plant vulnerabilities to heat waves
2021-03-17 Colleen M. Iversen Integrating Arctic Plant Functional Types in a Land Surface Model Using Above‐ and Belowground Field Observations
2021-03-17 Joshua S Madin Climate change transforms the functional identity of Mediterranean coralligenous assemblages
2021-03-17 Mark Westoby | Joshua S Madin Cell size, genome size, and maximum growth rate are near‐independent dimensions of ecological variation across bacteria and archaea
2021-03-16 Yaoqi Li Effects of Climate, Plant Height, and Evolutionary Age on Geographical Patterns of Fruit Type
2021-03-16 Franziska Schrodt The relationship between niche breadth and range size of beech ( Fagus ) species worldwide
2021-03-16 Jonas J. Lembrechts Forest microclimates and climate change: Importance, drivers and future research agenda
2021-03-16 Melissa Haendel Underrepresentation of Phenotypic Variability of 16p13.11 Microduplication Syndrome Assessed With an Online Self-Phenotyping Tool (Phenotypr): Cohort Study
2021-03-15 Nuno Simões Sponge-dwelling fauna: a review of known species from the Northwest Tropical Atlantic coral reefs
2021-03-10 Hervé Sauquet Chromosome-level reference genome of the soursop (Annona muricata): A new resource for Magnoliid research and tropical pomology
2021-03-09 Luca Santini Global patterns of functional trait variation along aridity gradients in bats
2021-03-05 Vigdis Vandvik Vital rates in early life history underlie shifts in biotic interactions along bioclimatic gradients: An experimental test of the Stress Gradient Hypothesis
2021-03-03 William D. Pearse Phylogenetic diversity efficiently and accurately prioritizes conservation of aquatic macroinvertebrate communities
2021-03-03 Nicolas Fanin Toward a Generalizable Framework of Disturbance Ecology Through Crowdsourced Science
2021-03-03 Mark Westoby | Daniel Falster Motivating data contributions via a distinct career currency
2021-03-02 Anton Potapov Trophic niche differentiation and utilisation of food resources in Collembola is altered by rainforest conversion to plantation systems
2021-03-02 Malte Jochum Earthworm invasion causes declines across soil fauna size classes and biodiversity facets in northern North American forests
2021-03-02 Ian J. Wright Plant hydraulics coordinated with photosynthetic traits and climate
2021-03-01 Cyrille Violle Functional biogeography of weeds reveals how anthropogenic management blurs trait–climate relationships
2021-03-01 Jens Kattge | Vigdis Vandvik | J. Aaron Hogan | Aud H. Halbritter | Kim S. Ely A reporting format for leaf-level gas exchange data and metadata
2021-03-01 Melissa Haendel | Anne Thessen From Reductionism to Reintegration: Solving society’s most pressing problems requires building bridges between data types across the life sciences
2021-03-01 Daniel Mietchen The LOTUS Initiative for Open Natural Products Research: Knowledge Management through Wikidata
2021-03-01 Nuno Simões How does the beach ecosystem change without tourists during COVID-19 lockdown?
2021-02-28 Maurizio Rossetto Molecular phylogeography reveals two geographically and temporally separated floristic exchange tracks between Southeast Asia and northern Australia
2021-02-27 Jens Kattge | Roberto Salguero-Gómez Climatic and evolutionary contexts are required to infer plant life history strategies from functional traits at a global scale
2021-02-25 Fatih Fazlioglu Warming matters: alpine plant responses to experimental warming
2021-02-25 Lucie M Bland Combating ecosystem collapse from the tropics to the Antarctic
2021-02-25 Brian J. Enquist | Vigdis Vandvik | Brian S. Maitner | Aud H. Halbritter Consistent trait–environment relationships within and across tundra plant communities
2021-02-25 Ian J. Wright Hydraulic failure and tree size linked with canopy die‐back in eucalypt forest during extreme drought
2021-02-23 Malte Jochum For flux’s sake: General considerations for energy-flux calculations in ecological communities
2021-02-23 Malte Jochum Soil fauna diversity and chemical stressors: a review of knowledge gaps and roadmap for future research
2021-02-23 Sadie J. Ryan Climate predicts geographic and temporal variation in mosquito-borne disease dynamics on two continents
2021-02-23 Ralf B. Schäfer A Global Agenda for Advancing Freshwater Biodiversity Research
2021-02-22 Jennifer C. Girón Review of the Neotropical water scavenger beetle genus Tobochares Short & García, 2007 (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae, Acidocerinae): new lineages, new species, and new records
2021-02-19 Luca Santini Assessing the reliability of species distribution projections in climate change research
2021-02-19 Sadie J. Ryan Factors influencing scavenger guilds and scavenging efficiency in Southwestern Montana
2021-02-18 Jonas J. Lembrechts Urban alien plants in temperate oceanic regions of Europe originate from warmer native ranges
2021-02-17 Rachael V. Gallagher Multiple analyses redirect management and restoration priorities for a critically endangered ecological community
2021-02-17 Sadie J. Ryan Scoping review of distribution models for selected Amblyomma ticks and rickettsial group pathogens
2021-02-17 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Lagged and dormant season climate better predict plant vital rates than climate during the growing season
2021-02-15 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Next-gen plant clonal ecology
2021-02-15 Markus Ankenbrand Sensitivity analysis for interpretation of machine learning based segmentation models in cardiac MRI
2021-02-15 Maurizio Rossetto | Rachael V. Gallagher A conservation genomics workflow to guide practical management actions
2021-02-11 Diogo Borges Provete The evolution of red blood cell shape in fishes
2021-02-10 Ian J. Wright | Mark Westoby Effects of plant hydraulic traits on the flammability of live fine canopy fuels
2021-02-10 Vigdis Vandvik Introducing the index-based ecological condition assessment framework (IBECA)
2021-02-10 Nuno Simões Marine amphipods as a new live prey for ornamental aquaculture: exploring the potential of Parhyale hawaiensis and Elasmopus pectenicrus
2021-02-09 Colleen M. Iversen Untargeted Exometabolomics Provides a Powerful Approach to Investigate Biogeochemical Hotspots with Vegetation and Polygon Type in Arctic Tundra Soils
2021-02-09 Maurizio Rossetto Conserving Refugia: What Are We Protecting and Why?
2021-02-04 Nuno Simões Where is the genus Elysia in the western Atlantic? Potential distribution, species richness and representation in marine protected areas
2021-02-03 Daniel Mietchen UVA School of Data Science Open Access Guidelines and Recommendations
2021-02-01 Diogo Borges Provete The effects of morphology, phylogeny and prey availability on trophic resource partitioning in an anuran community
2021-02-01 Colleen M. Iversen Topographical Controls on Hillslope‐Scale Hydrology Drive Shrub Distributions on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska
2021-02-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Indicators for assessing the robustness of metapopulations against habitat loss
2021-02-01 Dalia A. Conde Economics, life history and international trade data for seven turtle species in Indonesian and Malaysian farms
2021-02-01 Alexander Keller Pollen diets and niche overlap of honey bees and native bees in protected areas
2021-02-01 Alexander Keller Changes amid constancy: Flower and leaf microbiomes along land use gradients and between bioregions
2021-01-29 Heloise Gibb Climate variability and drought modulate the role of structural refuges for arthropods: a global experiment
2021-01-29 Joshua S Madin An Indo-Pacific coral spawning database
2021-01-29 Steven L. Chown One hundred research questions in conservation physiology for generating actionable evidence to inform conservation policy and practice
2021-01-29 Vigdis Vandvik | Richard J Telford Macroecological context predicts species’ responses to climate warming
2021-01-29 Ian G. Brennan A Comprehensive Approach to Detect Hybridization Sheds Light on the Evolution of Earth’s Largest Lizards
2021-01-29 Nuno Simões SSP: an R package to estimate sampling effort in studies of ecological communities
2021-01-27 Pete Manning National Forest Inventories capture the multifunctionality of managed forests in Germany
2021-01-26 Jens Kattge PhenoSpace: A Shiny application to visualize trait data in the phenotypic space of the global spectrum of plant form and function
2021-01-26 Jennifer C. Girón Evolution and biogeography of acidocerine water scavenger beetles (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae) shaped by Gondwanan vicariance and Cenozoic isolation of South America
2021-01-25 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Novel challenges and opportunities in the theory and practice of matrix population modelling: An editorial for the special feature
2021-01-24 Maribeth Latvis Examining the utility of DNA barcodes for the identification of tallgrass prairie flora
2021-01-23 J. Aaron Hogan Evidence of elemental homeostasis in fine root and leaf tissues of saplings across a fertility gradient in tropical montane forest in Hainan, China
2021-01-23 Nuno Simões Topology Testing and Demographic Modeling Illuminate a Novel Speciation Pathway in the Greater Caribbean Sea Following the Formation of the Isthmus of Panama
2021-01-21 Stefano Mammola Lineage‐level distribution models lead to more realistic climate change predictions for a threatened crayfish
2021-01-21 Mark Westoby | Joshua S Madin Aerobic bacteria and archaea tend to have larger and more versatile genomes
2021-01-17 Hervé Sauquet Global patterns and a latitudinal gradient of flower disparity: perspectives from the angiosperm order Ericales
2021-01-14 Ben Sparrow Plant families exhibit unique geographic trends in C4 richness and cover
2021-01-13 Carlos Alberto Martínez-Muñoz First record of the invasive Lagria villosa (Fabricius, 1781) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Lagriinae) in Europe
2021-01-13 Cyrille Violle Rebound in functional distinctiveness following warming and reduced fishing in the North Sea
2021-01-08 Sadie J. Ryan Implications of Insecticide-Treated Mosquito Net Fishing in Lower Income Countries
2021-01-08 Ian J. Wright Applying the economic concept of profitability to leaves
2021-01-08 Steven L. Chown Study design, rationale and methods of the Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE) study: a cluster randomised controlled trial to evaluate environmental and human health impacts of a water-sensitive intervention in informal
2021-01-08 Alexander Keller Many small rather than few large sources identified in long-term bee pollen diets in agroecosystems
2021-01-06 Brian J. Enquist Branching principles of animal and plant networks identified by combining extensive data, machine learning and modelling
2021-01-04 Stefano Mammola Niche Partitioning at Emergence of Two Syntopic Dragonflies
2021-01-04 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Genetic differentiation can be predicted from observational data for reproductive but not vegetative traits in a widespread short-lived plant
2021-01-04 Maurizio Rossetto Conserving the genetic diversity of condemned populations: Optimizing collections and translocation
2021-01-04 Hervé Sauquet Pulled Diversification Rates, Lineages-Through-Time Plots and Modern Macroevolutionary Modelling
2021-01-03 Nuno Simões Phylogeography, population connectivity and demographic history of the Stoplight parrotfish, Sparisoma viride (Teleostei: Labridae), in the Greater Caribbean
2021-01-02 Renee A. Catullo Tracing the origins of recent Queensland fruit fly incursions into South Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand
2021-01-01 Alexandra J. R. Carthey The canid pest ejector challenge: controlling urban foxes while keeping domestic dogs safe
2021-01-01 Belén Fadrique Bamboo phenology and life cycle drive seasonal and long-term functioning of Amazonian bamboo-dominated forests
2021-01-01 Silvia Pineda-Munoz Mammal species occupy different climates following the expansion of human impacts
2021-01-01 Dylan J. Craven Training future generations to deliver evidence‐based conservation and ecosystem management
2021-01-01 Dylan J. Craven Soil quality, leaf litter quality, and microbial biomass interactively drive soil respiration in a microcosm experiment
2021-01-01 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Data from: How to restore invertebrate diversity of degraded heathlands?
2021-01-01 Stefania L. Klayn Porewater Nutrient and Oxygen Profiles and Sediment-Water Interface Fluxes Under Extreme Organic Loading in Different Sedimentary Habitats in Sozopol Bay (SW Black Sea): A Laboratory Experiment
2021-01-01 Stefania L. Klayn Benthic habitat mapping of Plazh Gradina - Zlatna ribka (Black Sea) and Karpathos and Saria Islands (Mediterranean Sea)
2021-01-01 Florian Dirk Schneider Biodiversity conservation as infectious disease prevention: why a social-ecological perspective is essential
2021-01-01 William Farfan-Rios | Paul Efren Santos Andrade | Belén Fadrique Reduced tree density and basal area in Andean forests are associated with bamboo dominance
2021-01-01 William Farfan-Rios | Brian J. Enquist Pantropical modelling of canopy functional traits using Sentinel-2 remote sensing data
2021-01-01 Melissa Haendel | Anne Thessen The landscape of nutri-informatics: a review of current resources and challenges for integrative nutrition research
2021-01-01 Alexander Keller | Markus Ankenbrand Inferring Core Genome Phylogenies for Bacteria
2020-12-31 Ralf B. Schäfer Revisiting global trends in freshwater insect biodiversity
2020-12-30 William D. Pearse There and Back Again: Reticulate Evolution in Ceratopteris
2020-12-30 Timothy M. Perez PSII heat tolerances characterize thermal generalists and the upper limit of carbon assimilation
2020-12-30 Jennifer C. Girón Status of knowledge of the broad-nosed weevils of Colombia (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Entiminae)
2020-12-28 Markus Ankenbrand Novel integrative elements and genomic plasticity in ocean ecosystems
2020-12-28 Melissa Haendel | Anne Thessen Community Approaches for Integrating Environmental Exposures into Human Models of Disease
2020-12-26 Alexander Keller Osmotic Adaptation and Compatible Solute Biosynthesis of Phototrophic Bacteria as Revealed from Genome Analyses
2020-12-24 Dylan J. Craven Life‐history dimensions indicate non‐random assembly processes in tropical island tree communities
2020-12-23 Xiao Feng Forest Management Under Megadrought: Urgent Needs at Finer Scale and Higher Intensity
2020-12-22 Luca Santini The role of brain size on mammalian population densities
2020-12-22 William Farfan-Rios The evolutionary assembly of forest communities along environmental gradients: recent diversification or sorting of pre-adapted clades?
2020-12-21 William D. Pearse SymbiotaR2: An R Package for Accessing Symbiota2 Data
2020-12-16 Michael Ray Kearney Grasshopper country before and after: a resurvey of Ken Key’s collecting expeditions in New South Wales, Australia, 70 years on
2020-12-15 Ben Sparrow ausplotsR: An R package for rapid extraction and analysis of vegetation and soil data collected by Australia’s Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network
2020-12-15 Vigdis Vandvik | Brian J. Enquist | Aud H. Halbritter | Tanya Strydom From a crisis to an opportunity: Eight insights for doing science in the COVID‐19 era and beyond
2020-12-15 Maurizio Rossetto Looks can be deceiving: speciation dynamics of co-distributed Angophora (Myrtaceae) species in a varying landscape
2020-12-14 Melissa Haendel Barriers and Considerations for Diagnosing Rare Diseases in Indigenous Populations
2020-12-10 Diogo Borges Provete A global analysis of ecological and evolutionary drivers of the use of wild mammals in traditional medicine
2020-12-10 Ben Sparrow Stocktaking the environmental coverage of a continental ecosystem observation network
2020-12-09 Stefano Mammola Towards a taxonomically unbiased European Union biodiversity strategy for 2030
2020-12-09 Malte Jochum How Introduced Earthworms Alter Ecosystems
2020-12-09 Steven L. Chown Wind plays a major but not exclusive role in the prevalence of insect flight loss on remote islands
2020-12-07 Ben Sparrow Using generalised dissimilarity modelling and targeted field surveys to gap‐fill an ecosystem surveillance network
2020-12-04 Sadie J. Ryan Exploring the Niche of Rickettsia montanensis (Rickettsiales: Rickettsiaceae) Infection of the American Dog Tick (Acari: Ixodidae), Using Multiple Species Distribution Model Approaches
2020-12-03 Colleen M. Iversen High‐resolution minirhizotrons advance our understanding of root‐fungal dynamics in an experimentally warmed peatland
2020-12-02 Rachael V. Gallagher Shortfalls in extinction risk assessments for plants
2020-12-02 Michael Ray Kearney Modelling the joint effects of body size and microclimate on heat budgets and foraging opportunities of ectotherms
2020-12-02 Michael Ray Kearney Three questions about the eco-physiology of overwintering underground
2020-12-02 Melissa Haendel The Human Phenotype Ontology in 2021
2020-12-01 Jacintha Ellers Robotic task affects the resulting morphology and behaviour in evolutionary robotics
2020-12-01 Jacintha Ellers Influences of Artificial Speciation on Morphological Robot Evolution
2020-11-30 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Are acute and acclimated thermal effects on metabolic rate modulated by cell size? a comparison between diploid and triploid zebrafish larvae
2020-11-30 Nuno Simões Uptaded checklist, historical overview and illustrated guide to the stygobiont Malacostraca (Arthropoda: Crustacea) species of Yucatan (Mexico)
2020-11-27 Sean T. Michaletz The acquisitive-conservative axis of leaf trait variation emerges even in homogeneous environments
2020-11-27 Anne Thessen People are essential to linking biodiversity data
2020-11-26 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Plant diversity and local rainfall regime mediate soil ecosystem functions in tropical forests of north-east Bangladesh
2020-11-25 Alexander Keller Employing DNA metabarcoding to determine the geographical origin of honey
2020-11-24 Mohammad Bagher Erfanian Bryophyte cover and richness decline after 18 years of experimental warming in alpine Sweden
2020-11-24 Sadie J. Ryan Building resilience to mosquito-borne diseases in the Caribbean
2020-11-23 Melissa Haendel A phenome-wide association study of 26 mendelian genes reveals phenotypic expressivity of common and rare variants within the general population
2020-11-20 Florian Dirk Schneider Indirect facilitation drives species composition and stability in drylands
2020-11-18 Samraat S. Pawar Behaviour moderates the impacts of food-web structure on species coexistence
2020-11-18 Joseph A Tobias Assessing tropical forest restoration after fire using birds as indicators: An afrotropical case study
2020-11-17 Stefano Mammola Explainable artificial intelligence enhances the ecological interpretability of black-box species distribution models
2020-11-17 Daniel Falster Sexual dimorphism in trait variability and its eco-evolutionary and statistical implications
2020-11-17 Colleen M. Iversen Integrating Arctic plant functional types in a land surface model using above- and belowground field observations
2020-11-17 Michael Ray Kearney What is the status of metabolic theory one century after Pütter invented the von Bertalanffy growth curve?
2020-11-17 Ignasi Bartomeus Species-habitat networks elucidate landscape effects on habitat specialisation of natural enemies and pollinators
2020-11-17 Brian J. Enquist | Franziska Schrodt | Jens Kattge | Cyrille Violle | Brian S. Maitner | Sean T. Michaletz Quaternary climate change explains global patterns of tree beta-diversity
2020-11-16 Stefano Mammola Let research on subterranean habitats resonate!
2020-11-10 Franziska Schrodt Linking the Remote Sensing of Geodiversity and Traits Relevant to Biodiversity—Part II: Geomorphology, Terrain and Surfaces
2020-11-10 Joseph A Tobias Ecological and morphological determinants of evolutionary diversification in Darwin’s finches and their relatives
2020-11-09 Melissa Haendel KG-COVID-19: a framework to produce customized knowledge graphs for COVID-19 response
2020-11-09 Daniel Mietchen Fostering global data sharing: highlighting the recommendations of the Research Data Alliance COVID-19 working group
2020-11-07 Colleen M. Iversen Root traits as drivers of plant and ecosystem functioning: current understanding, pitfalls and future research needs
2020-11-06 Ian G. Brennan Taxonomic assessment of two pygopodoid gecko subspecies from Western Australia
2020-11-02 Marko J. Spasojevic Clustering analysis of large-scale phenotypic data in the model filamentous fungus Neurospora crassa
2020-11-01 Nicolas Fanin Temporal dynamics of litter quality, soil properties and microbial strategies as main drivers of the priming effect
2020-11-01 Melissa Haendel | Anne Thessen | Ramona L Walls Transforming the study of organisms: Phenomic data models and knowledge bases
2020-10-29 Stefano Mammola Impact of the reference list features on the number of citations
2020-10-29 Markus Ankenbrand Sensitivity Analysis for Interpretation of Machine Learning Based Segmentation Models in Cardiac MRI
2020-10-29 Nuno Simões Sandy Beach Macrofauna of Yucatán State (Mexico) and Oil Industry Development in the Gulf of Mexico: First Approach for Detecting Environmental Impacts
2020-10-28 Xiao Feng Rainfall pulses mediate long‐term plant community compositional dynamics in a semi‐arid rangeland
2020-10-27 Stefano Mammola Niche‐based processes explaining the distributions of closely related subterranean spiders
2020-10-27 Vigdis Vandvik Gender gaps in the performance of Norwegian biology students: the roles of test anxiety and science confidence
2020-10-25 Ignasi Bartomeus Working landscapes need at least 20% native habitat
2020-10-24 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Demographic performance of European tree species at their hot and cold climatic edges
2020-10-23 Vigdis Vandvik Buffering effects of soil seed banks on plant community composition in response to land use and climate
2020-10-22 Florian Dirk Schneider Advances in Understanding and Managing Catastrophic Ecosystem Shifts in Mediterranean Ecosystems
2020-10-22 Caterina Penone | Pete Manning | Malte Jochum Land-use intensity alters networks between biodiversity, ecosystem functions, and services
2020-10-21 Sadie J. Ryan Ungulate use of locally infectious zones in a re-emerging anthrax risk area
2020-10-21 Ignasi Bartomeus Multiple stressors interact to impair the performance of bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) colonies
2020-10-20 Ralf B. Schäfer Maximising the clustering coefficient of networks and the effects on habitat network robustness
2020-10-18 Cyrille Violle Grassland-to-crop conversion in agricultural landscapes has lasting impact on the trait diversity of bees
2020-10-18 Cyrille Violle Do ecological specialization and functional traits explain the abundance–frequency relationship? Arable weeds as a case study
2020-10-17 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Bridging gaps in demographic analysis with phylogenetic imputation
2020-10-17 Ralf B. Schäfer Paradise lost? Pesticide pollution in a European region with considerable amount of traditional agriculture
2020-10-16 Samraat S. Pawar Adaptive evolution shapes the present-day distribution of the thermal sensitivity of population growth rate
2020-10-13 Meghan Balk | Silvia Pineda-Munoz Investigating Biotic Interactions in Deep Time
2020-10-13 Rachael V. Gallagher | Vanessa M. Adams Importance of species translocations under rapid climate change
2020-10-12 Timothy M. Perez Weak phylogenetic and climatic signals in plant heat tolerance
2020-10-12 Jacintha Ellers Environmental and morphological constraints interact to drive the evolution of communication signals in frogs
2020-10-09 Jorrit Poelen Liberating Biodiversity Data From COVID-19 Lockdown: Toward a knowledge hub for mammal host-virus information
2020-10-09 Ramona L Walls Unity in Variety: Developing a collection description standard by consensus
2020-10-09 Sadie J. Ryan Warming temperatures could expose more than 1.3 billion new people to Zika virus risk by 2050
2020-10-09 Brian J. Enquist The Influence of Ecosystem and Phylogeny on Tropical Tree Crown Size and Shape
2020-10-08 Silvia Pineda-Munoz Body mass‐related changes in mammal community assembly patterns during the late Quaternary of North America
2020-10-08 Cyrille Violle | Brian S. Maitner Global distribution and conservation status of ecologically rare mammal and bird species
2020-10-07 Paula M. Mabee Integration of anatomy ontology data with protein-protein interaction networks improves the candidate gene prediction accuracy for anatomical entities
2020-10-07 Hervé Sauquet Phylogenetic analysis of fossil flowers using an angiosperm-wide data set: proof-of-concept and challenges ahead
2020-10-06 William Farfan-Rios Evolutionary heritage shapes tree distributions along an Amazon‐to‐Andes elevation gradient
2020-10-02 Nicolas Fanin Root trait-microbial relationships across tundra plant species
2020-10-02 Joseph A Tobias Improving Predictions of Climate Change-Land Use Change Interactions
2020-10-01 Colleen M. Iversen Local-scale Arctic tundra heterogeneity affects regional-scale carbon dynamics
2020-10-01 Joshua S Madin Novel communities are a risky business
2020-10-01 Jacintha Ellers Strain differences rather than species differences contribute to variation in associative learning ability in Nasonia
2020-10-01 Jens Kattge Understanding Intraspecific Trait Variability Using Digital Herbarium Specimen Images
2020-10-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Corrigendum to “Calibration and field application of passive sampling for episodic exposure to polar organic pesticides in streams” [Environ. Pollut. 194 (2014) 196-202]
2020-10-01 Katja Seltmann | Jorrit Poelen Making Parasite-Host Associations Visible using Global Biotic Interactions
2020-09-30 Stefano Mammola Towards establishment of a centralized spider traits database
2020-09-30 Jacintha Ellers Variation in plant leaf traits affects transmission and detectability of herbivore vibrational cues
2020-09-30 Brian J. Enquist Ecological Synthesis and Its Role in Advancing Knowledge
2020-09-29 Luca Santini Mammal population densities at a global scale are higher in human‐modified areas
2020-09-28 Jorrit Poelen Semantic Publishing Enables Text Mining of Biotic Interactions
2020-09-28 Markus Ankenbrand A systematic comparison of chloroplast genome assembly tools
2020-09-28 Jonas J. Lembrechts The role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in non-native plant invasion along mountain roads
2020-09-27 Steven L. Chown Realised rather than fundamental thermal niches predict site occupancy: implications for climate change forecasting
2020-09-26 Alexander Keller (More than) Hitchhikers through the network: The shared microbiome of bees and flowers
2020-09-24 Dalia A. Conde Standardized data to support conservation prioritization for sharks and batoids (Elasmobranchii)
2020-09-24 Alexander Keller CRISPR/Cas 9 mediated mutations as a new tool for studying taste in honeybees
2020-09-22 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Shrinking body sizes in response to warming: explanations for the temperature-size rule with special emphasis on the role of oxygen
2020-09-21 Richard J Telford Comment on “A global-scale ecological niche model to predict SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection rate”, author Coro
2020-09-20 Mohammad Bagher Erfanian Predicting range shifts of three endangered endemic plants of the Khorassan-Kopet Dagh floristic province under global change
2020-09-18 Timothy M. Perez Herbarium-based measurements reliably estimate three functional traits
2020-09-17 Mohammad Bagher Erfanian Changes in plant composition and diversity in an Alpine heath and meadow after 18 years of experimental warming
2020-09-17 Stefano Mammola Standardised spider (Arachnida, Araneae) inventory of Kilpisjärvi, Finland
2020-09-17 Michael Ray Kearney Integrating dynamic plant growth models and microclimates for species distribution modelling
2020-09-17 Ralf B. Schäfer Preparing GIS data for analysis of stream monitoring data: The R package openSTARS
2020-09-16 Ignasi Bartomeus Feeding specialization and longer generation time are associated with relatively larger brains in bees
2020-09-16 Melissa Haendel Modelling kidney disease using ontology: insights from the Kidney Precision Medicine Project
2020-09-14 Daniel Mietchen Representing COVID-19 information in collaborative knowledge graphs: a study of Wikidata
2020-09-13 Roberto Salguero-Gómez The projected degradation of subtropical coral assemblages by recurrent thermal stress
2020-09-12 Melissa Haendel The case for open science: rare diseases
2020-09-11 Fatih Fazlioglu Latitudinal shifts in mangrove species worldwide: evidence from historical occurrence records
2020-09-10 Catherine H Bravo-Avila | Belén Fadrique Publisher Correction: Climate-driven changes in the composition of New World plant communities
2020-09-10 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright Leaf manganese concentrations as a tool to assess belowground plant functioning in phosphorus-impoverished environments
2020-09-09 Marko J. Spasojevic Belowground Impacts of Alpine Woody Encroachment are determined by Plant Traits, Local Climate and Soil Conditions
2020-09-09 Sadie J. Ryan Mapping Thermal Physiology of Vector-Borne Diseases in a Changing Climate: Shifts in Geographic and Demographic Risk of Suitability
2020-09-09 Pete Manning | Jens Kattge | Colleen M. Iversen Global root traits (GRooT) database
2020-09-09 Daniel Mietchen State of WikiCite in 2020
2020-09-08 Stefano Mammola Integrating Multiple Lines of Evidence to Explore Intraspecific Variability in a Rare Endemic Alpine Plant and Implications for Its Conservation
2020-09-08 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Trait-based ecology at large scales: Assessing functional trait correlations, phylogenetic constraints and spatial variability using open data
2020-09-08 Vigdis Vandvik Synchrony matters more than species richness in plant community stability at a global scale
2020-09-08 Jens Kattge News on intra‐specific trait variation, species sorting, and optimality theory for functional biogeography and beyond
2020-09-07 Michael J. McWilliam Projected shifts in coral size structure in the Anthropocene
2020-09-06 Heloise Gibb Experimental evidence for ecological cascades following threatened mammal reintroduction
2020-09-04 Sadie J. Ryan Comparing prioritization strategies for delivering indoor residual spray (IRS) implementation, using a network approach
2020-09-02 Stefano Mammola Taxonomic and functional homogenisation of macroinvertebrate communities in recently intermittent Alpine watercourses
2020-09-02 Diogo Borges Provete High species turnover shapes anuran community composition in ponds along an urban-rural gradient
2020-09-02 Nicolas Fanin Microplastics negatively affect soil fauna but stimulate microbial activity: insights from a field-based microplastic addition experiment
2020-09-02 Cyrille Violle Equilibrium in plant functional trait responses to warming is stronger under higher climate variability during the Holocene
2020-09-01 Jorrit Poelen Toward reliable biodiversity dataset references
2020-09-01 Diogo Borges Provete Defensive behaviour and tail autotomy in Coleodactylus meridionalis (Squamata: Sphaerodactylidae)
2020-09-01 Nicolas Fanin Effect of a tree mixture and water availability on soil nutrients and extracellular enzyme activities along the soil profile in an experimental forest
2020-09-01 Vigdis Vandvik Setting reference levels and limits for good ecological condition in terrestrial ecosystems – Insights from a case study based on the IBECA approach
2020-09-01 Sadie J. Ryan Climate change could shift disease burden from malaria to arboviruses in Africa
2020-09-01 Michael Ray Kearney Dynamics of death by heat
2020-09-01 Michael Ray Kearney Future winters present a complex energetic landscape of decreased costs and reduced risk for a freeze-tolerant amphibian, the Wood Frog (Lithobates sylvaticus)
2020-09-01 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Identifying threats from invasive alien species in Bangladesh
2020-08-31 Vigdis Vandvik | Aud H. Halbritter | Richard J Telford Biotic rescaling reveals importance of species interactions for variation in biodiversity responses to climate change
2020-08-30 Daniel Mietchen Using logical constraints to validate information in collaborative knowledge graphs: a study of COVID-19 on Wikidata
2020-08-29 Ralf B. Schäfer Invertebrate turnover along gradients of anthropogenic salinisation in rivers of two German regions
2020-08-28 Joseph A Tobias Avian Diversity: Speciation, Macroevolution, and Ecological Function
2020-08-27 Sadie J. Ryan Misconceptions about weather and seasonality must not misguide COVID-19 response
2020-08-26 Diogo Borges Provete Idiosyncratic liver pigment alterations of five frog species in response to contrasting land use patterns in the Brazilian Cerrado
2020-08-26 Alexander Keller Correction to ‘Introduced bees (Osmia cornifrons) collect pollen from both coevolved and novel host-plant species within their family-level phylogenetic preferences’
2020-08-25 Stefano Mammola Fundamental research questions in subterranean biology
2020-08-24 Joshua S Madin A geometric basis for surface habitat complexity and biodiversity
2020-08-24 Caterina Penone | Pete Manning | Jens Kattge | Malte Jochum The results of biodiversity-ecosystem functioning experiments are realistic
2020-08-21 Stefano Mammola Specialized terminology limits the reach of new scientific knowledge
2020-08-21 Melissa Haendel Ontologies, Knowledge Representation, and Machine Learning for Translational Research: Recent Contributions
2020-08-20 Jacintha Ellers Male Sexual Trait Decay in Two Asexual Springtail Populations Follows Neutral Mutation Accumulation Theory
2020-08-20 Melissa Haendel Structuring, reuse and analysis of electronic dental data using the Oral Health and Disease Ontology
2020-08-19 William D. Pearse Bee phenology is predicted by climatic variation and functional traits
2020-08-18 Cyrille Violle Natural variation at FLM splicing has pleiotropic effects modulating ecological strategies in Arabidopsis thaliana
2020-08-17 Catherine H Bravo-Avila | Timothy M. Perez | Belén Fadrique Climate-driven changes in the composition of New World plant communities
2020-08-16 Loïc Chalmandrier A landscape-scale assessment of the relationship between grassland functioning, community diversity, and functional traits
2020-08-15 Steven L. Chown Constant and fluctuating temperature acclimations have similar effects on phenotypic plasticity in springtails
2020-08-13 Dylan J. Craven A cross‐scale assessment of productivity–diversity relationships
2020-08-13 J. Aaron Hogan Morphological variation of fine root systems and leaves in primary and secondary tropical forests of Hainan Island, China
2020-08-12 Colleen M. Iversen Integrating the evidence for a terrestrial carbon sink caused by increasing atmospheric CO2
2020-08-11 Teresa Mayfield-Meyer Regional Collections Are an Essential Component of Biodiversity Research Infrastructure
2020-08-11 Yaoqi Li Spatial Patterns and Drivers of Angiosperm Sexual Systems in China Differ Between Woody and Herbaceous Species
2020-08-10 William D. Pearse Cryptic diversity in the model fern genus Ceratopteris (Pteridaceae)
2020-08-10 Rachael V. Gallagher The Global Urban Tree Inventory: A database of the diverse tree flora that inhabits the world’s cities
2020-08-08 Timothy M. Perez Photosynthetic heat tolerances and extreme leaf temperatures
2020-08-07 Cyrille Violle Multifaceted functional diversity for multifaceted crop yield: Towards ecological assembly rules for varietal mixtures
2020-08-06 Maurizio Rossetto Perceptions of Similarity Can Mislead Provenancing Strategies—An Example from Five Co-Distributed Acacia Species
2020-08-05 William D. Pearse Herbivores at the highest risk of extinction among mammals, birds, and reptiles
2020-08-04 Jens Kattge Nutritional constraints on brain evolution: sodium and nitrogen limit brain size
2020-08-04 Ralf B. Schäfer The diversity of decay
2020-08-01 Sean T. Michaletz Low predictability of energy balance traits and leaf temperature metrics in desert, montane and alpine plant communities
2020-08-01 Steven L. Chown Marine food webs destabilized
2020-07-31 Michael Ray Kearney Multiple working hypotheses for hyperallometric reproduction in fishes under metabolic theory
2020-07-31 Daniel S. Park A New Method for Counting Reproductive Structures in Digitized Herbarium Specimens Using Mask R-CNN
2020-07-30 Nuno Simões Distribution patterns, carbon sources and niche partitioning in cave shrimps (Atyidae: Typhlatya)
2020-07-29 Richard J Telford Don’t gamble the COVID-19 response on ecological hypotheses
2020-07-29 Anne Thessen A novel curation system to facilitate data integration across regional citizen science survey programs
2020-07-29 Melissa Haendel Interpretable Clinical Genomics with a Likelihood Ratio Paradigm
2020-07-28 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Achieving Quality Forest and Landscape Restoration in the Tropics
2020-07-27 Colleen M. Iversen Rapid Net Carbon Loss From a Whole‐Ecosystem Warmed Peatland
2020-07-23 Anton Potapov Different groups of ground‐dwelling spiders share similar trophic niches in temperate forests
2020-07-23 Markus Ankenbrand B0 shimming of the human heart at 7T
2020-07-22 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Author Correction: Identifying threshold responses of Australian dryland rivers to future hydroclimatic change
2020-07-22 Cyrille Violle Domestication-driven changes in plant traits associated with changes in the assembly of the rhizosphere microbiota in tetraploid wheat
2020-07-22 Alexander Keller Introduced bees (Osmia cornifrons) collect pollen from both coevolved and novel host-plant species within their family-level phylogenetic preferences
2020-07-21 Steven L. Chown Soil Bacterial Communities Exhibit Strong Biogeographic Patterns at Fine Taxonomic Resolution
2020-07-19 Ignasi Bartomeus cxr : A toolbox for modelling species coexistence in R
2020-07-18 Pete Manning Landscape management for grassland multifunctionality
2020-07-16 Marko J. Spasojevic The edaphic control of plant diversity
2020-07-15 Richard J Telford Multi-Proxy Characterisation of the Storegga Tsunami and Its Impact on the Early Holocene Landscapes of the Southern North Sea
2020-07-15 Steven L. Chown Antarctica’s wilderness fails to capture continent’s biodiversity
2020-07-15 Maurizio Rossetto First example of hybridisation between two Australian figs (Moraceae)
2020-07-13 Cyrille Violle Loss of pollinator specialization revealed by historical opportunistic data: Insights from network-based analysis
2020-07-13 Colleen M. Iversen Peatland warming strongly increases fine-root growth
2020-07-10 Samraat S. Pawar The Role of Vector Trait Variation in Vector-Borne Disease Dynamics
2020-07-09 Vigdis Vandvik Testing macroecological abundance patterns: The relationship between local abundance and range size, range position and climatic suitability among European vascular plants
2020-07-09 Ben Sparrow Effective ecosystem monitoring requires a multi-scaled approach
2020-07-09 Jennifer C. Girón Variability and distribution of the golden-headed weevil Compsus auricephalus (Say) (Curculionidae: Entiminae: Eustylini)
2020-07-08 Caterina Penone Globally Abundant “Candidatus Udaeobacter” Benefits from Release of Antibiotics in Soil and Potentially Performs Trace Gas Scavenging
2020-07-07 Anton Potapov Trophic level and basal resource use of soil animals are hardly affected by local plant associations in abandoned arable land
2020-07-06 Diogo Borges Provete The Larva and Advertisement Call of Bokermannohyla ahenea (Anura: Hylidae)
2020-07-06 Hervé Sauquet The delayed and geographically heterogeneous diversification of flowering plant families
2020-07-04 Alexander Keller Strong phylogenetic constraint on transition metal incorporation in the mandibles of the hyper-diverse Hymenoptera (Insecta)
2020-07-03 David B. Roy Data-derived metrics describing the behaviour of field-based citizen scientists provide insights for project design and modelling bias
2020-07-01 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Red fox viromes in urban and rural landscapes
2020-07-01 Jens Kattge | Colleen M. Iversen The fungal collaboration gradient dominates the root economics space in plants
2020-07-01 Michael Ray Kearney Choosing Technology: An Entrepreneurial Strategy Approach
2020-07-01 Ralf B. Schäfer An integrated database of stream macroinvertebrate traits for Australia: concept and application
2020-07-01 Renee A. Catullo Genome-wide patterns of differentiation over space and time in the Queensland fruit fly
2020-07-01 Nuno Simões Influence of bottom environment conditions and hydrographic variability on spatiotemporal trends of macrofaunal amphipods on the Yucatan continental shelf
2020-06-30 Cyrille Violle Ecological Specialization and Rarity of Arable Weeds: Insights from a Comprehensive Survey in France
2020-06-30 Melissa Haendel Is authorship sufficient for today’s collaborative research? A call for contributor roles
2020-06-29 Joshua S Madin Latitude and protection affect decadal trends in reef trophic structure over a continental scale
2020-06-27 Pete Manning COVID-19: Lessons for the climate change emergency
2020-06-26 Cyrille Violle Weeds: Against the Rules?
2020-06-24 Franziska Schrodt Leaf reflectance spectra capture the evolutionary history of seed plants
2020-06-24 Brian J. Enquist Corrigendum: The Influence of Taxonomy and Environment on Leaf Trait Variation Along Tropical Abiotic Gradients
2020-06-23 Luca Santini The influence of stochasticity, landscape structure and species traits on abundant–centre relationships
2020-06-23 William Farfan-Rios Biased-corrected richness estimates for the Amazonian tree flora
2020-06-23 Renee A. Catullo Ecological Drivers and Sex-Based Variation in Body Size and Shape in the Queensland Fruit Fly, Bactrocera tryoni (Diptera: Tephritidae)
2020-06-21 Vanessa M. Adams Infinite Affinities: Work from the Queer Ecology Hanky Project
2020-06-21 Vigdis Vandvik Directional trends in species composition over time can lead to a widespread overemphasis of year‐to‐year asynchrony
2020-06-20 Stefano Mammola Does weighting presence records improve the performance of species distribution models? A test using fish larval stages in the Yangtze Estuary
2020-06-20 Ralf B. Schäfer Sampling rates for passive samplers exposed to a field-relevant peak of 42 organic pesticides
2020-06-19 Ramona L Walls COVID-19 pandemic reveals the peril of ignoring metadata standards
2020-06-19 J. Aaron Hogan Soil nitrogen concentration mediates the relationship between leguminous trees and neighbor diversity in tropical forests
2020-06-19 Brian J. Enquist | Vigdis Vandvik | Brian S. Maitner | Aud H. Halbritter | Richard J Telford | Sean T. Michaletz Plant traits and vegetation data from climate warming experiments along an 1100 m elevation gradient in Gongga Mountains, China
2020-06-18 Lucie M Bland Using decision science to evaluate global biodiversity indices
2020-06-18 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Manila Declaration on Forest and Landscape Restoration: Making It Happen
2020-06-18 Daniel S. Park An invasive species spread by threatened diurnal lemurs impacts rainforest structure in Madagascar
2020-06-17 Markus Ankenbrand A Deep Learning Based Cardiac Cine Segmentation Framework for Clinicians – Transfer Learning Application to 7T
2020-06-15 Cyrille Violle | Courtenay A Ray Vacant yet invasible niches in forest community assembly
2020-06-15 Ralf B. Schäfer Impacts of multiple stressors on freshwater biota across spatial scales and ecosystems
2020-06-15 Steven L. Chown Basal tolerance but not plasticity gives invasive springtails the advantage in an assemblage setting
2020-06-15 Alexander Keller Susceptibility of Red Mason Bee Larvae to Bacterial Threats Due to Microbiome Exchange with Imported Pollen Provisions
2020-06-13 Michael Ray Kearney Using Biophysical Models to Improve Survey Efficiency for Cryptic Ectotherms
2020-06-12 Diogo Borges Provete Harlequin Frogs ( Lysapsus ) prefer mild places to park
2020-06-11 Sean T. Michaletz The Leaf Economics Spectrum Constrains Phenotypic Plasticity Across a Light Gradient
2020-06-10 Ian G. Brennan Phylogenomics of monitor lizards and the role of competition in dictating body size disparity
2020-06-09 Michael Ray Kearney Eco-physiological consequences of overwintering underground
2020-06-05 Ralf B. Schäfer Assessing the mixture effects in in-vitro bioassays of chemicals occurring in small agricultural streams during rain events
2020-06-05 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Rapid recovery of tropical forest diversity and structure after shifting cultivation in the Philippines uplands
2020-06-05 Mark Westoby | Joshua S Madin A synthesis of bacterial and archaeal phenotypic trait data
2020-06-04 Ignasi Bartomeus Safeguarding the genetic integrity of native pollinators requires stronger regulations on commercial lines
2020-06-03 Joshua S Madin Multi-Year Viability of a Reef Coral Population Living on Mangrove Roots Suggests an Important Role for Mangroves in the Broader Habitat Mosaic of Corals
2020-06-03 Ian J. Wright | Brian J. Enquist | Franziska Schrodt | Jens Kattge | Cyrille Violle | Brian S. Maitner | Sean T. Michaletz Paleoclimate and current climate collectively shape the phylogenetic and functional diversity of trees worldwide
2020-06-03 Katja Seltmann Bark beetle mycobiome: collaboratively defined research priorities on a widespread insect-fungus symbiosis
2020-06-01 Jérôme Mathieu Tree growth and macrofauna colonization in Technosols constructed from recycled urban wastes
2020-06-01 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Saving the Sundarbans from development
2020-06-01 Daniel S. Park | Xiao Feng A standard protocol for reporting species distribution models
2020-05-29 Ralf B. Schäfer webchem: An R Package to Retrieve Chemical Information from the Web
2020-05-28 Joseph A Tobias | Luca Santini The island rule explains consistent patterns of body size evolution across terrestrial vertebrates
2020-05-27 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Universal metabolic constraints shape the evolutionary ecology of diving in animals
2020-05-27 Sadie J. Ryan Conservation in the maelstrom of Covid-19 - a call to action to solve the challenges, exploit opportunities and prepare for the next pandemic
2020-05-27 Jacintha Ellers Multi-faceted analysis provides little evidence for recurrent whole-genome duplications during hexapod evolution
2020-05-27 Daniel Mietchen Quantifying the Impact of Data Sharing on Outbreak Dynamics (QIDSOD)
2020-05-27 Alexander Keller The genus as a model microorganism for bioactive natural product discovery
2020-05-26 Ian J. Wright When and where soil is important to modify the carbon and water economy of leaves
2020-05-25 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Longevity, body dimension and reproductive mode drive differences in aquatic versus terrestrial life‐history strategies
2020-05-21 J. Aaron Hogan Assessing Typhoon-Induced Canopy Damage Using Vegetation Indices in the Fushan Experimental Forest, Taiwan
2020-05-20 Stefano Mammola Global wildlife trade permeates the Tree of Life
2020-05-20 Vigdis Vandvik Alien species in Norway: Results from quantitative ecological impact assessments
2020-05-19 Joshua S Madin Tissue biomass trades off with growth but not reproduction in corals
2020-05-19 Jens Kattge | Colleen M. Iversen Global Root Traits (GRooT) Database
2020-05-18 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Context and trade-offs characterize real-world threat detection systems: A review and comprehensive framework to improve research practice and resolve the translational crisis
2020-05-18 Jacintha Ellers Species richness and functional diversity of isopod communities vary across an urbanisation gradient, but the direction and strength depend on soil type
2020-05-18 Ralf B. Schäfer Standartox: Standardizing Toxicity Data
2020-05-18 Joseph A Tobias Ecological drivers of global gradients in avian dispersal inferred from wing morphology
2020-05-16 Anton Potapov Multidimensional trophic niche revealed by complementary approaches: gut content, digestive enzymes, fatty acids and stable isotopes in soil fauna
2020-05-16 Hervé Sauquet Phylogenomics of Brosimum Sw. (Moraceae) and allied genera, including a revised subgeneric system
2020-05-14 Stefano Mammola Alien Crayfish Species in the Deep Subalpine Lake Maggiore (NW-Italy), with a Focus on the Biometry and Habitat Preferences of the Spiny-Cheek Crayfish
2020-05-13 Katelin D. Pearson Machine Learning Using Digitized Herbarium Specimens to Advance Phenological Research
2020-05-13 Ian G. Brennan What’s under the hood? Phylogeny and taxonomy of the snake genera Parasuta Worrell and Suta Worrell (Squamata: Elapidae), with a description of a new species from the Pilbara, Western Australia
2020-05-12 Jacintha Ellers Plant Secondary Compounds in Soil and Their Role in Belowground Species Interactions
2020-05-11 Sadie J. Ryan Spatial variation in the frequency of knockdown resistance genotypes in Florida Aedes aegypti populations
2020-05-11 Ian J. Wright | Daniel Falster Organizing principles for vegetation dynamics
2020-05-11 Markus Ankenbrand Genomes of the Venus Flytrap and Close Relatives Unveil the Roots of Plant Carnivory
2020-05-11 Ian G. Brennan Polyploidy breaks speciation barriers in Australian burrowing frogs Neobatrachus
2020-05-07 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Towards a Comparative Framework of Demographic Resilience
2020-05-06 Richard J Telford Species distribution models are inappropriate for COVID-19
2020-05-06 J. Aaron Hogan A Research Framework to Integrate Cross-Ecosystem Responses to Tropical Cyclones
2020-05-06 Ralf B. Schäfer Towards a unified study of multiple stressors: divisions and common goals across research disciplines
2020-05-04 Daniel S. Park | Brian J. Enquist | Brian S. Maitner | Xiao Feng Darwin’s naturalization conundrum can be explained by spatial scale
2020-05-04 Mark Westoby The maleness of larger angiosperm flowers
2020-05-03 Stefania L. Klayn Microplastics and floating litter pollution in Bulgarian Black Sea coastal waters
2020-05-01 Sadie J. Ryan Shifting transmission risk for malaria in Africa with climate change: a framework for planning and intervention
2020-05-01 Jacintha Ellers Gone with the wind: Is signal timing in a neotropical katydid an adaptive response to variation in wind-induced vibratory noise?
2020-05-01 Jonas J. Lembrechts Microclimate shifts in a dynamic world
2020-04-30 Steven L. Chown | Michael Ray Kearney Tracheal branching in ants is area-decreasing, violating a central assumption of network transport models
2020-04-27 Daniel S. Park Machine Learning Predicts Large Scale Declines in Native Plant Phylogenetic Diversity
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2020-04-08 John Alroy The apparent exponential radiation of Phanerozoic land vertebrates is an artefact of spatial sampling biases
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2020-02-14 Ralf B. Schäfer Should ecologists prefer model- over distance-based multivariate methods?
2020-02-14 Sadie J. Ryan Severity Index for Suspected Arbovirus (SISA): Machine learning for accurate prediction of hospitalization in subjects suspected of arboviral infection
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2020-02-13 Daniel Mietchen 1000 Disease Ontology terms and their Wikidata mappings to 17 mostly Indian languages and English
2020-02-12 Nuno Simões New distribution records of subterranean crustaceans from cenotes in Yucatan (Mexico)
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2020-02-11 Sadie J. Ryan A network analysis framework to improve the delivery of mosquito abatement services in Machala, Ecuador
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2020-02-01 Melissa Haendel How many rare diseases are there?
2020-02-01 Jacintha Ellers International scientists formulate a roadmap for insect conservation and recovery
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2020-01-30 Ian G. Brennan Digest: The evolutionary relationship between environment and size in Australian rodents
2020-01-30 Caterina Penone Distribution of Medically Relevant Antibiotic Resistance Genes and Mobile Genetic Elements in Soils of Temperate Forests and Grasslands Varying in Land Use
2020-01-30 Diogo Borges Provete How Does the Landscape Affect Metacommunity Structure? A Quantitative Review for Lentic Environments
2020-01-30 Alana R O Chin Ray fractions and carbohydrate dynamics of tree species along a 2750 m elevation gradient indicate climate response, not spatial storage limitation
2020-01-28 Melissa Haendel Interpretable Clinical Genomics with a Likelihood Ratio Paradigm
2020-01-28 Ignasi Bartomeus Brain size predicts learning abilities in bees
2020-01-24 Maurizio Rossetto Evolutionary constraints and adaptation shape the size and colour of rain forest fruits and flowers at continental scale
2020-01-24 Daniel Mietchen Author response: Wikidata as a knowledge graph for the life sciences
2020-01-23 Ignasi Bartomeus Recipient and donor characteristics govern the hierarchical structure of heterospecific pollen competition networks
2020-01-23 William D. Pearse Horticultural availability and homeowner preferences drive plant diversity and composition in urban yards
2020-01-22 Joshua S Madin Partitioning colony size variation into growth and partial mortality
2020-01-22 Cyrille Violle Farming plant cooperation in crops
2020-01-20 Michael Ray Kearney Microclimate modelling of beach sand temperatures reveals high spatial and temporal variation at sea turtle rookeries
2020-01-16 Markus Ankenbrand Chronic exposure to the pesticide flupyradifurone can lead to premature onset of foraging in honeybees Apis mellifera
2020-01-16 Jacintha Ellers The effect of mating on female reproduction across hermaphroditic freshwater snails
2020-01-14 Sadie J. Ryan A generic arboviral model framework for exploring trade-offs between vector control and environmental concerns
2020-01-13 Katja Seltmann | Paula M. Mabee Corrigendum: The Extended Specimen Network: A Strategy to Enhance US Biodiversity Collections, Promote Research and Education
2020-01-13 Joseph A Tobias Macroevolutionary convergence connects morphological form to ecological function in birds
2020-01-10 Stefano Mammola Environmental filtering and convergent evolution determine the ecological specialization of subterranean spiders
2020-01-09 Luca Santini Combined effects of land use and hunting on distributions of tropical mammals
2020-01-08 Michael J. McWilliam Deficits in functional trait diversity following recovery on coral reefs
2020-01-08 Heloise Gibb A global database for metacommunity ecology, integrating species, traits, environment and space
2020-01-06 Alexander Keller | Markus Ankenbrand BCdatabaser: on-the-fly reference database creation for (meta-)barcoding
2020-01-06 Pete Manning | Cyrille Violle Land-use history impacts functional diversity across multiple trophic groups
2020-01-06 Ralf B. Schäfer Relationship between agricultural pesticides and the diet of riparian spiders in the field
2020-01-04 Joshua S Madin Incongruence between life-history traits and conservation status in reef corals
2020-01-02 Rachael V. Gallagher | Alexandra J. R. Carthey Conserving the holobiont
2020-01-01 Maurizio Rossetto Identifying evolutionary lineages in the Elaeocarpus obovatus complex: population genetics and morphometric analyses support a new subspecies, Elaeocarpus obovatus subsp. umbratilis, from northern Queensland, Australia
2020-01-01 Melissa Haendel | Anne Thessen The Monarch Initiative in 2019: an integrative data and analytic platform connecting phenotypes to genotypes across species
2020-01-01 Steven L. Chown The emperor penguin - Vulnerable to projected rates of warming and sea ice loss
2020-01-01 Jonas J. Lembrechts Microclimatic conditions anywhere at any time!
2020-01-01 Markus Ankenbrand Exploring Ensemble Applications for Multi-sequence Myocardial Pathology Segmentation
2020-01-01 Ralf B. Schäfer How does habitat connectivity influence the colonization success of a hemimetabolous aquatic insect? - A modeling approach
2020-01-01 Michael Ray Kearney Variation in fur properties may explain differences in heat-related mortality among Australian flying-foxes
2020-01-01 Jacintha Ellers Temperature responses in a subarctic springtail from two geothermally warmed habitats
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2019-11-18 Pete Manning Passive CO2 removal in urban soils: Evidence from brownfield sites
2019-11-15 Marko J. Spasojevic Accurate forest projections require long-term wood decay experiments because plant trait effects change through time
2019-11-15 Jérôme Mathieu Towards an integrative understanding of soil biodiversity
2019-11-13 Joshua S Madin Towards a macroscope: Leveraging technology to transform the breadth, scale and resolution of macroecological data
2019-11-13 Brunno Freire Oliveira Decoupled erosion of amphibians’ phylogenetic and functional diversity due to extinction
2019-11-12 Nuno Simões The Spotted Cleaner Shrimp, Periclimenes yucatanicus (Ives, 1891), on an Unusual Scleractinian Host
2019-11-12 Samraat S. Pawar Community-level respiration of prokaryotic microbes may rise with global warming
2019-11-11 Sadie J. Ryan An open challenge to advance probabilistic forecasting for dengue epidemics.
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2019-10-30 Melissa Haendel FAIRshake: Toolkit to Evaluate the FAIRness of Research Digital Resources
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2019-10-29 Ignasi Bartomeus Pollinator foraging flexibility mediates rapid plant-pollinator network restoration in semi-natural grasslands
2019-10-28 Jacintha Ellers Towards more predictive and interdisciplinary climate change ecosystem experiments
2019-10-28 Sadie J. Ryan Co-developing climate services for public health: Stakeholder needs and perceptions for the prevention and control of Aedes-transmitted diseases in the Caribbean
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2019-10-02 Anton Potapov Trophic Position of Consumers and Size Structure of Food Webs across Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems
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2019-10-01 Ben Sparrow Response to Comments on “The global tree restoration potential”
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2019-10-01 Brunno Freire Oliveira Global wildlife trade across the tree of life
2019-10-01 Jérôme Mathieu Global distribution of earthworm diversity
2019-09-30 Samraat S. Pawar Further Towards Unambiguous Edge Bundling: Investigating Power-Confluent Drawings for Network Visualization
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2019-09-25 William Farfan-Rios Rarity of monodominance in hyperdiverse Amazonian forests
2019-09-24 Steven L. Chown Species-energy relationships of indigenous and invasive species may arise in different ways - a demonstration using springtails
2019-09-24 Belén Fadrique A preliminary revision of Chusquea sect. Swallenochloa (Bambuseae, Bambusoideae, Poaceae) in Peru including the description of two new species and the resurrection of two other species
2019-09-23 Nuno Simões Effect of starvation on survival and biochemical profile of newborn juvenile lined seahorses, Hippocampus erectus (Perry, 1810)
2019-09-23 Daniel S. Park | Xiao Feng A checklist for maximizing reproducibility of ecological niche models
2019-09-20 Pete Manning High throughput sequencing combined with null model tests reveals specific plant‐fungi associations linked to seedling establishment and survival
2019-09-20 Vanessa M. Adams Shortfalls in Conservation Evidence: Moving from Ecological Effects of Interventions to Policy Evaluation
2019-09-18 Luca Santini Effects of rarity form on species’ responses to land use
2019-09-18 Meghan Balk A Constraint-based model of Dynamic Island Biogeography: environmental history and species traits predict hysteresis in populations and communities
2019-09-17 Kim S. Ely From the Arctic to the tropics: multibiome prediction of leaf mass per area using leaf reflectance
2019-09-16 Caterina Penone | Pete Manning | Florian Dirk Schneider | Malte Jochum Towards an ecological trait‐data standard
2019-09-16 Ralf B. Schäfer Effects of a Systemic Pesticide Along an Aquatic Tri-Trophic Food Chain
2019-09-13 Joseph A Tobias Movement ecology of Afrotropical birds: Functional traits provide complementary insights to species identity
2019-09-12 Vigdis Vandvik Functional traits, not productivity, predict alpine plant community openness to seedling recruitment under climatic warming
2019-09-11 Fatih Fazlioglu Predicting the invasive potential of a non-native mangrove reforested plant (Laguncularia racemosa) in China
2019-09-09 Ralf B. Schäfer Assessment of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the Himalayan Riverine Network of Azad Jammu and Kashmir
2019-09-09 Courtenay A Ray | Katherine C B Weiss Unifying functional trait approaches to understand the assemblage of ecological communities: synthesizing taxonomic divides
2019-09-06 David B. Roy Research questions to facilitate the future development of European long-term ecosystem research infrastructures: A horizon scanning exercise
2019-09-04 Joseph A Tobias Mediation of area and edge effects in forest fragments by adjacent land use
2019-09-03 Brian J. Enquist On the relationships between size and abundance in plants: beyond forest communities
2019-09-02 Alexander Keller | Markus Ankenbrand Linking pollen foraging of megachilid bees to their nest bacterial microbiota
2019-09-02 Jens Kattge Robustness of trait connections across environmental gradients and growth forms
2019-09-02 Dylan J. Craven Current climate, isolation and history drive global patterns of tree phylogenetic endemism
2019-09-01 John Alroy | Silvia Pineda-Munoz Reorganization of surviving mammal communities after the end-Pleistocene megafaunal extinction
2019-09-01 Melissa Haendel Encoding Clinical Data with the Human Phenotype Ontology for Computational Differential Diagnostics
2019-09-01 Dylan J. Craven Author Correction: Diversity-dependent temporal divergence of ecosystem functioning in experimental ecosystems
2019-08-31 Nuno Simões Effect of a gradually increasing temperature on the behavioural and physiological response of juvenile Hippocampus erectus: Thermal preference, tolerance, energy balance and growth
2019-08-28 Brian J. Enquist | Brian S. Maitner Species’ range model metadata standards: RMMS
2019-08-24 Nuno Simões On the presence of Charybdis (Charybdis) hellerii (A. Milne-Edwards, 1867) on the Mexican coast of the Gulf of Mexico
2019-08-24 Jens Kattge Inferring plant functional diversity from space: the potential of Sentinel-2
2019-08-23 Alexander Keller Drivers, Diversity, and Functions of the Solitary-Bee Microbiota
2019-08-23 Ben Sparrow TERN, Australia’s land observatory: addressing the global challenge of forecasting ecosystem responses to climate variability and change
2019-08-20 Daniel S. Park | Xiao Feng Collinearity in ecological niche modeling: Confusions and challenges
2019-08-20 Jennifer A Hammock Trait Data Integration from the Perspective of a Data Aggregator
2019-08-20 Heloise Gibb Rainfall‐dependent impacts of threatened ecosystem engineers on organic matter cycling
2019-08-19 Brian J. Enquist | Sean T. Michaletz Continental scale structuring of forest and soil diversity via functional traits
2019-08-14 Michael Ray Kearney microclimUS: hourly estimates of historical microclimates for the United States of America with example applications
2019-08-13 Rachael V. Gallagher | Vanessa M. Adams Planning for success: Why conservation programs need a strategic program for recovering species
2019-08-09 Daniel S. Park | Brian J. Enquist | Brian S. Maitner | Cyrille Violle | Brad Boyle | Xiao Feng The commonness of rarity: Global and future distribution of rarity across land plants
2019-08-09 Malte Jochum Consistent temperature dependence of functional response parameters and their use in predicting population abundance
2019-08-08 William D. Pearse What we (don’t) know about global plant diversity
2019-08-07 Samraat S. Pawar Predation risk influences food-web structure by constraining species diet choice
2019-08-07 Katelin D. Pearson Mobilizing the community of biodiversity specimen collectors to effectively detect and document outliers in the Anthropocene
2019-08-06 Ignasi Bartomeus Science-graphic art partnerships to increase research impact
2019-08-06 Jorrit Poelen Biological and environmental drivers of trophic ecology in marine fishes - a global perspective
2019-08-05 Caterina Penone | Pete Manning | Jens Kattge | Malte Jochum The results of biodiversity-ecosystem functioning experiments are realistic
2019-08-03 Jens Kattge Hardscape floristics: Functional and phylogenetic diversity of parking‐lot plants
2019-08-03 Vigdis Vandvik Alien plants, animals, fungi and algae in Norway: an inventory of neobiota
2019-08-02 Joshua S Madin Quantifying coral morphology
2019-08-02 Stefano Mammola Distributional dynamics of a specialized subterranean community oppose the classical understanding of the preferred subterranean habitats
2019-08-01 Franziska Schrodt Opinion: To advance sustainable stewardship, we must document not only biodiversity but geodiversity
2019-07-30 Nuno Simões Spatial assessment of the vulnerability of benthic communities to multiple stressors in the Yucatan Continental Shelf, Gulf of Mexico
2019-07-30 Jens Kattge Operationalizing Plant Traits
2019-07-30 Jens Kattge A global database of paired leaf nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations of terrestrial plants
2019-07-29 Melissa Haendel Enabling Global Clinical Collaborations on Identifiable Patient Data: The Minerva Initiative
2019-07-29 Joseph A Tobias Integrating behaviour and ecology into global biodiversity conservation strategies
2019-07-29 Michael Ray Kearney | Roberto Salguero-Gómez Forecasting species range dynamics with process-explicit models: matching methods to applications
2019-07-29 Cyrille Violle Increasing crop heterogeneity enhances multitrophic diversity across agricultural regions
2019-07-29 Kim S. Ely Leaf reflectance spectroscopy captures variation in carboxylation capacity across species, canopy environment and leaf age in lowland moist tropical forests
2019-07-29 Dylan J. Craven Dissecting macroecological and macroevolutionary patterns of forest biodiversity across the Hawaiian archipelago
2019-07-24 Ignasi Bartomeus Plant species dominance increases pollination complementarity and plant reproductive function
2019-07-24 Cyrille Violle Leaf economics and slow-fast adaptation across the geographic range of Arabidopsis thaliana
2019-07-24 Lucie M Bland Impacts of the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems on conservation policy and practice
2019-07-23 Malte Jochum A multitrophic perspective on biodiversity-ecosystem functioning research
2019-07-22 Jonas J. Lembrechts Comparing temperature data sources for use in species distribution models: From in‐situ logging to remote sensing
2019-07-21 Alexander Keller Honey bee waggle dance communication increases diversity of pollen diets in intensively managed agricultural landscapes
2019-07-18 Daniel Mietchen WikiCite 2018-2019: Citations for the sum of all human knowledge
2019-07-17 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Consequences of neglecting cryptic life stages from demographic models
2019-07-17 Hamish Holewa Integrated Biodiversity Infrastructure for Decision Making
2019-07-16 Heloise Gibb Long-term responses of desert ant assemblages to climate
2019-07-15 Ian J. Wright | Franziska Schrodt Leaf economics and plant hydraulics drive leaf : wood area ratios
2019-07-15 Joseph A Tobias Evolution of avian egg shape: underlying mechanisms and the importance of taxonomic scale
2019-07-15 Anton Potapov Conversion of rainforest to oil palm and rubber plantations alters energy channels in soil food webs
2019-07-13 Joseph A Tobias Behavior influences range limits and patterns of coexistence across an elevational gradient in tropical birds
2019-07-13 Ben Sparrow Alien plants alter the growth form ratio and structure of Australian grasslands
2019-07-09 Jacintha Ellers The Importance of Validating the Demethylating Effect of 5-aza-2’-deoxycytidine in Model Species (A Comment on Cook et al., “DNA Methylation and Sex Allocation in the Parasitoid Wasp Nasonia vitripennis”)
2019-07-09 Anton Potapov Compound‐specific isotope analysis of amino acids as a new tool to uncover trophic chains in soil food webs
2019-07-08 Maurizio Rossetto Origins and Assembly of Malesian Rainforests
2019-07-08 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Animal life history is shaped by the pace of life and the distribution of age-specific mortality and reproduction
2019-07-08 Jens Kattge Family-level leaf nitrogen and phosphorus stoichiometry of global terrestrial plants
2019-07-08 Sadie J. Ryan Thermal biology of mosquito-borne disease
2019-07-04 William D. Pearse The interaction of phylogeny and community structure: Linking the community composition and trait evolution of clades
2019-07-02 Caterina Penone | Pete Manning | Florian Dirk Schneider | Malte Jochum Towards an Ecological Trait-data Standard Vocabulary
2019-07-02 Paula M. Mabee Answering Research Questions Using Semantic Traits
2019-07-02 Colleen M. Iversen Experimental warming alters the community composition, diversity, and N2 fixation activity of peat moss (Sphagnum fallax) microbiomes
2019-07-02 Ramona L Walls From Field Observations and Plant Specimens to a Trans-continental Knowledge Base: Efficient, semantically rich integration of highly heterogeneous plant phenological data
2019-07-02 Ramona L Walls Integrating ABCD and DarwinCore: Toward a better foundation for biodiversity information standards
2019-07-01 Sadie J. Ryan Sexual Risk Factors and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Testing Intention Among At-Risk College Students Who Have Never Been Tested
2019-07-01 Sadie J. Ryan Predicting the fundamental thermal niche of crop pests and diseases in a changing world: A case study on citrus greening
2019-06-27 Cyrille Violle Geographic scale and disturbance influence intraspecific trait variability in leaves and roots of North American understorey plants
2019-06-26 Maurizio Rossetto Habitat preference differentiates the Holocene range dynamics but not barrier effects on two sympatric, congeneric trees (Tristaniopsis, Myrtaceae)
2019-06-26 Jens Kattge Biodiversity Data Integration: The significance of data resolution and domain
2019-06-26 Michael Ray Kearney Where do Functional Traits Come From? The role of theory and models
2019-06-26 Stefanie Dekeyzer Marine Species Traits in the LifeWatch Taxonomic Backbone
2019-06-24 Samraat S. Pawar Interaction Dimensionality Scales Up to Generate Bimodal Consumer-Resource Size-Ratio Distributions in Ecological Communities
2019-06-24 Joshua S Madin Resolving the depth zonation paradox in reef-building corals
2019-06-21 Loïc Chalmandrier Multi‐trophic β‐diversity mediates the effect of environmental gradients on the turnover of multiple ecosystem functions
2019-06-20 Jacintha Ellers What are the costs of learning? Modest trade-offs and constitutive costs do not set the price of fast associative learning ability in a parasitoid wasp
2019-06-20 Franziska Schrodt Challenges and opportunities for biogeography—What can we still learn from von Humboldt?
2019-06-20 Dylan J. Craven Mixed-species tree plantings enhance structural complexity in oil palm plantations
2019-06-19 Steven L. Chown The ecological biogeography of indigenous and introduced Antarctic springtails
2019-06-19 Paula M. Mabee Extending U.S. Biodiversity Collections to Address National Challenges
2019-06-19 Mohammad Bagher Erfanian Plant community responses to environmentally friendly piste management in northeast Iran
2019-06-18 Daniel Mietchen Using Crowd-curation to Improve Taxon Annotations on the Wikimedia Infrastructure
2019-06-18 Anne Thessen A Proposed Metadata Standard for Recording and Sharing Attribution Information in Biodiversity
2019-06-18 Anne Thessen | Ramona L Walls Semantic Interoperability Solutions for the Essential Variables: Focus on biodiversity
2019-06-18 Anton Potapov Ecotaxonomy: Linking traits, taxa, individuals and samples in a flexible virtual research environment for ecological studies
2019-06-18 Marko J. Spasojevic Cascading effects of mammalian herbivores on ground-dwelling arthropods: Variable responses across arthropod groups, habitats and years
2019-06-18 Eveliina P. Kallioniemi Norwegian Taxonomy Initiative & Biodiversity Infrastructure
2019-06-18 Meghan Balk | Ramona L Walls FuTRES: Functional Trait Resource for Environmental Studies
2019-06-18 Nicolas Fanin Soil fauna promote litter decomposition but do not alter the relationship between leaf economics spectrum and litter decomposability
2019-06-17 Michael Ray Kearney Linking thermal adaptation and life-history theory explains latitudinal patterns of voltinism
2019-06-17 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Scaling of thermal tolerance with body mass and genome size in ectotherms: a comparison between water- and air-breathers
2019-06-17 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Thermal tolerance patterns across latitude and elevation
2019-06-17 Jérôme Mathieu Vermicompost significantly affects plant growth. A meta-analysis
2019-06-15 Brian J. Enquist On the importance of the megabiota to the functioning of the biosphere
2019-06-13 Katja Seltmann We Can(‘t) Get There From Here: Aligning local to global efforts for realizing a biodiversity data commons
2019-06-13 Jennifer C. Girón Three additional new genera of acidocerine water scavenger beetles from the Guiana and Brazilian Shield regions of South America (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae, Acidocerinae)
2019-06-13 Anton Potapov Ecotaxonomy: Linking taxa with traits and integrating taxonomical and ecological research
2019-06-12 Nuno Simões A metadata approach to evaluate the state of ocean knowledge: Strengths, limitations, and application to Mexico.
2019-06-10 Markus Ankenbrand A systematic comparison of chloroplast genome assembly tools
2019-06-10 Sadie J. Ryan Seasonal and geographic variation in insecticide resistance in Aedes aegypti in southern Ecuador
2019-06-10 Dylan J. Craven Evolution of interdisciplinarity in biodiversity science
2019-06-10 Anton Potapov Linking size spectrum, energy flux and trophic multifunctionality in soil food webs of tropical land-use systems
2019-06-08 Sadie J. Ryan Gastrointestinal parasites of the New England cottontail rabbit (Sylvilagus transitionalis) and eastern cottontail rabbit (Sylvilagus floridanus) in the Hudson Valley, New York
2019-06-07 Maurizio Rossetto Managing the risk of genetic swamping of a rare and restricted tree
2019-06-07 Stefano Mammola Extending Janzen’s hypothesis to temperate regions: A test using subterranean ecosystems
2019-06-04 Ramona L Walls The Plant Ontology Facilitates Comparisons of Plant Development Stages Across Species
2019-06-03 Ian J. Wright | Rachael V. Gallagher Safety margins and adaptive capacity of vegetation to climate change
2019-06-03 Ralf B. Schäfer Optimisation Model of Dispersal Simulations on a Dendritic Habitat Network.
2019-06-01 Teresa Mayfield-Meyer Recommendations for Effective Integration of Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Research (E/RCR) Education into Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences: A Meeting Report
2019-05-31 William D. Pearse Assessing the utility of conserving evolutionary history
2019-05-30 Richard J Telford Position and orientation of the westerly jet determined Holocene rainfall patterns in China.
2019-05-29 Anne Thessen Ontology-based data integration for advancing toxicological knowledge
2019-05-29 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Human Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cells Produce Millimolar Concentrations of ROS in Phagosomes Per Second
2019-05-27 Michael Ray Kearney Integrating mechanistic and correlative niche models to unravel range-limiting processes in a temperate amphibian
2019-05-27 Eveliina P. Kallioniemi Data on flower resources for pollinators in Romanian semi-natural grasslands mown at different times.
2019-05-26 John Alroy Discovering biogeographic and ecological clusters with a graph theoretic spin on factor analysis
2019-05-25 Daniel Mietchen Using Shape Expressions (ShEx) to Share RDF Data Models and to Guide Curation with Rigorous Validation
2019-05-24 Melissa Haendel New models for human disease from the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium
2019-05-24 Steven L. Chown Invasive species differ in key functional traits from native and non‐invasive alien plant species
2019-05-23 Rachael V. Gallagher Substantial declines in urban tree habitat predicted under climate change
2019-05-22 Sean T. Michaletz Fire effects on tree physiology
2019-05-21 Vigdis Vandvik Assessing sampling coverage of species distribution in biodiversity databases
2019-05-20 Nuno Simões Crowding standards and willingness to pay at cenotes (sinkholes) of the Yucatan Peninsula: a comparative analysis of local, national and international visitors
2019-05-20 Malte Jochum Predator traits determine food-web architecture across ecosystems
2019-05-17 Hervé Sauquet The soursop genome and comparative genomics of basal angiosperms provide new insights on evolutionary incongruence
2019-05-16 Jacintha Ellers Functional characterisation of two Δ12-desaturases demonstrates targeted production of linoleic acid as pheromone precursor in Nasonia
2019-05-14 Luca Santini Intact but empty forests? Patterns of hunting-induced mammal defaunation in the tropics.
2019-05-14 Joshua S Madin Morphological traits can track coral reef responses to the Anthropocene
2019-05-14 Ramona L Walls Climate change, extinction, and Sky Island biogeography in a montane lizard
2019-05-13 Steven L. Chown Comparing thermal performance curves across traits: how consistent are they?
2019-05-10 Sadie J. Ryan Assessing the nonhuman primate reservoir of Schistosoma mansoni in Africa: a systematic review.
2019-05-09 Nuno Simões Reef-associated fishes from the offshore reefs of western Campeche Bank, Mexico, with a discussion of mangroves and seagrass beds as nursery habitats
2019-05-09 Brian J. Enquist | Yaoqi Li | Xiao Feng | Sean T. Michaletz Patterns and ecological determinants of woody plant height in eastern Eurasia and its relation to primary productivity
2019-05-09 Pete Manning | Jens Kattge Plant functional trait shifts explain concurrent changes in the structure and function of grassland soil microbial communities
2019-05-09 Mohammad Bagher Erfanian Plant community responses to multiple disturbances in an arid region of northeast Iran
2019-05-08 Heloise Gibb Beetle ecological indicators – A comparison of cost vs reward to understand functional changes in response to restoration actions
2019-05-08 Cyrille Violle Trait structure and redundancy determine sensitivity to disturbance in marine fish communities
2019-05-07 Steven L. Chown Phenotypic plasticity in locomotor performance of a monophyletic group of weevils accords with the ‘warmer is better’ hypothesis
2019-05-07 Ian J. Wright Convergence in Maximum Stomatal Conductance of C Woody Angiosperms in Natural Ecosystems Across Bioclimatic Zones
2019-05-07 Brian J. Enquist Temperature shapes opposing latitudinal gradients of plant taxonomic and phylogenetic β diversity
2019-05-02 Daniel Mietchen Robustifying Scholia: paving the way for knowledge discovery and research assessment through Wikidata
2019-05-02 Melissa Haendel Semantic integration of clinical laboratory tests from electronic health records for deep phenotyping and biomarker discovery
2019-05-02 Melissa Haendel Ten quick tips for biocuration
2019-05-01 Steven L. Chown Rate dynamics of ectotherm responses to thermal stress
2019-05-01 Joseph A Tobias Range-wide spatial mapping reveals convergent character displacement of bird song
2019-05-01 Heloise Gibb An experimental test of the multi-scalar impacts of digging mammal reintroductions on invertebrate burrows
2019-05-01 Daniel Falster Datastorr: a workflow and package for delivering successive versions of ‘evolving data’ directly into R
2019-05-01 Nicolas Fanin When plants eat rocks: Functional adaptation of roots on rock outcrops
2019-05-01 Nicolas Fanin Can the comparison of above- and below-ground litter decomposition improve our understanding of bacterial and fungal successions?
2019-04-30 Daniel Mietchen An open toolkit for tracking open science partnership implementation and impact
2019-04-30 Rachael V. Gallagher Using traits to assess threatened plant species response to climate change
2019-04-26 Ramona L Walls Identifier Services: Modeling and Implementing Distributed Data Management in Cyberinfrastructure
2019-04-26 Jérôme Mathieu Global mismatches in aboveground and belowground biodiversity
2019-04-25 Sadie J. Ryan | Samraat S. Pawar MIReAD, a minimum information standard for reporting arthropod abundance data
2019-04-24 Cyrille Violle Nonlinear phenotypic variation uncovers the emergence of heterosis in Arabidopsis thaliana
2019-04-23 Alexander Keller Systematic Affiliation and Genome Analysis of Subtercola vilae DB165T with Particular Emphasis on Cold Adaptation of an Isolate from a High-Altitude Cold Volcano Lake
2019-04-23 Jacintha Ellers Gene expression changes associated with the evolutionary loss of a metabolic trait: lack of lipogenesis in parasitoids
2019-04-22 Mark Westoby | Sandra M Durán | Dylan J. Craven Wet and dry tropical forests show opposite successional pathways in wood density but converge over time
2019-04-19 Dalia A. Conde | Roberto Salguero-Gómez | Lucie M Bland Data gaps and opportunities for comparative and conservation biology
2019-04-19 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Multidimensional ecological analyses demonstrate how interactions between functional traits shape fitness and life history strategies
2019-04-18 Maurizio Rossetto Assemblage accumulation curves: A framework for resolving species accumulation in biological communities using DNA sequences
2019-04-18 Dalia A. Conde Criteria for CITES species protection
2019-04-17 Ignasi Bartomeus The need for coordinated transdisciplinary research infrastructures for pollinator conservation and crop pollination resilience
2019-04-17 Sadie J. Ryan Effects of Political Instability in Venezuela on Malaria Resurgence at Ecuador-Peru Border, 2018
2019-04-17 Sadie J. Ryan Geographic shifts in Aedes aegypti habitat suitability in Ecuador using larval surveillance data and ecological niche modeling: Implications of climate change for public health vector control
2019-04-16 Ian J. Wright Leaf:wood allometry and functional traits together explain substantial growth rate variation in rainforest trees
2019-04-15 John Alroy Small mammals have big tails in the tropics
2019-04-13 Ian J. Wright Leaf mechanical strength and photosynthetic capacity vary independently across 57 subtropical forest species with contrasting light requirements
2019-04-11 Hervé Sauquet | Ian G. Brennan | Renee A. Catullo | Maurizio Rossetto | Alexander Keller | John Alroy | Steven L. Chown | Mark Westoby | Markus Ankenbrand | Daniel S. Park | Ian J. Wright | Caterina Penone | Brian J. Enquist | Dalia A. Conde | Paula M. Mabee | Joseph A Tobias | Samuel C. Andrew | Jens Kattge | Ben Sparrow | Pete Manning | Michael Ray Kearney | Roberto Salguero-Gómez | Florian Dirk Schneider | Jennifer A Hammock | Vigdis Vandvik | Joshua S Madin | Malte Jochum | Heloise Gibb | Colleen M. Iversen | Cyrille Violle | Brian S. Maitner | J. Aaron Hogan | Daniel Falster | Brad Boyle | Catherine H Bravo-Avila | Hamish Holewa | Marko J. Spasojevic | Timothy M. Perez | Aud H. Halbritter | Brittany R Cavazos | Rachael V. Gallagher | Luke McCormack | Michael Hope | Meghan Balk | William D. Pearse | Silvia Pineda-Munoz | Courtenay A Ray | Lucie M Bland | Ramona L Walls | Katherine C B Weiss | Belén Fadrique | Sean T. Michaletz | Richard J Telford | Jorrit Poelen | Xiao Feng | Vanessa M. Adams | Alexandra J. R. Carthey The Open Traits Network: Using Open Science principles to accelerate trait-based science across the Tree of Life
2019-04-09 Jacintha Ellers Genomic Resources for , and , Representing Three Independent Origins of the Parasitoid Lifestyle in Insects
2019-04-07 Steven L. Chown | Heloise Gibb Thermoregulatory traits combine with range shifts to alter the future of montane ant assemblages
2019-04-07 Ignasi Bartomeus The interplay of landscape composition and configuration: new pathways to manage functional biodiversity and agroecosystem services across Europe
2019-04-07 Nicolas Fanin Effects of plant functional group removal on structure and function of soil communities across contrasting ecosystems
2019-04-06 Vanessa M. Adams Restoration priorities to achieve the global protected area target
2019-04-04 Cyrille Violle Functional biogeography of dietary strategies in birds
2019-04-03 Hervé Sauquet Which frugivory‐related traits facilitated historical long‐distance dispersal in the custard apple family (Annonaceae)?
2019-04-03 Ralf B. Schäfer Future pesticide risk assessment: narrowing the gap between intention and reality
2019-04-03 Joshua S Madin Global warming impairs stock–recruitment dynamics of corals
2019-04-01 Brian J. Enquist | Jens Kattge | Cyrille Violle | Brad Boyle | Sean T. Michaletz The relationship of woody plant size and leaf nutrient content to large‐scale productivity for forests across the Americas
2019-04-01 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Rohingya refugees and the environment
2019-04-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Qualifying the effects of single and multiple stressors on the food web structure of Dutch drainage ditches using a literature review and conceptual models
2019-04-01 Joshua S Madin Marine reserves shape seascapes on scales visible from space
2019-04-01 Malte Jochum | Dylan J. Craven Ecosystem responses to exotic earthworm invasion in northern North American forests
2019-04-01 Stefano Mammola Climate change going deep: The effects of global climatic alterations on cave ecosystems
2019-04-01 William D. Pearse Climate and lawn management interact to control C4 plant distribution in residential lawns across seven U.S. cities
2019-04-01 Jorrit Poelen Building bridges between global information systems on marine organisms and ecosystem models
2019-03-30 Ian G. Brennan Whole genome duplication potentiates inter-specific hybridisation and niche shifts in Australian burrowing frogs Neobatrachus
2019-03-29 Caterina Penone Predicting future invaders and future invasions
2019-03-28 Daniel Mietchen Ten principles for machine-actionable data management plans
2019-03-28 Melissa Haendel The Pediatric Cell Atlas: Defining the Growth Phase of Human Development at Single-Cell Resolution
2019-03-28 Sadie J. Ryan Global expansion and redistribution of Aedes-borne virus transmission risk with climate change
2019-03-27 Alexander Keller Climate-land-use interactions shape tropical mountain biodiversity and ecosystem functions
2019-03-26 Paula M. Mabee A logical model of homology for comparative biology
2019-03-26 Jacintha Ellers Temporal expression profile of an accessory-gland protein that is transferred via the seminal fluid of the simultaneous hermaphrodite Lymnaea stagnalis
2019-03-25 Nuno Simões Sea slugs (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) from two remote reefs of the Southern Gulf of Mexico: Cayo Arenas and Cayo Arcas
2019-03-21 Michael Ray Kearney Persistence through tough times: fixed and shifting refuges in threatened species conservation
2019-03-21 Brittany R Cavazos Consequences of intraspecific variation in seed dispersal for plant demography, communities, evolution and global change
2019-03-20 Heloise Gibb Restoration potential of threatened ecosystem engineers increases with aridity: broad scale effects on soil nutrients and function
2019-03-20 Katelin D. Pearson Toward a large-scale and deep phenological stage annotation of herbarium specimens: Case studies from temperate, tropical, and equatorial floras
2019-03-19 Nuno Simões Checklist of ascidians (Chordata, Tunicata) from the southern Gulf of Mexico.
2019-03-19 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Evidence for a shift in defence driving the invasion success of Acacia longifolia in Australia
2019-03-18 Jens Kattge Biodiversity data integration–The significance of data resolution and domain
2019-03-18 Michael Ray Kearney The origin and maintenance of metabolic allometry in animals
2019-03-18 Ralf B. Schäfer Fungicides: An Overlooked Pesticide Class?
2019-03-18 Marko J. Spasojevic Landscape context mediates the relationship between plant functional traits and decomposition
2019-03-18 Kim S. Ely Terrestrial biosphere models may overestimate Arctic CO 2 assimilation if they do not account for decreased quantum yield and convexity at low temperature
2019-03-17 Sadie J. Ryan Modeling ₀ for Pathogens with Environmental Transmission: Animal Movements, Pathogen Populations, and Local Infectious Zones
2019-03-15 Steven L. Chown Vagrant birds as a dispersal vector in transoceanic range expansion of vascular plants
2019-03-14 Sadie J. Ryan Sexual risk factors and HIV testing intention among at-risk college students who have never been tested
2019-03-13 Katja Seltmann | Ramona L Walls Developing a vocabulary and ontology for modeling insect natural history data: example data, use cases, and competency questions
2019-03-13 Joseph A Tobias Land-sparing agriculture sustains higher levels of avian functional diversity than land sharing
2019-03-13 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Plant Dispersal in a Temperate Stream by Fish Species With Contrasting Feeding Habits: The Role of Plant Traits, Fish Diet, Season, and Propagule Availability
2019-03-12 Dalia A. Conde Performance of generation time approximations for extinction risk assessments
2019-03-08 Anton Potapov Trophic consistency of supraspecific taxa in below-ground invertebrate communities: Comparison across lineages and taxonomic ranks
2019-03-07 John Alroy The r package divDyn for quantifying diversity dynamics using fossil sampling data
2019-03-07 Ian J. Wright Multispectral, Aerial Disease Detection for Myrtle Rust (Austropuccinia psidii) on a Lemon Myrtle Plantation
2019-03-07 Katelin D. Pearson A new method and insights for estimating phenological events from herbarium specimens
2019-03-07 Ramona L Walls Integrating herbarium specimen observations into global phenology data systems
2019-03-07 Fatih Fazlioglu Competitiveness of generalist plant populations at a mine site
2019-03-06 Sandra M Durán Biodiversity recovery of Neotropical secondary forests
2019-03-01 Alexander Keller Venus flytrap microbiotas withstand harsh conditions during prey digestion
2019-03-01 Steven L. Chown Can a Terrestrial Ectoparasite Disperse with Its Marine Host?
2019-03-01 Brian J. Enquist | Jens Kattge | Ben Sparrow | Pete Manning | Franziska Schrodt | Cyrille Violle | Brad Boyle sPlot – A new tool for global vegetation analyses
2019-03-01 Jens Kattge Chronic fertilization and irrigation gradually and increasingly restructure grassland communities
2019-03-01 Michael Ray Kearney Climate is a strong predictor of near-infrared reflectance but a poor predictor of colour in butterflies
2019-03-01 Jens Kattge Publisher Correction: Stand age and species richness dampen interannual variation of ecosystem-level photosynthetic capacity
2019-03-01 Jens Kattge | Cyrille Violle Reply to ‘No evidence for different metabolism in domestic mammals’
2019-03-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Towards a general framework for the assessment of interactive effects of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems: Results from the Making Aquatic Ecosystems Great Again (MAEGA) workshop
2019-03-01 Cyrille Violle Functional traits modulate plant community responses to alien plant invasion
2019-03-01 Katelin D. Pearson Emerging frontiers in phenological research
2019-03-01 Kim S. Ely Spectroscopy can predict key leaf traits associated with source-sink balance and carbon-nitrogen status.
2019-03-01 William D. Pearse Author Correction: A statistical estimator for determining the limits of contemporary and historic phenology
2019-02-27 Brian J. Enquist | J. Aaron Hogan | Sean T. Michaletz Drought and the interannual variability of stem growth in an aseasonal, everwet forest
2019-02-27 Joseph A Tobias Dietary niche and the evolution of cranial morphology in birds
2019-02-26 Sadie J. Ryan Socio-Ecological Factors Associated with Dengue Risk and Presence in the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
2019-02-25 Joseph A Tobias | Luca Santini Applying habitat and population-density models to land-cover time series to inform IUCN Red List assessments
2019-02-22 Vigdis Vandvik Temperature and precipitation, but not geographic distance, explain genetic relatedness among populations in the perennial grass Festuca rubra
2019-02-22 Anton Potapov Protura are unique: first evidence of specialized feeding on ectomycorrhizal fungi in soil invertebrates
2019-02-21 Rachael V. Gallagher A global growth-form database for 143,616 vascular plant species
2019-02-20 Ignasi Bartomeus A global synthesis reveals biodiversity-mediated benefits for crop production
2019-02-20 William D. Pearse Reply to: “Global conservation of phylogenetic diversity captures more than just functional diversity”
2019-02-18 John Alroy Diversity dynamics of Phanerozoic terrestrial tetrapods at the local-community scale
2019-02-16 Brian J. Enquist Leaf age effects on the spectral predictability of leaf traits in Amazonian canopy trees
2019-02-15 John Alroy High diversity and rapid spatial turnover of integron gene cassettes in soil
2019-02-15 Ian J. Wright Developing a spectral disease index for myrtle rust ( Austropuccinia psidii )
2019-02-14 John Alroy Latitudinal gradients in the ecology of New World bats
2019-02-14 Colleen M. Iversen Decadal biomass increment in early secondary succession woody ecosystems is increased by CO enrichment
2019-02-13 Maurizio Rossetto | Ben Sparrow Consistent sorting but contrasting transition zones in plant communities along bioclimatic gradients
2019-02-12 Katja Seltmann Local grassland restoration affects insect communities
2019-02-11 Ian J. Wright Climate warming and plant biomechanical defences: Silicon addition contributes to herbivore suppression in a pasture grass
2019-02-08 Katelin D. Pearson Spring- and fall-flowering species show diverging phenological responses to climate in the Southeast USA
2019-02-07 Daniel S. Park Spatial overlaps between the global protected areas network and terrestrial hotspots of evolutionary diversity
2019-02-07 Ignasi Bartomeus Pollinator size and its consequences: Robust estimates of body size in pollinating insects
2019-02-06 Ignasi Bartomeus Bees use anthropogenic habitats despite strong natural habitat preferences
2019-02-06 Jacintha Ellers Genome expansion of an obligate parthenogenesis-associated Wolbachia poses an exception to the symbiont reduction model
2019-02-06 Michael Ray Kearney Hydroregulation
2019-02-06 Cyrille Violle Regional and global shifts in crop diversity through the Anthropocene
2019-02-06 Alana R O Chin Within-crown plasticity in leaf traits among the tallest conifers
2019-02-04 Cyrille Violle Distinguishing the signatures of local environmental filtering and regional trait range limits in the study of trait–environment relationships
2019-02-04 William D. Pearse Author Correction: Prioritizing phylogenetic diversity captures functional diversity unreliably
2019-02-01 Brian J. Enquist The plant diversity sampling design for The National Ecological Observatory Network
2019-02-01 Brian J. Enquist | Sean T. Michaletz Thermal disruption of soil bacterial assemblages decreases diversity and assemblage similarity
2019-01-30 Mark Westoby Plant performance response to eight different types of symbiosis
2019-01-30 William Farfan-Rios Bryophyte stable isotope composition, diversity and biomass define tropical montane cloud forest extent
2019-01-30 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Combined effects of climate change and sea-level rise project dramatic habitat loss of the globally endangered Bengal tiger in the Bangladesh Sundarbans
2019-01-30 Ignasi Bartomeus Species–habitat networks: A tool to improve landscape management for conservation
2019-01-29 Stefano Mammola Systematics, ecology and distribution of the mygalomorph spider genus Cteniza Latreille, 1829 (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Ctenizidae)
2019-01-25 Hervé Sauquet Unraveling the Developmental and Genetic Mechanisms Underpinning Floral Architecture in Proteaceae
2019-01-24 Brian S. Maitner Metabolic asymmetry and the global diversity of marine predators
2019-01-24 Loïc Chalmandrier Diversity indices for ecological networks: a unifying framework using Hill numbers
2019-01-24 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Microbial Genomes as Extension Packs for Macroorganismal Diversity: A Reply to Morimoto and Baltrus
2019-01-22 Dylan J. Craven Soil nutrients and dispersal limitation shape compositional variation in secondary tropical forests across multiple scales
2019-01-18 William D. Pearse Risks to pollinators from different land-use transitions: bee species’ responses to agricultural expansion show strong phylogenetic signal: Appendix
2019-01-18 Anton Potapov Combining bulk and amino acid stable isotope analyses to quantify trophic level and basal resources of detritivores: a case study on earthworms
2019-01-13 Melissa Haendel Semantic Integration of Clinical Laboratory Tests from Electronic Health Records for Deep Phenotyping and Biomarker Discovery: Supplementary materials
2019-01-11 Cyrille Violle What makes a weed a weed? A large-scale evaluation of arable weeds through a functional lens
2019-01-11 Loïc Chalmandrier Role of Fresh Dead Wood in the Epidemiology and the Biological Control of the Chestnut Blight Fungus
2019-01-10 Jennifer C. Girón A new species and immature stages of the skiff beetle genus Yara Reichardt and Hinton (Coleoptera: Myxophaga: Hydroscaphidae) from Nicaragua
2019-01-08 Melissa Haendel Expansion of the Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) knowledge base and resources
2019-01-07 Kim S. Ely | Sean T. Michaletz Homeostatic maintenance of non‐structural carbohydrates during the 2015‐2016 El Niño drought across a tropical forest precipitation gradient
2019-01-06 Ralf B. Schäfer Assessment of organochlorine pesticides in the Himalayan riverine ecosystems from Pakistan using passive sampling techniques
2019-01-06 Ralf B. Schäfer Do agricultural pesticides in streams influence riparian spiders?
2019-01-04 Ian J. Wright | Jens Kattge Global photosynthetic capacity is optimized to the environment
2019-01-02 Michael Ray Kearney Reproductive Hyperallometry Does Not Challenge Mechanistic Growth Models
2019-01-02 Colleen M. Iversen Arctic Vegetation Mapping Using Unsupervised Training Datasets and Convolutional Neural Networks
2019-01-01 Hervé Sauquet Estimating divergence times and ancestral breeding systems in Ficus and Moraceae
2019-01-01 Daniel Mietchen Referee report. For: Diffusion of ethical governance policy on sharing of biological materials and related data for biomedical research [version 1; peer review: 1 approved with reservations]
2019-01-01 Daniel Mietchen WikiCite 2018-2019: Citations for the sum of all human knowledge
2019-01-01 Melissa Haendel An analysis and metric of reusable data licensing practices for biomedical resources
2019-01-01 Melissa Haendel Representing glycophenotypes: semantic unification of glycobiology resources for disease discovery
2019-01-01 Melissa Haendel The Hearing Impairment Ontology: A Tool for Unifying Hearing Impairment Knowledge to Enhance Collaborative Research
2019-01-01 Ian J. Wright Intraspecific variation in soy across the leaf economics spectrum
2019-01-01 Brian J. Enquist Drier tropical forests are susceptible to functional changes in response to a long‐term drought
2019-01-01 Brian J. Enquist Drivers of C cycling in three arctic-alpine plant communities
2019-01-01 Brian J. Enquist Covariance of Sun and Shade Leaf Traits Along a Tropical Forest Elevation Gradient
2019-01-01 Brian J. Enquist Challenges in Building an End-to-End System for Acquisition, Management, and Integration of Diverse Data From Sensor Networks in Watersheds: Lessons From a Mountainous Community Observatory in East River, Colorado
2019-01-01 Pete Manning Lost in trait space: species-poor communities are inflexible in properties that drive ecosystem functioning
2019-01-01 Pete Manning | Malte Jochum Transferring biodiversity-ecosystem function research to the management of ‘real-world’ ecosystems
2019-01-01 Michael Ray Kearney Life in the slow lane? A dynamic energy budget model for the western swamp turtle, Pseudemydura umbrina
2019-01-01 Luca Santini Open access solutions for biodiversity journals: Do not replace one problem with another
2019-01-01 Sadie J. Ryan A saliva-based rapid test to quantify the infectious subclinical malaria parasite reservoir
2019-01-01 Vigdis Vandvik Editorial: Responses to Climate Change in the Cold Biomes
2019-01-01 Nicolas Fanin The ratio of Gram-positive to Gram-negative bacterial PLFA markers as an indicator of carbon availability in organic soils
2019-01-01 Diogo Borges Provete Sustainability Agenda for the Pantanal Wetland: Perspectives on a Collaborative Interface for Science, Policy, and Decision-Making
2019-01-01 David B. Roy The design, launch and assessment of a new volunteer-based plant monitoring scheme for the United Kingdom
2019-01-01 Diogo Borges Provete An Introduction to the Biogeography of South American Anurans
2019-01-01 Diogo Borges Provete Biogeographic Patterns of South American Anurans
2019-01-01 Diogo Borges Provete Biogeographic Regionalization of South American Anurans
2019-01-01 Diogo Borges Provete Geographical Patterns of Functional Diversity of South American Anurans
2019-01-01 Diogo Borges Provete Patterns of Species Richness, Range Size, and Their Environmental Correlates for South American Anurans
2019-01-01 Diogo Borges Provete South American Anurans: Species Diversity and Description Trends Through Time and Space
2019-01-01 Diogo Borges Provete Spatial Conservation Prioritization for the Anuran Fauna of South America
2019-01-01 Diogo Borges Provete Spatial Distribution of Phylogenetic Diversity of South American Anurans
2019-01-01 Belén Fadrique Author Correction: Widespread but heterogeneous responses of Andean forests to climate change
2019-01-01 Jorrit Poelen The Bari Manifesto: An interoperability framework for essential biodiversity variables
2019-01-01 Anton Potapov Description of four new species of armoured spiders (Araneae, Tetrablemmidae) from Sumatra, Indonesia
2018-12-29 Dalia A. Conde Data on the conservation potential of fish and coral populations in aquariums
2018-12-29 Dalia A. Conde A global database of intentionally deployed wrecks to serve as artificial reefs
2018-12-27 Daniel Mietchen A Landscape Survey of ActiveDMPs
2018-12-24 Brian J. Enquist | Brad Boyle | Sandra M Durán | Sean T. Michaletz Climate shapes and shifts functional biodiversity in forests worldwide
2018-12-22 Alexander Keller | Markus Ankenbrand Wild bees and their nests host Paenibacillus bacteria with functional potential of avail
2018-12-20 Luca Santini One strategy does not fit all: determinants of urban adaptation in mammals
2018-12-20 Heloise Gibb Effects of fire severity on the composition and functional traits of litter-dwelling macroinvertebrates in a temperate forest
2018-12-19 Ian G. Brennan | Renee A. Catullo How mountains shape biodiversity: The role of the Andes in biogeography, diversification, and reproductive biology in South America’s most species-rich lizard radiation (Squamata: Liolaemidae)
2018-12-18 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle | Brian S. Maitner | Brad Boyle Plant Functional Diversity and the Biogeography of Biomes in North and South America
2018-12-17 Katja Seltmann | Daniel S. Park Georeferencing for Research Use (GRU): An integrated geospatial training paradigm for biocollections researchers and data providers
2018-12-14 Sadie J. Ryan Using a coupled dynamic factor – random forest analysis (DFRFA) to reveal drivers of spatiotemporal heterogeneity in the semi-arid regions of southern Africa
2018-12-14 Fatih Fazlioglu Shifts in the timing of the early flowering in plants from a semi-arid ecoregion under climate change
2018-12-12 Sadie J. Ryan Decoupling environmental effects and host population dynamics for anthrax, a classic reservoir-driven disease
2018-12-12 Rachael V. Gallagher Variation in the timing of avian egg‐laying in relation to climate
2018-12-10 Jacintha Ellers Regulatory and sequence evolution in response to selection for improved associative learning ability in Nasonia vitripennis
2018-12-10 Jacintha Ellers Adaptive changes in sexual signalling in response to urbanization
2018-12-09 Ian J. Wright | Rachael V. Gallagher Evidence for local adaptation to extreme heat across populations of a widespread tree from quantitative proteomics
2018-12-09 Dalia A. Conde The diversity of population responses to environmental change.
2018-12-07 Lucie M Bland Impacts of the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems on Conservation Policy and Practice
2018-12-06 Malte Jochum Applying generalized allometric regressions to predict live body mass of tropical and temperate arthropods
2018-12-05 Caterina Penone The International Tree-Ring Data Bank (ITRDB) revisited: Data availability and global ecological representativity
2018-12-05 Dalia A. Conde Assessing the conservation potential of fish and corals in aquariums globally
2018-12-04 Alexander Keller Microbial Community Structure in a Malaysian Tropical Peat Swamp Forest: The Influence of Tree Species and Depth
2018-12-04 Richard J Telford Reproducibility of species recognition in modern planktonic foraminifera and its implications for analyses of community structure
2018-12-03 Melissa Haendel The Global academic research organization network: Data sharing to cure diseases and enable learning health systems
2018-12-03 Michael Ray Kearney MicroclimOz - A microclimate data set for Australia, with example applications
2018-12-03 Ralf B. Schäfer Predicting current and future background ion concentrations in German surface water under climate change
2018-12-03 Ralf B. Schäfer Salinity impacts on river ecosystem processes: a critical mini-review
2018-12-03 Ralf B. Schäfer Salt in freshwaters: causes, effects and prospects - introduction to the theme issue
2018-12-01 William Farfan-Rios | Jens Kattge | Franziska Schrodt | Cyrille Violle | Dylan J. Craven Global trait-environment relationships of plant communities
2018-12-01 Jens Kattge A methodology to derive global maps of leaf traits using remote sensing and climate data
2018-12-01 Heloise Gibb Over what timeframes do desert ants respond to variation in climate and resources?
2018-12-01 J. Aaron Hogan Canopy openness and topographic habitat drive tree seedling recruitment after snow damage in an old-growth subtropical forest
2018-12-01 Anton Potapov Collapse of trophic‐niche structure in belowground communities under anthropogenic disturbance
2018-11-30 Jacintha Ellers Impact of Multiple Ecological Stressors on a Sub-Arctic Ecosystem: No Interaction Between Extreme Winter Warming Events, Nitrogen Addition and Grazing
2018-11-29 Sadie J. Ryan Assessing the impacts of oil exploration and restoration on mammals in Murchison Falls Conservation Area, Uganda
2018-11-28 Anne Thessen | Ramona L Walls Modifier Ontologies for frequency, certainty, degree, and coverage phenotype modifier
2018-11-23 Jacintha Ellers A Common Yardstick to Measure the Effects of Different Extreme Climatic Events on Soil Arthropod Community Composition Using Time-Series Data
2018-11-21 Caterina Penone | Pete Manning Specialisation and diversity of multiple trophic groups are promoted by different forest features
2018-11-20 Ian J. Wright Stem diameter growth rates in a fire-prone savanna correlate with photosynthetic rate and branch-scale biomass allocation, but not specific leaf area
2018-11-20 Ignasi Bartomeus rcites: An R package to access the CITES Speciesplus database
2018-11-20 Ben Sparrow Impacts of recent climate change on terrestrial flora and fauna: Some emerging Australian examples
2018-11-19 Daniel S. Park Herbarium specimens reveal substantial and unexpected variation in phenological sensitivity across the eastern United States
2018-11-19 William Farfan-Rios | Jens Kattge | Franziska Schrodt | Cyrille Violle | Dylan J. Craven Global trait–environment relationships of plant communities
2018-11-19 Brian J. Enquist Tropical forest leaves may darken in response to climate change
2018-11-19 Ignasi Bartomeus Historical collections as a tool for assessing the global pollination crisis
2018-11-19 Ralf B. Schäfer Similar recovery time of microbial functions from fungicide stress across biogeographical regions
2018-11-19 Malte Jochum fluxweb : An R package to easily estimate energy fluxes in food webs
2018-11-19 J. Aaron Hogan | Timothy M. Perez | Belén Fadrique Botanic gardens are an untapped resource for studying the functional ecology of tropical plants
2018-11-16 Mark Westoby | Daniel Falster Partitioning mortality into growth-dependent and growth-independent hazards across 203 tropical tree species
2018-11-16 Caterina Penone | Pete Manning Multiple forest attributes underpin the supply of multiple ecosystem services
2018-11-16 Jens Kattge | Pete Manning Traditional plant functional groups explain variation in economic but not size‐related traits across the tundra biome
2018-11-14 William Farfan-Rios | Belén Fadrique Widespread but heterogeneous responses of Andean forests to climate change
2018-11-05 Nicolas Fanin Fungi participate in driving home-field advantage of litter decomposition in a subtropical forest
2018-11-04 Jérôme Mathieu High-resolution quantification of earthworm calcite granules from western European loess sequences reveals stadial-interstadial climatic variability during the Last Glacial
2018-11-02 Steven L. Chown Intraspecific variation in lizard heat tolerance alters estimates of climate impact
2018-11-02 Richard J Telford | Vigdis Vandvik | Aud H. Halbritter Transplants, Open Top Chambers (OTCs) and Gradient Studies Ask Different Questions in Climate Change Effects Studies
2018-11-01 Daniel Mietchen WikiCite and Scholia - a Linked Open Data approach to exploring the scholarly literature and related resources
2018-11-01 Melissa Haendel ClinGen advancing genomic data-sharing standards as a GA4GH driver project
2018-11-01 Jonas J. Lembrechts Incorporating microclimate into species distribution models
2018-11-01 Michael J. McWilliam Neighbor Diversity Regulates the Productivity of Coral Assemblages
2018-11-01 Roberto Salguero-Gómez What Is the Minimal Optimal Sample Size for Plant Ecophysiological Studies?
2018-11-01 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Warming impacts on early life stages increase the vulnerability and delay the population recovery of a long‐lived habitat‐forming macroalga
2018-11-01 Cyrille Violle Climate as a driver of adaptive variations in ecological strategies in Arabidopsis thaliana
2018-11-01 Lucie M Bland Assessing risks to marine ecosystems with indicators, ecosystem models and experts
2018-11-01 Lucie M Bland Expanding the Role of Targets in Conservation Policy
2018-10-31 Steven L. Chown A widespread thermodynamic effect, but maintenance of biological rates through space across life’s major domains
2018-10-30 Cyrille Violle What makes trait-abundance relationships when both environmental filtering and stochastic neutral dynamics are at play?
2018-10-30 Rachael V. Gallagher Orchid diversity: Spatial and climatic patterns from herbarium records
2018-10-29 Daniel Mietchen An Open Toolkit for Tracking Open Science Partnership Implementation and Impact
2018-10-29 Ian J. Wright The validity of optimal leaf traits modelled on environmental conditions
2018-10-29 Michael J. McWilliam Neighbor Diversity Regulates the Productivity of Coral Assemblages
2018-10-29 Anton Potapov Trophic consistency of supraspecific taxa in belowground invertebrate communities
2018-10-29 William D. Pearse Complexity is complicated and so too is comparing complexity metrics-a response to Mikula et al. (2018)
2018-10-28 Samuel C. Andrew Signatures of genetic adaptation to extremely varied Australian environments in introduced European house sparrows
2018-10-27 Alexander Keller Bacterial community structure and succession in nests of two megachilid bee genera
2018-10-27 Cyrille Violle Coping with drought: root trait variability within the perennial grass Dactylis glomerata captures a trade-off between dehydration avoidance and dehydration tolerance
2018-10-25 Sadie J. Ryan Competition alters seasonal resource selection and promotes use of invasive shrubs by an imperiled native cottontail
2018-10-25 Samraat S. Pawar Phytoplankton thermal responses adapt in the absence of hard thermodynamic constraints
2018-10-25 Michael Hope A research agenda for seed‐trait functional ecology
2018-10-23 David B. Roy Spread of a model invasive alien species, the harlequin ladybird Harmonia axyridis in Britain and Ireland
2018-10-22 Jonas J. Lembrechts | Colleen M. Iversen | Marko J. Spasojevic Tundra Trait Team: A database of plant traits spanning the tundra biome
2018-10-22 Jens Kattge | Cyrille Violle Phylogenetic patterns and phenotypic profiles of the species of plants and mammals farmed for food
2018-10-19 Katherine C B Weiss Endangered species recovery: A resource allocation problem
2018-10-18 Katherine C B Weiss Endangered species recovery: A resource allocation problem
2018-10-17 Joseph A Tobias Multi-modal signal evolution in birds: re-examining a standard proxy for sexual selection
2018-10-17 Stefano Mammola Finding answers in the dark: caves as models in ecology fifty years after Poulson and White
2018-10-12 Vigdis Vandvik Testing the novelty effect of an m-learning tool on internalization and achievement: A Self-Determination Theory approach
2018-10-12 Daniel Mietchen A hands-on introduction to Wikidata and WikiCite
2018-10-11 Hervé Sauquet Phylogenomics of the major tropical plant family Annonaceae using targeted enrichment of nuclear genes
2018-10-11 Melissa Haendel Classification, Ontology, and Precision Medicine
2018-10-11 Sadie J. Ryan Phenotypic and genotypic resistance to commonly used insecticides in Aedes aegypti among four cities in southern Ecuador
2018-10-10 Maurizio Rossetto Restore and Renew: a genomics‐era framework for species provenance delimitation
2018-10-10 Steven L. Chown Intraspecific variation in lizard heat tolerance alters estimates of climate impact
2018-10-06 Steven L. Chown The effect of network size and sampling completeness in depauperate networks
2018-10-03 Melissa Haendel matchbox: An open-source tool for patient matching via the Matchmaker Exchange
2018-10-01 John Alroy Limits to species richness in terrestrial communities
2018-10-01 Brian J. Enquist When tree rings go global: Challenges and opportunities for retro- and prospective insight
2018-10-01 Jens Kattge | Pete Manning | Colleen M. Iversen | Brian J. Enquist | Marko J. Spasojevic Plant functional trait change across a warming tundra biome
2018-10-01 Luca Santini Addressing common pitfalls does not provide more support to geographical and ecological abundant-centre hypotheses
2018-10-01 J. Aaron Hogan Understanding the recruitment response of juvenile Neotropical trees to logging intensity using functional traits
2018-10-01 Xiao Feng An evaluation of transferability of ecological niche models
2018-10-01 Jorrit Poelen Nanopublications: A Growing Resource of Provenance-Centric Scientific Linked Data
2018-09-29 Sadie J. Ryan | Samraat S. Pawar Minimum Information for Reusable Arthropod Abundance Data (MIReAAD)
2018-09-27 Alexander Keller Draft Genome Sequence of Dyella sp. Strain C9, Isolated from a Malaysian Tropical Peat Swamp Forest
2018-09-27 Vanessa M. Adams Implementation strategies for systematic conservation planning
2018-09-27 Dylan J. Craven OpenNahele: the open Hawaiian forest plot database
2018-09-26 Brian J. Enquist | Jens Kattge | Pete Manning | Colleen M. Iversen | Marko J. Spasojevic Plant functional trait change across a warming tundra biome
2018-09-24 Rachael V. Gallagher Using species traits to guide conservation actions under climate change
2018-09-23 John Alroy The R package divDyn for quantifying diversity dynamics using fossil sampling data
2018-09-20 Vanessa M. Adams Standardized reporting of the costs of management interventions for biodiversity conservation
2018-09-19 Stefano Mammola Day–night and seasonal variations of a subterranean invertebrate community in the twilight zone
2018-09-19 Lucie M Bland Expanding the Role of Targets in Conservation Policy
2018-09-18 Michael Ray Kearney The matchstick grasshopper genus Warramaba (Morabidae: Morabinae): a description of four new species and a photographic guide to the group
2018-09-18 Jorrit Poelen Nanopublications: A Growing Resource of Provenance-Centric Scientific Linked Data
2018-09-17 Jens Kattge | Roberto Salguero-Gómez | Samraat S. Pawar | Ramona L Walls Towards global data products of Essential Biodiversity Variables on species traits
2018-09-17 Anne Thessen | Jennifer A Hammock | Jorrit Poelen 20 GB in 10 minutes: a case for linking major biodiversity databases using an open socio-technical infrastructure and a pragmatic, cross-institutional collaboration
2018-09-17 Luca Santini Co-occurrence and character convergence in two Neotropical bats
2018-09-15 Vanessa M. Adams Research advances and gaps in marine planning: towards a global database in systematic conservation planning
2018-09-14 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Similarities and differences in intrapopulation trait correlations of co-occurring tree species: consistent water-use relationships amid widely different correlation patterns
2018-09-14 Alexandra J. R. Carthey The Extended Genotype: Microbially Mediated Olfactory Communication
2018-09-13 Stefano Mammola Artificial lighting triggers the presence of urban spiders and their webs on historical buildings
2018-09-11 Ian J. Wright Quantifying leaf-trait covariation and its controls across climates and biomes
2018-09-11 Stefano Mammola Exploring the morphospace in subterranean spiders
2018-09-07 Ben Sparrow Floristic and structural assessment of Australian rangeland vegetation with standardized plot-based surveys
2018-09-06 Michael Ray Kearney Reflection of near-infrared light confers thermal protection in birds
2018-09-06 Dylan J. Craven A framework for disentangling ecological mechanisms underlying the island species-area relationship
2018-09-06 Jérôme Mathieu Biodiversity loss along a gradient of deforestation in Amazonian agricultural landscapes.
2018-09-05 Samuel C. Andrew Signs of adaptation to trace metal contamination in a common urban bird
2018-09-04 Steven L. Chown High resolution temperature data for ecological research and management on the Southern Ocean Islands
2018-09-04 Diogo Borges Provete Phylogenetic and adaptive components of the anuran advertisement call correlate with temporal species co-occurrence
2018-09-02 Sean T. Michaletz Spatial scaling of forest soil microbial communities across a temperature gradient
2018-09-01 Mark Westoby How Species Boundaries Are Determined: A Response to Alexander et al.: (Trends in Ecology & Evolution 32, 7-8, 2017)
2018-09-01 Ian J. Wright Climate and soils together regulate photosynthetic carbon isotope discrimination within C3 plants worldwide
2018-09-01 Pete Manning Publisher Correction: Redefining ecosystem multifunctionality
2018-09-01 Daniel Falster Effects of bud-flushing strategies on tree growth.
2018-09-01 Daniel Falster Effects of bud-flushing strategies on tree growth
2018-09-01 Silvia Pineda-Munoz A new partial cranium of Metridiochoerus (Suidae, Mammalia) from Malapa, South Africa
2018-09-01 Vanessa M. Adams Research advances and gaps in marine planning: towards a global database in systematic conservation planning
2018-08-31 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Foundation species enhance food web complexity through non-trophic facilitation
2018-08-31 William D. Pearse What we (don’t) know about global plant diversity
2018-08-30 Sadie J. Ryan Geographic shifts inAedes aegyptihabitat suitability in Ecuador using larval surveillance data and ecological niche modeling: implications of climate change for public health vector control
2018-08-30 Brian J. Enquist Experimental herbivore exclusion, shrub introduction, and carbon sequestration in alpine plant communities
2018-08-30 William D. Pearse The interaction of phylogeny and community structure: linking clades’ ecological structures and trait evolution
2018-08-30 Cyrille Violle Climate as a driver of adaptive variations in ecological strategies in Arabidopsis thaliana
2018-08-29 Cyrille Violle Functional rarity of coral reef fishes at the global scale: Hotspots and challenges for conservation
2018-08-28 Mark Westoby Pollutants That Replicate: Xenogenetic DNAs
2018-08-28 Sadie J. Ryan Temperature explains broad patterns of Ross River virus transmission
2018-08-28 Loïc Chalmandrier Mapping the imprint of biotic interactions on β-diversity
2018-08-27 Renee A. Catullo A new phylogenetic protocol: Dealing with model misspecification and confirmation bias in molecular phylogenetics
2018-08-27 Daniel Mietchen Wikidata as semantic representation platform of the scientific achievements of the biomedical Collaborative Research Centre 1002
2018-08-27 Jens Kattge | Pete Manning | William D. Pearse | Dylan J. Craven Multiple facets of biodiversity drive the diversity–stability relationship
2018-08-27 Pete Manning Towards the development of general rules describing landscape heterogeneity-multifunctionality relationships
2018-08-24 Caterina Penone Body size information in large-scale acoustic bat databases
2018-08-23 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Differences in the respiratory response to temperature and hypoxia across four life-stages of the intertidal porcelain crab
2018-08-22 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Australian native mammals recognize and respond to alien predators: a meta-analysis
2018-08-15 Sadie J. Ryan Temperature drives Zika virus transmission: evidence from empirical and mathematical models
2018-08-14 Steven L. Chown Plant diversity drives global patterns of insect invasions
2018-08-13 Alexander Keller Physical contact between mesenchymal stem cells and endothelial precursors induces distinct signatures with relevance to the very early phase of regeneration
2018-08-13 Ignasi Bartomeus Biotic controls of plant coexistence
2018-08-09 Sadie J. Ryan Environmental Drivers of Ranavirus in Free-Living Amphibians in Constructed Ponds
2018-08-09 Cyrille Violle Early dynamics in plant community trait responses to a novel, more extreme hydrological gradient
2018-08-07 Vigdis Vandvik The effects of m-learning on motivation, achievement and well-being: A Self-Determination Theory approach
2018-08-07 Cyrille Violle Intraspecific body size variability in soil organisms at a European scale: Implications for functional biogeography
2018-08-03 Nuno Simões First record of Calliactis tricolor (Le Sueur, 1817) (Cnidaria, Actiniaria, Hormathiidae) in the Veracruz reef system, southwestern Gulf of Mexico
2018-08-03 Nuno Simões First record of Calliactis tricolor (Le Sueur, 1817) (Cnidaria, Actiniaria, Hormathiidae) in the Veracruz reef system, southwestern Gulf of Mexico
2018-08-03 Michael Ray Kearney Field tests of a general ectotherm niche model show how water can limit lizard activity and distribution
2018-08-02 Nuno Simões First survey of Interstitial molluscs from Cayo Nuevo, Campeche Bank, Gulf of Mexico
2018-08-02 Nuno Simões First survey of Interstitial molluscs from Cayo Nuevo, Campeche Bank, Gulf of Mexico
2018-08-01 Melissa Haendel IRF2BPL Is Associated with Neurological Phenotypes
2018-08-01 Luca Santini Global drivers of population density in terrestrial vertebrates
2018-08-01 Cyrille Violle A combinatorial analysis using observational data identifies species that govern ecosystem functioning.
2018-08-01 Cyrille Violle Embolism and mechanical resistances play a key role in dehydration tolerance of a perennial grass Dactylis glomerata L
2018-08-01 Sean T. Michaletz A model for leaf temperature decoupling from air temperature
2018-07-31 Jacintha Ellers Ant-like Traits in Wingless Parasitoids Repel Attack from Wolf Spiders
2018-07-30 Alexander Keller | Markus Ankenbrand Functional exploration of natural networks and ecological communities
2018-07-29 Brian J. Enquist | Jens Kattge | Cyrille Violle | Brian S. Maitner Late Quaternary climate legacies in contemporary plant functional composition
2018-07-29 Ignasi Bartomeus Pérdida de polinizadores: evidencias, causas y consecuencias
2018-07-27 Carlos Alberto Martínez-Muñoz Checklist of the centipedes (Chilopoda) of Hispaniola
2018-07-25 Samraat S. Pawar Graph Drawing by Stochastic Gradient Descent
2018-07-24 Jens Kattge Global Estimation of Biophysical Variables from Google Earth Engine Platform
2018-07-23 Steven L. Chown Species richness and turnover among indigenous and introduced plants and insects of the Southern Ocean Islands
2018-07-23 Pete Manning Understanding context dependency in the response of forest understorey plant communities to nitrogen deposition
2018-07-23 William D. Pearse Prioritizing phylogenetic diversity captures functional diversity unreliably
2018-07-22 Daniel Falster Latitudinal effects on crown shape evolution
2018-07-19 Marko J. Spasojevic Plant diversity and density predict belowground diversity and function in an early successional alpine ecosystem
2018-07-18 Samraat S. Pawar Role of carbon allocation efficiency in the temperature dependence of autotroph growth rates
2018-07-17 Sadie J. Ryan Potential Bacillus anthracis Risk Zones for Male Plains Bison ( Bison bison bison) in Southwestern Montana
2018-07-09 Ramona L Walls Maize Genomes to Fields: 2014 and 2015 field season genotype, phenotype, environment, and inbred ear image datasets
2018-07-05 J. Aaron Hogan The Frequency of Cyclonic Wind Storms Shapes Tropical Forest Dynamism and Functional Trait Dispersion
2018-07-05 Hamish Holewa The Change Imperative: Accelerating the pace of biodiversity discovery and documentation
2018-07-04 Nuno Simões Comparison of cnidae sizes between the two morphotypes of the giant Caribbean sea anemone Condylactis gigantea (Actiniaria: Actiniidae)
2018-07-04 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle | Brad Boyle Isoprene emission structures tropical tree biogeography and community assembly responses to climate
2018-07-04 Lucie M Bland Selecting and applying indicators of ecosystem collapse for risk assessments.
2018-07-03 Sean T. Michaletz Traits drive global wood decomposition rates more than climate
2018-07-02 Ian G. Brennan Speciation in the mountains and dispersal by rivers: Molecular phylogeny of Eulamprus water skinks and the biogeography of Eastern Australia
2018-07-01 Paula M. Mabee Automated Integration of Trees and Traits: A Case Study Using Paired Fin Loss Across Teleost Fishes.
2018-07-01 Jacintha Ellers Diversity in form and function: Vertical distribution of soil fauna mediates multidimensional trait variation
2018-07-01 Jacintha Ellers Growth benefits provided by different arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to Plantago lanceolata depend on the form of available phosphorus
2018-07-01 Sadie J. Ryan Nonlinear and delayed impacts of climate on dengue risk in Barbados: A modelling study
2018-07-01 Joshua S Madin BioTIME: A database of biodiversity time series for the Anthropocene
2018-07-01 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Broad-scale patterns in smoke-responsive germination from the south-eastern Australian flora
2018-07-01 Jérôme Mathieu Global gaps in soil biodiversity data.
2018-06-30 Vanessa M. Adams A novel habitat-based approach to predict impacts of marine protected areas on fishers.
2018-06-29 Steven L. Chown Geographic variation and plasticity in climate stress resistance among southern African populations of Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Tephritidae).
2018-06-29 Daniel Falster How functional traits influence plant growth and shade tolerance across the life cycle.
2018-06-28 Mark Westoby The links between leaf hydraulic vulnerability to drought and key aspects of leaf venation and xylem anatomy among 26 Australian woody angiosperms from contrasting climates
2018-06-28 Maribeth Latvis Fluidigm2PURC: Automated processing and haplotype inference for double-barcoded PCR amplicons
2018-06-27 Jonas J. Lembrechts Running off the road: roadside non-native plants invading mountain vegetation
2018-06-27 Jacintha Ellers Human land use promotes the abundance and diversity of exotic species on Caribbean islands
2018-06-26 Maurizio Rossetto Development of 15 nuclear EST microsatellite markers for the paleoendemic conifer (Podocarpaceae)
2018-06-25 Sadie J. Ryan Understanding Long-Term Savanna Vegetation Persistence across Three Drainage Basins in Southern Africa
2018-06-21 Hervé Sauquet Testing the impact of morphological rate heterogeneity on ancestral state reconstruction of five floral traits in angiosperms.
2018-06-21 Alexander Keller Draft Genome Sequence of Dyella sp. Strain C11, Isolated from a Malaysian Tropical Peat Swamp Forest.
2018-06-21 Alexander Keller | Markus Ankenbrand Draft Genome Sequence of Klebsiella sp. Strain C31 Isolated from a Malaysian Tropical Peat Swamp Forest.
2018-06-21 Alexander Keller | Markus Ankenbrand Draft Genome Sequence of Paraburkholderia sp. Strain C35, Isolated from a Malaysian Tropical Peat Swamp Forest.
2018-06-21 Vigdis Vandvik The devil is in the detail: Nonadditive and context-dependent plant population responses to increasing temperature and precipitation
2018-06-20 Anne Thessen A new paradigm for the scientific enterprise: nurturing the ecosystem
2018-06-19 Jennifer C. Girón Three new genera of acidocerine water scavenger beetles from tropical South America (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae, Acidocerinae).
2018-06-19 Anton Potapov Uncovering trophic positions and food resources of soil animals using bulk natural stable isotope composition
2018-06-18 Joseph A Tobias Tempo and timing of ecological trait divergence in bird speciation
2018-06-18 Joseph A Tobias The macroecological dynamics of species coexistence in birds
2018-06-18 Katelin D. Pearson Rapid enhancement of biodiversity occurrence records using unconventional specimen data
2018-06-17 Mark Westoby | Daniel Falster Investment in reproduction for 14 iteroparous perennials is large and associated with other life-history and functional traits
2018-06-17 Roberto Salguero-Gómez | Cyrille Violle Delivering the promises of trait‐based approaches to the needs of demographic approaches, and vice versa.
2018-06-17 Cyrille Violle Plant demographic and functional responses to management intensification: A long-term study in a Mediterranean rangeland
2018-06-13 Paula M. Mabee Phenoscape: Semantic analysis of organismal traits and genes yields insights in evolutionary biology
2018-06-13 Paula M. Mabee Phenoscape: Semantic analysis of organismal traits and genes yields insights in evolutionary biology
2018-06-13 Teresa Mayfield-Meyer Who Has Time for Biological Collections Data Quality Feedback? Maybe a Community Can Help
2018-06-09 Vanessa M. Adams Implementation strategies for systematic conservation planning
2018-06-08 David B. Roy Overcoming the challenges of public data archiving for citizen science biodiversity recording and monitoring schemes
2018-06-08 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Naïve, bold, or just hungry? An invasive exotic prey species recognises but does not respond to its predators
2018-06-07 Daniel Mietchen Turning FAIR data into reality: interim report from the European Commission Expert Group on FAIR data
2018-06-07 Daniel Mietchen FAIR Data Action Plan: Interim recommendations and actions from the European Commission Expert Group on FAIR data
2018-06-05 Timothy M. Perez Increasing Humidity Threatens Tropical Rainforests
2018-06-04 Joshua S Madin Species traits as indicators of coral bleaching
2018-06-01 Steven L. Chown Polar collaborations are key to successful policies
2018-06-01 Michael Ray Kearney Can next-generation soil data products improve soil moisture modelling at the continental scale? An assessment using a new microclimate package for the R programming environment
2018-06-01 Cyrille Violle Allocation, morphology, physiology, architecture: the multiple facets of plant above- and below-ground responses to resource stress
2018-06-01 Marko J. Spasojevic Integrating species traits into species pools.
2018-05-31 Daniel Mietchen Submit a Topic Page to PLOS Computational Biology and Wikipedia
2018-05-31 Caterina Penone | Florian Dirk Schneider | Pete Manning | Malte Jochum Towards an Ecological Trait-data Standard
2018-05-31 Vanessa M. Adams Estimating the benefit of well-managed protected areas for threatened species conservation
2018-05-30 Heloise Gibb Dominance-diversity relationships in ant communities differ with invasion
2018-05-30 Colleen M. Iversen Local Spatial Heterogeneity of Holocene Carbon Accumulation throughout the Peat Profile of an Ombrotrophic Northern Minnesota Bog
2018-05-28 Jennifer C. Girón On the West Indian weevil genus Lachnopus Schönherr, 1840 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae): descriptions of six new species, a proposal for species-groups, and an annotated checklist
2018-05-28 Sandra M Durán Legume abundance along successional and rainfall gradients in Neotropical forests
2018-05-22 Anne Thessen | Jennifer A Hammock | Jorrit Poelen 20 GB in 10 minutes: A case for linking major biodiversity databases using an open socio-technical infrastructure and a pragmatic, cross-institutional collaboration
2018-05-22 Anne Thessen Automated Trait Extraction using ClearEarth, a Natural Language Processing System for Text Mining in Natural Sciences
2018-05-22 Brittany R Cavazos Testing the roles of vertical transmission and drought stress in the prevalence of heritable fungal endophytes in annual grass populations
2018-05-21 Ignasi Bartomeus Species-habitat networks: Bridging applied ecology and network theory
2018-05-21 William D. Pearse On the relationship between phylogenetic diversity and trait diversity
2018-05-21 Ramona L Walls Specimen Identifiers in Related Disciplines: What can Biodiversity Learn from and Offer to Other Fields?
2018-05-16 Jacintha Ellers Selection for associative learning of color stimuli reveals correlated evolution of this learning ability across multiple stimuli and rewards
2018-05-16 Loïc Chalmandrier Generating species assemblages for restoration and experimentation: A new method that can simultaneously converge on average trait values and maximize functional diversity
2018-05-15 Paula M. Mabee Annotation of phenotypes using ontologies: a Gold Standard for the training and evaluation of natural language processing systems
2018-05-14 Sadie J. Ryan Environmental drivers of ranavirus in free living amphibians in constructed ponds
2018-05-09 Melissa Haendel A Census of Disease Ontologies
2018-05-08 Joshua S Madin Negligible effect of competition on coral colony growth.
2018-05-07 Maribeth Latvis Incongruence in molecular species delimitation schemes: What to do when adding more data is difficult
2018-05-06 Luca Santini TetraDENSITY: A database of population density estimates in terrestrial vertebrates
2018-05-03 William D. Pearse Suppdata: Downloading Supplementary Data from Published Manuscripts
2018-05-01 Daniel Mietchen Wikidata and Scholia as a hub linking chemical knowledge
2018-05-01 Nicolas Fanin Long-term effects of species loss on community properties across contrasting ecosystems
2018-05-01 Ramona L Walls The Plant Phenology Ontology: A New Informatics Resource for Large-Scale Integration of Plant Phenology Data.
2018-05-01 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk It’s about time: Linkages between heat tolerance, thermal acclimation and metabolic rate at different temporal scales in the freshwater amphipod Gammarus fossarum Koch, 1836
2018-05-01 Dylan J. Craven Mycorrhiza in tree diversity-ecosystem function relationships: conceptual framework and experimental implementation
2018-04-30 Alexander Keller Author Correction: The characterization of the circadian clock in the olive fly Bactrocera oleae (Diptera: Tephritidae) reveals a Drosophila-like organization.
2018-04-30 Daniel S. Park Mating system does not predict niche breath
2018-04-30 Jens Kattge Symbiont switching and alternative resource acquisition strategies drive mutualism breakdown
2018-04-30 William D. Pearse Building up biogeography: Pattern to process
2018-04-24 Anne Thessen A new paradigm for science: nurturing the ecosystem
2018-04-23 Sadie J. Ryan The Social and Spatial Ecology of Dengue Presence and Burden during an Outbreak in Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2012.
2018-04-19 Jens Kattge | Pete Manning Plant attributes explain the distribution of soil microbial communities in two contrasting regions of the globe.
2018-04-19 Vanessa M. Adams Response—Ivory crisis
2018-04-18 Michael J. McWilliam Global warming transforms coral reef assemblages.
2018-04-17 Dylan J. Craven Environmental filtering limits functional diversity during succession in a seasonally wet tropical secondary forest
2018-04-14 Rachael V. Gallagher Effects of El Niño Southern Oscillation on avian breeding phenology
2018-04-12 Jérôme Mathieu EGrowth: A global database on intraspecific body growth variability in earthworm
2018-04-11 Samuel C. Andrew Epigenetic and genetic variation among three separate introductions of the house sparrow (Passer domesticus) into Australia.
2018-04-10 Maurizio Rossetto Speciation in the presence of gene flow: population genomics of closely related and diverging Eucalyptus species.
2018-04-10 Mark Westoby | Daniel Falster Branch Thinning and the Large-Scale, Self-Similar Structure of Trees
2018-04-10 Jens Kattge Large sensitivity in land carbon storage due to geographical and temporal variation in the thermal response of photosynthetic capacity.
2018-04-10 Heloise Gibb Forest management strategy affects saproxylic beetle assemblages: A comparison of even and uneven-aged silviculture using direct and indirect sampling.
2018-04-09 Jennifer C. Girón Review of the Helochares (Hydrobaticus) MacLeay of the New World (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae: Acidocerinae)
2018-04-09 Sadie J. Ryan Zika Virus Outbreak, Barbados, 2015-2016.
2018-04-07 Daniel Mietchen Using Shape Expressions (ShEx) to Share RDF Data Models and to Guide Curation with Rigorous Validation
2018-04-06 Ian J. Wright A continental-scale assessment of variability in leaf traits: Within species, across sites and between seasons
2018-04-06 J. Aaron Hogan Effects of hurricanes and climate oscillations on annual variation in reproduction in wet forest, Puerto Rico.
2018-04-06 Cyrille Violle When is the best time to flower and disperse? A comparative analysis of plant reproductive phenology in the Mediterranean
2018-04-06 Lucie M Bland Assessing ecosystem collapse risk in ecosystems dominated by foundation species: The case of fringe mangroves
2018-04-06 Stefanie Dekeyzer A decade of the World Register of Marine Species - General insights and experiences from the Data Management Team: Where are we, what have we learned and how can we continue?
2018-04-05 Steven L. Chown A decade of invertebrate colonization pressure on Scott Base in the Ross Sea region
2018-04-03 Nuno Simões An alternative protocol to estimate sample size at different spatial scales in studies of ecological communitie
2018-04-03 Nuno Simões An alternative protocol to estimate sample size at different spatial scales in studies of ecological communitie
2018-04-02 Jonas J. Lembrechts Habitat properties and plant traits interact as drivers of non-native plant species’ seed production at the local scale.
2018-04-01 Nuno Simões Feeding the lined seahorse Hippocampus erectus with frozen amphipods
2018-04-01 Melissa Haendel Plain-language medical vocabulary for precision diagnosis.
2018-04-01 Daniel S. Park MADA: Malagasy Animal trait Data Archive.
2018-04-01 Ignasi Bartomeus Opposing effects of floral visitors and soil conditions on the determinants of competitive outcomes maintain species diversity in heterogeneous landscapes.
2018-04-01 Samuel C. Andrew Clinal variation in avian body size is better explained by summer maximum temperatures during development than by cold winter temperatures
2018-04-01 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk The limits of respiratory function: External and internal constraints on insect gas exchange
2018-03-31 Joseph A Tobias Habitat fragmentation narrows the distribution of avian functional traits associated with seed dispersal in tropical forest
2018-03-30 Mark Westoby Vessel scaling in evergreen angiosperm leaves conforms with Murray’s law and area-filling assumptions: implications for plant size, leaf size and cold tolerance.
2018-03-30 Ian J. Wright | William D. Pearse Functional biogeography of angiosperms: life at the extremes.
2018-03-30 Heloise Gibb A global database and “state of the field” review of research into ecosystem engineering by land animals.
2018-03-30 Brian S. Maitner | Brian J. Enquist A roadmap for global synthesis of the plant tree of life.
2018-03-30 Teresa Mayfield-Meyer Collaborative Posters Develop Students’ Ability to Communicate about Undervalued Scientific Resources to Nonscientists.
2018-03-29 Marko J. Spasojevic Landscape Physiognomy Influences Abundance of the Lone Star Tick, Amblyomma americanum (Ixodida: Ixodidae), in Ozark Forests
2018-03-28 Jacintha Ellers Corrigendum: Internet Blogs, Polar Bears, and Climate-Change Denial by Proxy.
2018-03-28 Jacintha Ellers Corrigendum: Internet Blogs, Polar Bears, and Climate-Change Denial by Proxy
2018-03-26 John Alroy How should we estimate diversity in the fossil record? Testing richness estimators using sampling-standardised discovery curves
2018-03-26 Caterina Penone sensiPhy : An r -package for sensitivity analysis in phylogenetic comparative methods
2018-03-26 Lucie M Bland A biodiversity-crisis hierarchy to evaluate and refine conservation indicators
2018-03-26 Vanessa M. Adams Information uncertainty influences conservation outcomes when prioritizing multi-action management efforts
2018-03-25 Hervé Sauquet Key questions and challenges in angiosperm macroevolution.
2018-03-25 Samraat S. Pawar Metabolic traits predict the effects of warming on phytoplankton competition.
2018-03-25 William D. Pearse Global macroevolution and macroecology of passerine song.
2018-03-24 Fatih Fazlioglu Loss of plasticity in life-history strategy associated with secondary invasion into stressful environments in invasive narrowleaf plantain (Plantago lanceolata L.)
2018-03-23 Joseph A Tobias Diversification by host switching and dispersal shaped the diversity and distribution of avian malaria parasites in Amazonia
2018-03-22 Sadie J. Ryan Temperature explains broad patterns of Ross River virus transmission
2018-03-21 Sadie J. Ryan Consensus and conflict among ecological forecasts of Zika virus outbreaks in the United States.
2018-03-20 Xiao Feng Canine and human infection with Borrelia burgdorferi in the New York City metropolitan area.
2018-03-19 Joshua S Madin Contrasting patterns of changes in abundance following a bleaching event between juvenile and adult scleractinian corals
2018-03-18 Daniel Mietchen Geospatial data and Scholia
2018-03-16 Melissa Haendel A Measure of Open Data: A Metric and Analysis of Reusable Data Practices in Biomedical Data Resources
2018-03-14 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Adaptive diversification of growth allometry in the plant Arabidopsis thaliana.
2018-03-13 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk The temperature-size rule in Daphnia magna across different genetic lines and ontogenetic stages: Multiple patterns and mechanisms.
2018-03-12 Vigdis Vandvik Long-Term Climate Regime Modulates the Impact of Short-Term Climate Variability on Decomposition in Alpine Grassland Soils
2018-03-12 Jacintha Ellers Symbiont interactions with non-native hosts limit the formation of new symbioses.
2018-03-12 Loïc Chalmandrier Growth-competition-herbivore resistance trade-offs and the responses of alpine plant communities to climate change
2018-03-10 Sadie J. Ryan Spatiotemporal Variation in Environmental Vibrio cholerae in an Estuary in Southern Coastal Ecuador.
2018-03-09 Sadie J. Ryan Zika Virus Outbreak, Barbados, 2015 - 2016
2018-03-08 Ignasi Bartomeus Bees use anthropogenic habitats despite strong natural habitat preferences
2018-03-08 Aud H. Halbritter Trait differentiation and adaptation of plants along elevation gradients.
2018-03-07 Michael Ray Kearney Under the weather? -The direct effects of climate warming on a threatened desert lizard are mediated by their activity phase and burrow system.
2018-03-07 Rachael V. Gallagher Variation in avian egg shape and nest structure is explained by climatic conditions.
2018-03-07 Loïc Chalmandrier Comparing spatial diversification and meta-population models in the Indo-Australian Archipelago.
2018-03-05 Brian J. Enquist Structural and defensive roles of angiosperm leaf venation network reticulation across an Andes-Amazon elevation gradient
2018-03-05 Michael J. McWilliam | Joshua S Madin Biogeographical disparity in the functional diversity and redundancy of corals
2018-03-01 Melissa Haendel OpenVIVO: Transparency in Scholarship
2018-03-01 Sadie J. Ryan The Burden of Dengue Fever and Chikungunya in Southern Coastal Ecuador: Epidemiology, Clinical Presentation, and Phylogenetics from the First Two Years of a Prospective Study.
2018-03-01 Sadie J. Ryan Phenomenological forecasting of disease incidence using heteroskedastic Gaussian processes: A dengue case study
2018-03-01 Marko J. Spasojevic Seed banks of native forbs, but not exotic grasses, increase during extreme drought.
2018-03-01 Rachael V. Gallagher A global comparison of the climatic niches of urban and native tree populations
2018-03-01 Sean T. Michaletz Xylem dysfunction in fires: towards a hydraulic theory of plant responses to multiple disturbance stressors.
2018-02-28 Hervé Sauquet Macroevolutionary Patterns of Flowering Plant Speciation and Extinction.
2018-02-28 Maurizio Rossetto | Ben Sparrow When macroecological transitions are a fiction of sampling: comparing herbarium records to plot-based species inventory data
2018-02-28 Jacintha Ellers Functional diversity of Collembola is reduced in soils subjected to short-term, but not long-term, geothermal warming
2018-02-28 Katelin D. Pearson | Ramona L Walls Digitization protocol for scoring reproductive phenology from herbarium specimens of seed plants.
2018-02-27 Daniel S. Park Taxon sampling effects on the quantification and comparison of community phylogenetic diversity.
2018-02-22 Richard J Telford Can benthic foraminifera serve as proxies for changes in benthic macrofaunal community structure? Implications for the definition of reference conditions.
2018-02-19 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk A widespread morphological antipredator mechanism reduces the sensitivity to pesticides and increases the susceptibility to warming
2018-02-17 Ignasi Bartomeus Exotic flies maintain pollination services as native pollinators decline with agricultural expansion
2018-02-16 Pete Manning Redefining ecosystem multifunctionality
2018-02-16 Sean T. Michaletz Evaluating the kinetic basis of plant growth from organs to ecosystems.
2018-02-16 Vanessa M. Adams Designing connected marine reserves in the face of global warming
2018-02-14 Brian J. Enquist Biodiversity and climate determine the functioning of Neotropical forests
2018-02-13 Ian J. Wright Detecting myrtle rust (Austropuccinia psidii ) on lemon myrtle trees using spectral signatures and machine learning
2018-02-13 Michael Ray Kearney Summer egg diapause in a matchstick grasshopper synchronises the life cycle and buffers thermal extremes.
2018-02-13 Vanessa M. Adams Conserving biodiversity and Indigenous bush tucker: Practical application of the strategic foresight framework to invasive alien species management planning
2018-02-12 Jens Kattge Future global productivity will be affected by plant trait response to climate.
2018-02-12 Marko J. Spasojevic Ecological drivers of spatial community dissimilarity, species replacement and species nestedness across temperate forests
2018-02-11 Heloise Gibb Soil surface complexity has a larger effect on food exploitation by ants than a change from grassland to shrubland
2018-02-10 Ignasi Bartomeus Towards the Integration of Niche and Network Theories.
2018-02-09 Samraat S. Pawar Use and misuse of temperature normalisation in meta-analyses of thermal responses of biological traits.
2018-02-07 Nuno Simões An Indo-Pacific damselfish (Neopomacentrus cyanomos) in the Gulf of Mexico: origin and mode of introduction.
2018-02-06 Nuno Simões Mayaweckelia troglomorpha, a new subterranean amphipod species from Yucatán state, México (Amphipoda, Hadziidae).
2018-02-06 Sadie J. Ryan HIV knowledge mediates the relationship between HIV testing history and stigma in college students.
2018-02-06 Joshua S Madin Moving to 3D: relationships between coral planar area, surface area and volume.
2018-02-06 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Thermal limits in native and alien freshwater peracarid Crustacea: The role of habitat use and oxygen limitation.
2018-02-05 Brad Boyle Phylogenetic classification of the world’s tropical forests.
2018-02-04 Sadie J. Ryan Temperature drives Zika virus transmission: evidence from empirical and mathematical models
2018-02-01 Nuno Simões Species richness and spatial distribution of benthic amphipods (Crustacea: Peracarida) in the Alacranes Reef National Park, Gulf of Mexico
2018-02-01 Hervé Sauquet Challenges and questions in reconstructing the ancestral flower of angiosperms: A reply to Sokoloff et al.
2018-02-01 Steven L. Chown Conservation implications of spatial genetic structure in two species of oribatid mites from the Antarctic Peninsula and the Scotia Arc
2018-02-01 Ignasi Bartomeus Species turnover promotes the importance of bee diversity for crop pollination at regional scales.
2018-02-01 Joseph A Tobias Flight range, fuel load and the impact of climate change on the journeys of migrant birds.
2018-02-01 Florian Dirk Schneider Spatially heterogeneous stressors can alter the performance of indicators of regime shifts
2018-02-01 Vigdis Vandvik Stay or go – how topographic complexity influences alpine plant population and community responses to climate change
2018-02-01 William D. Pearse Homogenization of plant diversity, composition, and structure in North American urban yards
2018-02-01 Vanessa M. Adams Using Multiple Methods to Understand the Nature of Relationships in Social Networks
2018-02-01 Jérôme Mathieu Methods for studying earthworm dispersal
2018-02-01 Jérôme Mathieu Study of soil–vegetation relationships on the Butte Montceau in Fontainebleau, France: Pedagogical exercise and training report
2018-01-31 Joseph A Tobias Contrasting impacts of competition on ecological and social trait evolution in songbirds.
2018-01-30 Sadie J. Ryan Correction to: Addressing vulnerability, building resilience: community-based adaptation to vector-borne diseases in the context of global change.
2018-01-25 Nuno Simões A dataset on the species composition of amphipods (Crustacea) in a Mexican marine national park: Alacranes Reef, Yucatan.
2018-01-25 Ralf B. Schäfer Advancing understanding and prediction in multiple stressor research through a mechanistic basis for null models.
2018-01-24 Jens Kattge Inter- and intraspecific variation in leaf economic traits in wheat and maize.
2018-01-24 Cyrille Violle Ecological and biogeographical drivers of freshwater green algae biodiversity: from local communities to large-scale species pools of desmids.
2018-01-24 Diogo Borges Provete Canopy cover and structural complexity affect the phylogenetic composition of a pond-dwelling Neotropical anuran metacommunity
2018-01-18 Steven L. Chown A global analysis of elevational distribution of non‐native versus native plants
2018-01-17 William Farfan-Rios Species Distribution Modelling: Contrasting presence-only models with plot abundance data.
2018-01-17 Katelin D. Pearson Worldwide Engagement for Digitizing Biocollections (WeDigBio): The Biocollections Community’s Citizen-Science Space on the Calendar
2018-01-16 Alexander Keller The characterization of the circadian clock in the olive fly Bactrocera oleae (Diptera: Tephritidae) reveals a Drosophila-like organization.
2018-01-16 Markus Ankenbrand chloroExtractor: extraction and assembly of the chloroplast genome from whole genome shotgun data
2018-01-14 Maurizio Rossetto Filters of floristic exchange: How traits and climate shape the rain forest invasion of Sahul from Sunda
2018-01-14 Jens Kattge | Brian J. Enquist | Brad Boyle | Cyrille Violle Spatial patterns and climate relationships of major plant traits in the New World differ between woody and herbaceous species
2018-01-13 Joseph A Tobias Ecological drivers of song evolution in birds: Disentangling the effects of habitat and morphology.
2018-01-12 Richard J Telford | Vigdis Vandvik Greening up the mountain.
2018-01-11 Michael Ray Kearney Microclimate Ecology
2018-01-10 Lucie M Bland Developing a standardized definition of ecosystem collapse for risk assessment
2018-01-10 Vanessa M. Adams Bigger or better: The relative benefits of protected area network expansion and enforcement for the conservation of an exploited species
2018-01-08 Malte Jochum Energy Flux: The Link between Multitrophic Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning.
2018-01-04 Jens Kattge Symbiont switching and alternative resource acquisition strategies drive mutualism breakdown
2018-01-02 Mark Westoby Costs of acquiring phosphorus by vascular land plants: patterns and implications for plant coexistence.
2018-01-02 Ben Sparrow An ecological climate change classification for South Australia
2018-01-01 Hervé Sauquet Phylogenomics of the Major Tropical Plant Family Annonaceae Using Targeted Enrichment of Nuclear Genes
2018-01-01 Ian J. Wright Summer solstice marks a seasonal shift in temperature sensitivity of stem growth and nitrogen-use efficiency in cold-limited forests
2018-01-01 Brian J. Enquist | Brian S. Maitner | Richard J Telford | Vigdis Vandvik | Aud H. Halbritter | Sean T. Michaletz Intraspecific Trait Variation and Phenotypic Plasticity Mediate Alpine Plant Species Response to Climate Change
2018-01-01 Paula M. Mabee Annotation of phenotypes using ontologies: a gold standard for the training and evaluation of natural language processing systems
2018-01-01 Ignasi Bartomeus Correction: The Allometry of Bee Proboscis Length and Its Uses in Ecology
2018-01-01 Michael Ray Kearney Advances in Monitoring and Modelling Climate at Ecologically Relevant Scales
2018-01-01 Michael Ray Kearney Too much hot air? Informing ethical trapping in hot, dry environments
2018-01-01 Cyrille Violle Correction: A combinatorial analysis using observational data identifies species that govern ecosystem functioning
2018-01-01 Anton Potapov Non-vascular plants as a food source for litter-dwelling Collembola: Field evidence
2018-01-01 Vigdis Vandvik Plastic Population Effects and Conservative Leaf Traits in a Reciprocal Transplant Experiment Simulating Climate Warming in the Himalayas
2018-01-01 Stefano Mammola Ecological speciation in darkness? Spatial niche partitioning in sibling subterranean spiders (Araneae : Linyphiidae : Troglohyphantes)
2018-01-01 Ramona L Walls Crowds Replicate Performance of Scientific Experts Scoring Phylogenetic Matrices of Phenotypes.
2018-01-01 Ramona L Walls AgBioData consortium recommendations for sustainable genomics and genetics databases for agriculture
2018-01-01 Vanessa M. Adams Navigating the fiery debate: the role of scientific evidence in eliciting policy and management responses for contentious plants in northern Australia
2018-01-01 Anton Potapov Description of three new species of Aposphragisma Thoma, 2014 (Araneae: Oonopidae) from Sumatra, Indonesia
2017-12-28 Stefanie Dekeyzer Improving nomenclatural consistency: a decade of experience in the World Register of Marine Species
2017-12-27 Jens Kattge Advances in flowering phenology across the Northern Hemisphere are explained by functional traits
2017-12-27 Sadie J. Ryan Making ecological models adequate.
2017-12-24 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Does plasticity in thermal tolerance trade off with inherent tolerance? The influence of setal tracheal gills on thermal tolerance and its plasticity in a group of European diving beetles.
2017-12-22 Vanessa M. Adams Designing connected marine reserves in the face of global warming.
2017-12-21 Steven L. Chown Climate change leads to increasing population density and impacts of a key island invader.
2017-12-21 Heloise Gibb Testing top-down and bottom-up effects on arid zone beetle assemblages following mammal reintroduction
2017-12-20 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Interactive life-history traits predict sensitivity of plants and animals to temporal autocorrelation.
2017-12-19 Jonas J. Lembrechts Effects of species evenness can be derived from species richness - ecosystem functioning relationships
2017-12-19 Michael Ray Kearney Geostatistical interpolation can reliably extend coverage of a very high-resolution model of temperature-dependent sex determination
2017-12-18 Steven L. Chown Basal resistance enhances warming tolerance of alien over indigenous species across latitude.
2017-12-18 Sadie J. Ryan Social-ecological factors and preventive actions decrease the risk of dengue infection at the household-level: Results from a prospective dengue surveillance study in Machala, Ecuador.
2017-12-18 Nicolas Fanin Consistent effects of biodiversity loss on multifunctionality across contrasting ecosystems
2017-12-15 Steven L. Chown Australian penguin ticks screened for novel Borrelia species.
2017-12-15 Ian J. Wright | Jens Kattge Global leaf nitrogen and phosphorus stoichiometry and their scaling exponent
2017-12-13 Joseph A Tobias Corrigendum: Reductions in global biodiversity loss predicted from conservation spending.
2017-12-12 Melissa Haendel Teaching data science fundamentals through realistic synthetic clinical cardiovascular data
2017-12-11 Sadie J. Ryan Addressing vulnerability, building resilience: community-based adaptation to vector-borne diseases in the context of global change.
2017-12-11 Stefano Mammola An ecological survey of the invertebrate community at the epigean/hypogean interface
2017-12-09 Jacintha Ellers Heated communities: large inter- and intraspecific variation in heat tolerance across trophic levels of a soil arthropod community.
2017-12-08 Nuno Simões Predatory behavior of the cave shrimp Creaseria morleyi (Creaser, 1936) (Caridea: Palaemonidae), the blind hunter of the Yucatán cenotes, Mexico
2017-12-07 Hervé Sauquet More than sixty origins of pantoporate pollen in angiosperms.
2017-12-07 Daniel Mietchen WikiCite 2017 report
2017-12-07 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Co-existence of multiple trade-off currencies shapes evolutionary outcomes.
2017-12-06 Brian J. Enquist | Sean T. Michaletz Drivers of terrestrial plant production across broad geographical gradients
2017-12-05 Joshua S Madin | Daniel Falster Corrigendum: The Coral Trait Database, a curated database of trait information for coral species from the global oceans.
2017-12-04 Sadie J. Ryan Surface temperatures of albatross eggs and nests
2017-12-04 Samraat S. Pawar Foraging constraints reverse the scaling of activity time in carnivores
2017-12-04 Stefano Mammola A synthesis on cave-dwelling spiders in Europe
2017-12-03 Caterina Penone Nutrient stoichiometry and land use rather than species richness determine plant functional diversity.
2017-12-02 Cyrille Violle Shifts in plant functional strategies over the course of wheat domestication
2017-12-01 Hervé Sauquet An updated phylogeny and infrageneric classification of the genus Sisyrinchium (Iridaceae): Challenges of molecular and morphological evidence
2017-12-01 Steven L. Chown Gall wasp biocontrol of invasive Acacia longifolia : implications of strong bottom-up effects
2017-12-01 Brian J. Enquist | Brian S. Maitner Big data of tree species distributions: how big and how good?
2017-12-01 Jens Kattge | Marko J. Spasojevic | Dylan J. Craven Mapping local and global variability in plant trait distributions.
2017-12-01 Jacintha Ellers Environmental conditions limit attractiveness of a complex sexual signal in the túngara frog.
2017-12-01 Vigdis Vandvik Improved quantification of UV-B absorbing compounds in Pinus sylvestris L. pollen grains using an internal standard methodology
2017-12-01 Cyrille Violle A Common Toolbox to Understand, Monitor or Manage Rarity? A Response to Carmona et al.
2017-12-01 Vanessa M. Adams Breaking the deadlock on ivory.
2017-11-30 Nuno Simões Ordinary kriging vs inverse distance weighting: spatial interpolation of the sessile community of Madagascar reef, Gulf of Mexico.
2017-11-30 Samuel C. Andrew The genetic structure of the introduced house sparrow populations in Australia and New Zealand is consistent with historical descriptions of multiple introductions to each country
2017-11-29 Jacintha Ellers Internet Blogs, Polar Bears, and Climate-Change Denial by Proxy.
2017-11-29 Sadie J. Ryan Climate Change Impacts on Human Health
2017-11-27 Heloise Gibb Habitat disturbance selects against both small and large species across varying climates
2017-11-27 Cyrille Violle Crop mixtures: does niche complementarity hold for belowground resources? An experimental test using rice genotypic pairs
2017-11-27 Stefano Mammola Applying species distribution models to caves and other subterranean habitats
2017-11-27 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Novel predators emit novel cues: a mechanism for prey naivety towards alien predators.
2017-11-22 Sadie J. Ryan Quantifying seasonal and diel variation in Anopheline and Culex human biting rates in Southern Ecuador.
2017-11-20 Cyrille Violle ecolottery : Simulating and assessing community assembly with environmental filtering and neutral dynamics in R
2017-11-19 Brian J. Enquist | Sean T. Michaletz Taxonomic decomposition of the latitudinal gradient in species diversity of North American floras
2017-11-16 Brian J. Enquist Biodiversity and climate determine the functioning of Neotropical forests
2017-11-15 Jens Kattge | Pete Manning Continental mapping of forest ecosystem functions reveals a high but unrealised potential for forest multifunctionality.
2017-11-15 Vanessa M. Adams Estimating realistic costs for strategic management planning of invasive species eradications on islands
2017-11-14 Sadie J. Ryan The impact of industrial oil development on a protected area landscape: demographic and social change at Murchison Falls Conservation Area, Uganda
2017-11-14 Lucie M Bland The role of satellite remote sensing in structured ecosystem risk assessments.
2017-11-13 Ralf B. Schäfer Towards stressor-specific macroinvertebrate indices: Which traits and taxonomic groups are associated with vulnerable and tolerant taxa?
2017-11-13 Loïc Chalmandrier Species pool distributions along functional trade-offs shape plant productivity-diversity relationships.
2017-11-13 Sean T. Michaletz Predicting Chronic Climate-Driven Disturbances and Their Mitigation.
2017-11-11 Nuno Simões An Indo-Pacific damselfish in the Gulf of Mexico: origin and mode of introduction
2017-11-10 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Predicting Predator Recognition in a Changing World.
2017-11-09 Ian J. Wright Nutrient-rich plants emit a less intense blend of volatile isoprenoids.
2017-11-08 Maurizio Rossetto From Songlines to genomes: Prehistoric assisted migration of a rain forest tree by Australian Aboriginal people.
2017-11-08 Ralf B. Schäfer Regional-scale lateral carbon transport and CO2 evasion in temperate stream catchments
2017-11-08 William D. Pearse Towards an eco-phylogenetic framework for infectious disease ecology.
2017-11-07 Loïc Chalmandrier Lags in the response of mountain plant communities to climate change.
2017-11-06 Michael Ray Kearney An individual-based model of ectotherm movement integrating metabolic and microclimatic constraints
2017-11-06 William D. Pearse A statistical estimator for determining the limits of contemporary and historic phenology
2017-11-04 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Implications of clonality for ageing research
2017-11-01 Melissa Haendel PDX-MI: Minimal Information for Patient-Derived Tumor Xenograft Models.
2017-11-01 Brian J. Enquist | Paul Efren Santos Andrade Can Leaf Spectroscopy Predict Leaf and Forest Traits Along a Peruvian Tropical Forest Elevation Gradient?
2017-11-01 Ben Sparrow Response to Comment on “The extent of forest in dryland biomes”.
2017-11-01 Ben Sparrow Response to Comment on “The extent of forest in dryland biomes”
2017-11-01 Sadie J. Ryan Outbreak of Zika Virus Infections, Dominica, 2016.
2017-10-31 Luca Santini Low Levels of Fruit Nitrogen as Drivers for the Evolution of Madagascar’s Primate Communities.
2017-10-31 Stefano Mammola Record breaking achievements by spiders and the scientists who study them.
2017-10-30 Daniel S. Park Widespread sampling biases in herbaria revealed from large-scale digitization.
2017-10-30 Joseph A Tobias Trait-based indicators of bird species sensitivity to habitat loss are effective within but not across datasets.
2017-10-30 Vanessa M. Adams The need for spatially explicit quantification of benefits in invasive-species management.
2017-10-27 Jens Kattge Taxonomic and functional turnover are decoupled in European peat bogs.
2017-10-27 Michael Ray Kearney Feeling the pressure at home: Predator activity at the burrow entrance of an endangered arid-zone skink
2017-10-27 Brian J. Enquist Fire effects and ecological recovery pathways of Tropical Montane Cloud Forests along a time chronosequence.
2017-10-26 Alexander Keller Release from prey preservation behavior via prey switch allowed diversification of cuticular hydrocarbon profiles in digger wasps.
2017-10-26 Cyrille Violle Multi‐scale and antagonist selection on life‐history traits in parasitoids: A community ecology perspective
2017-10-25 Joseph A Tobias Reductions in global biodiversity loss predicted from conservation spending.
2017-10-24 Vigdis Vandvik Changing contributions of stochastic and deterministic processes in community assembly over a successional gradient.
2017-10-23 Jacintha Ellers An Evolutionary Perspective on Linoleic Acid Synthesis in Animals.
2017-10-20 David B. Roy European butterfly populations vary in sensitivity to weather across their geographical ranges
2017-10-18 Melissa Haendel Matchmaker Exchange.
2017-10-18 Caterina Penone Environmental variation is a major predictor of global trait turnover in mammals
2017-10-18 Ben Sparrow Bacterial natural product biosynthetic domain composition in soil correlates with changes in latitude on a continent-wide scale.
2017-10-18 Richard J Telford Younger Dryas ice margin retreat triggered by ocean surface warming in central-eastern Baffin Bay.
2017-10-16 Samuel C. Andrew Higher temperatures during development reduce body size in the zebra finch in the laboratory and in the wild.
2017-10-13 Renee A. Catullo Truncation of thermal tolerance niches among Australian plants
2017-10-12 William Farfan-Rios | Brian S. Maitner | Brian J. Enquist | Sean T. Michaletz Assessing trait-based scaling theory in tropical forests spanning a broad temperature gradient
2017-10-06 Malte Jochum Interactive effects of temperature and habitat complexity on freshwater communities.
2017-10-06 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Functional Hypoxia in Insects: Definition, Assessment, and Consequences for Physiology, Ecology, and Evolution.
2017-10-05 Nuno Simões Benthic hydroids (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) from Alacranes Reef, Gulf of Mexico, Mexico
2017-10-05 Sadie J. Ryan Changing livestock vaccination policy alters the epidemiology of human anthrax, Georgia, 2000-2013.
2017-10-03 Jennifer C. Girón Revision of the Neotropical water scavenger beetle genus Quadriops Hansen, 1999 (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae, Acidocerinae)
2017-10-03 Sadie J. Ryan Changing measurements or changing movements? Sampling scale and movement model identifiability across generations of biologging technology.
2017-10-03 Diogo Borges Provete Environmental correlates of internal coloration in frogs vary throughout space and lineages.
2017-10-02 Nicolas Fanin Stoichiometric plasticity of microbial communities is similar between litter and soil in a tropical rainforest
2017-10-02 Rachael V. Gallagher The recent and rapid spread of Themeda triandra
2017-10-02 Dylan J. Craven Diversity-dependent temporal divergence of ecosystem functioning in experimental ecosystems.
2017-10-01 Jacintha Ellers Gold Open Access Publishing in Mega-Journals: Developing Countries Pay the Price of Western Premium Academic Output
2017-10-01 Ben Sparrow Response to Comment on “The extent of forest in dryland biomes”
2017-10-01 Heloise Gibb Biodiversity benefits for saproxylic beetles with uneven-aged silviculture
2017-10-01 Richard J Telford Fossil forest reveals sunspot activity in the early Permian: COMMENT
2017-09-30 Melissa Haendel OpenVIVO: Transparency in Scholarship
2017-09-30 Maribeth Latvis Primers for Castilleja and their utility across Orobanchaceae: II. Single-copy nuclear loci.
2017-09-29 Maribeth Latvis Primers for Castilleja and their utility across Orobanchaceae: I. Chloroplast primers.
2017-09-28 Steven L. Chown Tsunami debris spells trouble
2017-09-27 Alexander Keller | Markus Ankenbrand FENNEC - Functional Exploration of Natural Networks and Ecological Communities
2017-09-27 Vanessa M. Adams Adapting systematic conservation planning for climate change
2017-09-27 Ramona L Walls Humboldt Core - toward a standardized capture of biological inventories for biodiversity monitoring, modeling and assessment
2017-09-27 Jonas J. Lembrechts Microclimate variability in alpine ecosystems as stepping stones for non-native plant establishment above their current elevational limit
2017-09-25 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle | Brian S. Maitner New approaches for delineating n ‐dimensional hypervolumes
2017-09-22 Sadie J. Ryan Quantifying Seasonal and Diel Variation in Anopheline and Culex Human Biting Rates in Southern Ecuador
2017-09-21 Ignasi Bartomeus On the inconsistency of pollinator species traits for predicting either response to land-use change or functional contribution
2017-09-19 Ben Sparrow The biodiversity impacts of non-native species should not be extrapolated from biased single-species studies
2017-09-19 Sadie J. Ryan Habitat use, activity patterns and human interactions with jaguars Panthera onca in southern Belize
2017-09-19 Kim S. Ely A zero-power warming chamber for investigating plant responses to rising temperature
2017-09-18 Jens Kattge | Cyrille Violle Plant community structure and nitrogen inputs modulate the climate signal on leaf traits
2017-09-14 Daniel S. Park Understanding the Processes Underpinning Patterns of Phylogenetic Regionalization.
2017-09-14 J. Aaron Hogan Biotic and abiotic drivers of the tree growth and mortality trade-off in an old-growth temperate forest
2017-09-11 Mark Westoby Shoot growth of woody trees and shrubs is predicted by maximum plant height and associated traits
2017-09-11 Cyrille Violle funrar: An R package to characterize functional rarity
2017-09-09 Stefano Mammola Rapid poleward distributional shifts in the European cave-dwelling Meta spiders under the influence of competition dynamics
2017-09-06 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle | Brian S. Maitner | Brad Boyle | Sandra M Durán The bien r package: A tool to access the Botanical Information and Ecology Network (BIEN) database
2017-09-06 Kim S. Ely Terrestrial biosphere models underestimate photosynthetic capacity and CO2 assimilation in the Arctic.
2017-09-05 Caterina Penone | Brunno Freire Oliveira AmphiBIO, a global database for amphibian ecological traits.
2017-09-05 Vanessa M. Adams Research priorities for conservation and natural resource management in Oceania’s small island developing states.
2017-09-04 Ian J. Wright Towards a universal model for carbon dioxide uptake by plants.
2017-09-01 Steven L. Chown The veiled ecological danger of rising sea levels
2017-09-01 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright | Rachael V. Gallagher Global climatic drivers of leaf size.
2017-09-01 Joseph A Tobias Bird and bat species’ global vulnerability to collision mortality at wind farms revealed through a trait-based assessment.
2017-09-01 Luca Santini Assessing the suitability of diversity metrics to detect biodiversity change
2017-09-01 Colleen M. Iversen Significant inconsistency of vegetation carbon density in CMIP5 Earth system models against observational data
2017-09-01 Anton Potapov Arthropods in the subsoil: Abundance and vertical distribution as related to soil organic matter, microbial biomass and plant roots
2017-09-01 Lucie M Bland Using multiple lines of evidence to assess the risk of ecosystem collapse.
2017-08-31 William Farfan-Rios Incadendron : a new genus of Euphorbiaceae tribe Hippomaneae from the sub-Andean cordilleras of Ecuador and Peru.
2017-08-30 Alexander Keller Honey bee foraging ecology: Season but not landscape diversity shapes the amount and diversity of collected pollen.
2017-08-30 Melissa Haendel Tools for exploring mouse models of human disease
2017-08-30 Jérôme Mathieu A spatial evaluation of global wildfire-water risks to human and natural systems.
2017-08-29 Ignasi Bartomeus Curso AEET “Optimizando el uso de R para el análisis de datos en ecología”
2017-08-28 Malte Jochum Direct and cascading impacts of tropical land-use change on multi-trophic biodiversity
2017-08-20 Florian Dirk Schneider Diversity and trait composition of moths respond to land-use intensification in grasslands: generalists replace specialists
2017-08-19 Jacintha Ellers De novo Synthesis of Linoleic Acid in Multiple Collembola Species.
2017-08-18 Sadie J. Ryan Polisye Kont Moustik: A Culturally Competent Approach to Larval Source Reduction in the Context of Lymphatic Filariasis and Malaria Elimination in Haiti
2017-08-18 Diogo Borges Provete Metacommunity phylogenteic structure along environmental gradients
2017-08-17 Katherine C B Weiss Impacts of forest restoration on water yield: A systematic review.
2017-08-16 Stefanie Dekeyzer Documenting Marine Species Traits in the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS): Current status, Future Plans and Encountered Challenges
2017-08-15 Xiao Feng Can incomplete knowledge of species’ physiology facilitate ecological niche modelling? A case study with virtual species
2017-08-14 Ramona L Walls Invasive Organisms Information: A proposed TDWG Task Group
2017-08-12 Daniel Mietchen WikiCite: Citations needed for the sum of all human knowledge
2017-08-11 Daniel Mietchen Academics can help shape Wikipedia
2017-08-11 Jorrit Poelen Global Biotic Interactions: A Catalyst For Integrating Existing Interaction Datasets, Connecting Data Curators And Developing Data Exchange Methods
2017-08-10 Anne Thessen | Jennifer A Hammock | Jorrit Poelen Building Your Own Big Data Analysis Infrastructure for Biodiversity Science
2017-08-10 Franziska Schrodt | Lucie M Bland Satellite remote sensing of ecosystem functions: opportunities, challenges and way forward
2017-08-07 Joseph A Tobias Causes and Consequences of Behavioral Interference between Species.
2017-08-04 Sadie J. Ryan Global expansion and redistribution ofAedes-borne virus transmission risk with climate change
2017-08-01 Hervé Sauquet The ancestral flower of angiosperms and its early diversification.
2017-08-01 Daniel Mietchen Developing international open science collaborations: Funder reflections on the Open Science Prize
2017-08-01 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Integrating ecosystem services supply potential from future land-use scenarios in protected area management: A Bangladesh case study
2017-08-01 Ignasi Bartomeus Exotic species enhance response diversity to land-use change but modify functional composition.
2017-08-01 Cyrille Violle Land-use change effects on the taxonomic and morphological trait composition of ant communities in French Guiana
2017-08-01 Diogo Borges Provete What do Data from Fieldwork and Scientific Collections Tell us about Species Richness and Composition of Amphibians and Reptiles?
2017-08-01 Belén Fadrique Research Priorities for the Conservation and Sustainable Governance of Andean Forest Landscapes
2017-08-01 Jérôme Mathieu How good are epigeic earthworms at dispersing? An investigation to compare epigeic to endogeic and anecic groups
2017-07-31 Ian J. Wright Corrigendum: Palaeo leaf economics reveal a shift in ecosystem function associated with the end-Triassic mass extinction event.
2017-07-31 Ignasi Bartomeus Honeybee spillover reshuffles pollinator diets and affects plant reproductive success
2017-07-30 Ralf B. Schäfer Assessing recovery of stream insects from pesticides using a two-patch metapopulation model.
2017-07-29 Vigdis Vandvik | Aud H. Halbritter Plastic and genetic responses to shifts in snowmelt time affects the reproductive phenology and growth of Ranunculus acris
2017-07-26 Cyrille Violle Mapping the dependency of crops on pollinators in Belgium
2017-07-21 Joseph A Tobias Environmentally and behaviourally mediated co-occurrence of functional traits in bird communities of tropical forest fragments
2017-07-20 Daniel Mietchen A multi-disciplinary perspective on emergent and future innovations in peer review
2017-07-20 Daniel Mietchen A multi-disciplinary perspective on emergent and future innovations in peer review
2017-07-20 Steven L. Chown Barriers to globally invasive species are weakening across the Antarctic
2017-07-19 Cyrille Violle Biogeochemical and Ecomorphological Niche Segregation of Mediterranean Woody Species along a Local Gradient.
2017-07-18 Daniel Mietchen Wikipedia as a gateway to biomedical research: The relative distribution and use of citations in the English Wikipedia.
2017-07-18 Daniel S. Park Widespread sampling biases in herbaria revealed from large-scale digitization
2017-07-18 Ralf B. Schäfer Contribution of waste water treatment plants to pesticide toxicity in agriculture catchments.
2017-07-17 Ian G. Brennan Barcoding utility in a mega-diverse, cross-continental genus: keeping pace with Cyrtodactylus geckos
2017-07-17 Ian J. Wright Palaeo leaf economics reveal a shift in ecosystem function associated with the end-Triassic mass extinction event.
2017-07-14 Jens Kattge | Pete Manning Predicting habitat affinities of plant species using commonly measured functional traits
2017-07-10 Joshua S Madin Using Traits to Assess Nontransitivity of Interactions among Coral Species.
2017-07-04 Stefano Mammola Human-induced Alterations of the Mycobiota in an Alpine Show Cave (Italy, SW-Alps)
2017-07-03 Caterina Penone Global priorities for conservation across multiple dimensions of mammalian diversity.
2017-07-03 Samraat S. Pawar Use and misuse of temperature normalisation in meta-analyses of thermal responses of biological traits
2017-07-03 Samraat S. Pawar Use and misuse of temperature normalisation in meta-analyses of thermal responses of biological traits
2017-07-03 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Using n -dimensional hypervolumes for species distribution modelling: A response to Qiao et al. ()
2017-07-01 Maurizio Rossetto | Ben Sparrow Publish openly but responsibly.
2017-07-01 Colleen M. Iversen Introduction to a Virtual Issue on root traits
2017-07-01 Rachael V. Gallagher Characterizing opportunistic breeding at a continental scale using all available sources of phenological data: An assessment of 337 species across the Australian continent
2017-07-01 Vanessa M. Adams Purpose, policy, and practice: Intent and reality for on-ground management and outcomes of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
2017-07-01 Xiao Feng Can land use indicate wetland floristic quality and taxonomic distinctness?
2017-06-30 Daniel S. Park Selfing species exhibit diminished niche breadth over time
2017-06-30 Nicolas Fanin Response of bacterial communities to Pb smelter pollution in contrasting soils.
2017-06-29 Melissa Haendel Identifiers for the 21st century: How to design, provision, and reuse persistent identifiers to maximize utility and impact of life science data
2017-06-28 Jacintha Ellers Coping with living in the soil: the genome of the parthenogenetic springtail Folsomia candida.
2017-06-28 Brian J. Enquist | Sean T. Michaletz Biogeochemistry drives diversity in the prokaryotes, fungi, and invertebrates of a Panama forest.
2017-06-26 Melissa Haendel Disease model discovery from 3,328 gene knockouts by The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium.
2017-06-22 William D. Pearse Evolution of mammalian migrations for refuge, breeding, and food.
2017-06-20 Anne Thessen Calculating in situ degradation rates of hydrocarbon compounds in deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico
2017-06-20 Sean T. Michaletz Tree water dynamics in a drying and warming world.
2017-06-15 Joshua S Madin Characterization of measurement errors using structure-from-motion and photogrammetry to measure marine habitat structural complexity
2017-06-15 Stefano Mammola Spider World Records: a resource for using organismal biology as a hook for science learning
2017-06-15 Stefano Mammola Spider World Records: a resource for using organismal biology as a hook for science learning
2017-06-14 Jacintha Ellers Sexual selection gradients change over time in a simultaneous hermaphrodite
2017-06-13 Maurizio Rossetto Seedling response to environmental variability: The relationship between phenotypic plasticity and evolutionary history in closely related Eucalyptus species
2017-06-13 Roberto Salguero-Gómez | Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Less favourable climates constrain demographic strategies in plants.
2017-06-12 Markus Ankenbrand AliTV—interactive visualization of whole genome comparisons
2017-06-08 Ralf B. Schäfer Large Scale Risks from Agricultural Pesticides in Small Streams
2017-06-08 Sadie J. Ryan Competition in the savanna: Models of species assemblages in Kruger National Park, South Africa
2017-06-06 Brian J. Enquist | Sean T. Michaletz Correspondence: Reply to ‘Analytical flaws in a continental-scale forest soil microbial diversity study’
2017-06-01 Nuno Simões First report of the parasite crustacean Leidya distorta (Isopoda: Bopyridae) on the fiddler crab Uca spinicarpa (Decapoda: Brachyura) in Yucatán coasts, Mexico
2017-06-01 Joseph A Tobias Avian egg shape: Form, function, and evolution.
2017-06-01 Sadie J. Ryan Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation: three years on
2017-06-01 David B. Roy Climate change, climatic variation and extreme biological responses
2017-05-31 Steven L. Chown Range expansion of two invasive springtails on sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island
2017-05-30 Mark Westoby | Marko J. Spasojevic Habitat filtering determines the functional niche occupancy of plant communities worldwide
2017-05-30 Brian J. Enquist Draining the Pool? Carbon Storage and Fluxes in Three Alpine Plant Communities
2017-05-30 Jérôme Mathieu The impact of Last Glacial climate variability in west-European loess revealed by radiocarbon dating of fossil earthworm granules.
2017-05-28 Daniel Mietchen Scholia, Scientometrics and Wikidata
2017-05-26 Melissa Haendel Defining Disease, Diagnosis, and Translational Medicine within a Homeostatic Perturbation Paradigm: The National Institutes of Health Undiagnosed Diseases Program Experience
2017-05-24 Mark Westoby | Daniel Falster Coordinated Shifts In Allocation Among Reproductive Tissues Across 14 Coexisting Plant Species
2017-05-22 Joshua S Madin Coral larvae are poor swimmers and require fine-scale reef structure to settle.
2017-05-19 Maurizio Rossetto Bioclimatic transect networks: Powerful observatories of ecological change.
2017-05-19 Vigdis Vandvik | Richard J Telford Avian guild assemblages in forest fragments around Budongo Forest Reserve, western Uganda
2017-05-17 Ralf B. Schäfer Does the loss of climate sensitive detritivore species alter leaf decomposition?
2017-05-17 Colleen M. Iversen Long-term carbon and nitrogen dynamics at SPRUCE revealed through stable isotopes in peat profiles
2017-05-16 Joseph A Tobias Sexual selection, speciation and constraints on geographical range overlap in birds.
2017-05-16 Sadie J. Ryan Consensus and conflict among ecological forecasts of Zika virus outbreaks in the United States
2017-05-15 Joseph A Tobias Sperm and sex peptide stimulate aggression in female Drosophila.
2017-05-15 Sadie J. Ryan Social-Ecological Factors And Preventive Actions Decrease The Risk Of Dengue Infection At The Household-Level: Results From A Prospective Dengue Surveillance Study In Machala, Ecuador
2017-05-15 Malte Jochum Resource stoichiometry and availability modulate species richness and biomass of tropical litter macro-invertebrates
2017-05-11 Ralf B. Schäfer Resilience in ecotoxicology: Toward a multiple equilibrium concept.
2017-05-11 Luca Santini Length - Mass allometries in Amphibians
2017-05-10 Dalia A. Conde Individual heterogeneity determines sex differences in mortality in a monogamous bird with reversed sexual dimorphism.
2017-05-08 Sadie J. Ryan Differences in STI knowledge accuracy and STI/HIV testing among a random sample of college students: A secondary survey analysis
2017-05-05 David B. Roy Using citizen science butterfly counts to predict species population trends
2017-05-03 Brian J. Enquist Does environmental heterogeneity drive functional trait variation? A test in montane and alpine meadows
2017-05-02 William Farfan-Rios | Brian J. Enquist Solar radiation and functional traits explain the decline of forest primary productivity along a tropical elevation gradient.
2017-05-01 Melissa Haendel Sharing Clinical and Genomic Data on Cancer - The Need for Global Solutions
2017-05-01 John Alroy Effects of habitat disturbance on tropical forest biodiversity
2017-05-01 Joseph A Tobias How do seemingly non-vagile clades accomplish trans-marine dispersal? Trait and dispersal evolution in the landfowl (Aves: Galliformes).
2017-05-01 Ben Sparrow The extent of forest in dryland biomes.
2017-05-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Contrasting effects of aquatic subsidies on a terrestrial trophic cascade.
2017-05-01 Heloise Gibb Soil humidity, potential solar radiation and altitude affect boreal beetle assemblages in dead wood
2017-05-01 Heloise Gibb Uneven-aged silviculture can reduce negative effects of forest management on beetles
2017-05-01 Vigdis Vandvik Higher predation risk for insect prey at low latitudes and elevations.
2017-05-01 Vanessa M. Adams Perception matrices: An adaptation of repertory grid technique
2017-04-29 Katelin D. Pearson Old Plants, New Tricks: Phenological Research Using Herbarium Specimens
2017-04-28 Ian J. Wright Scaling up flammability from individual leaves to fuel beds
2017-04-28 Jérôme Mathieu Trace element concentrations along a gradient of urban pressure in forest and lawn soils of the Paris region (France).
2017-04-27 Ignasi Bartomeus rOpenSci: cómo acceder de forma reproducible a repositorios de datos públicos
2017-04-27 Sadie J. Ryan Detecting the impact of temperature on transmission of Zika, dengue, and chikungunya using mechanistic models
2017-04-27 Ralf B. Schäfer Comparison of dilution factors for German wastewater treatment plant effluents in receiving streams to the fixed dilution factor from chemical risk assessment.
2017-04-25 Melissa Haendel Reproducible and reusable research: are journal data sharing policies meeting the mark?
2017-04-25 Lucie M Bland Global correlates of extinction risk in freshwater crayfish
2017-04-24 Anne Thessen Synthesizer: Expediting synthesis studies from context-free data with information retrieval techniques
2017-04-24 Ignasi Bartomeus Urbanisation and the loss of phylogenetic diversity in birds.
2017-04-24 Jens Kattge Dispersal limitation determines large-scale dark diversity in Central and Northern Europe
2017-04-24 Cyrille Violle A Multidimensional Functional Trait Approach Reveals the Imprint of Environmental Stress in Mediterranean Woody Communities
2017-04-21 Markus Ankenbrand AliTV-interactive visualization of whole genome comparisons
2017-04-21 Malte Jochum Decreasing Stoichiometric Resource Quality Drives Compensatory Feeding across Trophic Levels in Tropical Litter Invertebrate Communities.
2017-04-19 Ignasi Bartomeus Sustained functional composition of pollinators in restored pastures despite slow functional restoration of plants.
2017-04-18 Jens Kattge Climate- and successional-related changes in functional composition of European forests are strongly driven by tree mortality
2017-04-10 Daniel S. Park CrowdCurio: an online crowdsourcing platform to facilitate climate change studies using herbarium specimens
2017-04-10 Colleen M. Iversen | Cyrille Violle Climate, soil and plant functional types as drivers of global fine-root trait variation
2017-04-09 Luca Santini Shifting baseline in macroecology? Unravelling the influence of human impact on mammalian body mass
2017-04-06 Ignasi Bartomeus Plant-pollinator networks in semi-natural grasslands are resistant to the loss of pollinators during blooming of mass-flowering crops
2017-04-05 Daniel Mietchen Machine-actionable data management plans (maDMPs)
2017-04-04 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle The evolution of bacterial cell size: the internal diffusion-constraint hypothesis.
2017-04-04 Stefano Mammola Climate change may drive cave spiders to extinction
2017-04-04 Cyrille Violle Functional Rarity: The Ecology of Outliers
2017-04-03 Nuno Simões Chitons (Mollusca, Polyplacophora) from Alacranes Reef, Yucatan, Mexico
2017-04-03 Samuel C. Andrew Commentary: A Bird in the House: The Challenge of Being Ecologically Relevant in Captivity
2017-04-03 Jérôme Mathieu Landscape features impact connectivity between soil populations: a comparative study of gene flow in earthworms.
2017-04-01 Hervé Sauquet How (much) do flowers vary? Unbalanced disparity among flower functional modules and a mosaic pattern of morphospace occupation in the order Ericales.
2017-04-01 Daniel Mietchen Progress in promoting data sharing in public health emergencies
2017-04-01 Vigdis Vandvik The effect of a mobile-application tool on biology students’ motivation and achievement in species identification: A Self-Determination Theory perspective
2017-04-01 Stefano Mammola Spiders in caves.
2017-03-31 Steven L. Chown Terrestrial invasions on sub-Antarctic Marion and Prince Edward Islands
2017-03-31 Brian J. Enquist The role of functional uniqueness and spatial aggregation in explaining rarity in trees
2017-03-30 Colleen M. Iversen Fine-root growth in a forested bog is seasonally dynamic, but shallowly distributed in nutrient-poor peat
2017-03-30 Rachael V. Gallagher How well documented is Australia’s flora? Understanding spatial bias in vouchered plant specimens
2017-03-29 Steven L. Chown Reconsidering connectivity in the sub-Antarctic.
2017-03-28 Steven L. Chown Antarctica and the strategic plan for biodiversity.
2017-03-28 Ian J. Wright | Jens Kattge A global trait-based approach to estimate leaf nitrogen functional allocation from observations
2017-03-28 Pete Manning Impacts of 120 years of fertilizer addition on a temperate grassland ecosystem.
2017-03-26 Pete Manning Forage quality declines with rising temperatures, with implications for livestock production and methane emissions
2017-03-24 William D. Pearse Combining phylogeny and co-occurrence to improve single species distribution models
2017-03-23 Katja Seltmann LepNet: The Lepidoptera of North America Network
2017-03-23 Vigdis Vandvik Genetic differentiation and plasticity interact along temperature and precipitation gradients to determine plant performance under climate change
2017-03-22 David B. Roy Efficient occupancy model-fitting for extensive citizen-science data
2017-03-21 Alana R O Chin Leaf acclimation to light availability supports rapid growth in tall Picea sitchensis trees
2017-03-20 Melissa Haendel Identifiers for the 21st century: How to design, provision, and reuse persistent identifiers to maximize utility and impact of life science data
2017-03-20 Jens Kattge | Cyrille Violle Sensitivity of community-level trait-environment relationships to data representativeness: A test for functional biogeography
2017-03-20 Brian J. Enquist A general model for metabolic scaling in self-similar asymmetric networks
2017-03-20 Samraat S. Pawar Adaptation of phytoplankton to a decade of experimental warming linked to increased photosynthesis
2017-03-15 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Transient facilitation of resprouting shrubs in fire-prone habitats
2017-03-14 Joseph A Tobias Host associations and turnover of haemosporidian parasites in manakins (Aves: Pipridae).
2017-03-13 Daniel Mietchen Scholia - March 2017
2017-03-13 Daniel Mietchen Scholia and scientometrics with Wikidata
2017-03-13 Colleen M. Iversen Building a better foundation: improving root-trait measurements to understand and model plant and ecosystem processes
2017-03-10 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright Physiological and structural tradeoffs underlying the leaf economics spectrum
2017-03-10 Mark Westoby | Daniel Falster Multitrait successional forest dynamics enable diverse competitive coexistence
2017-03-09 Diogo Borges Provete Environmental correlates of internal coloration in frogs vary throughout space and lineages
2017-03-06 Sadie J. Ryan Dengue fever and Aedes aegypti risk in the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
2017-03-06 William D. Pearse Global biogeography of seed dormancy is determined by seasonality and seed size: a case study in the legumes.
2017-03-03 Lucie M Bland Using coarse-scale species distribution data to predict extinction risk in plants
2017-03-01 Alexander Keller Generalist social bees maximize diversity intake in plant species-rich and resource-abundant environments
2017-03-01 Hervé Sauquet Toward a Self-Updating Platform for Estimating Rates of Speciation and Migration, Ages, and Relationships of Taxa.
2017-03-01 Melissa Haendel Bedside Back to Bench: Building Bridges between Basic and Clinical Genomic Research
2017-03-01 William Farfan-Rios Persistent effects of pre-Columbian plant domestication on Amazonian forest composition.
2017-03-01 Michael J. McWilliam Global warming and recurrent mass bleaching of corals
2017-03-01 Luca Santini Sexual-size dimorphism in two synanthropic rat species: Comparison and eco-evolutionary perspectives
2017-03-01 Joshua S Madin Allometric growth in reef-building corals.
2017-03-01 Colleen M. Iversen Building a Virtual Ecosystem Dynamic Model for Root Research
2017-03-01 Diogo Borges Provete Tadpole ofProceratophrys mantiqueira(Anura: Odontophrynidae), with a Description of Its Internal Oral Features
2017-03-01 Jorrit Poelen Opinion: Why we need a centralized repository for isotopic data
2017-02-28 Daniel Mietchen Strategies and guidelines for scholarly publishing of biodiversity data
2017-02-28 Jens Kattge | Colleen M. Iversen | Cyrille Violle A global Fine-Root Ecology Database to address below-ground challenges in plant ecology
2017-02-27 Sadie J. Ryan The social and spatial ecology of dengue presence and burden during an outbreak in Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2012
2017-02-23 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Interacting livestock and fire may both threaten and increase viability of a fire-adapted Mediterranean carnivorous plant
2017-02-23 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Plant traits and plant biogeography control the biotic resistance provided by generalist herbivores
2017-02-22 Diogo Borges Provete Predators regulate prey species sorting and spatial distribution in microbial landscapes.
2017-02-21 Jens Kattge Tree mortality across biomes is promoted by drought intensity, lower wood density and higher specific leaf area.
2017-02-21 Sadie J. Ryan Environmental cholera ( Vibrio cholerae ) dynamics in an estuarine system in southern coastal Ecuador
2017-02-18 Ian G. Brennan Mass turnover and recovery dynamics of a diverse Australian continental radiation.
2017-02-15 Jennifer C. Girón Revision of the Neotropical water scavenger beetle genus Globulosis García, 2001 (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae: Acidocerinae)
2017-02-15 Joshua S Madin A simple, fast, and repeatable survey method for underwater visual 3D benthic mapping and monitoring.
2017-02-14 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Biodiversity of Bangladesh
2017-02-09 Ralf B. Schäfer Water quality variables and pollution sources shaping stream macroinvertebrate communities
2017-02-09 Diogo Borges Provete Phylogenetic patterns and the adaptive evolution of osmoregulation in fiddler crabs (Brachyura, Uca).
2017-02-08 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Interspecific integration of trait dimensions at local scales: the plant phenotype as an integrated network
2017-02-06 Jens Kattge Testing the environmental filtering concept in global drylands
2017-02-02 Pete Manning Sensitivity of functional diversity metrics to sampling intensity
2017-02-01 Nuno Simões 3D chemoecology and chemotaxonomy of corals using fatty acid biomarkers: Latitude, longitude and depth
2017-02-01 Jacintha Ellers Love at first sniff: a spermatophore-associated pheromone mediates partner attraction in a collembolan species
2017-02-01 Brian J. Enquist Predictability in community dynamics
2017-02-01 Xiao Feng Physiological limits in an ecological niche modeling framework: A case study of water temperature and salinity constraints of freshwater bivalves invasive in USA
2017-01-31 Dalia A. Conde Meeting the Aichi targets: Pushing for zero extinction conservation.
2017-01-30 Ian J. Wright Leaf nitrogen from first principles: field evidence for adaptive variation with climate
2017-01-25 Jens Kattge A synthesis of tree functional traits related to drought-induced mortality in forests across climatic zones
2017-01-25 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Predicting trait-environment relationships for venation networks along an Andes-Amazon elevation gradient.
2017-01-23 Jens Kattge Stand age and species richness dampen interannual variation of ecosystem-level photosynthetic capacity
2017-01-20 Sadie J. Ryan The burden of dengue fever and chikungunya in southern coastal Ecuador: Epidemiology, clinical presentation, and phylogenetics from the first two years of a prospective study
2017-01-19 Steven L. Chown Expanding the Protected Area Network in Antarctica is Urgent and Readily Achievable
2017-01-19 Stefano Mammola Species conservation profile of the stenoendemic cave spider Pimoa delphinica (Araneae, Pimoidae) from the Varaita valley (NW-Italy).
2017-01-17 Lucie M Bland The use of range size to assess risks to biodiversity from stochastic threats
2017-01-16 Daniel Mietchen Technical aspects of preprint services in the life sciences: a workshop report
2017-01-12 Michael Ray Kearney The universality of the von Bertalanffy growth curve: Comment on: “Physics of metabolic organization” by Marko Jusup et al.
2017-01-12 Cyrille Violle Five species, many genotypes, broad phenotypic diversity: When agronomy meets functional ecology.
2017-01-10 David B. Roy Large extents of intensive land use limit community reorganization during climate warming.
2017-01-09 Melissa Haendel The health care and life sciences community profile for dataset descriptions
2017-01-09 Melissa Haendel The health care and life sciences community profile for dataset descriptions
2017-01-04 Melissa Haendel The Monarch Initiative: an integrative data and analytic platform connecting phenotypes to genotypes across species
2017-01-04 Stefano Mammola Advances in the systematics of the spider genus Troglohyphantes (Araneae, Linyphiidae)
2017-01-04 David B. Roy Troubling travellers: are ecologically harmful alien species associated with particular introduction pathways?
2017-01-03 Renee A. Catullo Correction: Lineage Range Estimation Method Reveals Fine-Scale Endemism Linked to Pleistocene Stability in Australian Rainforest Herpetofauna.
2017-01-03 William Farfan-Rios Ancient human disturbances may be skewing our understanding of Amazonian forests
2017-01-01 Ian G. Brennan Notes on hemipenial morphology and its phylogenetic implications in the Pygopodidae Boulenger, 1884
2017-01-01 Melissa Haendel Improved Diagnosis and Care for Rare Diseases through Implementation of Precision Public Health Framework.
2017-01-01 Daniel Mietchen Referee report. For: Sharing individual patient and parasite-level data through the WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance Network platform: A qualitative case study [version 1; referees: 2 approved]
2017-01-01 John Alroy Pattern, process, inference and prediction in extinction biology
2017-01-01 Melissa Haendel Gold-standard ontology-based anatomical annotation in the CRAFT Corpus
2017-01-01 Ian J. Wright Bark traits, decomposition and flammability of Australian forest trees
2017-01-01 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Conservation Benefits of Tropical Multifunctional Land-Uses in and Around a Forest Protected Area of Bangladesh
2017-01-01 Ignasi Bartomeus Revisiting the open-field test: what does it really tell us about animal personality?
2017-01-01 Jacintha Ellers Ecomorphological adaptations in Collembola in relation to feeding strategies and microhabitat
2017-01-01 Ben Sparrow Opportunities for Integrated Ecological Analysis across Inland Australia with Standardised Data from Ausplots Rangelands
2017-01-01 Jens Kattge A roadmap for improving the representation of photosynthesis in Earth system models
2017-01-01 Colleen M. Iversen Temporal and Spatial Variation in Peatland Carbon Cycling and Implications for Interpreting Responses of an Ecosystem-Scale Warming Experiment
2017-01-01 Vigdis Vandvik Seedling recruitment in subalpine grassland forbs: Predicting field regeneration behaviour from lab germination responses
2017-01-01 Diogo Borges Provete Response of digestive organs of Hypsiboas albopunctatus (Anura: Hylidae) to benzo[α]pyrene
2017-01-01 Xiao Feng Armadillo Mapper
2017-01-01 Xiao Feng Hiding in a Cool Climatic Niche in the Tropics? An Assessment of the Ecological Biogeography of Hairy Long-Nosed Armadillos ( Dasypus pilosus )
2017-01-01 Jérôme Mathieu Fate of 13 C labelled root and shoot residues in soil and anecic earthworm casts: A mesocosm experiment
2016-12-30 Vigdis Vandvik Biotic interaction effects on seedling recruitment along bioclimatic gradients: testing the stress-gradient hypothesis
2016-12-27 Steven L. Chown Following the Antarctic Circumpolar Current: patterns and processes in the biogeography of the limpet Nacella (Mollusca: Patellogastropoda) across the Southern Ocean
2016-12-26 Hervé Sauquet Characterization of CYCLOIDEA-like genes in Proteaceae, a basal eudicot family with multiple shifts in floral symmetry
2016-12-26 Steven L. Chown Thermal preference and performance in a sub-Antarctic caterpillar: A test of the coadaptation hypothesis and its alternatives.
2016-12-26 Markus Ankenbrand TBro: visualization and management of de novo transcriptomes
2016-12-24 Joseph A Tobias Song evolution, speciation, and vocal learning in passerine birds
2016-12-23 Jacintha Ellers Honey and honey-based sugars partially affect reproductive trade-offs in parasitoids exhibiting different life-history and reproductive strategies.
2016-12-21 Ignasi Bartomeus Hairiness: the missing link between pollinators and pollination
2016-12-21 Richard J Telford Assessing performance and seasonal bias of pollen-based climate reconstructions in a perfect model world
2016-12-20 Ian J. Wright | Jens Kattge | Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Towards a thesaurus of plant characteristics: an ecological contribution
2016-12-17 Ian J. Wright Leaf trait adaptations of xylem-tapping mistletoes and their hosts in sites of contrasting aridity
2016-12-16 Heloise Gibb A global database of ant species abundances
2016-12-16 Vigdis Vandvik Informed debate on the use of fire for peatland management means acknowledging the complexity of socio-ecological systems
2016-12-14 Samuel C. Andrew Variation in Reproductive Success Across Captive Populations: Methodological Differences, Potential Biases and Opportunities
2016-12-13 Nuno Simões The fishes of Cayo Arcas (Campeche Bank, Gulf of Mexico): an updated checklist
2016-12-12 Heloise Gibb GlobalAnts: a new database on the geography of ant traits (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
2016-12-09 Timothy M. Perez Most ‘global’ reviews of species’ responses to climate change are not truly global
2016-12-08 Ralf B. Schäfer Fractionation of copper and uranium in organic and conventional vineyard soils and adjacent stream sediments studied by sequential extraction
2016-12-07 Mark Westoby Teamwork, Soft Skills, and Research Training.
2016-12-07 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Managing Protected Areas in a Changing World: New Insights and Opportunities
2016-12-06 Brian J. Enquist Cyberinfrastructure for an integrated botanical information network to investigate the ecological impacts of global climate change on plant biodiversity
2016-12-06 Brian J. Enquist Cyberinfrastructure for an integrated botanical information network to investigate the ecological impacts of global climate change on plant biodiversity
2016-12-05 Hervé Sauquet Planning the future of plant systematics: Report on a special colloquium at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.
2016-12-05 Brian J. Enquist Cyberinfrastructure for an integrated botanical information network to investigate the ecological impacts of global climate change on plant biodiversity
2016-12-01 Daniel Mietchen Data sharing in public health emergencies
2016-12-01 Steven L. Chown The response of springtails to fire in the fynbos of the Western Cape, South Africa
2016-12-01 Joseph A Tobias Using avian functional traits to assess the impact of land-cover change on ecosystem processes linked to resilience in tropical forests.
2016-12-01 Joseph A Tobias Biodiversity in the Anthropocene: prospects and policy.
2016-12-01 Joseph A Tobias Quantifying species contributions to ecosystem processes: a global assessment of functional trait and phylogenetic metrics across avian seed-dispersal networks.
2016-12-01 Michael Ray Kearney An estimate of the water budget for the endangered night parrot of Australia under recent and future climates
2016-12-01 Michael Ray Kearney Reptile embryos and climate change: Modelling limits of viability to inform translocation decisions
2016-12-01 Jacintha Ellers Decay of Sexual Trait Genes in an Asexual Parasitoid Wasp
2016-12-01 Joshua S Madin Fecundity and the demographic strategies of coral morphologies.
2016-12-01 Colleen M. Iversen Root traits explain observed tundra vegetation nitrogen uptake patterns: Implications for trait-based land models
2016-12-01 Marko J. Spasojevic Can functional traits predict plant community response to global change?
2016-12-01 Ramona L Walls Plant specimen contextual data consensus
2016-12-01 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Long-term and acute effects of temperature and oxygen on metabolism, food intake, growth and heat tolerance in a freshwater gastropod.
2016-11-30 Caterina Penone Land-use intensification causes multitrophic homogenization of grassland communities
2016-11-29 William D. Pearse Animating and exploring phylogenies with fibre plots.
2016-11-28 Melissa Haendel The Human Phenotype Ontology in 2017
2016-11-25 Renee A. Catullo Resources for phylogenomic analyses of Australian terrestrial vertebrates.
2016-11-22 Renee A. Catullo Incorporating evolutionary adaptation in species distribution modelling reduces projected vulnerability to climate change.
2016-11-21 John Alroy | Silvia Pineda-Munoz Inferring diet from dental morphology in terrestrial mammals
2016-11-21 Dalia A. Conde The emergence of longevous populations
2016-11-21 Jonas J. Lembrechts Disturbance is the key to plant invasions in cold environments
2016-11-18 Mark Westoby How Species Boundaries Are Determined: A Response to Alexander et al.
2016-11-18 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Forest Protected Area Systems and Biodiversity Conservation in Bangladesh
2016-11-18 Ian J. Wright Photosynthetic responses to altitude: an explanation based on optimality principles.
2016-11-18 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Accounting for uncertainty in dormant life stages in stochastic demographic models
2016-11-17 Daniel Mietchen WikiCite 2016 Report
2016-11-17 Sadie J. Ryan deBInfer : Bayesian inference for dynamical models of biological systems in R
2016-11-16 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Applications of the fast-slow continuum and reproductive strategy framework of plant life histories.
2016-11-15 Jens Kattge Nitrogen productivity and allocation responses of 12 important tree species to increased CO2
2016-11-14 Jens Kattge The flora phenotype ontology (FLOPO): tool for integrating morphological traits and phenotypes of vascular plants
2016-11-14 Brian J. Enquist Temperature response of soil respiration largely unaltered with experimental warming
2016-11-13 Renee A. Catullo | Maurizio Rossetto Genetic diversity and structure of the Australian flora
2016-11-13 Ian J. Wright Incorporation of plant traits in a land surface model helps explain the global biogeographical distribution of major forest functional types
2016-11-12 Melissa Haendel Reproducible and reusable research: Are journal data sharing policies meeting the mark?
2016-11-09 Steven L. Chown Interactions between rates of temperature change and acclimation affect latitudinal patterns of warming tolerance
2016-11-07 Steven L. Chown | Jacintha Ellers Handbook of protocols for standardized measurement of terrestrial invertebrate functional traits
2016-11-03 Renee A. Catullo A new species of Australian frog (Myobatrachidae: Uperoleia) from the New South Wales mid-north coast sandplains
2016-11-03 Melissa Haendel The Monarch Initiative: Insights across species reveal human disease mechanisms
2016-11-02 Caterina Penone A comparative study on karyotypic diversification rate in mammals
2016-11-01 Steven L. Chown Land-use change promotes avian diversity at the expense of species with unique traits
2016-11-01 Caterina Penone | Brunno Freire Oliveira Integrating data-deficient species in analyses of evolutionary history loss.
2016-11-01 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Co-benefits of biodiversity and carbon sequestration from regenerating secondary forests in the Philippine uplands: implications for forest landscape restoration
2016-11-01 Ignasi Bartomeus The potential of electricity transmission corridors in forested areas as bumblebee habitat
2016-11-01 Jens Kattge | Brian J. Enquist A plant growth form dataset for the New World
2016-11-01 Sandra M Durán Easy and inexpensive molecular detection of dengue, chikungunya and zika viruses in febrile patients
2016-11-01 Nicolas Fanin Comparing the effects of litter quantity and quality on soil biota structure and functioning: Application to a cultivated soil in Northern France
2016-11-01 Fatih Fazlioglu Phenotypic plasticity and specialization in clonal versus non-clonal plants: A data synthesis
2016-11-01 Dylan J. Craven Effects of soil and leaf litter quality on the biomass of two endogeic earthworm species
2016-10-31 Maurizio Rossetto Whole-chloroplast analysis as an approach for fine-tuning the preservation of a highly charismatic but critically endangered species, Wollemia nobilis (Araucariaceae)
2016-10-28 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Extrapolating demography with climate, proximity and phylogeny: approach with caution.
2016-10-27 Ralf B. Schäfer Towards the review of the European Union Water Framework Directive: Recommendations for more efficient assessment and management of chemical contamination in European surface water resources.
2016-10-26 Hervé Sauquet Perianth symmetry changed at least 199 times in angiosperm evolution
2016-10-21 William Farfan-Rios The variation of productivity and its allocation along a tropical elevation gradient: a whole carbon budget perspective.
2016-10-21 Luca Santini A Composite Network Approach for Assessing Multi-Species Connectivity: An Application to Road Defragmentation Prioritisation.
2016-10-17 Maurizio Rossetto Evolution of Australian Cryptocarya (Lauraceae) based on nuclear and plastid phylogenetic trees: evidence of recent landscape-level disjunctions
2016-10-17 Michael Ray Kearney NicheMapR - an R package for biophysical modelling: the microclimate model
2016-10-17 Luca Santini Performance tradeoffs in target-group bias correction for species distribution models
2016-10-14 Jacintha Ellers Synergistic effect of daily temperature fluctuations and matching light-dark cycle enhances population growth and synchronizes oviposition behavior in a soil arthropod.
2016-10-12 Melissa Haendel Distributed Cognition and Process Management Enabling Individualized Translational Research: The NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program Experience
2016-10-11 Jennifer A Hammock TraitBank: Practical semantics for organism attribute data
2016-10-11 Malte Jochum Land-use choices follow profitability at the expense of ecological functions in Indonesian smallholder landscapes
2016-10-11 Anton Potapov Short-term incorporation of freshly fixed plant carbon into the soil animal food web: field study in a spruce forest
2016-10-11 Sean T. Michaletz Precipitation, not air temperature, drives functional responses of trees in semi-arid ecosystems
2016-10-10 Vigdis Vandvik The peatland vegetation burning debate: keep scientific critique in perspective. A response to Brown et al. and Douglas et al.
2016-10-07 Stefano Mammola Species conservation profile of the alpine stenoendemic spider Vesubia jugorum (Araneae, Lycosidae) from the Maritime Alps
2016-10-06 Stefano Mammola Ecology and sampling techniques of an understudied subterranean habitat: the Milieu Souterrain Superficiel (MSS).
2016-10-06 David B. Roy Developing a biodiversity-based indicator for large-scale environmental assessment: a case study of proposed shale gas extraction sites in Britain
2016-10-05 Florian Dirk Schneider Animal diversity and ecosystem functioning in dynamic food webs.
2016-10-05 William D. Pearse Commercial Plant Production and Consumption Still Follow the Latitudinal Gradient in Species Diversity despite Economic Globalization
2016-10-03 Lucie M Bland Toward reassessing data-deficient species
2016-10-01 Brian J. Enquist Production of leaf wax n-alkanes across a tropical forest elevation transect
2016-10-01 Sadie J. Ryan Assessing impacts to primary productivity at the park edge in Murchison Falls Conservation Area, Uganda
2016-10-01 Heloise Gibb Termite activity and decomposition are influenced by digging mammal reintroductions along an aridity gradient
2016-10-01 Richard J Telford How foreign is the past?
2016-10-01 Anton Potapov Connecting taxonomy and ecology: Trophic niches of collembolans as related to taxonomic identity and life forms
2016-10-01 Heloise Gibb Net effects of soil disturbance and herbivory on vegetation by a re-established digging mammal assemblage in arid zone Australia
2016-10-01 Silvia Pineda-Munoz Lyons et al. reply
2016-09-30 Ignasi Bartomeus Invasive Plants as Novel Food Resources, the Pollinators’ Perspective
2016-09-28 Ralf B. Schäfer Using ecological production functions to link ecological processes to ecosystem services.
2016-09-27 Luca Santini Setting population targets for mammals using body mass as a predictor of population persistence
2016-09-27 Colleen M. Iversen Modeling the spatiotemporal variability in subsurface thermal regimes across a low-relief polygonal tundra landscape
2016-09-23 Ramona L Walls The environment ontology in 2016: bridging domains with increased scope, semantic density, and interoperation
2016-09-22 Michael Ray Kearney Color Change for Thermoregulation versus Camouflage in Free-Ranging Lizards.
2016-09-22 Pete Manning Forage quality declines with rising temperatures, with implications for livestock production and methane emissions
2016-09-22 Jens Kattge Potential and limitations of inferring ecosystem photosynthetic capacity from leaf functional traits
2016-09-21 Renee A. Catullo Phylogeographic structure across one of the largest intact tropical savannahs: Molecular and morphological analysis of Australia’s iconic frilled lizard Chlamydosaurus kingii.
2016-09-21 Lucie M Bland Species loss: lack of data leaves a gap.
2016-09-20 Hervé Sauquet | Maurizio Rossetto Evaluating the Impact of Genomic Data and Priors on Bayesian Estimates of the Angiosperm Evolutionary Timescale
2016-09-20 Alexander Keller | Markus Ankenbrand biojs-io-biom, a BioJS component for handling data in Biological Observation Matrix (BIOM) format.
2016-09-20 Brian J. Enquist Towards Process-based Range Modeling of Many Species.
2016-09-18 Mark Westoby The incidence of low phosphorus soils in Australia
2016-09-13 David B. Roy Patterns of contribution to citizen science biodiversity projects increase understanding of volunteers’ recording behaviour
2016-09-13 Stefanie Dekeyzer World Register of marine Cave Species (WoRCS): a new Thematic Species Database for marine and anchialine cave biodiversity
2016-09-12 Steven L. Chown Urban warming favours C4plants in temperate European cities
2016-09-12 Stefanie Dekeyzer EMODnet Workshop on mechanisms and guidelines to mobilise historical data into biogeographic databases
2016-09-09 Ignasi Bartomeus Hairiness: the missing link between pollinators and pollination
2016-09-09 Ignasi Bartomeus Hairiness: the missing link between pollinators and pollination
2016-09-09 Ralf B. Schäfer Predicting the synergy of multiple stress effects
2016-09-08 Marko J. Spasojevic Functional composition drives ecosystem function through multiple mechanisms in a broadleaved subtropical forest
2016-09-07 Steven L. Chown | Heloise Gibb Ant assemblages have darker and larger members in cold environments
2016-09-07 Jens Kattge A global method for calculating plant CSR ecological strategies applied across biomes world-wide
2016-09-07 Ralf B. Schäfer Specifics and challenges of assessing exposure and effects of pesticides in small water bodies
2016-09-07 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Does Historical Coexistence with Dingoes Explain Current Avoidance of Domestic Dogs? Island Bandicoots Are Naïve to Dogs, unlike Their Mainland Counterparts
2016-09-06 Colleen M. Iversen Mapping Arctic Plant Functional Type Distributions in the Barrow Environmental Observatory Using WorldView-2 and LiDAR Datasets
2016-09-06 Loïc Chalmandrier Spatial scale and intraspecific trait variability mediate assembly rules in alpine grasslands
2016-09-05 Jens Kattge Functional diversity underlies demographic responses to environmental variation in European forests
2016-09-03 Dylan J. Craven The unseen invaders: introduced earthworms as drivers of change in plant communities in North American forests (a meta-analysis)
2016-09-02 Jens Kattge Constraining a land-surface model with multiple observations by application of the MPI-Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation System V1.0
2016-09-01 Colleen M. Iversen The Alaska Arctic Vegetation Archive (AVA-AK)
2016-09-01 Richard J Telford | Vigdis Vandvik Can trait patterns along gradients predict plant community responses to climate change?
2016-08-31 Silvia Pineda-Munoz Lyons et al. reply
2016-08-30 Alexander Keller Grapevine (Vitis vinifera) Crown Galls Host Distinct Microbiota.
2016-08-30 Ralf B. Schäfer Pesticide mixtures in streams of several European countries and the USA.
2016-08-30 Colleen M. Iversen Moving forward with fine-root definitions and research.
2016-08-30 Yaoqi Li Leaf margin analysis of Chinese woody plants and the constraints on its application to palaeoclimatic reconstruction
2016-08-26 Brian J. Enquist | Sean T. Michaletz Corrigendum: The energetic and carbon economic origins of leaf thermoregulation
2016-08-25 Melissa Haendel A Whole-Genome Analysis Framework for Effective Identification of Pathogenic Regulatory Variants in Mendelian Disease
2016-08-24 Silvia Pineda-Munoz Erratum: Corrigendum: Holocene shifts in the assembly of plant and animal communities implicate human impacts
2016-08-22 Ignasi Bartomeus Ciencia reproducible: ¿qué, por qué, cómo?
2016-08-22 Brian J. Enquist | Sean T. Michaletz The energetic and carbon economic origins of leaf thermoregulation.
2016-08-17 Pete Manning Biodiversity at multiple trophic levels is needed for ecosystem multifunctionality
2016-08-16 David B. Roy Impacts of neonicotinoid use on long-term population changes in wild bees in England
2016-08-15 Cyrille Violle The Evolutionary Legacy of Diversification Predicts Ecosystem Function.
2016-08-13 Heloise Gibb Does wing morphology affect recolonization of restored farmland by ground-dwelling beetles?
2016-08-12 Ralf B. Schäfer Contribution of organic toxicants to multiple stress in river ecosystems
2016-08-10 Markus Ankenbrand AliTV-interactive visualization of whole genome comparisons
2016-08-09 Alexander Keller Contact of myeloma cells induces a characteristic transcriptome signature in skeletal precursor cells -Implications for myeloma bone disease.
2016-08-08 Michael Ray Kearney Mechanistic variables can enhance predictive models of endotherm distributions: the American pika under current, past, and future climates
2016-08-08 Michael Ray Kearney Too hot to handle? Balancing increased trapability with capture mortality in hot weather pitfall trapping
2016-08-08 Jens Kattge Invasive species’ leaf traits and dissimilarity from natives shape their impact on nitrogen cycling: a meta-analysis
2016-08-02 Michael Ray Kearney Mechanistic models for predicting insect responses to climate change
2016-08-01 Melissa Haendel Navigating the Phenotype Frontier: The Monarch Initiative
2016-08-01 Melissa Haendel Laying a Community-Based Foundation for Data-Driven Semantic Standards in Environmental Health Sciences
2016-08-01 Caterina Penone Global mammal beta diversity shows parallel assemblage structure in similar but isolated environments.
2016-08-01 Vigdis Vandvik Pollination service delivery for European crops: Challenges and opportunities
2016-08-01 Stefano Mammola Step back! Niche dynamics in cave-dwelling predators
2016-07-27 Brian J. Enquist Variation in leaf wettability traits along a tropical montane elevation gradient
2016-07-22 Jens Kattge Improved representation of plant functional types and physiology in the Joint UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES v4.2) using plant trait information
2016-07-22 Brian J. Enquist Examining variation in the leaf mass per area of dominant species across two contrasting tropical gradients in light of community assembly
2016-07-20 Daniel Mietchen Community engagement: The ‘last mile’ challenge for European research e-infrastructures
2016-07-20 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Historical rise of waterpower initiated the collapse of salmon stocks.
2016-07-20 Jonas J. Lembrechts Plant invasions into mountains and alpine ecosystems: current status and future challenges
2016-07-19 John Alroy A comprehensive database of quality-rated fossil ages for Sahul’s Quaternary vertebrates
2016-07-19 Heloise Gibb The Effect of Temperature Increases on an Ant-Hemiptera-Plant Interaction.
2016-07-19 Brian J. Enquist Observed forest sensitivity to climate implies large changes in 21st century North American forest growth.
2016-07-15 Katja Seltmann Areas of endemism in the Nearctic: a case study of 1339 species of Miridae (Insecta: Hemiptera) and their plant hosts
2016-07-15 Sadie J. Ryan Temperature determines Zika, dengue and chikungunya transmission potential in the Americas
2016-07-15 Xiao Feng Species residency status affects model selection and hypothesis testing in freshwater community ecology
2016-07-11 Michael Ray Kearney The effect of egg size on hatch time and metabolic rate: theoretical and empirical insights on developing insect embryos
2016-07-07 Ian G. Brennan First molecular verification of Dixonius vietnamensis Das, 2004 (Squamata: Gekkonidae) with the description of a new species from Vinh Cuu Nature Reserve, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
2016-07-07 Brian J. Enquist Trait variation and integration across scales: is the leaf economic spectrum present at local scales?
2016-07-06 Ralf B. Schäfer Modelling survival: exposure pattern, species sensitivity and uncertainty.
2016-07-06 Stefanie Dekeyzer EMODnet Workshop on mechanisms and guidelines to mobilise historical data into biogeographic databases
2016-07-05 Brian J. Enquist | Sean T. Michaletz Temperature mediates continental-scale diversity of microbes in forest soils.
2016-07-04 Melissa Haendel The Cell Ontology 2016: enhanced content, modularization, and ontology interoperability
2016-07-03 Fatih Fazlioglu Populations evolving towards failure: costs of adaptation under competition at the range edge of an invasive perennial plant
2016-07-01 Anton Potapov Assimilation of plant-derived freshly fixed carbon by soil collembolans: Not only via roots?
2016-07-01 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Effect of gut passage in fish on the germination speed of aquatic and riparian plants
2016-07-01 Diogo Borges Provete Range maps and checklists provide similar estimates of taxonomic and phylogenetic alpha diversity, but less so for beta diversity, of Brazilian Atlantic Forest anurans
2016-06-30 Vanessa M. Adams Using Optimal Land-Use Scenarios to Assess Trade-Offs between Conservation, Development, and Social Values
2016-06-29 Heloise Gibb Post-fire recovery of litter detritivores is limited by distance from burn edge
2016-06-29 Meghan Balk Body Size Evolution Across the Geozoic
2016-06-29 Dylan J. Craven Biodiversity-ecosystem function experiments reveal the mechanisms underlying the consequences of biodiversity change in real world ecosystems
2016-06-28 Brian J. Enquist Scale dependence of canopy trait distributions along a tropical forest elevation gradient.
2016-06-27 Mark Westoby On research priorities to advance understanding of the safety-efficiency tradeoff in xylem
2016-06-27 Anne Thessen Adoption of Machine Learning Techniques in Ecology and Earth Science
2016-06-24 Joseph A Tobias Territoriality, Social Bonds, and the Evolution of Communal Signaling in Birds
2016-06-24 Cyrille Violle Effectiveness of ecological rescue for altered soil microbial communities and functions
2016-06-23 Michael Ray Kearney Novel applications of thermocyclers for phenotyping invertebrate thermal responses
2016-06-23 Ralf B. Schäfer Effects of salinity on leaf breakdown: Dryland salinity versus salinity from a coalmine.
2016-06-23 Ralf B. Schäfer The German postgraduate degree program in ecotoxicology (SETAC GLB and GDCh): a success story.
2016-06-21 Fatih Fazlioglu Reproductive efficiency and shade avoidance plasticity under simulated competition.
2016-06-15 Nuno Simões Reflected-light Influences the Coloration of the Peppermint Shrimp, Lysmata boggessi (Decapoda: Caridea)
2016-06-15 Melissa Haendel Navigating the phenotype frontier: The Monarch Initiative
2016-06-15 Cyrille Violle Occupancy and overlap in trait space along a successional gradient in Mediterranean old fields.
2016-06-13 Colleen M. Iversen Potential carbon emissions dominated by carbon dioxide from thawed permafrost soils
2016-06-13 Belén Fadrique Elevation and topography influence community structure, biomass and host tree interactions of lianas in tropical montane forests of southern Ecuador
2016-06-09 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright | Daniel Falster On the link between functional traits and growth rate: meta-analysis shows effects change with plant size, as predicted
2016-06-07 Ian J. Wright To recycle or steal? Nutrient resorption in Australian and Brazilian mistletoes from three low-phosphorus sites
2016-06-07 Fatih Fazlioglu Testing specialization hypothesis on a stress gradient
2016-06-05 Vigdis Vandvik The role of fire in UK peatland and moorland management: the need for informed, unbiased debate
2016-06-03 Hervé Sauquet Evolutionary radiations of Proteaceae are triggered by the interaction between traits and climates in open habitats
2016-06-01 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Effects of stand characteristics on tree species richness in and around a conservation area of northeast Bangladesh
2016-06-01 Jens Kattge Traits to stay, traits to move: a review of functional traits to assess sensitivity and adaptive capacity of temperate and boreal trees to climate change
2016-06-01 Michael Ray Kearney Colour change on different body regions provides thermal and signalling advantages in bearded dragon lizards.
2016-06-01 Sadie J. Ryan Knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding dengue infection among public sector healthcare providers in Machala, Ecuador.
2016-06-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Evolutionary patterns and physicochemical properties explain macroinvertebrate sensitivity to heavy metals.
2016-06-01 Brian J. Enquist Plant leaf wax biomarkers capture gradients in hydrogen isotopes of precipitation from the Andes and Amazon
2016-05-31 Daniel Falster Leaf mass per area, not total leaf area, drives differences in above-ground biomass distribution among woody plant functional types.
2016-05-26 Jens Kattge Taxonomic and functional diversity in Mediterranean pastures: insights on the biodiversity-productivity trade-off
2016-05-24 Richard J Telford Technical note: Estimating unbiased transfer-function performances in spatially structured environments
2016-05-21 Brian J. Enquist | Sean T. Michaletz Biogeographic patterns of soil diazotrophic communities across six forests in the North America.
2016-05-21 Nicolas Fanin Eco-enzymatic stoichiometry and enzymatic vectors reveal differential C, N, P dynamics in decaying litter along a land-use gradient
2016-05-19 Samraat S. Pawar The effects of climatic fluctuations and extreme events on running water ecosystems
2016-05-18 Paula M. Mabee Data Sources for Trait Databases: Comparing the Phenomic Content of Monographs and Evolutionary Matrices
2016-05-18 Samuel C. Andrew Inaccuracies in the history of a well-known introduction: a case study of the Australian House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)
2016-05-18 Heloise Gibb Foraging loads of red wood ants: Formica aquilonia (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in relation to tree characteristics and stand age
2016-05-18 Brian J. Enquist | Sean T. Michaletz Corrigendum: Convergence of terrestrial plant production across global climate gradients.
2016-05-13 Daniel Mietchen Applying, Evaluating and Refining Bioinformatics Core Competencies (An Update from the Curriculum Task Force of ISCB’s Education Committee).
2016-05-13 Sandra M Durán | Dylan J. Craven Carbon sequestration potential of second-growth forest regeneration in the Latin American tropics
2016-05-13 Yaoqi Li Effects of topography on structuring species assemblages in a subtropical forest
2016-05-12 Ignasi Bartomeus Linking species functional roles to their network roles.
2016-05-12 Luca Santini Contrasting changes in the abundance and diversity of North American bird assemblages from 1971 to 2010.
2016-05-11 Alexander Keller | Markus Ankenbrand bcgTree: automatized phylogenetic tree building from bacterial core genomes.
2016-05-11 Ignasi Bartomeus A common framework for identifying linkage rules across different types of interactions
2016-05-11 Marko J. Spasojevic Ecological effects of extreme drought on Californian herbaceous plant communities
2016-05-11 Alana R O Chin Phenotypic plasticity of leaves enhances water-stress tolerance and promotes hydraulic conductivity in a tall conifer
2016-05-10 Marko J. Spasojevic Herbivory mediates the long-term shift in the relative importance of microsite and propagule limitation
2016-05-10 Xiao Feng Climatic Similarity of Extant and Extinct Dasypus Armadillos
2016-05-09 Stefano Mammola The effect of ageing on the mechanical properties of the silk of the bridge spider Larinioides cornutus (Clerck, 1757).
2016-05-05 John Alroy On a conservative Bayesian method of inferring extinction
2016-05-04 Markus Ankenbrand Venus flytrap carnivorous lifestyle builds on herbivore defense strategies
2016-05-04 Ralf B. Schäfer Looking beneath the surface: using hydrogeology and traits to explain flow variability effects on stream macroinvertebrates
2016-05-03 Vanessa M. Adams Extinct flagships: linking extinct and threatened species
2016-05-01 Steven L. Chown Soil biota in a megadiverse country: Current knowledge and future research directions in South Africa
2016-05-01 Pete Manning Locally rare species influence grassland ecosystem multifunctionality
2016-05-01 Pete Manning | Dylan J. Craven Plant diversity effects on grassland productivity are robust to both nutrient enrichment and drought
2016-05-01 Malte Jochum Species richness and biomass explain spatial turnover in ecosystem functioning across tropical and temperate ecosystems
2016-04-30 Joshua S Madin Environmental tolerance governs the presence of reef corals at latitudes beyond reef growth
2016-04-19 Michael Ray Kearney Unpacking the mechanisms captured by a correlative species distribution model to improve predictions of climate refugia.
2016-04-15 Melissa Haendel k-BOOM: A Bayesian approach to ontology structure inference, with applications in disease ontology construction
2016-04-13 Alexander Keller Pollen DNA barcoding: current applications and future prospects.
2016-04-13 Luca Santini A trait-based approach for predicting species responses to environmental change from sparse data: how well might terrestrial mammals track climate change?
2016-04-12 Colleen M. Iversen Expanding Use of Plant Trait Observation in Earth System Models
2016-04-12 Ramona L Walls MicrO: an ontology of phenotypic and metabolic characters, assays, and culture media found in prokaryotic taxonomic descriptions
2016-04-12 Belén Fadrique Commentary: Novel competitors shape species’ responses to climate change
2016-04-11 Joseph A Tobias Widespread correlations between climatic niche evolution and species diversification in birds.
2016-04-05 Michael Ray Kearney A continent-wide analysis of the shade requirements of red and western grey kangaroos
2016-04-01 Caterina Penone Large-scale semi-automated acoustic monitoring allows to detect temporal decline of bush-crickets
2016-04-01 Sadie J. Ryan Hunting, food subsidies, and mesopredator release: the dynamics of crop-raiding baboons in a managed landscape.
2016-04-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Statistical hypothesis testing–To transform or not to transform?
2016-04-01 Richard J Telford Significance testing testate amoeba water table reconstructions
2016-04-01 Vigdis Vandvik Biomass partitioning in grassland plants along independent gradients in temperature and precipitation
2016-04-01 Nicolas Fanin Functional breadth and home-field advantage generate functional differences among soil microbial decomposers.
2016-03-29 Joshua S Madin | Daniel Falster The Coral Trait Database, a curated database of trait information for coral species from the global oceans
2016-03-28 Jacintha Ellers Transgenerational effects of nutrition are different for sons and daughters.
2016-03-28 Sadie J. Ryan Perceptions of risk in communities near parks in an African biodiversity hotspot
2016-03-24 Pete Manning Jack-of-all-trades effects drive biodiversity-ecosystem multifunctionality relationships in European forests
2016-03-23 Steven L. Chown Range expansion and increasing impact of the introduced wasp Aphidius matricariae Haliday on sub-Antarctic Marion Island
2016-03-23 Vanessa M. Adams Prioritising Mangrove Ecosystem Services Results in Spatially Variable Management Priorities
2016-03-23 Jonas J. Lembrechts Mountain roads shift native and non-native plant species’ ranges
2016-03-22 Nuno Simões Sea anemones (Cnidaria: Actiniaria, Corallimorpharia, Ceriantharia, Zoanthidea) from marine shallow-water environments in Venezuela: new records and an updated inventory
2016-03-22 David B. Roy A generalized abundance index for seasonal invertebrates
2016-03-20 Jacintha Ellers Replacing qualitative life-history traits by quantitative indices in parasitoid evolutionary ecology
2016-03-19 Vanessa M. Adams Perceived and projected flood risk and adaptation in coastal Southeast Queensland, Australia
2016-03-18 John Alroy | Silvia Pineda-Munoz The relationship between diet and body mass in terrestrial mammals
2016-03-17 Ignasi Bartomeus The Allometry of Bee Proboscis Length and Its Uses in Ecology
2016-03-16 Jonas J. Lembrechts Climatic controls on leaf litter decomposition across European forests and grasslands revealed by reciprocal litter transplantation experiments
2016-03-15 Melissa Haendel Proceedings of a Sickle Cell Disease Ontology workshop - Towards the first comprehensive ontology for Sickle Cell Disease
2016-03-15 Pete Manning Biotic homogenization can decrease landscape-scale forest multifunctionality
2016-03-14 Jens Kattge | Franziska Schrodt Monitoring plant functional diversity from space
2016-03-12 Daniel Mietchen Data Policy Recommendations for Biodiversity Data. EU BON Project Report
2016-03-11 Steven L. Chown Erratum to Araújoet al(2013)
2016-03-10 Brian J. Enquist | Brad Boyle | Cyrille Violle Plant-O-Matic : a dynamic and mobile guide to all plants of the Americas
2016-03-08 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Tropical secondary forests regenerating after shifting cultivation in the Philippines uplands are important carbon sinks.
2016-03-08 Joshua S Madin | Daniel Falster A Trait-Based Approach to Advance Coral Reef Science
2016-03-02 Franziska Schrodt | Jens Kattge Monitoring plant functional diversity from space
2016-03-01 Alexander Keller | Markus Ankenbrand DNA-Metabarcoding – ein neuer Blick auf organismische Diversität
2016-03-01 Steven L. Chown Antarctic Entomology
2016-03-01 John Alroy A simple Bayesian method of inferring extinction: reply.
2016-03-01 Joseph A Tobias Energetic Constraints on Species Coexistence in Birds
2016-03-01 Ben Sparrow AusPlots Rangelands field data collection and publication: Infrastructure for ecological monitoring
2016-03-01 Joshua S Madin A tropical cleaner wrasse finds new clients at the frontier
2016-03-01 Brian J. Enquist Ecology: Biology distilled
2016-03-01 Timothy M. Perez ECOLOGY. Thermal trouble in the tropics.
2016-03-01 Silvia Pineda-Munoz The temporal scale of diet and dietary proxies
2016-03-01 Cyrille Violle What it takes to invade grassland ecosystems: traits, introduction history and filtering processes
2016-02-29 Maurizio Rossetto Building a Plant DNA Barcode Reference Library for a Diverse Tropical Flora: An Example from Queensland, Australia
2016-02-29 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Field and laboratory studies reveal interacting effects of stream oxygenation and warming on aquatic ectotherms
2016-02-27 Ralf B. Schäfer Does nutrient enrichment compensate fungicide effects on litter decomposition and decomposer communities in streams?
2016-02-27 Ralf B. Schäfer No association between the use of Bti for mosquito control and the dynamics of non-target aquatic invertebrates in French coastal and continental wetlands.
2016-02-26 Steven L. Chown Global compositional variation among native and non-native regional insect assemblages emphasizes the importance of pathways
2016-02-22 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Prioritizing management actions for invasive populations using cost, efficacy, demography and expert opinion for 14 plant species world-wide
2016-02-20 Dylan J. Craven Root quality and decomposition environment, but not tree species richness, drive root decomposition in tropical forests
2016-02-18 Ignasi Bartomeus Corrigendum: Delivery of crop pollination services is an insufficient argument for wild pollinator conservation.
2016-02-17 Colleen M. Iversen Modeling the spatio-temporal variability in subsurface thermal regimes across a low-relief polygonal tundra landscape
2016-02-17 Cyrille Violle CSR ecological strategies and plant mating systems: outcrossing increases with competitiveness but stress-tolerance is related to mixed mating
2016-02-16 John Alroy Reply to Solow: Sense and nonsense in the choice of extinction priors.
2016-02-15 Brian J. Enquist Leaf aging of Amazonian canopy trees as revealed by spectral and physiochemical measurements.
2016-02-10 John Alroy What caused extinction of the Pleistocene megafauna of Sahul?
2016-02-10 Ian J. Wright Relationships between soil nutrient status and nutrient-related leaf traits in Brazilian cerrado and seasonal forest communities
2016-02-10 Rachael V. Gallagher Correlates of range size variation in the Australian seed-plant flora
2016-02-09 Hervé Sauquet Subfamilial and tribal relationships of Ranunculaceae: evidence from eight molecular markers
2016-02-09 Daniel Mietchen Open drug discovery for the Zika virus
2016-02-08 Cyrille Violle Community variation in plant traits along copper and cobalt gradients
2016-02-05 Jens Kattge Functional Resilience against Climate-Driven Extinctions - Comparing the Functional Diversity of European and North American Tree Floras
2016-02-04 Vigdis Vandvik From facilitation to competition: temperature-driven shift in dominant plant interactions affects population dynamics in seminatural grasslands
2016-02-03 Sandra M Durán | Dylan J. Craven Biomass resilience of Neotropical secondary forests
2016-02-02 Luca Santini Extraordinary range expansion in a common bat: the potential roles of climate change and urbanisation.
2016-02-01 Mark Westoby | Daniel Falster plant : A package for modelling forest trait ecology and evolution
2016-02-01 Michael Ray Kearney One lump or two? Explaining a major latitudinal transition in reproductive allocation in a viviparous lizard
2016-02-01 Anne Thessen Lessons learned while building the Deepwater Horizon Database: Toward improved data sharing in coastal science
2016-02-01 Ralf B. Schäfer WATER. Saving freshwater from salts
2016-02-01 Anton Potapov Stable isotope composition of mycophagous collembolans versus mycotrophic plants: Do soil invertebrates feed on mycorrhizal fungi?
2016-02-01 Cyrille Violle Recasting the dynamic equilibrium model through a functional lens: the interplay of trait-based community assembly and climate
2016-02-01 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Does oxygen limit thermal tolerance in arthropods? A critical review of current evidence
2016-01-30 Vigdis Vandvik Erratum to: Temperature, precipitation and biotic interactions as determinants of tree seedling recruitment across the tree line ecotone.
2016-01-29 Steven L. Chown Basal Metabolic Rate of the Black-Faced Sheathbill (Chionis minor): Intraspecific Variation in a Phylogenetically Distinct Island Endemic.
2016-01-29 John Alroy Climate change not to blame for late Quaternary megafauna extinctions in Australia
2016-01-27 Roberto Salguero-Gómez COMADRE: a global data base of animal demography
2016-01-26 Meghan Balk Exploring the influence of ancient and historic megaherbivore extirpations on the global methane budget
2016-01-25 Stefano Mammola The ecological niche of a specialized subterranean spider
2016-01-25 Cyrille Violle Towards parsimonious ecophysiological models that bridge ecology and agronomy.
2016-01-22 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle A network approach for inferring species associations from co-occurrence data
2016-01-20 Alexander Keller Bacterial Diversity and Community Structure in Two Bornean Nepenthes Species with Differences in Nitrogen Acquisition Strategies
2016-01-20 Joshua S Madin Predicting IUCN Extinction Risk Categories for the World’s Data Deficient Groupers (Teleostei: Epinephelidae)
2016-01-20 Dylan J. Craven Evaluating resilience of tree communities in fragmented landscapes: linking functional response diversity with landscape connectivity
2016-01-16 Alexander Keller Draft genome of the Arabidopsis thaliana phyllosphere bacterium, Williamsia sp. ARP1.
2016-01-15 Lucie M Bland Correlates of extinction risk in squamate reptiles: the relative importance of biology, geography, threat and range size
2016-01-13 David B. Roy A Synthesis is Emerging between Biodiversity-Ecosystem Function and Ecological Resilience Research: Reply to Mori.
2016-01-12 Florian Dirk Schneider Predicting the consequences of species loss using size-structured biodiversity approaches
2016-01-07 Marko J. Spasojevic When does intraspecific trait variation contribute to functional beta-diversity?
2016-01-05 Samraat S. Pawar Real versus Artificial Variation in the Thermal Sensitivity of Biological Traits
2016-01-02 Richard J Telford | Vigdis Vandvik Plant functional group responses in an African tropical forest recovering from disturbance
2016-01-01 Katja Seltmann Natural history collections in support of conservation and ecological restoration
2016-01-01 Alexander Keller Silent listeners: can preferences of eavesdropping midges predict their hosts’ parasitism risk?
2016-01-01 Melissa Haendel The Resource Identification Initiative: A Cultural Shift in Publishing
2016-01-01 Melissa Haendel The health care and life sciences community profile for dataset descriptions
2016-01-01 Melissa Haendel The Ontology for Biomedical Investigations
2016-01-01 Melissa Haendel | Paula M. Mabee Muscle Logic: New Knowledge Resource for Anatomy Enables Comprehensive Searches of the Literature on the Feeding Muscles of Mammals
2016-01-01 Melissa Haendel The Resource Identification Initiative: a cultural shift in publishing
2016-01-01 John Alroy Near-Stasis in the Long-Term Diversification of Mesozoic Tetrapods
2016-01-01 Mark Westoby Weak coordination among petiole, leaf, vein, and gas-exchange traits across Australian angiosperm species and its possible implications
2016-01-01 Ian J. Wright Corrigendum to: New handbook for standardised measurement of plant functional traits worldwide
2016-01-01 Paula M. Mabee Phenoscape: Identifying Candidate Genes for Evolutionary Phenotypes
2016-01-01 Anne Thessen Challenges with using names to link digital biodiversity information
2016-01-01 Joseph A Tobias Functional traits reveal the expansion and packing of ecological niche space underlying an elevational diversity gradient in passerine birds.
2016-01-01 Joseph A Tobias Contrasting Patterns of Species Richness and Functional Diversity in Bird Communities of East African Cloud Forest Fragments
2016-01-01 Sadie J. Ryan Welfare at Multiple Scales: Importance of Zoo Elephant Population Welfare in a World of Declining Wild Populations
2016-01-01 Jennifer A Hammock A Journey of Citizen Science Data in an Online Environment
2016-01-01 Jennifer A Hammock A Text Mining Framework for Accelerating the Semantic Curation of Literature
2016-01-01 Pete Manning Response to Comment on “Worldwide evidence of a unimodal relationship between productivity and plant species richness”
2016-01-01 Pete Manning Shifts in microbial communities do not explain the response of grassland ecosystem function to plant functional composition and rainfall change
2016-01-01 Heloise Gibb Dispersal-limited detritivores in fire-prone environments: persistence and population structure of terrestrial amphipods (Talitridae)
2016-01-01 William D. Pearse Taking the Long View: Integrating Recorded, Archeological, Paleoecological, and Evolutionary Data into Ecological Restoration
2016-01-01 Stefano Mammola Unexpected diversity in the relictual European spiders of the genus Pimoa (Araneae : Pimoidae)
2016-01-01 Vanessa M. Adams Using quantitative influence diagrams to map natural resource managers’ mental models of invasive species management
2016-01-01 Vanessa M. Adams A guideline to improve qualitative social science publishing in ecology and conservation journals
2016-01-01 Vanessa M. Adams Approaches to strategic risk analysis and management of invasive plants: lessons learned from managing gamba grass in northern Australia
2016-01-01 Jérôme Mathieu Ecosystem Engineers in a Self-organized Soil
2016-01-01 Dylan J. Craven Modelación del crecimiento de bosques: estado del arte
2015-12-31 Ian J. Wright A test of the ‘one-point method’ for estimating maximum carboxylation capacity from field-measured, light-saturated photosynthesis
2015-12-29 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Linking transient dynamics and life history to biological invasion success
2015-12-23 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright | Jens Kattge The global spectrum of plant form and function
2015-12-23 Mark Westoby | Jens Kattge | Daniel Falster Plant functional traits have globally consistent effects on competition
2015-12-23 Dalia A. Conde New light on Roman census papyri through semi-automated record linkage
2015-12-22 Daniel Mietchen Enabling Open Science: Wikidata for Research (Wiki4R)
2015-12-22 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Fast-slow continuum and reproductive strategies structure plant life-history variation worldwide
2015-12-19 Florian Dirk Schneider Spatially heterogeneous pressure raises risk of catastrophic shifts
2015-12-18 Daniel Falster Testing the generality of above-ground biomass allometry across plant functional types at the continent scale
2015-12-18 David B. Roy Uncovering hidden spatial structure in species communities with spatially explicit joint species distribution models
2015-12-17 Daniel Mietchen Publishing the research process
2015-12-17 Melissa Haendel Reproducibility and conflicts in immune epitope data
2015-12-16 Silvia Pineda-Munoz Holocene shifts in the assembly of plant and animal communities implicate human impacts
2015-12-14 Meghan Balk Metabolic heat production and thermal conductance are mass-independent adaptations to thermal environment in birds and mammals
2015-12-11 Jens Kattge Modes of functional biodiversity control on tree productivity across the European continent
2015-12-10 Luca Santini Dietary Flexibility and Feeding Strategies of Eulemur: A Comparison with Propithecus
2015-12-09 Jens Kattge Dispersal limitation drives successional pathways in Central Siberian forests under current and intensified fire regimes
2015-12-08 David B. Roy Declining resilience of ecosystem functions under biodiversity loss
2015-12-07 Jens Kattge Foliar temperature acclimation reduces simulated carbon sensitivity to climate
2015-12-07 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Patterns and drivers of plant functional group dominance across the Western Hemisphere: a macroecological re-assessment based on a massive botanical dataset
2015-12-03 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk On the importance of trait interrelationships for understanding environmental responses of stream macroinvertebrates
2015-12-01 Maurizio Rossetto From ratites to rats: the size of fleshy fruits shapes species’ distributions and continental rainforest assembly
2015-12-01 Ignasi Bartomeus Pollinators, pests and soil properties interactively shape oilseed rape yield
2015-12-01 Jens Kattge | Franziska Schrodt The imprint of plants on ecosystem functioning: A data-driven approach
2015-12-01 Jens Kattge Biogeographic patterns of multi-element stoichiometry of Quercus variabilis leaves across China
2015-12-01 Stefanie Dekeyzer How Aphia—The Platform behind Several Online and Taxonomically Oriented Databases—Can Serve Both the Taxonomic Community and the Field of Biodiversity Informatics
2015-11-30 Ignasi Bartomeus Non-bee insects are important contributors to global crop pollination
2015-11-27 Brian J. Enquist Variation and macroevolution in leaf functional traits in the Hawaiian silversword alliance (Asteraceae)
2015-11-25 David B. Roy A regionally informed abundance index for supporting integrative analyses across butterfly monitoring schemes
2015-11-25 Nicolas Fanin Aboveground litter quality is a better predictor than belowground microbial communities when estimating carbon mineralization along a land-use gradient
2015-11-24 Michael Ray Kearney Modeling behavioral thermoregulation in a climate change sentinel
2015-11-24 Marko J. Spasojevic Scaling up the diversity-resilience relationship with trait databases and remote sensing data: the recovery of productivity after wildfire
2015-11-21 Steven L. Chown Similar metabolic rate-temperature relationships after acclimation at constant and fluctuating temperatures in caterpillars of a sub-Antarctic moth.
2015-11-20 Melissa Haendel The Resource Identification Initiative: A Cultural Shift in Publishing
2015-11-20 William Farfan-Rios Estimating the global conservation status of more than 15,000 Amazonian tree species.
2015-11-20 Hamish Holewa The Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory: Where ecology meets big data
2015-11-20 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Naiveté is not forever: responses of a vulnerable native rodent to its long term alien predators
2015-11-18 Michael Ray Kearney Climate and Fire Scenario Uncertainty Dominate the Evaluation of Options for Conserving the Great Desert Skink
2015-11-18 Franziska Schrodt Edaphic, structural and physiological contrasts across Amazon Basin forest–savanna ecotones suggest a role for potassium as a key modulator of tropical woody vegetation structure and function
2015-11-18 Sadie J. Ryan Mapping Physiological Suitability Limits for Malaria in Africa Under Climate Change
2015-11-13 Cyrille Violle Decreases in average bacterial community rRNA operon copy number during succession
2015-11-12 Melissa Haendel Next-generation diagnostics and disease-gene discovery with the Exomiser
2015-11-12 Melissa Haendel Computational evaluation of exome sequence data using human and model organism phenotypes improves diagnostic efficiency.
2015-11-10 Ian G. Brennan A new species of Dixonius (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from Phu Quy Island, Vietnam
2015-11-10 Jonas J. Lembrechts Trade-off between competition and facilitation defines gap colonization in mountains
2015-11-09 Anne Thessen Data Infrastructures for Estuarine and Coastal Ecological Syntheses
2015-11-09 Luca Santini Ecological and Anthropogenic Correlates of Activity Patterns in Eulemur
2015-11-07 Daniel Falster Quantifying and understanding reproductive allocation schedules in plants.
2015-11-02 Mark Westoby Leaf mechanical resistance in plant trait databases: comparing the results of two common measurement methods
2015-11-02 Luca Santini Connectivity of the global network of protected areas
2015-11-01 Paula M. Mabee Toward Synthesizing Our Knowledge of Morphology: Using Ontologies and Machine Reasoning to Extract Presence/Absence Evolutionary Phenotypes across Studies
2015-11-01 Michael Ray Kearney Testing mechanistic models of growth in insects.
2015-11-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Meta-analysis on the responses of traits of different taxonomic groups to global and local stressors
2015-11-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Effects of hedgerows and riparian margins on aerial web-building spiders in cereal fields
2015-11-01 Vigdis Vandvik Tree-growth response to climatic variability in two climatically contrasting treeline ecotone areas, central Himalaya, Nepal
2015-11-01 Vanessa M. Adams Measuring benefits of protected area management: trends across realms and research gaps for freshwater systems
2015-11-01 Vanessa M. Adams Integrated cross-realm planning: A decision-makers’ perspective
2015-10-28 Steven L. Chown Editorial overview: Global change biology: Insects in a hot, crowded and connected world
2015-10-25 Brian J. Enquist | Brad Boyle | Cyrille Violle Megafauna extinction, tree species range reduction, and carbon storage in Amazonian forests
2015-10-23 Ian G. Brennan Mitochondrial introgression via ancient hybridization, and systematics of the Australian endemic pygopodid gecko genus Delma
2015-10-20 John Alroy Current extinction rates of reptiles and amphibians
2015-10-19 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Re-growing a tropical dry forest: functional plant trait composition and community assembly during succession
2015-10-15 William Farfan-Rios Lista anotada de árboles y afines en los bosques montanos del sureste peruano: la importancia de seguir recolectando
2015-10-14 Pete Manning | Dylan J. Craven Biodiversity increases the resistance of ecosystem productivity to climate extremes
2015-10-14 Brian J. Enquist | Sean T. Michaletz Plant Thermoregulation: Energetics, Trait-Environment Interactions, and Carbon Economics
2015-10-08 Brian S. Maitner A comparative approach to testing hypotheses for the evolution of sex-biased dispersal in bean beetles
2015-10-01 Steven L. Chown Upper thermal tolerance in aquatic insects.
2015-10-01 Melissa Haendel Disease insights through cross-species phenotype comparisons
2015-10-01 Melissa Haendel The Matchmaker Exchange: a platform for rare disease gene discovery
2015-10-01 Steven L. Chown Microclimate-based macrophysiology: implications for insects in a warming world
2015-10-01 John Alroy Criteria for assessing the quality of Middle Pleistocene to Holocene vertebrate fossil ages
2015-10-01 Joseph A Tobias Species interactions regulate the collapse of biodiversity and ecosystem function in tropical forest fragments
2015-10-01 Cyrille Violle Diversity in Plant Breeding: A New Conceptual Framework
2015-09-29 Roberto Salguero-Gómez COMADRE: a global database of animal demography
2015-09-28 Cyrille Violle | Loïc Chalmandrier A global meta-analysis of the relative extent of intraspecific trait variation in plant communities.
2015-09-25 John Alroy The shape of terrestrial abundance distributions
2015-09-25 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright Correction: Broad Anatomical Variation within a Narrow Wood Density Range-A Study of Twig Wood across 69 Australian Angiosperms.
2015-09-24 Melissa Haendel Capturing phenotypes for precision medicine
2015-09-22 Ignasi Bartomeus EDITOR’S CHOICE: REVIEW: Trait matching of flower visitors and crops predicts fruit set better than trait diversity
2015-09-18 Ignasi Bartomeus The potential of electricity transmission corridors in forested areas as bumble bee habitat
2015-09-17 Steven L. Chown Further support for thermal ecosystem engineering by wandering albatross
2015-09-17 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright Weak tradeoff between xylem safety and xylem-specific hydraulic efficiency across the world’s woody plant species.
2015-09-16 Joshua S Madin Large orb-webs adapted to maximise total biomass not rare, large prey
2015-09-16 David B. Roy Biodiversity and Resilience of Ecosystem Functions
2015-09-15 Vigdis Vandvik Disjunct populations of European vascular plant species keep the same climatic niches
2015-09-09 Jens Kattge Variation in trait trade-offs allows differentiation among predefined plant functional types: implications for predictive ecology.
2015-09-08 Malte Jochum Functional diversity and stability of litter-invertebrate communities following land-use change in Sumatra, Indonesia
2015-09-08 Brian J. Enquist Diversity enhances carbon storage in tropical forests
2015-09-06 Brian J. Enquist Assessing the general patterns of forest structure: quantifying tree and forest allometric scaling relationships in the United States
2015-09-03 Alexandra J. R. Carthey How seed traits predict floating times: a biophysical process model for hydrochorous seed transport behaviour in fluvial systems
2015-09-01 John Alroy A more precise speciation and extinction rate estimator
2015-09-01 Florian Dirk Schneider Size-balanced community reorganization in response to nutrients and warming.
2015-09-01 Sadie J. Ryan Malaria control and senescence: the importance of accounting for the pace and shape of aging in wild mosquitoes
2015-09-01 Colleen M. Iversen Forest soil carbon oxidation state and oxidative ratio responses to elevated CO2
2015-09-01 Stefano Mammola Seasonal dynamics and micro-climatic preference of two Alpine endemic hypogean beetles
2015-08-31 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Can respiratory physiology predict thermal niches?
2015-08-26 Jens Kattge Phylogenetic measures of plant communities show long-term change and impacts of fire management in tallgrass prairie remnants
2015-08-26 Franziska Schrodt The influence of C3 and C4 vegetation on soil organic matter dynamics in contrasting semi-natural tropical ecosystems
2015-08-24 Ralf B. Schäfer Mapping human health risks from exposure to trace metal contamination of drinking water sources in Pakistan.
2015-08-22 Ralf B. Schäfer Review on environmental alterations propagating from aquatic to terrestrial ecosystems
2015-08-18 Vigdis Vandvik The crypsis hypothesis explained: a reply to Jayasuriya et al. (2015)
2015-08-18 Stefanie Dekeyzer Biological and ecological traits of marine species
2015-08-15 Ignasi Bartomeus Faculty of 1000 evaluation for Tidy Data
2015-08-15 Ralf B. Schäfer Pesticide runoff from energy crops: A threat to aquatic invertebrates?
2015-08-13 Melissa Haendel Use of model organism and disease databases to support matchmaking for human disease gene discovery
2015-08-13 Cyrille Violle Trait databases: misuses and precautions
2015-08-12 Steven L. Chown Macrophysiology - progress and prospects
2015-08-11 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Statistical modelling of annual variation for inference on stochastic population dynamics using Integral Projection Models
2015-08-11 Jérôme Mathieu Levels and limits in artificial selection of communities.
2015-08-10 Ignasi Bartomeus A common framework for identifying linkage rules across different types of interactions
2015-08-07 Melissa Haendel PhenomeCentral: a portal for phenotypic and genotypic matchmaking of patients with rare genetic diseases
2015-08-06 Alexander Keller Microhabitat heterogeneity across leaves and flower organs promotes bacterial diversity.
2015-08-06 Alexander Keller | Markus Ankenbrand ITS2 Database V: Twice as Much.
2015-08-01 Steven L. Chown Polar lessons learned: long-term management based on shared threats in Arctic and Antarctic environments
2015-08-01 Michael Ray Kearney A dynamic energy budget for the whole life-cycle of holometabolous insects
2015-08-01 Roberto Salguero-Gómez The next generation ofaction ecology: novel approaches towards global ecological research
2015-07-28 Paula M. Mabee Using the phenoscape knowledgebase to relate genetic perturbations to phenotypic evolution
2015-07-28 Joshua S Madin The full extent of the global coral reef crisis
2015-07-27 Dylan J. Craven Drivers of temporal changes in temperate forest plant diversity vary across spatial scales
2015-07-25 Steven L. Chown Indirect effects of habitat disturbance on invasion: nutritious litter from a grazing resistant plant favors alien over native Collembola
2015-07-24 Maurizio Rossetto Where did all the trees come from? A novel multispecies approach reveals the impacts of biogeographical history and functional diversity on rain forest assembly
2015-07-23 Alexandra J. R. Carthey No longer naïve? Generalized responses of rabbits to marsupial predators in Australia
2015-07-22 Alexander Keller | Markus Ankenbrand Increased efficiency in identifying mixed pollen samples by meta-barcoding with a dual-indexing approach
2015-07-21 William Farfan-Rios Phylogenetic diversity of Amazonian tree communities
2015-07-17 Caterina Penone Chromosomal diversity in tropical reef fishes is related to body size and depth range.
2015-07-17 Joshua S Madin Seafarers or castaways: ecological traits associated with rafting dispersal in tropical reef fishes
2015-07-15 Alexander Keller Laboratory rearing of solitary bees and wasps.
2015-07-14 Alexander Keller Monophyletic clades ofMacaranga-pollinating thrips show high specificity to taxonomic sections of host plants
2015-07-14 Steven L. Chown The abundance structure of Azorella selago Hook. f. on sub-Antarctic Marion Island: testing the peak and tail hypothesis
2015-07-14 Ian J. Wright | Jens Kattge | Franziska Schrodt BHPMF - a hierarchical Bayesian approach to gap-filling and trait prediction for macroecology and functional biogeography
2015-07-14 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Disentangling trait-based mortality in species with decoupled size and age.
2015-07-13 Jens Kattge A vertically discretised canopy description for ORCHIDEE (SVN r2290) and the modifications to the energy, water and carbon fluxes
2015-07-08 Renee A. Catullo Extending spatial modelling of climate change responses beyond the realized niche: estimating, and accommodating, physiological limits and adaptive evolution
2015-07-08 Steven L. Chown Growth and reproduction of laboratory-reared neanurid Collembola using a novel slime mould diet
2015-07-03 Jens Kattge | Pete Manning Simple measures of climate, soil properties and plant traits predict national-scale grassland soil carbon stocks
2015-07-03 Ralf B. Schäfer Effects of fungicides on decomposer communities and litter decomposition in vineyard streams.
2015-07-01 Melissa Haendel The Human Phenotype Ontology: Semantic Unification of Common and Rare Disease
2015-07-01 Joseph A Tobias Biodiversity: Hidden impacts of logging
2015-07-01 Michael Ray Kearney Couples that have chemistry: when ecological theories meet
2015-07-01 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Local-scale disturbances can benefit an endangered, fire-adapted plant species in Western Mediterranean heathlands in the absence of fire
2015-07-01 Pete Manning Plant ecology. Worldwide evidence of a unimodal relationship between productivity and plant species richness
2015-07-01 Diogo Borges Provete Comparative testis morphology of Neotropical anurans
2015-06-30 Ian G. Brennan New species of Blaesodactylus (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from Tsingy karstic outcrops in Ankarana National Park, northern Madagascar
2015-06-29 Carlos Alberto Martínez-Muñoz Predation by the scorpion Rhopalurus junceus (Scorpiones: Buthidae) on the centipede Scolopocryptops ferrugineus (Scolopendromorpha: Scolopocryptopidae)
2015-06-29 Cyrille Violle Plant domestication through an ecological lens.
2015-06-29 Dylan J. Craven Environmental gradients and the evolution of successional habitat specialization: a test case with 14 Neotropical forest sites
2015-06-27 Pete Manning Plant diversity drives soil microbial biomass carbon in grasslands irrespective of global environmental change factors
2015-06-25 David B. Roy Two Species with an Unusual Combination of Traits Dominate Responses of British Grasshoppers and Crickets to Environmental Change
2015-06-22 Pete Manning Land use intensification alters ecosystem multifunctionality via loss of biodiversity and changes to functional composition
2015-06-19 Vigdis Vandvik The Importance of Biotic vs. Abiotic Drivers of Local Plant Community Composition Along Regional Bioclimatic Gradients
2015-06-18 Richard J Telford East Asian summer monsoon precipitation variability since the last deglaciation
2015-06-18 Diogo Borges Provete Wherefore and whither a Check List? The journal at the age of 10
2015-06-17 David B. Roy Similarities in butterfly emergence dates among populations suggest local adaptation to climate
2015-06-16 Steven L. Chown Thermal physiology and urbanization: perspectives on exit, entry and transformation rules
2015-06-16 Ignasi Bartomeus Delivery of crop pollination services is an insufficient argument for wild pollinator conservation
2015-06-16 Ralf B. Schäfer Large Scale Relationship between Aquatic Insect Traits and Climate
2015-06-15 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Eco-evolutionary dynamics in plants: interactive processes at overlapping time-scales and their implications
2015-06-15 David B. Roy Ecological monitoring with citizen science: the design and implementation of schemes for recording plants in Britain and Ireland
2015-06-15 David B. Roy The Biological Records Centre: a pioneer of citizen science
2015-06-15 David B. Roy An agenda for the future of biological recording for ecological monitoring and citizen science
2015-06-15 David B. Roy Fifty years of the Biological Records Centre
2015-06-12 Vigdis Vandvik Temperature, precipitation and biotic interactions as determinants of tree seedling recruitment across the tree line ecotone
2015-06-10 Maurizio Rossetto Complete Chloroplast Genome of the Wollemi Pine (Wollemia nobilis): Structure and Evolution
2015-06-08 Michael Ray Kearney Morphology and burrowing energetics of semi-fossorial skinks (Liopholis spp.).
2015-06-07 Rachael V. Gallagher A tool to assess potential for alien plant establishment and expansion under climate change.
2015-06-06 Cyrille Violle cati: an R package using functional traits to detect and quantify multi-level community assembly processes
2015-06-05 Daniel S. Park Why close relatives make bad neighbours: phylogenetic conservatism in niche preferences and dispersal disproves Darwin’s naturalization hypothesis in the thistle tribe
2015-06-05 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Role of non-timber forest products in sustaining forest-based livelihoods and rural households’ resilience capacity in and around protected area: a Bangladesh study†
2015-06-03 Melissa Haendel Summarizing and visualizing structural changes during the evolution of biomedical ontologies using a Diff Abstraction Network
2015-06-03 Sadie J. Ryan A global map of suitability for coastal Vibrio cholerae under current and future climate conditions.
2015-06-01 Steven L. Chown The changing form of Antarctic biodiversity
2015-06-01 Ian J. Wright Burn or rot: leaf traits explain why flammability and decomposability are decoupled across species
2015-06-01 Jacintha Ellers Extending the integrated phenotype: covariance and correlation in plasticity of behavioural traits
2015-06-01 Jacintha Ellers Editorial overview: Behavioural ecology of insects and its metamorphosis into a multidisciplinary field
2015-06-01 Heloise Gibb Climate mediates the effects of disturbance on ant assemblage structure.
2015-06-01 Pete Manning Intransitive competition is widespread in plant communities and maintains their species richness
2015-06-01 Pete Manning Grassland management intensification weakens the associations among the diversities of multiple plant and animal taxa
2015-06-01 Malte Jochum Body size and the behavioral ecology of insects: linking individuals to ecological communities
2015-06-01 Colleen M. Iversen Isotopic identification of soil and permafrost nitrate sources in an Arctic tundra ecosystem
2015-06-01 Colleen M. Iversen Using ecosystem experiments to improve vegetation models
2015-06-01 Brad Boyle An estimate of the number of tropical tree species
2015-06-01 Meghan Balk Body-size trends of the extinct giant shark Carcharocles megalodon: a deep-time perspective on marine apex predators
2015-06-01 Vanessa M. Adams Optimal dynamic control of invasions: applying a systematic conservation approach
2015-06-01 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Natural recovery and restoration of acidified shallow soft-water lakes: Successes and bottlenecks revealed by assessing life-history strategies of chironomid larvae
2015-05-30 Lucie M Bland Cost-effective assessment of extinction risk with limited information
2015-05-29 Franziska Schrodt The influence of C 3 and C 4 vegetation on soil organic matter dynamics in contrasting semi-natural tropical ecosystems
2015-05-27 Steven L. Chown Rising temperatures and changing rainfall patterns in South Africa’s national parks
2015-05-27 David B. Roy | William D. Pearse Beyond the EDGE with EDAM: Prioritising British Plant Species According to Evolutionary Distinctiveness, and Accuracy and Magnitude of Decline
2015-05-26 Franziska Schrodt Edaphic, structural and physiological contrasts across Amazon Basin forest-savanna ecotones suggest a role for potassium as a key modulator of tropical woody vegetation structure and function
2015-05-26 Franziska Schrodt Supplementary material to “Edaphic, structural and physiological contrasts across Amazon Basin forest-savanna ecotones suggest a role for potassium as a key modulator of tropical woody vegetation structure and function”
2015-05-26 Luca Santini Climatic tolerance or geographic breadth: what are we measuring?
2015-05-26 Vigdis Vandvik Seed banks are biodiversity reservoirs: species-area relationships above versus below ground
2015-05-24 Jacintha Ellers Biofumigation using a wild Brassica oleracea accession with high glucosinolate content affects beneficial soil invertebrates
2015-05-21 Franziska Schrodt Structural, physiognomic and above-ground biomass variation in savanna–forest transition zones on three continents – how different are co-occurring savanna and forest formations?
2015-05-21 Luca Santini On how much biodiversity is covered in Europe by national protected areas and by the Natura 2000 network: insights from terrestrial vertebrates
2015-05-20 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright Corrigendum: Three keys to the radiation of angiosperms into freezing environments
2015-05-20 Dylan J. Craven Changing gears during succession: shifting functional strategies in young tropical secondary forests.
2015-05-17 Melissa Haendel | Ramona L Walls Meeting report: Identifying practical applications of ontologies for biodiversity informatics.
2015-05-14 William Farfan-Rios Large-scale patterns of turnover and Basal area change in Andean forests.
2015-05-14 Ralf B. Schäfer Organic matter breakdown in streams in a region of contrasting anthropogenic land use.
2015-05-13 Xiao Feng Assessment of climatically suitable area for Syrmaticus reevesii under climate change
2015-05-11 Steven L. Chown Updated list of Collembola species currently recorded from South Africa
2015-05-11 Brian J. Enquist Linking canopy leaf area and light environments with tree size distributions to explain Amazon forest demography.
2015-05-11 Vanessa M. Adams Distribution, demography and dispersal model of spatial spread of invasive plant populations with limited data
2015-05-11 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Oxygen-limited thermal tolerance is seen in a plastron-breathing insect and can be induced in a bimodal gas exchanger.
2015-05-09 Ralf B. Schäfer Ecotoxicology is not normal: A comparison of statistical approaches for analysis of count and proportion data in ecotoxicology
2015-05-08 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Testing models for the leaf economics spectrum with leaf and whole-plant traits in Arabidopsis thaliana.
2015-05-08 Rachael V. Gallagher Will there be a shift to alien-dominated vegetation assemblages under climate change?
2015-05-05 Ignasi Bartomeus Invasive plants as novel food resources, the pollinators’ perspective
2015-05-05 William D. Pearse pez: phylogenetics for the environmental sciences
2015-05-04 Jens Kattge | Franziska Schrodt Estimating themissing species bias in plant trait measurements
2015-05-01 Hervé Sauquet Zygomorphy evolved from disymmetry in Fumarioideae (Papaveraceae, Ranunculales): new evidence from an expanded molecular phylogenetic framework
2015-05-01 Alexander Keller Functional and phylogenetic diversity of plant communities differently affect the structure of flower-visitor interactions and reveal convergences in floral traits
2015-05-01 Steven L. Chown Monitoring biological invasion across the broader Antarctic: A baseline and indicator framework
2015-05-01 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright Zanne et al. reply.
2015-05-01 Brian J. Enquist Response to Comments on “Evidence for mesothermy in dinosaurs”.
2015-05-01 Colleen M. Iversen A Scientific Function Test Framework for Modular Environmental Model Development: Application to the Community Land Model
2015-05-01 Daniel Falster BAAD: a Biomass And Allometry Database for woody plants
2015-05-01 Lucie M Bland The IUCN Red List of Ecosystems: Motivations, Challenges, and Applications
2015-04-30 Alexander Keller Reptiles as Reservoirs of Bacterial Infections: Real Threat or Methodological Bias?
2015-04-28 Steven L. Chown A meta-analysis of human disturbance impacts on Antarctic wildlife
2015-04-27 Vanessa M. Adams Efficient and equitable design of marine protected areas in Fiji through inclusion of stakeholder-specific objectives in conservation planning.
2015-04-24 Dalia A. Conde Case Study
2015-04-23 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright Broad Anatomical Variation within a Narrow Wood Density Range–A Study of Twig Wood across 69 Australian Angiosperms
2015-04-22 Daniel Mietchen ThinkLab as a vetting system for traditional grants
2015-04-21 Jens Kattge Global convergence in leaf respiration from estimates of thermal acclimation across time and space
2015-04-21 David B. Roy Patterns and causes of covariation in bird and butterfly community structure
2015-04-20 Jens Kattge | Cyrille Violle Vegetation ecology meets ecosystem science: Permanent grasslands as a functional biogeography case study
2015-04-20 Colleen M. Iversen Genomics in a changing arctic: critical questions await the molecular ecologist
2015-04-17 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Native and non-native plants provide similar refuge to invertebrate prey, but less than artificial plants
2015-04-17 Stefanie Dekeyzer New database of all marine species biological and traits
2015-04-16 Joseph A Tobias Ecological traits reveal functional nestedness of bird communities in habitat islands: a global survey
2015-04-16 Jacintha Ellers Interplay of robustness and plasticity of life-history traits drives ecotypic differentiation in thermally distinct habitats.
2015-04-16 Jacintha Ellers Integrating more biological and ecological realism into studies of multitrophic interactions
2015-04-16 Heloise Gibb The effects of fire severity on macroinvertebrate detritivores and leaf litter decomposition.
2015-04-13 Michael Ray Kearney Ontogenetic and interspecific scaling of consumption in insects
2015-04-10 Ian G. Brennan Molecular and morphological assessment of Delma australis Kluge (Squamata: Pygopodidae), with a description of a new species from the biodiversity ‘hotspot’ of southwestern Western Australia
2015-04-09 David B. Roy The use of opportunistic data for IUCN Red List assessments
2015-04-08 Joseph A Tobias Condition, not eyespan, predicts contest outcome in female stalk-eyed flies, Teleopsis dalmanni
2015-04-08 Jens Kattge Contrasting effects of tree diversity on young tree growth and resistance to insect herbivores across three biodiversity experiments
2015-04-07 Ian J. Wright Global effects of soil and climate on leaf photosynthetic traits and rates
2015-04-06 Ramona L Walls Community next steps for making globally unique identifiers work for biocollections data
2015-04-05 Mark Westoby Bark ecology of twigs vs. main stems: functional traits across eighty-five species of angiosperms.
2015-04-02 Ralf B. Schäfer Sublethal effects of imidacloprid on interactions in a tritrophic system of non-target species.
2015-04-02 Marko J. Spasojevic Vegetation change at high elevation: scale dependence and interactive effects on Niwot Ridge
2015-04-02 David B. Roy Developing and enhancing biodiversity monitoring programmes: a collaborative assessment of priorities.
2015-04-01 Maurizio Rossetto Genetic diversity is a significant but not the only consideration for effective ex situ plant conservation: Response to Hoban and Schlarbaum
2015-04-01 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Landscape׳s capacities to supply ecosystem services in Bangladesh: A mapping assessment for Lawachara National Park
2015-04-01 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Connecting people and ideas from around the world: global innovation platforms for next-generation ecology and beyond
2015-04-01 Jens Kattge Global effects of land use on local terrestrial biodiversity
2015-04-01 Vigdis Vandvik | Richard J Telford Temporal patterns in Saturnidae (silk moth) and Sphingidae (hawk moth) assemblages in protected forests of central Uganda
2015-04-01 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Linking environmental filtering and disequilibrium to biogeography with a community climate framework
2015-04-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Preface to the special section “Biohydrology - Water for life”
2015-04-01 Jérôme Mathieu The manager dilemma: Optimal management of an ecosystem service in heterogeneous exploited landscapes
2015-03-31 Jens Kattge Inclusion of ecologically based trait variation in plant functional types reduces the projected land carbon sink in an earth system model
2015-03-31 Sandra M Durán The relative importance of climate, stand variables and liana abundance for carbon storage in tropical forests
2015-03-30 Cyrille Violle Complementary effects of species and genetic diversity on productivity and stability of sown grasslands.
2015-03-27 Luca Santini Global Trends in the Status of Bird and Mammal Pollinators
2015-03-22 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Effects of seed traits on the potential for seed dispersal by fish with contrasting modes of feeding
2015-03-18 Hervé Sauquet Five major shifts of diversification through the long evolutionary history of Magnoliidae (angiosperms)
2015-03-17 Heloise Gibb Invasive Cane Toads’ Predatory Impact on Dung Beetles is Mediated by Reservoir Type at Artificial Water Points
2015-03-10 Michael Ray Kearney Climate-related spatial and temporal variation in bill morphology over the past century in Australian parrots
2015-03-10 Franziska Schrodt Biome-specific effects of nitrogen and phosphorus on the photosynthetic characteristics of trees at a forest-savanna boundary in Cameroon
2015-03-10 Colleen M. Iversen Redefining fine roots improves understanding of below-ground contributions to terrestrial biosphere processes
2015-03-10 David B. Roy Unbiased inference of plant flowering phenology from biological recording data
2015-03-09 Mark Westoby Evolutionary divergence of leaf width and its correlates.
2015-03-08 Ian J. Wright A global analysis of water and nitrogen relationships between mistletoes and their hosts: broad-scale tests of old and enduring hypotheses
2015-03-05 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Foraging in groups affects giving-up densities: solo foragers quit sooner.
2015-03-03 John Alroy Limits to captive breeding of mammals in zoos
2015-03-03 David B. Roy The effectiveness of protected areas in the conservation of species with changing geographical ranges
2015-03-01 Hervé Sauquet Diversification of Dombeyoideae (Malvaceae) in the Mascarenes: Old Taxa on Young Islands?
2015-03-01 Dalia A. Conde Opportunities and costs for preventing vertebrate extinctions
2015-03-01 Sadie J. Ryan Household level influences on fragmentation in an African park landscape
2015-03-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Aquatic prey subsidies to riparian spiders in a stream with different land use types
2015-02-28 Michael Ray Kearney Dynamic Energy Budget Theory: An Efficient and General Theory for Ecology
2015-02-28 Brian J. Enquist On the Importance of First Principles in Ecological Theory Development
2015-02-25 Ramona L Walls An ontology approach to comparative phenomics in plants
2015-02-24 John Alroy A simple way to improve multivariate analyses of paleoecological data sets
2015-02-23 Luca Santini Projecting Global Biodiversity Indicators under Future Development Scenarios
2015-02-20 Luca Santini Human pressures predict species’ geographic range size better than biological traits.
2015-02-19 Katja Seltmann Accelerating the Digitization of Biodiversity Research Specimens through Online Public Participation
2015-02-19 Dylan J. Craven Impact of compressed sensing on clinically relevant metrics for ambulatory ECG monitoring
2015-02-18 Brian J. Enquist The Effect of the Foresummer Drought on Carbon Exchange in Subalpine Meadows
2015-02-11 Melissa Haendel Achieving human and machine accessibility of cited data in scholarly publications
2015-02-11 Melissa Haendel Achieving human and machine accessibility of cited data in scholarly publications
2015-02-07 Ralf B. Schäfer Analysing chemical-induced changes in macroinvertebrate communities in aquatic mesocosm experiments: a comparison of methods.
2015-02-04 Hervé Sauquet Sirdavidia, an extraordinary new genus of Annonaceae from Gabon
2015-02-01 John Alroy A new twist on a very old binary similarity coefficient
2015-02-01 Sharif Ahmed Mukul A new ecohydrological approach for ecosystem service provision and sustainable management of aquatic ecosystems in Bangladesh
2015-02-01 Anne Thessen The influence of droplet size and biodegradation on the transport of subsurface oil droplets during theDeepwater Horizonspill: a model sensitivity study
2015-02-01 Ignasi Bartomeus Functional identity and diversity of animals predict ecosystem functioning better than species-based indices.
2015-02-01 Brian J. Enquist | Brad Boyle | Cyrille Violle Limited sampling hampers “big data” estimation of species richness in a tropical biodiversity hotspot
2015-02-01 William D. Pearse Conservation economics. Response to Comment on “Using ecological thresholds to evaluate the costs and benefits of set-asides in a biodiversity hotspot”.
2015-02-01 Lucie M Bland A practical guide to the application of the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems criteria.
2015-02-01 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Species-area relationships are modulated by trophic rank, habitat affinity, and dispersal ability
2015-01-31 Rachael V. Gallagher 16. Will Alien Plant Invaders Be Advantaged Under Future Climates?
2015-01-30 Sadie J. Ryan | Samraat S. Pawar Mapping the Distribution of Malaria: Current Approaches and Future Directions
2015-01-28 Renee A. Catullo A framework for incorporating evolutionary genomics into biodiversity conservation and management
2015-01-24 Jennifer A Hammock ENVIRONMENTS and EOL: identification of Environment Ontology terms in text and the annotation of the Encyclopedia of Life
2015-01-24 Colleen M. Iversen A pan-Arctic synthesis of CH4 and CO2 production from anoxic soil incubations
2015-01-22 Joseph A Tobias Dispersal and the transition to sympatry in vertebrates
2015-01-22 Jens Kattge Leaf and stem economics spectra drive diversity of functional plant traits in a dynamic global vegetation model
2015-01-21 Heloise Gibb Effects of reconstruction of a pre-European vertebrate assemblage on ground-dwelling arachnids in arid Australia
2015-01-19 Nuno Simões Marine sponges (Porifera: Demospongiae) from the Gulf of México, new records and redescription of Erylus trisphaerus (de Laubenfels, 1953)
2015-01-16 Marko J. Spasojevic Indirect effects of global change accumulate to alter plant diversity but not ecosystem function in alpine tundra
2015-01-09 Melissa Haendel Achieving human and machine accessibility of cited data in scholarly publications
2015-01-08 Ian J. Wright | Jens Kattge Global variability in leaf respiration in relation to climate, plant functional types and leaf traits.
2015-01-06 Katja Seltmann | Melissa Haendel | Anne Thessen | Paula M. Mabee | Ramona L Walls Finding our way through phenotypes
2015-01-06 Jérôme Mathieu Dispersal constraints and fine-scale spatial genetic structure in two earthworm species
2015-01-05 Stefano Mammola Cave spiders choose optimal environmental factors with respect to the generated entropy when laying their cocoon
2015-01-02 Michael Ray Kearney Predicting climate warming effects on green turtle hatchling viability and dispersal performance
2015-01-01 Nuno Simões New records of sea anemones (Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Actiniaria) in the Mexican Caribbean
2015-01-01 Nuno Simões New records of ‘opisthobranchs’ (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) from Arrecife Alacranes National Park, Yucatan, Mexico
2015-01-01 Hervé Sauquet Fossil calibration of Magnoliidae, an ancient lineage of angiosperms
2015-01-01 Renee A. Catullo Lineage range estimation method reveals fine-scale endemism linked to Pleistocene stability in Australian rainforest herpetofauna
2015-01-01 Maurizio Rossetto Phylogenomics of the green ash eucalypts (Myrtaceae): a tale of reticulate evolution and misidentification
2015-01-01 Melissa Haendel Achieving human and machine accessibility of cited data in scholarly publications
2015-01-01 Melissa Haendel The Resource Identification Initiative: A cultural shift in publishing
2015-01-01 Daniel Mietchen Adapting JATS to support data citation
2015-01-01 Daniel Mietchen Improving the reusability of JATS
2015-01-01 Paula M. Mabee | Anne Thessen | Ramona L Walls Emerging semantics to link phenotype and environment
2015-01-01 Paula M. Mabee Moving the mountain: analysis of the effort required to transform comparative anatomy into computable anatomy
2015-01-01 Paula M. Mabee CharaParser+EQ: Performance evaluation without gold standard
2015-01-01 Michael Ray Kearney Is fire a threatening process for Liopholis kintorei, a nationally listed threatened skink?
2015-01-01 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Ecology Postdocs in Academia: Primary Concerns and Possible Solutions
2015-01-01 Franziska Schrodt Foliar trait contrasts between African forest and savanna trees: genetic versus environmental effects
2015-01-01 Sadie J. Ryan | Samraat S. Pawar Understanding uncertainty in temperature effects on vector-borne disease: a Bayesian approach
2015-01-01 Ralf B. Schäfer An automated, objective and open source tool for stream threshold selection and upstream riparian corridor delineation
2015-01-01 Luca Santini Evolving through day and night: origin and diversification of activity pattern in modern primates
2015-01-01 Heloise Gibb Numbat nirvana: conservation ecology of the endangered numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus) (Marsupialia : Myrmecobiidae) reintroduced to Scotia and Yookamurra Sanctuaries, Australia
2015-01-01 Jennifer A Hammock Understanding Data Providers in a Global Scientific Data Hub
2015-01-01 Stefano Mammola Alpine endemic spiders shed light on the origin and evolution of subterranean species
2015-01-01 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Scaling from Traits to Ecosystems
2015-01-01 Nicolas Fanin (A)synchronous Availabilities of N and P Regulate the Activity and Structure of the Microbial Decomposer Community
2015-01-01 Luke McCormack Linkages between the soil organic matter fractions and the microbial metabolic functional diversity within a broad-leaved Korean pine forest
2015-01-01 Meghan Balk Sizing ocean giants: patterns of intraspecific size variation in marine megafauna
2015-01-01 Ramona L Walls Modeling a microbial community and biodiversity assay with OBO Foundry ontologies: the interoperability gains of a modular approach
2015-01-01 Loïc Chalmandrier Decomposing changes in phylogenetic and functional diversity over space and time
2015-01-01 Vanessa M. Adams Australia’s protected area network fails to adequately protect the world’s most threatened marine fishes
2015-01-01 Stefanie Dekeyzer Marine microbial biodiversity, bioinformatics and biotechnology (M2B3) data reporting and service standards
2014-12-30 Ralf B. Schäfer Modeling global distribution of agricultural insecticides in surface waters
2014-12-23 Hervé Sauquet Presence in Mediterranean hotspots and floral symmetry affect speciation and extinction rates in Proteaceae.
2014-12-22 Rachael V. Gallagher Invasive plants and invaded ecosystems in Australia: implications for biodiversity
2014-12-16 Melissa Haendel Achieving human and machine accessibility of cited data in scholarly publications
2014-12-14 Melissa Haendel Achieving human and machine accessibility of cited data in scholarly publications
2014-12-14 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Connecting people and ideas from around the world: global innovation platforms for next-generation ecology and beyond
2014-12-09 Steven L. Chown Biological invasions, climate change and genomics
2014-12-09 Richard J Telford Taxon selection using statistical learning techniques to improve transfer function prediction
2014-12-09 Richard J Telford | Vigdis Vandvik Is palaeoecology a ‘special branch’ of ecology?
2014-12-09 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Is the temperature-size rule mediated by oxygen in aquatic ectotherms?
2014-12-08 Michael Ray Kearney Bergmann meets Scholander: geographical variation in body size and insulation in the koala is related to climate
2014-12-07 Vigdis Vandvik Recent treeline dynamics are similar between dry and mesic areas of Nepal, central Himalaya
2014-12-05 Michael Ray Kearney Has contemporary climate change played a role in population declines of the lizard Ctenophorus decresii from semi-arid Australia?
2014-12-05 Pete Manning Reply to Byrnes et al.: Aggregation can obscure understanding of ecosystem multifunctionality.
2014-12-04 Daniel Falster Simulation of tree-ring widths with a model for primary production, carbon allocation, and growth
2014-12-01 Hervé Sauquet The floral morphospace–a modern comparative approach to study angiosperm evolution.
2014-12-01 Daniel Mietchen The transformative nature of transparency in research funding
2014-12-01 Jens Kattge | Franziska Schrodt Uncertainty Quantified Matrix Completion Using Bayesian Hierarchical Matrix Factorization
2014-12-01 Richard J Telford A modern pollen–climate dataset from China and Mongolia: Assessing its potential for climate reconstruction
2014-12-01 William D. Pearse Conserving Brazil’s Atlantic forests–response.
2014-12-01 Loïc Chalmandrier Are different facets of plant diversity well protected against climate and land cover changes? A test study in the French Alps
2014-12-01 Vanessa M. Adams A new approach to the problem of overlapping values: A case study in Australia׳s Great Barrier Reef
2014-12-01 Jérôme Mathieu Impact of soil engineering by two contrasting species of earthworms on their dispersal rates
2014-11-29 Steven L. Chown Out of Antarctica: quaternary colonization of sub-Antarctic Marion Island by the limpet genus Nacella (Patellogastropoda: Nacellidae)
2014-11-29 Sadie J. Ryan Now there is no land: a story of ethnic migration in a protected area landscape in western Uganda
2014-11-25 Sadie J. Ryan Spatiotemporal clustering, climate periodicity, and social-ecological risk factors for dengue during an outbreak in Machala, Ecuador, in 2010.
2014-11-21 Maurizio Rossetto Paleo-Antarctic rainforest into the modern Old World tropics: the rich past and threatened future of the “southern wet forest survivors”.
2014-11-17 Brian J. Enquist | Brad Boyle | Cyrille Violle Shifts in trait means and variances in North American tree assemblages: species richness patterns are loosely related to the functional space
2014-11-14 Caterina Penone Multivariate analysis of polyploid data reveals the role of railways in the spread of the invasive South African Ragwort (Senecio inaequidens)
2014-11-10 Brian J. Enquist Separating macroecological pattern and process: comparing ecological, economic, and geological systems
2014-11-09 Dalia A. Conde | Roberto Salguero-Gómez The COMPADRE Plant Matrix Database: an open online repository for plant demography
2014-11-07 Vanessa M. Adams Characterizing spatial uncertainty when integrating social data in conservation planning.
2014-11-07 Vanessa M. Adams A multidisciplinary conceptualization of conservation opportunity.
2014-11-05 Paula M. Mabee Annotation of phenotypic diversity: decoupling data curation and ontology curation using Phenex
2014-11-04 Sadie J. Ryan A social-ecological analysis of community perceptions of dengue fever and Aedes aegypti in Machala, Ecuador.
2014-11-04 Rachael V. Gallagher Trait differences between naturalized and invasive plant species independent of residence time and phylogeny
2014-11-04 Xiao Feng Ecological niche modelling confirms potential north-east range expansion of the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) in the USA
2014-11-01 Melissa Haendel Clinical interpretation of CNVs with cross-species phenotype data
2014-11-01 Jens Kattge Of carrots and sticks
2014-11-01 Michael Ray Kearney 35 years of DEB research
2014-11-01 Anton Potapov Seasonal and age-related changes in the stable isotope composition (15N/14N and 13C/12C) of millipedes and collembolans in a temperate forest soil
2014-11-01 Vigdis Vandvik Conditions favouring hard seededness as a dispersal and predator escape strategy
2014-11-01 Jorrit Poelen Global biotic interactions: An open infrastructure to share and analyze species-interaction datasets
2014-10-31 Ralf B. Schäfer Methane-derived carbon in the benthic food web in stream impoundments.
2014-10-28 Michael Ray Kearney Ontogenetic and interspecific metabolic scaling in insects.
2014-10-28 Malte Jochum Consequences of tropical land use for multitrophic biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
2014-10-27 Marko J. Spasojevic Ontogenetic trait variation influences tree community assembly across environmental gradients
2014-10-24 Vigdis Vandvik | Richard J Telford The Seed and Fern Spore Bank of a Recovering African Tropical Forest
2014-10-22 Michael Ray Kearney Models of primary sex ratios at a major flatback turtle rookery show an anomalous masculinising trend
2014-10-18 Rachael V. Gallagher Biogeographical patterns of liana abundance and diversity
2014-10-16 Mark Westoby Effects of insect attack to stems on plant survival, growth, reproduction and photosynthesis
2014-10-15 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright Corrigendum: Three keys to the radiation of angiosperms into freezing environments
2014-10-10 Heloise Gibb Responses of foliage-living spider assemblage composition and traits to a climatic gradient inThemedagrasslands
2014-10-09 Ignasi Bartomeus Pollinators, pests and soil properties interactively shape oilseed rape yield
2014-10-08 Joshua S Madin Evaluating the causal basis of ecological success within the scleractinia: an integral projection model approach
2014-10-07 Heloise Gibb Does morphology predict trophic position and habitat use of ant species and assemblages?
2014-10-06 Brian J. Enquist Novel spatial analysis methods reveal scale-dependent spread and infer limiting factors of invasion by Sahara mustard
2014-10-02 Luca Santini A mid-term analysis of progress toward international biodiversity targets
2014-10-01 Joseph A Tobias Unraveling the interplay of community assembly processes acting on multiple niche axes across spatial scales.
2014-10-01 Ben Sparrow AusPlots Rangelands Field Data Collection and Publication: Infrastructure for Ecological Monitoring
2014-10-01 Sadie J. Ryan Validation of Satellite Rainfall Products for Western Uganda
2014-10-01 Daniel Falster Plant diversity and drought: The role of deep roots
2014-10-01 Dylan J. Craven Organic textile dye improves the visual assessment of the bait-lamina test
2014-09-30 Alexander Keller | Markus Ankenbrand Evaluating multiplexed next-generation sequencing as a method in palynology for mixed pollen samples.
2014-09-29 Steven L. Chown Desiccation tolerance as a function of age, sex, humidity and temperature in adults of the African malaria vectors Anopheles arabiensis and Anopheles funestus.
2014-09-29 Nicolas Fanin Interactive effects of C , N and P fertilization on soil microbial community structure and function in an A mazonian rain forest
2014-09-27 David B. Roy Statistics for citizen science: extracting signals of change from noisy ecological data
2014-09-26 Colleen M. Iversen Root structural and functional dynamics in terrestrial biosphere models–evaluation and recommendations
2014-09-26 David B. Roy High Abundances of Species in Protected Areas in Parts of their Geographic Distributions Colonized during a Recent Period of Climatic Change
2014-09-26 Cyrille Violle When, where and how does microbial community composition matter?
2014-09-23 Jens Kattge | Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle The emergence and promise of functional biogeography
2014-09-22 Pete Manning Discontinuity in the responses of ecosystem processes and multifunctionality to altered soil community composition
2014-09-18 Nuno Simões Assessment of lipid classes and fatty acid levels in wild newborn seahorses ( Hippocampus erectus ) (Perry 1810): implications for survival and growth in aquarium culture
2014-09-18 Ignasi Bartomeus How exotic plants integrate into pollination networks
2014-09-17 Nuno Simões The effect of copper on the color of shrimps: redder is not always healthier
2014-09-17 Sean T. Michaletz Non-serotinous woody plants behave as aerial seed bank species when a late-summer wildfire coincides with a mast year
2014-09-16 Pete Manning Plant and arthropod community sensitivity to rainfall manipulation but not nitrogen enrichment in a successional grassland ecosystem
2014-09-15 Jens Kattge Linking plant and ecosystem functional biogeography
2014-09-15 Brian J. Enquist | Brad Boyle | Cyrille Violle Functional trait space and the latitudinal diversity gradient.
2014-09-10 Colleen M. Iversen The unseen iceberg: plant roots in arctic tundra
2014-09-09 Daniel Mietchen Antrag für ein DFG-Rundgespräch zum Thema “Offene Wissenschaft in Deutschland”
2014-09-09 Mark Westoby Foundations for the future: A long-term plan for Australian ecosystem science
2014-09-09 Florian Dirk Schneider Corrigendum to Schneider, Scheu & Brose (2012) DOI: 10.1111/j.1461-0248.2012.01750.x
2014-09-06 Alexander Keller WISP 1 is an important survival factor in human mesenchymal stromal cells
2014-09-04 Melissa Haendel Deletions of chromosomal regulatory boundaries are associated with congenital disease
2014-09-01 Melissa Haendel Effective diagnosis of genetic disease by computational phenotype analysis of the disease-associated genome
2014-09-01 Jens Kattge Improving ecosystem productivity modeling through spatially explicit estimation of optimal light use efficiency
2014-09-01 Brian J. Enquist Plant ecological strategies shift across the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary
2014-09-01 Stefano Mammola Niche differentiation in Meta Bourneti and M. menardi (Araneae, Tetragnathidae) with notes on the life history
2014-08-31 Catherine H Bravo-Avila Factors associated with non-attendance in a general practice super clinic population in regional Australia: A retrospective cohort study.
2014-08-28 Ignasi Bartomeus The potential for indirect effects between co-flowering plants via shared pollinators depends on resource abundance, accessibility and relatedness
2014-08-27 Steven L. Chown Local scale comparisons of biodiversity as a test for global protected area ecological performance: a meta-analysis
2014-08-25 Ignasi Bartomeus Faculty of 1000 evaluation for Frugivores at higher risk of extinction are the key elements of a mutualistic network
2014-08-22 John Alroy | Silvia Pineda-Munoz Dietary characterization of terrestrial mammals
2014-08-22 Sadie J. Ryan Satellite-based rainfall data reveal a recent drying trend in central equatorial Africa
2014-08-20 Ralf B. Schäfer Calibration and field application of passive sampling for episodic exposure to polar organic pesticides in streams.
2014-08-14 Ralf B. Schäfer Environmental stressors can enhance the development of community tolerance to a toxicant
2014-08-13 Lucie M Bland Predicting the conservation status of data-deficient species
2014-08-11 Vigdis Vandvik Back to Africa: monitoring post-hydropower restoration to facilitate reintroduction of an extinct-in-the-wild amphibian
2014-08-08 Caterina Penone Imputation of missing data in life-history trait datasets: which approach performs the best?
2014-08-01 Steven L. Chown Polar research: Six priorities for Antarctic science
2014-08-01 Ignasi Bartomeus Consequences of plant invasions on compartmentalization and species’ roles in plant-pollinator networks.
2014-08-01 Joseph A Tobias Maintaining ecosystem function and services in logged tropical forests
2014-08-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Reproducible, Automated and Objective Stream Threshold Selection and Upstream Riparian Corridor Delineation from Digital Elevation Models
2014-08-01 Colleen M. Iversen Where does the carbon go? A model-data intercomparison of vegetation carbon allocation and turnover processes at two temperate forest free-air CO2 enrichment sites
2014-08-01 Colleen M. Iversen Using root form to improve our understanding of root function
2014-08-01 William D. Pearse Using ecological thresholds to evaluate the costs and benefits of set-asides in a biodiversity hotspot
2014-08-01 Vanessa M. Adams Synthesis and review: delivering on conservation promises: the challenges of managing and measuring conservation outcomes
2014-07-31 Nuno Simões Morphological and molecular variability of the sea anemone Phymanthus crucifer (Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Actiniaria, Actinoidea)
2014-07-30 Alexander Keller Computational integration of genomic traits into 16S rDNA microbiota sequencing studies.
2014-07-30 Jacintha Ellers Thermal change alters the outcome of behavioural interactions between antagonistic partners
2014-07-25 Steven L. Chown A hierarchy of factors influence discontinuous gas exchange in the grasshopper Paracinema tricolor (Orthoptera: Acrididae).
2014-07-25 Jens Kattge The relationship of leaf photosynthetic traits - V cmax and J max - to leaf nitrogen, leaf phosphorus, and specific leaf area: a meta-analysis and modeling study
2014-07-25 Rachael V. Gallagher Generalized “avatar” niche shifts improve distribution models for invasive species
2014-07-23 David B. Roy Quantifying range-wide variation in population trends from local abundance surveys and widespread opportunistic occurrence records
2014-07-20 Brian J. Enquist | Sean T. Michaletz Convergence of terrestrial plant production across global climate gradients.
2014-07-15 Sadie J. Ryan Implications of spatial data variations for protected areas management: an example from East Africa
2014-07-11 Brian J. Enquist On Theory in Ecology
2014-07-08 Mark Westoby Leaf hydraulic vulnerability to drought is linked to site water availability across a broad range of species and climates
2014-07-06 Maurizio Rossetto Escape from the laboratory: new horizons for plant genetics.
2014-07-01 Ian J. Wright An evolutionary perspective on leaf economics: phylogenetics of leaf mass per area in vascular plants
2014-07-01 Samraat S. Pawar Ecology. Why are plant-pollinator networks nested?
2014-06-30 Michael Ray Kearney Realized niche shift during a global biological invasion
2014-06-26 Ian J. Wright Are leaf functional traits ‘invariant’ with plant size and what is ‘invariance’ anyway?
2014-06-25 Renee A. Catullo Aridification drove repeated episodes of diversification between Australian biomes: evidence from a multi-locus phylogeny of Australian toadlets (Uperoleia: Myobatrachidae).
2014-06-19 Samraat S. Pawar Correlation between interaction strengths drives stability in large ecological networks.
2014-06-17 Steven L. Chown Antarctica’s protected areas are inadequate, unrepresentative, and at risk
2014-06-16 Daniel Mietchen Enriched biodiversity data as a resource and service
2014-06-16 Ralf B. Schäfer Organic chemicals jeopardize the health of freshwater ecosystems on the continental scale
2014-06-12 Brian J. Enquist Dinosaur physiology. Evidence for mesothermy in dinosaurs
2014-06-11 Ignasi Bartomeus Faculty of 1000 evaluation for Large-scale trade-off between agricultural intensification and crop pollination services
2014-06-11 Pete Manning Seasonal Variation in the Capacity for Plant Trait Measures to Predict Grassland Carbon and Water Fluxes
2014-06-10 Jens Kattge A single evolutionary innovation drives the deep evolution of symbiotic N2-fixation in angiosperms
2014-06-09 Renee A. Catullo Problems with data quality in the reconstruction of evolutionary relationships in the Drosophila melanogaster species group: Comments on Yang et al. (2012).
2014-06-05 Maurizio Rossetto Contrasting levels of connectivity and localised persistence characterise the latitudinal distribution of a wind-dispersed rainforest canopy tree.
2014-06-04 Rachael V. Gallagher Assisted colonization as a climate change adaptation tool
2014-06-03 Melissa Haendel The influence of disease categories on gene candidate predictions from model organism phenotypes
2014-06-03 Joshua S Madin Mechanical vulnerability explains size-dependent mortality of reef corals.
2014-06-03 Vanessa M. Adams Estimating landholders’ probability of participating in a stewardship program, and the implications for spatial conservation priorities
2014-06-01 Michael Ray Kearney Tree-hugging koalas demonstrate a novel thermoregulatory mechanism for arboreal mammals
2014-06-01 Jens Kattge Plant trait analysis delivers an extensive list of potential green roof species for Mediterranean France
2014-06-01 Ralf B. Schäfer In response: why we need landscape ecotoxicology and how it could be advanced–an academic perspective.
2014-05-27 Michael Ray Kearney Microclim: Global estimates of hourly microclimate based on long-term monthly climate averages.
2014-05-26 Richard J Telford A modern pollen-climate calibration set from central-western Mongolia and its application to a late glacial-Holocene record
2014-05-26 David B. Roy Can trait-based analyses of changes in species distribution be transferred to new geographic areas?
2014-05-22 Ignasi Bartomeus The winners and losers of land use intensification: pollinator community disassembly is non-random and alters functional diversity
2014-05-21 Jacintha Ellers Rapid shift in thermal resistance between generations through maternal heat exposure
2014-05-16 Rachael V. Gallagher How ready are we to move species threatened from climate change? Insights into the assisted colonization debate from Australia
2014-05-15 Ian J. Wright | Jens Kattge Which is a better predictor of plant traits: temperature or precipitation?
2014-05-10 Pete Manning Ecosystem functions are resistant to extreme changes to rainfall regimes in a mesotrophic grassland
2014-05-08 Nuno Simões Checklist of fishes from madagascar reef, campeche bank, méxico
2014-05-05 Vanessa M. Adams Uncertainties around the implementation of a clearing-control policy in a unique catchment in northern Australia: exploring equity issues and balancing competing objectives
2014-05-02 Jens Kattge | Colleen M. Iversen Plant functional types in Earth system models: past experiences and future directions for application of dynamic vegetation models in high-latitude ecosystems.
2014-05-02 Vigdis Vandvik Life after fire: smoke and ash as germination cues in ericads, herbs and graminoids of northern heathlands
2014-05-01 Steven L. Chown The spatial structure of Antarctic biodiversity
2014-05-01 Colleen M. Iversen Evaluation of 11 terrestrial carbon-nitrogen cycle models against observations from two temperate Free-Air CO2 Enrichment studies
2014-05-01 Colleen M. Iversen Comprehensive ecosystem model-data synthesis using multiple data sets at two temperate forest free-air CO2enrichment experiments: Model performance at ambient CO2concentration
2014-05-01 Diogo Borges Provete Anurans from the Serra da Bocaina National Park and surrounding buffer area, southeastern Brazil
2014-05-01 David B. Roy Temporal validation plots: quantifying how well correlative species distribution models predict species’ range changes over time
2014-04-30 Joseph A Tobias Captive rearing experiments confirm song development without learning in a tracheophone suboscine bird
2014-04-29 Jennifer A Hammock The Encyclopedia of Life v2: Providing Global Access to Knowledge About Life on Earth
2014-04-29 David B. Roy Long-term changes to the frequency of occurrence of British moths are consistent with opposing and synergistic effects of climate and land-use changes
2014-04-22 Brian J. Enquist Ecological traits influence the phylogenetic structure of bird species co-occurrences worldwide
2014-04-22 Marko J. Spasojevic Using functional diversity patterns to explore metacommunity dynamics: a framework for understanding local and regional influences on community structure
2014-04-21 Samuel C. Andrew Peak shift in honey bee olfactory learning.
2014-04-17 Michael Ray Kearney Co-gradient variation in growth rate and development time of a broadly distributed butterfly
2014-04-15 Steven L. Chown Geothermal activity helps life survive glacial cycles
2014-04-15 Pete Manning Bioenergy, Food Production and Biodiversity - An Unlikely Alliance?
2014-04-14 Luca Santini Role of African protected areas in maintaining connectivity for large mammals.
2014-04-14 Brian J. Enquist Inferring climate from angiosperm leaf venation networks.
2014-04-13 Ian J. Wright | Jens Kattge Global relationship of wood and leaf litter decomposability: the role of functional traits within and across plant organs
2014-04-10 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Inclusion of vein traits improves predictive power for the leaf economic spectrum: a response to Sack et al. (2013).
2014-04-09 Diogo Borges Provete Broad-scale spatial patterns of canopy cover and pond morphology affect the structure of a Neotropical amphibian metacommunity
2014-04-04 Sadie J. Ryan Contrasting perceptions of ecosystem services of an African forest park
2014-04-01 Heloise Gibb The fourth-corner solution - using predictive models to understand how species traits interact with the environment
2014-04-01 Colleen M. Iversen Organic matter transformation in the peat column at Marcell Experimental Forest: Humification and vertical stratification
2014-03-28 Katja Seltmann The maxillo-labial complex of Sparasion (Hymenoptera, Platygastroidea)
2014-03-27 Ignasi Bartomeus Contribution of insect pollinators to crop yield and quality varies with agricultural intensification
2014-03-27 Jacintha Ellers Receipt of seminal fluid proteins causes reduction of male investment in a simultaneous hermaphrodite.
2014-03-27 Vigdis Vandvik Does prescribed burning result in biotic homogenization of coastal heathlands?
2014-03-26 Maurizio Rossetto Plant DNA barcoding: from gene to genome.
2014-03-24 Franziska Schrodt Structural, physiognomic and aboveground biomass variation in savanna-forest transition zones on three continents. How different are co-occurring savanna and forest formations?
2014-03-24 Franziska Schrodt Supplementary material to “Structural, physiognomic and aboveground biomass variation in savanna-forest transition zones on three continents. How different are co-occurring savanna and forest formations?”
2014-03-21 Ralf B. Schäfer Do predictions from Species Sensitivity Distributions match with field data?
2014-03-19 Luca Santini Incorporating spatial population structure in gap analysis reveals inequitable assessments of species protection
2014-03-18 Marko J. Spasojevic Above- and belowground biotic interactions facilitate relocation of plants into cooler environments
2014-03-17 Rachael V. Gallagher How can knowledge of the climate niche inform the weed risk assessment process? A case study of Chrysanthemoides monilifera in Australia
2014-03-14 Steven L. Chown Natural dispersal to sub-Antarctic Marion Island of two arthropod species
2014-03-10 Nuno Simões Growth and survival of Hippocampus erectus (Perry, 1810) juveniles fed on Artemia with different HUFA levels
2014-03-10 Michael Ray Kearney Thermal-safety margins and the necessity of thermoregulatory behavior across latitude and elevation
2014-03-06 Melissa Haendel Thematic series on biomedical ontologies in JBMS: challenges and new directions
2014-03-04 Ignasi Bartomeus Faculty of 1000 evaluation for Scientific method: statistical errors
2014-03-04 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Lack of quantitative training among early-career ecologists: a survey of the problem and potential solutions
2014-03-04 Heloise Gibb Morphological traits: predictable responses to macrohabitats across a 300 km scale
2014-03-03 Ramona L Walls Semantics in support of biodiversity knowledge discovery: an introduction to the biological collections ontology and related ontologies
2014-03-01 Steven L. Chown Aliens in Antarctica: Assessing transfer of plant propagules by human visitors to reduce invasion risk
2014-03-01 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Community attitudes toward forest conservation programs through collaborative protected area management in Bangladesh
2014-03-01 Richard J Telford Reconstructing palaeoclimatic variables from fossil pollen using boosted regression trees: comparison and synthesis with other quantitative reconstruction methods
2014-02-26 Jonas J. Lembrechts Alien roadside species more easily invade alpine than lowland plant communities in a subarctic mountain ecosystem
2014-02-25 Melissa Haendel The zebrafish anatomy and stage ontologies: representing the anatomy and development of Danio rerio
2014-02-20 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Then-dimensional hypervolume
2014-02-19 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright | Daniel Falster Functional distinctiveness of major plant lineages
2014-02-18 Mark Westoby Whole-plant capacitance, embolism resistance and slow transpiration rates all contribute to longer desiccation times in woody angiosperms from arid and wet habitats.
2014-02-18 Michael Ray Kearney Sensitivity to thermal extremes in Australian Drosophila implies similar impacts of climate change on the distribution of widespread and tropical species
2014-02-17 Jérôme Mathieu Glaciation as an historical filter of below-ground biodiversity
2014-02-12 Nicolas Fanin Litter fingerprint on microbial biomass, activity, and community structure in the underlying soil
2014-02-11 Michael Ray Kearney Behavioural thermoregulation and the relative roles of convection and radiation in a basking butterfly.
2014-02-08 Ian J. Wright Biomechanical and leaf-climate relationships: a comparison of ferns and seed plants.
2014-02-07 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Naïveté in novel ecological interactions: lessons from theory and experimental evidence
2014-02-04 Alexander Keller Confirmation of warfarin resistance of naturally occurring VKORC1 variants by coexpression with coagulation factor IX and in silico protein modelling.
2014-02-03 Ralf B. Schäfer Effects of repeated salt pulses on ecosystem structure and functions in a stream mesocosm.
2014-02-01 Melissa Haendel Improved exome prioritization of disease genes through cross-species phenotype comparison
2014-02-01 Vigdis Vandvik Management-driven evolution in a domesticated ecosystem
2014-02-01 Vigdis Vandvik Management-driven evolution in a domesticated ecosystem.
2014-01-31 Maurizio Rossetto Maintenance of strong morphological differentiation despite ongoing natural hybridization between sympatric species of Lomatia (Proteaceae)
2014-01-29 Jens Kattge Multi-scale phylogenetic structure in coastal dune plant communities across the globe
2014-01-22 Steven L. Chown Chemosensory and thermal cue responses in the sub-Antarctic moth Pringleophaga marioni: Do caterpillars choose Wandering Albatross nest proxies?
2014-01-22 Dylan J. Craven Effects on nutrient cycling of conifer restoration in a degraded tropical montane forest
2014-01-20 Steven L. Chown Lack of coherence in the warming responses of marine crustaceans
2014-01-18 Michael Ray Kearney Microclimate modelling at macro scales: a test of a general microclimate model integrated with gridded continental-scale soil and weather data
2014-01-18 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Advancing population ecology with integral projection models: a practical guide
2014-01-10 Alexander Keller Density-dependent negative responses by bumblebees to bacteria isolated from flowers
2014-01-07 Renee A. Catullo A new frog species (Myobatrachidae: Uperoleia) from the Northern Deserts region of Australia, with a redescription of U. trachyderma
2014-01-06 Joseph A Tobias Species interactions and the structure of complex communication networks
2014-01-05 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Competitive naïveté between a highly successful invader and a functionally similar native species
2014-01-02 Jacintha Ellers Effects of a natural toxin on life history and gene expression of Eisenia andrei.
2014-01-01 Katja Seltmann Usage patterns of blue flower color representation by Encyclopedia of Life content providers
2014-01-01 Nuno Simões Can preference for crabs in juvenile Octopus maya be modified through early experience with alternative prey?
2014-01-01 Nuno Simões New records of alpheid shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda: Alpheidae) from the southern Gulf of Mexico
2014-01-01 Maurizio Rossetto Demographic history and niche conservatism of tropical rainforest trees separated along an altitudinal gradient of a biogeographic barrier
2014-01-01 Melissa Haendel | Paula M. Mabee Unification of multi-species vertebrate anatomy ontologies for comparative biology in Uberon
2014-01-01 Melissa Haendel The Human Phenotype Ontology project: linking molecular biology and disease through phenotype data
2014-01-01 Melissa Haendel CLO: The cell line ontology
2014-01-01 Melissa Haendel | Paula M. Mabee | Ramona L Walls Nose to tail, roots to shoots: spatial descriptors for phenotypic diversity in the Biological Spatial Ontology
2014-01-01 Melissa Haendel The Porifera Ontology (PORO): enhancing sponge systematics with an anatomy ontology
2014-01-01 Melissa Haendel A sea of standards for omics data: sink or swim?
2014-01-01 Daniel Mietchen Peer Review of “A dataset comprising 141 magnetic resonance imaging scans of 98 extant sea urchin species”.
2014-01-01 John Alroy A simple Bayesian method of inferring extinction
2014-01-01 John Alroy Accurate and precise estimates of origination and extinction rates
2014-01-01 Melissa Haendel Use of animal models for exome prioritization of rare disease genes
2014-01-01 Anne Thessen Knowledge extraction and semantic annotation of text from the encyclopedia of life
2014-01-01 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Functions of Traditional Agroforestry Systems: Case Study from Three Tribal Communities in and Around Lawachara National Park
2014-01-01 Anne Thessen A statistical assessment of population trends for data deficient Mexican amphibians
2014-01-01 Joseph A Tobias Global patterns and predictors of bird species responses to forest fragmentation: Implications for ecosystem function and conservation
2014-01-01 Joseph A Tobias Immigration and dispersal are key determinants of cultural diversity in a songbird population
2014-01-01 Jens Kattge A Semantic Web Faceted Search System for Facilitating Building of Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services
2014-01-01 Michael Ray Kearney Metabolic scaling in animals: methods, empirical results, and theoretical explanations
2014-01-01 Anne Thessen Semantic Web and Big Data meets Applied Ontology
2014-01-01 Jennifer A Hammock Does motivation in citizen science change with time and culture?
2014-01-01 Jennifer A Hammock Gamifying citizen science: a study of two user groups
2014-01-01 Jennifer A Hammock The effects of individualized feedback on college students’ contributions to citizen science
2014-01-01 Vigdis Vandvik Biodiversity of Acid Grasslands in the Atlantic Regions of Europe: The Impact of Nitrogen Deposition
2014-01-01 David B. Roy Allee effects and the spatial dynamics of a locally endangered butterfly, the high brown fritillary (Argynnis adippe).
2014-01-01 Ramona L Walls Meeting report: advancing practical applications of biodiversity ontologies
2014-01-01 William D. Pearse Metrics and Models of Community Phylogenetics
2014-01-01 Vanessa M. Adams Navigating trade-offs in land-use planning: integrating human well-being into objective setting
2014-01-01 Jérôme Mathieu Genetic structure of earthworm populations at a regional scale: inferences from mitochondrial and microsatellite molecular markers in Aporrectodea icterica (Savigny 1826)
2014-01-01 Dylan J. Craven Recent trends and future strategies in soil ecological research—Integrative approaches at Pedobiologia
2013-12-30 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Functional traits explain variation in plant life history strategies
2013-12-30 Vanessa M. Adams Planning Across Freshwater and Terrestrial Realms: Cobenefits and Tradeoffs Between Conservation Actions
2013-12-28 Ignasi Bartomeus Faculty of 1000 evaluation for Bats and birds increase crop yield in tropical agroforestry landscapes
2013-12-22 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright Three keys to the radiation of angiosperms into freezing environments
2013-12-22 Joseph A Tobias Species coexistence and the dynamics of phenotypic evolution in adaptive radiation
2013-12-18 Heloise Gibb Fast forward selection for generalized estimating equations with a large number of predictor variables.
2013-12-16 Brian J. Enquist Revisiting Darwin’s hypothesis: Does greater intraspecific variability increase species’ ecological breadth?
2013-12-11 Dylan J. Craven Succession of ephemeral secondary forests and their limited role for the conservation of floristic diversity in a human-modified tropical landscape
2013-12-09 Marko J. Spasojevic Functional diversity supports the physiological tolerance hypothesis for plant species richness along climatic gradients
2013-12-08 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Diversity of ageing across the tree of life.
2013-12-04 Jacintha Ellers Male-male competition leads to less abundant but more attractive sperm.
2013-12-02 Hervé Sauquet | Maurizio Rossetto Landscape patterns in rainforest phylogenetic signal: isolated islands of refugia or structured continental distributions?
2013-12-01 William D. Pearse Barro Colorado Island’s phylogenetic assemblage structure across fine spatial scales and among clades of different ages.
2013-12-01 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Methane as a carbon source for the food web in raised bog pools
2013-11-28 Steven L. Chown Antagonistic effects of biological invasion and temperature change on body size of island ectotherms
2013-11-27 Ian J. Wright Sapwood capacitance is greater in evergreen sclerophyll species growing in high compared to low-rainfall environments
2013-11-26 Renee A. Catullo The biogeographical boundaries of northern Australia: evidence from ecological niche models and a multi-locus phylogeny ofUperoleiatoadlets (Anura: Myobatrachidae)
2013-11-22 Paula M. Mabee The vertebrate taxonomy ontology: a framework for reasoning across model organism and species phenotypes
2013-11-16 David B. Roy A phylogenetically-informed trait-based analysis of range change in the vascular plant flora of Britain
2013-11-13 Luca Santini Generation length for mammals
2013-11-12 Sadie J. Ryan Dengue vector dynamics (Aedes aegypti) influenced by climate and social factors in Ecuador: implications for targeted control
2013-11-11 Ian J. Wright Balancing the costs of carbon gain and water transport: testing a new theoretical framework for plant functional ecology
2013-11-08 Cyrille Violle Intraspecific trait variability mediates the response of subalpine grassland communities to extreme drought events
2013-11-01 Ignasi Bartomeus Beyond nectar sweetness: the hidden ecological role of non-protein amino acids in nectar
2013-10-30 Jacintha Ellers Rising temperature reduces divergence in resource use strategies in coexisting parasitoid species.
2013-10-29 Jens Kattge Diversity increases carbon storage and tree productivity in Spanish forests
2013-10-28 Daniel Mietchen Eupolybothrus cavernicolus Komerički & Stoev sp. n. (Chilopoda: Lithobiomorpha: Lithobiidae): the first eukaryotic species description combining transcriptomic, DNA barcoding and micro-CT imaging data
2013-10-22 Daniel Mietchen Inconsistent XML as a barrier to reuse of Open Access Content
2013-10-21 David B. Roy National patterns of functional diversity and redundancy in predatory ground beetles and bees associated with key UK arable crops
2013-10-20 Jens Kattge Corrigendum to García-Palacioset al. ()
2013-10-19 Mark Westoby DNA technology and evolution of the Central Dogma
2013-10-18 Sadie J. Ryan Interactions between social structure, demography, and transmission determine disease persistence in primates
2013-10-17 Michael Ray Kearney Predicting species distributions for conservation decisions
2013-10-16 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Predicting invasion in grassland ecosystems: is exotic dominance the real embarrassment of richness?
2013-10-16 Anton Potapov Large 13C/12C and small 15N/14N isotope fractionation in an experimental detrital foodweb (litter–fungi–collembolans)
2013-10-14 Daniel S. Park A test of Darwin’s naturalization hypothesis in the thistle tribe shows that close relatives make bad neighbors
2013-10-11 Melissa Haendel | Paula M. Mabee What is an anatomy ontology?
2013-10-10 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright Fibre wall and lumen fractions drive wood density variation across 24 Australian angiosperms.
2013-10-09 Ian J. Wright Disentangling coordination among functional traits using an individual-centred model: impact on plant performance at intra- and inter-specific levels
2013-10-09 Jens Kattge The BETHY/JSBACH Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation System: experiences and challenges
2013-10-08 Nuno Simões Sea anemones (Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Actiniaria) from coral reefs in the southern Gulf of Mexico
2013-10-07 Mark Westoby Bark functional ecology: evidence for tradeoffs, functional coordination, and environment producing bark diversity.
2013-10-07 Joseph A Tobias Environmental stability and the evolution of cooperative breeding in hornbills
2013-10-03 Brian J. Enquist | Brad Boyle | Cyrille Violle Habitat area and climate stability determine geographical variation in plant species range sizes.
2013-10-01 Jens Kattge Whole-plant trait spectra of North American woody plant species reflect fundamental ecological strategies
2013-10-01 Michael Ray Kearney Activity restriction and the mechanistic basis for extinctions under climate warming.
2013-10-01 Vigdis Vandvik Restoration potential of native forests after removal of Picea abies plantations
2013-09-30 Jacintha Ellers Measuring the plasticity of developmental rate across insect populations: comment on Rocha and Klaczko (2012).
2013-09-30 Jacintha Ellers Fatty acid composition remains stable across trophic levels in a gall wasp community
2013-09-28 Steven L. Chown Thermal biology, population fluctuations and implications of temperature extremes for the management of two globally significant insect pests.
2013-09-28 Ralf B. Schäfer Effects of anthropogenic salinization on biological traits and community composition of stream macroinvertebrates
2013-09-24 Joshua S Madin Adult and larval traits as determinants of geographic range size among tropical reef fishes
2013-09-18 Hervé Sauquet Increased sampling of both genes and taxa improves resolution of phylogenetic relationships within Magnoliidae, a large and early-diverging clade of angiosperms.
2013-09-18 Steven L. Chown Extinction and recolonization of maritime Antarctica in the limpet Nacella concinna (Strebel, 1908) during the last glacial cycle: toward a model of Quaternary biogeography in shallow Antarctic invertebrates.
2013-09-18 William Farfan-Rios Assessing above-ground woody debris dynamics along a gradient of elevation in Amazonian cloud forests in Peru: balancing above-ground inputs and respiration outputs
2013-09-17 William Farfan-Rios Spatial patterns of above-ground structure, biomass and composition in a network of six Andean elevation transects
2013-09-17 Franziska Schrodt Basin-wide variations in Amazon forest nitrogen-cycling characteristics as inferred from plant and soil15N:14N measurements
2013-09-17 Brian J. Enquist Deviation from symmetrically self-similar branching in trees predicts altered hydraulics, mechanics, light interception and metabolic scaling
2013-09-16 Daniel Mietchen Beyond dead trees: integrating the scientific process in the Biodiversity Data Journal
2013-09-15 Dylan J. Craven Key role of symbiotic dinitrogen fixation in tropical forest secondary succession.
2013-09-12 Vigdis Vandvik | Richard J Telford Massive structural and compositional changes over two decades in forest fragments near Kampala, Uganda
2013-09-06 Steven L. Chown Novel ecosystems support substantial avian assemblages: the case of invasive alienAcaciathickets
2013-09-06 Vigdis Vandvik Do vascular plants and bryophytes respond differently to coniferous invasion of coastal heathlands?
2013-09-05 Melissa Haendel On the reproducibility of science: unique identification of research resources in the biomedical literature
2013-09-03 Daniel Mietchen Revolving images and multi-image keys open new horizons in descriptive taxonomy: ZooKeys working examples
2013-09-03 Sadie J. Ryan Spatially explicit data: stewardship and ethical challenges in science
2013-09-01 Nuno Simões Benchmarks and sediment source(s) of the 1755 Lisbon tsunami deposit at Boca do Rio Estuary
2013-09-01 Hervé Sauquet Early Eocene fossil plants from the Mwadui kimberlite pipe, Tanzania
2013-09-01 Steven L. Chown Heat freezes niche evolution
2013-09-01 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Do environmental attributes, disturbances and protection regimes determine the distribution of exotic plant species in Bangladesh forest ecosystem?
2013-09-01 Jacintha Ellers Do fungivores trigger the transfer of protective metabolites from host plants to arbuscular mycorrhizal hyphae?
2013-09-01 Anne Thessen Geoinformatics: Toward an integrative view of Earth as a system
2013-09-01 Richard J Telford A pollen-climate transfer function from the tundra and taiga vegetation in Arctic Siberia and its applicability to a Holocene record
2013-09-01 Marko J. Spasojevic Changes in alpine vegetation over 21 years: Are patterns across a heterogeneous landscape consistent with predictions?
2013-09-01 Jérôme Mathieu The dispersal of the earthworm Aporrectodea giardi responds faster to habitat quality than to cumulative use of habitat in experimental conditions
2013-08-30 Steven L. Chown Lizard thermal trait variation at multiple scales: a review
2013-08-30 Melissa Haendel Ontology based molecular signatures for immune cell types via gene expression analysis
2013-08-30 Ignasi Bartomeus Pulp feeders alter plant interactions with subsequent animal associates
2013-08-27 Steven L. Chown Solving the puzzle ofPringleophaga- threatened, keystone detritivores in the sub-Antarctic
2013-08-23 Jacintha Ellers Convergence and Divergence in Direct and Indirect Life-History Traits of Closely Related Parasitoids (Braconidae: Microgastrinae)
2013-08-22 Ignasi Bartomeus Biodiversity ensures plant-pollinator phenological synchrony against climate change.
2013-08-20 Heloise Gibb Functional roles affect diversity-succession relationships for boreal beetles.
2013-08-16 Heloise Gibb REVIEW: Refuges for fauna in fire-prone landscapes: their ecological function and importance
2013-08-15 Ian J. Wright | Jens Kattge Impacts of trait variation through observed trait–climate relationships on performance of an Earth system model: a conceptual analysis
2013-08-12 Dalia A. Conde Carnivora population dynamics are as slow and as fast as those of other mammals: implications for their conservation
2013-08-11 William D. Pearse Using landscape history to predict biodiversity patterns in fragmented landscapes
2013-08-07 Vigdis Vandvik Differential Effects of Oxidised and Reduced Nitrogen on Vegetation and Soil Chemistry of Species-Rich Acidic Grasslands
2013-08-07 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Respiratory control in aquatic insects dictates their vulnerability to global warming
2013-08-01 Hervé Sauquet A practical guide to molecular dating
2013-08-01 Ralf B. Schäfer An expert-based landscape permeability model for assessing the impact of agricultural management on amphibian migration
2013-08-01 Alexandra J. R. Carthey A practical guide to avoid giving up on giving-up densities
2013-07-30 William D. Pearse Functional traits, the phylogeny of function, and ecosystem service vulnerability
2013-07-24 Steven L. Chown Ecophysiological forecasting for environmental change adaptation
2013-07-24 Sharif Ahmed Mukul A journey towards shared governance: status and prospects for collaborative management in the protected areas of Bangladesh
2013-07-24 Vigdis Vandvik Conditional cold avoidance drives between-population variation in germination behaviour in Calluna vulgaris.
2013-07-21 Rachael V. Gallagher Effects of growth form and functional traits on response of woody plants to clearing and fragmentation of subtropical rainforest
2013-07-17 Joseph A Tobias Sexual selection accelerates signal evolution during speciation in birds.
2013-07-14 Ignasi Bartomeus Native bees buffer the negative impact of climate warming on honey bee pollination of watermelon crops
2013-07-03 Florian Dirk Schneider Body masses, functional responses and predator-prey stability.
2013-07-03 Aud H. Halbritter How comparable are species distributions along elevational and latitudinal climate gradients?
2013-07-03 Loïc Chalmandrier Differences in forest plant functional trait distributions across land-use and productivity gradients.
2013-07-02 Ignasi Bartomeus Pollinator declines: reconciling scales and implications for ecosystem services
2013-07-02 Ralf B. Schäfer How to characterize chemical exposure to predict ecologic effects on aquatic communities?
2013-07-01 Ignasi Bartomeus Understanding linkage rules in plant-pollinator networks by using hierarchical models that incorporate pollinator detectability and plant traits
2013-07-01 Jens Kattge Predicting invertebrate herbivory from plant traits: polycultures show strong nonadditive effects.
2013-07-01 Roberto Salguero-Gómez White-tailed deer ( Odocoileus virginianus ) positively affect the growth of mature northern red oak ( Quercus rubra ) trees
2013-06-26 Brian J. Enquist An empirical assessment of tree branching networks and implications for plant allometric scaling models.
2013-06-26 Ramona L Walls Next-generation phenomics for the Tree of Life
2013-06-25 Cyrille Violle | Brian J. Enquist Assessing the causes and scales of the leaf economics spectrum using venation networks inPopulus tremuloides
2013-06-23 Vigdis Vandvik Invasion of Calluna heath by native and non-native conifers: the role of succession, disturbance and allelopathy
2013-06-19 Vigdis Vandvik Succession after prescribed burning in coastalCallunaheathlands along a 340-km latitudinal gradient
2013-06-19 Sandra M Durán Carbon stocks in tropical forests decrease with liana density.
2013-06-17 Ralf B. Schäfer Pesticides reduce regional biodiversity of stream invertebrates
2013-06-13 Jens Kattge Climate and litter quality differently modulate the effects of soil fauna on litter decomposition across biomes
2013-06-07 Maurizio Rossetto Maximising adaptive potential in translocated populations of clonal saltmarsh plants: a case study on Wilsonia backhousei, Convolvulaceae
2013-06-07 Michael Ray Kearney Spatio-temporal changes in the structure of an Australian frog hybrid zone: a 40-year perspective
2013-06-07 Diogo Borges Provete Clade-specific consequences of climate change to amphibians in Atlantic Forest protected areas
2013-06-06 Steven L. Chown Ontogenetic shifts in plant interactions vary with environmental severity and affect population structure.
2013-06-01 Nuno Simões First record of Ophioderma ensiferum (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) from the southeastern continental shelf of the Gulf of Mexico and from an anchialine cave
2013-06-01 Sharif Ahmed Mukul The trade of bamboo (Graminae) and its secondary products in a regional market of southern Bangladesh: status and socio-economic significance
2013-06-01 Richard J Telford Diatom flickering prior to regime shift.
2013-06-01 Diogo Borges Provete Larvae ofProceratophrys melanopogon(Amphibia: Anura), with Emphasis on Internal Oral Morphology and Comparisons withP. cururuandP. moratoi
2013-05-31 Joshua S Madin Effect of varying the concentrations of carbohydrate and milk protein in rehydration solutions ingested after exercise in the heat.
2013-05-31 Ramona L Walls Clarifying concepts and terms in biodiversity informatics
2013-05-29 Alexander Keller Novel form of X-linked nonsyndromic hearing loss with cochlear malformation caused by a mutation in the type IV collagen gene COL4A6.
2013-05-23 David B. Roy Range expansion through fragmented landscapes under a variable climate
2013-05-23 Vanessa M. Adams Estimating the financial risks of Andropogon gayanus to greenhouse gas abatement projects in northern Australia
2013-05-21 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright Understanding ecological variation across species: area-based vs mass-based expression of leaf traits.
2013-05-21 Caterina Penone Use of large-scale acoustic monitoring to assess anthropogenic pressures on Orthoptera communities
2013-05-21 Samraat S. Pawar Temperature dependence of trophic interactions are driven by asymmetry of species responses and foraging strategy
2013-05-20 Alexander Keller Only distance matters - non-choosy females in a poison frog population.
2013-05-20 Franziska Schrodt Application of Lessons from the Euro Crisis to Climate Change
2013-05-17 Heloise Gibb Does structural complexity determine the morphology of assemblages? An experimental test on three continents.
2013-05-16 William D. Pearse phyloGenerator: an automated phylogeny generation tool for ecologists
2013-05-14 Ian J. Wright Diffusional conductances to CO2 as a target for increasing photosynthesis and photosynthetic water-use efficiency.
2013-05-13 Michael Ray Kearney Reconciling theories for metabolic scaling.
2013-05-07 Colleen M. Iversen Stored carbon partly fuels fine-root respiration but is not used for production of new fine roots
2013-05-01 Steven L. Chown Human activities, propagule pressure and alien plants in the sub-Antarctic: Tests of generalities and evidence in support of management
2013-05-01 Samraat S. Pawar The thermal dependence of biological traits
2013-05-01 Loïc Chalmandrier Effects of time since fire on birds in a plant diversity hotspot
2013-05-01 Vanessa M. Adams Impacts of the Moreton Bay Marine Park rezoning on commercial fishermen
2013-04-29 Maribeth Latvis Phylogenetic relationships and character evolution analysis of Saxifragales using a supermatrix approach
2013-04-26 David B. Roy Indexing butterfly abundance whilst accounting for missing counts and variability in seasonal pattern
2013-04-24 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Plants do not count… or do they? New perspectives on the universality of senescence
2013-04-24 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Age, stage and senescence in plants
2013-04-24 Roberto Salguero-Gómez The pace and shape of senescence in angiosperms
2013-04-19 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Anaerobic metabolism at thermal extremes: a metabolomic test of the oxygen limitation hypothesis in an aquatic insect.
2013-04-16 Steven L. Chown Stable and fluctuating temperature effects on the development rate and survival of two malaria vectors, Anopheles arabiensis and Anopheles funestus
2013-04-11 Katja Seltmann The description of Alloxysta chinensis, a new Charipinae species from China (Hymenoptera, Figitidae)
2013-04-02 Jens Kattge | Cyrille Violle Are trait-based species rankings consistent across data sets and spatial scales?
2013-04-02 Jens Kattge Sampling date, leaf age and root size: implications for the study of plant C:N:p stoichiometry
2013-04-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Ecotoxicology.
2013-03-25 Nicolas Fanin An experimental test of the hypothesis of non-homeostatic consumer stoichiometry in a plant litter-microbe system.
2013-03-24 Steven L. Chown A predicted niche shift corresponds with increased thermal resistance in an invasive mite,Halotydeus destructor
2013-03-22 Vigdis Vandvik Seedling emergence responds to both seed source and recruitment site climates: a climate change experiment combining transplant and gradient approaches
2013-03-20 Maurizio Rossetto Post-Glacial Spatial Dynamics in a Rainforest Biodiversity Hot Spot
2013-03-18 Melissa Haendel An ontology-based method for secondary use of electronic dental record data
2013-03-18 Melissa Haendel From EHRs to Linked Data: representing and mining encounter data for clinical expertise evaluation
2013-03-15 Jens Kattge Nutrient input from hemiparasitic litter favors plant species with a fast-growth strategy
2013-03-15 Pete Manning Trait-based classification and manipulation of plant functional groups for biodiversity-ecosystem function experiments
2013-03-14 Maurizio Rossetto Capturing chloroplast variation for molecular ecology studies: a simple next generation sequencing approach applied to a rainforest tree
2013-03-13 Jacintha Ellers Transcriptional responses indicate attenuated oxidative stress in the springtail Folsomia candida exposed to mixtures of cadmium and phenanthrene.
2013-03-06 Ignasi Bartomeus Faculty of 1000 evaluation for A general and simple method for obtaining R2 from generalized linear mixed-effects models
2013-03-06 Ralf B. Schäfer Response to comment on “regulatory focus surface water models fail to predict insecticide concentrations in the field”.
2013-03-06 Vigdis Vandvik Direct and size-dependent effects of climate on flowering performance in alpine and lowland herbaceous species
2013-03-04 Ignasi Bartomeus Historical changes in northeastern US bee pollinators related to shared ecological traits
2013-03-01 Anne Thessen Synthesis of primary production in the Arctic Ocean: III. Nitrate and phosphate based estimates of net community production
2013-03-01 Franziska Schrodt On the delineation of tropical vegetation types with an emphasis on forest/savanna transitions
2013-03-01 Richard J Telford Erratum to ‘Benthic foraminifera provide a promising tool for ecological quality assessment of marine waters’ [Ecol. Indic. 23 (2012) 66–75]
2013-03-01 Jérôme Mathieu Are dispersal behaviours of earthworms related to their functional group?
2013-02-28 Ignasi Bartomeus Wild Pollinators Enhance Fruit Set of Crops Regardless of Honey Bee Abundance
2013-02-25 Joseph A Tobias Bird conservation in tropical ecosystems
2013-02-25 David B. Roy Monitoring Trends in Biological Invasion, its Impact and Policy Responses
2013-02-22 Joseph A Tobias A comprehensive molecular phylogeny for the hornbills (Aves: Bucerotidae).
2013-02-22 Pete Manning Hierarchical responses of plant-soil interactions to climate change: consequences for the global carbon cycle
2013-02-20 Pete Manning Plant functional group composition modifies the effects of precipitation change on grassland ecosystem function
2013-02-20 Vigdis Vandvik Physical dormancy in seeds: a game of hide and seek?
2013-02-19 Heloise Gibb Restoration of trophic structure in an assemblage of omnivores, considering a revegetation chronosequence
2013-02-18 Katja Seltmann Utilizing descriptive statements from the biodiversity heritage library to expand the Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology
2013-02-18 Ignasi Bartomeus Faculty of 1000 evaluation for Variability in life-history and ecological traits is a buffer against extinction in mammals
2013-02-11 Vigdis Vandvik Local temperatures inferred from plant communities suggest strong spatial buffering of climate warming across Northern Europe
2013-02-07 Diogo Borges Provete Is rich and rare the common share? Describing biodiversity patterns to inform conservation practices for South American anurans
2013-02-05 Jens Kattge Simultaneous assimilation of satellite and eddy covariance data for improving terrestrial water and carbon simulations at a semi-arid woodland site in Botswana
2013-02-03 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Risk vs. reward: how predators and prey respond to aging olfactory cues
2013-01-31 Pete Manning Novel Urban Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services
2013-01-31 Vigdis Vandvik North Atlantic Islands with native and alien trees: are there differences in diversity and species-area relationships?
2013-01-30 Daniel Mietchen The move to open access and growth: experience from Journal of Hymenoptera Research
2013-01-30 Michael Ray Kearney Process, correlation and parameter fitting in species distribution models: a response to Kriticoset al
2013-01-30 Samraat S. Pawar Pawar et al. reply
2013-01-29 Ian J. Wright Mechanisms underlying global temperature-related patterns in leaf longevity
2013-01-28 Cyrille Violle | Brian J. Enquist | Marko J. Spasojevic Intra-specific and inter-specific variation in specific leaf area reveal the importance of abiotic and biotic drivers of species diversity across elevation and latitude
2013-01-24 Jens Kattge Modeling the vertical soil organic matter profile using Bayesian parameter estimation
2013-01-22 Jorrit Poelen Building a Fisheries Trophic Interaction Database for Management and Modeling Research in the Gulf of Mexico Large Marine Ecosystem
2013-01-17 Melissa Haendel | Paula M. Mabee An overview of the BioCreative 2012 Workshop Track III: interactive text mining task
2013-01-16 Brian J. Enquist | Brad Boyle The taxonomic name resolution service: an online tool for automated standardization of plant names
2013-01-14 Brian J. Enquist Correlations between physical and chemical defences in plants: tradeoffs, syndromes, or just many different ways to skin a herbivorous cat?
2013-01-09 Katja Seltmann Matching arthropod anatomy ontologies to the Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology: results from a manual alignment
2013-01-07 Michael Ray Kearney Molecular patterns of introgression in a classic hybrid zone between the Australian tree frogs, Litoria ewingii and L. paraewingi: evidence of a tension zone
2013-01-03 Michael Ray Kearney Evaluating and predicting risk to a large reptile (Varanus varius) from feral cat baiting protocols
2013-01-01 Nuno Simões Records and observations of amphipods (Amphipoda: Gammaridea and Corophiidea) from fouling assemblages in the Alacranes Reef, southern Gulf of Mexico
2013-01-01 Daniel Mietchen ISCB computational biology Wikipedia competition
2013-01-01 Maurizio Rossetto Microsatellite variation for phylogenetic, phylogeographic and population-genetic studies in Lomatia (Proteaceae)
2013-01-01 Alexander Keller Diverse microbiota identified in whole intact nest chambers of the red mason bee Osmia bicornis (Linnaeus 1758)
2013-01-01 Daniel Mietchen Inconsistent XML as a Barrier to Reuse of Open Access Content
2013-01-01 Daniel Mietchen Convergence and deep homology in the evolution of spoken language
2013-01-01 Steven L. Chown What is conservation physiology? Perspectives on an increasingly integrated and essential science(†)
2013-01-01 Steven L. Chown Antarctic Treaty System Past Not Predictive
2013-01-01 Steven L. Chown South African research in the Southern Ocean: New opportunities but serious challenges
2013-01-01 Markus Ankenbrand Compensatory base changes in ITS2 secondary structures correlate with the biological species concept despite intragenomic variability in ITS2 sequences–a proof of concept
2013-01-01 Ian J. Wright New handbook for standardised measurement of plant functional traits worldwide
2013-01-01 Dalia A. Conde Zoos through the lens of the IUCN Red List: a global metapopulation approach to support conservation breeding programs
2013-01-01 Ian J. Wright | Jens Kattge Connecting the Green and Brown Worlds
2013-01-01 Jens Kattge Estimating Basal Area of Spruce and Fir in Post-fire Residual Stands in Central Siberia Using Quickbird, Feature Selection, and Random Forests
2013-01-01 Anne Thessen Data Conservancy Provenance, Context, and Lineage Services: Key Components for Data Preservation and Curation
2013-01-01 Joshua S Madin Human deforestation outweighs future climate change impacts of sedimentation on coral reefs.
2013-01-01 Rachael V. Gallagher Next-generation invaders? Hotspots for naturalised sleeper weeds in Australia under future climates
2013-01-01 Diogo Borges Provete What Is on the Horizon for Ecophylogenetics?
2013-01-01 Vanessa M. Adams Security and equity of conservation covenants: Contradictions of private protected area policies in Australia
2012-12-30 Jacintha Ellers Acclimation responses to temperature vary with vertical stratification: implications for vulnerability of soil-dwelling species to extreme temperature events.
2012-12-28 Ralf B. Schäfer Response to comment on “Regulatory FOCUS surface water models fail to predict insecticide concentrations in the field”.
2012-12-28 Heloise Gibb The spatial scaling of beta diversity
2012-12-27 Michael Ray Kearney Linking Eco-Energetics and Eco-Hydrology to Select Sites for the Assisted Colonization of Australia’s Rarest Reptile
2012-12-20 Maurizio Rossetto Using Australian Virtual Herbarium data to find all the woody rain forest plants in Australia.
2012-12-20 Jens Kattge Harmonizing, annotating and sharing data in biodiversity-ecosystem functioning research
2012-12-20 David B. Roy Reconciling biodiversity and carbon conservation
2012-12-13 Nicolas Fanin Distinct microbial limitations in litter and underlying soil revealed by carbon and nutrient fertilization in a tropical rainforest
2012-12-12 Dylan J. Craven Water-use efficiency and whole-plant performance of nine tropical tree species at two sites with contrasting water availability in Panama
2012-12-11 Joseph A Tobias Species interactions constrain geographic range expansion over evolutionary time.
2012-12-10 Roberto Salguero-Gómez IPMpack: an R package for integral projection models
2012-12-07 Jacintha Ellers Traits underpinning desiccation resistance explain distribution patterns of terrestrial isopods.
2012-12-07 Rachael V. Gallagher Species loss and gain in communities under future climate change: consequences for functional diversity
2012-12-05 Maurizio Rossetto The impact of multiple biogeographic barriers and hybridization on species-level differentiation
2012-12-05 Ramona L Walls The plant ontology as a tool for comparative plant anatomy and genomic analyses
2012-12-01 Anne Thessen Transcriptomics and microbial eukaryote diversity: a way forward
2012-12-01 Jens Kattge Predicting invertebrate herbivory from plant traits: evidence from 51 grassland species in experimental monocultures
2012-12-01 Jennifer A Hammock Visually Exploring Social Participation in Encyclopedia of Life
2012-12-01 Diogo Borges Provete Description of the Tadpole ofHylodes magalhaesi(Bokermann, 1964) (Anura: Hylodidae)
2012-12-01 Richard J Telford Benthic foraminifera provide a promising tool for ecological quality assessment of marine waters
2012-11-30 Michael Ray Kearney Balancing heat, water and nutrients under environmental change: a thermodynamic niche framework
2012-11-29 Ralf B. Schäfer Salinisation of rivers: an urgent ecological issue
2012-11-27 William Farfan-Rios The relationship of tropical bird communities to tree species composition and vegetation structure along an Andean elevational gradient
2012-11-27 Vigdis Vandvik Effects of invasion by introduced versus native conifers on coastal heathland vegetation
2012-11-26 Luca Santini (Un-)expected nocturnal activity in “Diurnal” Lemur catta supports cathemerality as one of the key adaptations of the lemurid radiation.
2012-11-23 Michael Ray Kearney Structure and fragmentation of growling grass frog metapopulations
2012-11-22 Florian Dirk Schneider Beyond diversity: how nested predator effects control ecosystem functions.
2012-11-21 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright Global convergence in the vulnerability of forests to drought.
2012-11-12 Ian J. Wright Volatile isoprenoid emissions from plastid to planet
2012-11-06 Ralf B. Schäfer Risk assessment of episodic exposures to chemicals should consider both the physiological and the ecological sensitivities of species.
2012-11-06 Brian J. Enquist | Brad Boyle The leaf-area shrinkage effect can bias paleoclimate and ecology research.
2012-11-01 Daniel Mietchen An Asian elephant imitates human speech
2012-11-01 Roberto Salguero-Gómez A demographic approach to study effects of climate change in desert plants
2012-11-01 Roberto Salguero-Gómez It is getting hotter in here: determining and projecting the impacts of global environmental change on drylands
2012-11-01 Sadie J. Ryan Disease prevention versus data privacy: using landcover maps to inform spatial epidemic models
2012-11-01 Florian Dirk Schneider | Malte Jochum Climate-induced changes in bottom-up and top-down processes independently alter a marine ecosystem
2012-11-01 Florian Dirk Schneider Climate change in size-structured ecosystems
2012-10-30 David B. Roy Population resilience to an extreme drought is influenced by habitat area and fragmentation in the local landscape
2012-10-27 Joshua S Madin Colour in insect thermoregulation: empirical and theoretical tests in the colour-changing grasshopper, Kosciuscola tristis.
2012-10-24 Steven L. Chown Climate change and elevational diversity capacity: do weedy species take up the slack?
2012-10-19 Steven L. Chown Metabolic and water loss rates of two cryptic species in the African velvet worm genus Opisthopatus (Onychophora).
2012-10-19 Cyrille Violle Community assembly along a soil depth gradient: contrasting patterns of plant trait convergence and divergence in a Mediterranean rangeland
2012-10-16 David B. Roy Multi-generational long-distance migration of insects: studying the painted lady butterfly in the Western Palaearctic
2012-10-11 Sadie J. Ryan | Samraat S. Pawar Optimal temperature for malaria transmission is dramatically lower than previously predicted.
2012-10-10 Ian J. Wright Correlations among leaf traits provide a significant constraint on the estimate of global gross primary production
2012-10-10 Marko J. Spasojevic Patterns of seed dispersal syndromes on serpentine soils: examining the roles of habitat patchiness, soil infertility and correlated functional traits
2012-10-06 Rachael V. Gallagher The grass may not always be greener: projected reductions in climatic suitability for exotic grasses under future climates in Australia
2012-10-05 Michael Ray Kearney Testing metabolic theories.
2012-10-02 Ignasi Bartomeus Faculty of 1000 evaluation for What conservationists need to know about farming
2012-10-01 Brian J. Enquist | Brad Boyle SALVIAS – the SALVIAS vegetation inventory database
2012-10-01 Brian J. Enquist X-ray imaging of leaf venation networks.
2012-10-01 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Moorland pools as refugia for endangered species characteristic of raised bog gradients
2012-09-26 Steven L. Chown Scale effects on the body size frequency distributions of African birds: patterns and potential mechanisms
2012-09-23 Michael Ray Kearney Determinants of inter-specific variation in basal metabolic rate
2012-09-20 Diogo Borges Provete Redescription of Physalaemus barrioi (Anura: Leiuperidae)
2012-09-14 Michael Ray Kearney A physiological analogy of the niche for projecting the potential distribution of plants
2012-09-14 Rachael V. Gallagher A global analysis of trait variation and evolution in climbing plants
2012-09-13 Ralf B. Schäfer Two stressors and a community: effects of hydrological disturbance and a toxicant on freshwater zooplankton
2012-09-07 Jens Kattge Future challenges of representing land-processes in studies on land-atmosphere interactions
2012-09-06 Jens Kattge Nutrient limitation reduces land carbon uptake in simulations with a model of combined carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling
2012-09-04 Caterina Penone Urbanisation effect on Orthoptera: which scale matters?
2012-09-01 Jacintha Ellers Mating rate influences female reproductive investment in a simultaneous hermaphrodite, Lymnaea stagnalis
2012-09-01 Anne Thessen The user’s view on biodiversity data sharing — Investigating facts of acceptance and requirements to realize a sustainable use of research data —
2012-09-01 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Viva la variance! A reply to Nakagawa & Schielzeth
2012-09-01 David B. Roy Uncertainty in thermal tolerances and climatic debt
2012-08-24 Ralf B. Schäfer Is there an interaction of the effects of salinity and pesticides on the community structure of macroinvertebrates?
2012-08-24 Brian J. Enquist Eco-evolutionary community dynamics: covariation between diversity and invasibility across temperature gradients.
2012-08-22 Mark Westoby The importance of leaf cuticle for carbon economy and mechanical strength.
2012-08-20 Maurizio Rossetto Genetic structure and bio-climatic modeling support allopatric over parapatric speciation along a latitudinal gradient
2012-08-14 David B. Roy Protected areas facilitate species’ range expansions
2012-08-09 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright Anatomical basis of variation in mesophyll resistance in eastern Australian sclerophylls: news of a long and winding path.
2012-08-07 Jens Kattge | Pete Manning Abiotic drivers and plant traits explain landscape-scale patterns in soil microbial communities.
2012-08-06 Diogo Borges Provete Phylogenetic signal and variation of visceral pigmentation in eight anuran families
2012-08-03 Jens Kattge Relationships between net primary productivity and forest stand age in U.S. forests
2012-08-01 Nuno Simões Physiological and immunological characterization of Caribbean spiny lobsters Panulirus argus naturally infected with Panulirus argus Virus 1 (PaV1).
2012-08-01 Steven L. Chown Phylogeny and colonization history of Pringlea antiscorbutica (Brassicaceae), an emblematic endemic from the South Indian Ocean Province.
2012-08-01 Ignasi Bartomeus Unraveling the life history of successful invaders.
2012-08-01 Joseph A Tobias The evolution of female ornaments and weaponry: social selection, sexual selection and ecological competition
2012-08-01 Ramona L Walls Ontologies as integrative tools for plant science
2012-08-01 Jérôme Mathieu Is invasion of deforested Amazonia by the earthworm Pontoscolex corethrurus driven by soil texture and chemical properties?
2012-08-01 Jérôme Mathieu Isolation of polymorphic microsatellite markers in Aporrectodea icterica (Savigny 1826)
2012-07-31 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle A common genetic basis to the origin of the leaf economics spectrum and metabolic scaling allometry
2012-07-31 Joshua S Madin Linking coral river runoff proxies with climate variability, hydrology and land-use in Madagascar catchments.
2012-07-29 Richard J Telford Testing intra-site transfer functions: an example using chironomids and water depth
2012-07-27 Maurizio Rossetto Palaeodistribution modelling and genetic evidence highlight differential post-glacial range shifts of a rain forest conifer distributed across a latitudinal gradient
2012-07-25 Ralf B. Schäfer Regulatory FOCUS surface water models fail to predict insecticide concentrations in the field.
2012-07-25 Heloise Gibb Micro and macro-habitat associations in saproxylic beetles: implications for biodiversity management
2012-07-21 Caterina Penone High-speed railways are not barriers to Pyronia tithonus butterfly movements
2012-07-20 Katja Seltmann Results and insights from the NCSU Insect Museum GigaPan project
2012-07-20 Paula M. Mabee Phenotype Ontology Research Coordination Network meeting report: creating a community network for comparing and leveraging phenotype-genotype knowledge across species
2012-07-17 Brian J. Enquist A species-level model for metabolic scaling in trees I. Exploring boundaries to scaling space within and across species
2012-07-16 Steven L. Chown Upper thermal limits in terrestrial ectotherms: how constrained are they?
2012-07-11 Brian J. Enquist A species-level model for metabolic scaling of trees II. Testing in a ring- and diffuse-porous species
2012-07-10 Nuno Simões Population structure and sexual maturity of the calico box crab Hepatus ephiliticus Linnaeus (Brachyura, Hepatidae) from Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
2012-07-10 Franziska Schrodt Variation in soil carbon stocks and their determinants across a precipitation gradient in West Africa
2012-07-06 Steven L. Chown Thermal limits of wild and laboratory strains of two African malaria vector species, Anopheles arabiensis and Anopheles funestus
2012-07-06 Vanessa M. Adams Where do national and local conservation actions meet? Simulating the expansion of ad hoc and systematic approaches to conservation into the future in Fiji
2012-07-05 David B. Roy Climatic associations of British species distributions show good transferability in time but low predictive accuracy for range change
2012-07-03 Steven L. Chown Biotic interactions modify the effects of oxygen on insect gigantism
2012-07-02 Jacintha Ellers Ecological interactions drive evolutionary loss of traits
2012-07-01 Steven L. Chown Respiratory dynamics of discontinuous gas exchange in the tracheal system of the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria.
2012-07-01 Steven L. Chown Conservation. Challenges to the future conservation of the Antarctic
2012-07-01 Paula M. Mabee Development of the mandibular, hyoid arch and gill arch skeleton in the Chinese barb Puntius semifasciolatus: comparisons of ossification sequences among Cypriniformes.
2012-06-22 Ralf B. Schäfer Physiological sensitivity of freshwater macroinvertebrates to heavy metals.
2012-06-19 Steven L. Chown Trait-based approaches to conservation physiology: forecasting environmental change risks from the bottom up
2012-06-19 Michael Ray Kearney Predicting organismal vulnerability to climate warming: roles of behaviour, physiology and adaptation
2012-06-12 Jacintha Ellers Time-related survival effects of two gluconasturtiin hydrolysis products on the terrestrial isopod Porcellio scaber.
2012-06-11 Sadie J. Ryan The utility of normalized difference vegetation index for predicting African buffalo forage quality
2012-06-11 David B. Roy Habitat associations of thermophilous butterflies are reduced despite climatic warming
2012-06-07 Jens Kattge The coordination of leaf photosynthesis links C and N fluxes in C3 plant species
2012-06-06 Steven L. Chown An information-theoretic approach to evaluating the size and temperature dependence of metabolic rate.
2012-06-01 Mark Westoby Setbacks to shoot growth are common in woody plants, so how are shoots of some species safer than others?
2012-06-01 Michael Ray Kearney Integrating phylogeography and physiology reveals divergence of thermal traits between central and peripheral lineages of tropical rainforest lizards
2012-06-01 Sharif Ahmed Mukul The role of spiritual beliefs in conserving wildlife species in religious shrines of Bangladesh
2012-06-01 Samraat S. Pawar Dimensionality of consumer search space drives trophic interaction strengths.
2012-06-01 Colleen M. Iversen Plant root distributions and nitrogen uptake predicted by a hypothesis of optimal root foraging
2012-06-01 David B. Roy The role of the North Atlantic Oscillation in controlling U.K. butterfly population size and phenology
2012-05-31 Katja Seltmann A hymenopterists’ guide to the Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology: utility, clarification, and future directions
2012-05-29 Joseph A Tobias The latitudinal gradient in dispersal constraints: ecological specialisation drives diversification in tropical birds
2012-05-24 Jens Kattge Competitive interactions between forest trees are driven by species’ trait hierarchy, not phylogenetic or functional similarity: implications for forest community assembly
2012-05-24 Jérôme Mathieu Plant preference for ammonium versus nitrate: a neglected determinant of ecosystem functioning?
2012-05-22 Steven L. Chown Conservation biogeography of the Antarctic
2012-05-21 Paula M. Mabee 500,000 fish phenotypes: The new informatics landscape for evolutionary and developmental biology of the vertebrate skeleton
2012-05-21 Paula M. Mabee Gill-arch musculature of the quillback carpiodes cyprinus (cypriniformes: catostomidae) with a comparison to cyprinids
2012-05-21 Joseph A Tobias Correlated evolution of beak morphology and song in the neotropical woodcreeper radiation
2012-05-18 Michael Ray Kearney The trade-off between maturation and growth during accelerated development in frogs.
2012-05-16 Steven L. Chown Species distribution modelling in low-interaction environments: Insights from a terrestrial Antarctic system
2012-05-14 Daniel Falster Seedlings of temperate rainforest conifer and angiosperm trees differ in leaf area display
2012-05-12 Lucie M Bland Data uncertainty and the selectivity of extinction risk in freshwater invertebrates
2012-05-11 Michael Ray Kearney A replicated comparison of breeding-container suitability for the dengue vectorAedes aegyptiin tropical and temperate Australia
2012-05-03 Jérôme Mathieu Is earthworms’ dispersal facilitated by the ecosystem engineering activities of conspecifics?
2012-05-01 Jens Kattge Beyond distance-invariant survival in inverse recruitment modeling: A case study in Siberian Pinus sylvestris forests
2012-05-01 Heloise Gibb Arthropod colonisation of natural and experimental logs in an agricultural landscape: Effects of habitat, isolation, season and exposure time
2012-05-01 David B. Roy Temperature-dependent alterations in host use drive rapid range expansion in a butterfly.
2012-05-01 Rachael V. Gallagher Contrasting patterns of trait-based community assembly in lianas and trees from temperate Australia
2012-04-21 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Niche segregation in two closely related species of stickleback along a physiological axis: explaining multidecadal changes in fish distribution from iron-induced respiratory impairment.
2012-04-10 Ralf B. Schäfer Thresholds for the effects of pesticides on invertebrate communities and leaf breakdown in stream ecosystems.
2012-04-10 Brian S. Maitner Does phylogeny matter? Assessing the impact of phylogenetic information in ecological meta-analysis
2012-04-08 Marko J. Spasojevic Plot-scale evidence of tundra vegetation change and links to recent summer warming
2012-04-04 David B. Roy Habitat associations of species show consistent but weak responses to climate
2012-04-01 Steven L. Chown Litter decomposition in fynbos vegetation, South Africa
2012-04-01 Caterina Penone Do railway edges provide functional connectivity for plant communities in an urban context?
2012-04-01 Vigdis Vandvik Modeling alpine plant distributions at the landscape scale: Do biotic interactions matter?
2012-04-01 David B. Roy Population density but not stability can be predicted from species distribution models
2012-04-01 Vanessa M. Adams Estimating land and conservation management costs: The first step in designing a stewardship program for the Northern Territory
2012-03-31 Jacintha Ellers The effect of different dietary sugars and honey on longevity and fecundity in two hyperparasitoid wasps.
2012-03-28 Paula M. Mabee Segmentation and fusion on the midline: basibranchial homologies in cypriniform fishes.
2012-03-27 Steven L. Chown Continent-wide risk assessment for the establishment of nonindigenous species in Antarctica
2012-03-27 Brian J. Enquist Land Plants: New Theoretical Directions and Empirical Prospects
2012-03-20 Melissa Haendel Research resources: curating the new eagle-i discovery system
2012-03-20 Mark Westoby | Daniel Falster An evolutionary attractor model for sapwood cross section in relation to leaf area
2012-03-19 Jens Kattge Phylogenetic and functional characteristics of household yard floras and their changes along an urbanization gradient
2012-03-19 Eveliina P. Kallioniemi Temperature treatments during larval development reveal extensive heritable and plastic variation in gene expression and life history traits
2012-03-16 Steven L. Chown Contingent absences account for range limits but not the local abundance structure of an invasive springtail
2012-03-13 Heloise Gibb Forestry alters foraging efficiency and crop contents of aphid-tending red wood ants, Formica aquilonia
2012-03-13 Cyrille Violle Mechanisms of ecological succession: insights from plant functional strategies
2012-03-11 Pete Manning Biotic carbon feedbacks in a materially closed soil–vegetation–atmosphere system
2012-03-09 Maurizio Rossetto Australian Tropical and Subtropical Rain Forest Community Assembly: Phylogeny, Functional Biogeography, and Environmental Gradients
2012-03-05 Joshua S Madin Do behavioral foraging responses of prey to predators function similarly in restored and pristine foodwebs?
2012-03-02 Steven L. Chown The Fynbos and sUcculent Karoo biomes do not have exceptional local ant richness
2012-03-02 Franziska Schrodt Variation in soil carbon stocks and their determinants across a precipitation gradient in West Africa
2012-03-02 Florian Dirk Schneider Body mass constraints on feeding rates determine the consequences of predator loss.
2012-03-02 Colleen M. Iversen Soil carbon and nitrogen cycling and storage throughout the soil profile in a sweetgum plantation after 11 years of CO2-enrichment
2012-03-01 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Local peoples’ responses to co-management regime in protected areas: A case study from Satchari National Park, Bangladesh
2012-03-01 Michael Ray Kearney Biomechanics meets the ecological niche: the importance of temporal data resolution
2012-03-01 Joshua S Madin Integrating physiological and biomechanical drivers of population growth over environmental gradients on coral reefs.
2012-03-01 Jérôme Mathieu Soil lipids from accelerated solvent extraction: Influence of temperature and solvent on extract composition
2012-02-29 Steven L. Chown Spatial and Temporal Variability in Terrestrial Antarctic Biodiversity
2012-02-29 David B. Roy Reduced variability in range-edge butterfly populations over three decades of climate warming
2012-02-28 Michael Ray Kearney Stage-dependent physiological responses in a butterfly cause non-additive effects on phenology
2012-02-27 Sadie J. Ryan Patterns and perceptions of climate change in a biodiversity conservation hotspot
2012-02-15 Alexandra J. R. Carthey When does an alien become a native species? A vulnerable native mammal recognizes and responds to its long-term alien predator
2012-02-08 Steven L. Chown The effects of acclimation and rates of temperature change on critical thermal limits in Tenebrio molitor (Tenebrionidae) and Cyrtobagous salviniae (Curculionidae).
2012-02-07 Mark Westoby Stem xylem conductivity is key to plant water balance across Australian angiosperm species
2012-02-07 David B. Roy Invasive alien predator causes rapid declines of native European ladybirds
2012-02-05 Jacintha Ellers Molecular and life-history effects of a natural toxin on herbivorous and non-target soil arthropods
2012-02-02 Sadie J. Ryan A survey of gastrointestinal parasites of olive baboons (Papio anubis) in human settlement areas of Mole National Park, Ghana.
2012-02-01 Nuno Simões Host selection by the cleaner shrimp Ancylomenes pedersoni: Do anemone host species, prior experience or the presence of conspecific shrimp matter?
2012-02-01 Anne Thessen Pseudo-nitzschia physiological ecology, phylogeny, toxicity, monitoring and impacts on ecosystem health
2012-02-01 Jacintha Ellers Effects of a lipid-rich diet on adult parasitoid income resources and survival
2012-02-01 Richard J Telford From cold to cool in northernmost Norway: Lateglacial and early Holocene multi-proxy environmental and climate reconstructions from Jansvatnet, Hammerfest
2012-02-01 Marko J. Spasojevic Phenological Changes in Alpine Plants in Response to Increased Snowpack, Temperature, and Nitrogen
2012-02-01 Jérôme Mathieu Plant homeostasis, growth and development in natural and artificial soils
2012-01-30 Jens Kattge Plant-driven variation in decomposition rates improves projections of global litter stock distribution
2012-01-26 Vanessa M. Adams Recasting shortfalls of marine protected areas as opportunities through adaptive management
2012-01-13 Michael Ray Kearney Correlation and process in species distribution models: bridging a dichotomy
2012-01-13 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle The return of the variance: intraspecific variability in community ecology
2012-01-12 Daniel S. Park Native environment modulates leaf size and response to simulated foliar shade across wild tomato species
2012-01-10 David B. Roy Differences in the climatic debts of birds and butterflies at a continental scale
2012-01-04 Marko J. Spasojevic Inferring community assembly mechanisms from functional diversity patterns: the importance of multiple assembly processes
2012-01-03 Steven L. Chown Antarctic marine biodiversity and deep-sea hydrothermal vents
2012-01-01 Katja Seltmann On dorsal prothoracic appendages in treehoppers (Hemiptera: Membracidae) and the nature of morphological evidence
2012-01-01 Daniel Mietchen Topic pages: PLoS Computational Biology meets Wikipedia
2012-01-01 Melissa Haendel Lost and found in behavioral informatics
2012-01-01 Melissa Haendel Uberon, an integrative multi-species anatomy ontology
2012-01-01 Melissa Haendel | Paula M. Mabee A unified anatomy ontology of the vertebrate skeletal system
2012-01-01 Melissa Haendel Dealing with data: a case study on information and data management literacy
2012-01-01 Daniel Mietchen Wissenschaft zum Mitmachen, Wissenschaft als Prozess: Offene Wissenschaft
2012-01-01 Melissa Haendel Preface
2012-01-01 Jennifer C. Girón Phylogenetic assessment of the Caribbean weevil genus Lachnopus Schoenherr (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae)
2012-01-01 Mark Westoby Exploring phosphate effects on leaf flammability using a physical chemistry model
2012-01-01 Anne Thessen The taxonomic significance of species that have only been observed once: the genus Gymnodinium (Dinoflagellata) as an example
2012-01-01 Anne Thessen Applications of natural language processing in biodiversity science
2012-01-01 Ignasi Bartomeus Consumer and motor innovation in the common myna: the role of motivation and emotional responses
2012-01-01 Jacintha Ellers Transcriptional changes associated with lack of lipid synthesis in parasitoids
2012-01-01 Ralf B. Schäfer 16th SETAC GLB (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry German Language Branch) Annual meeting held under the main theme “EcoTOXICOlogy and Environmental CHEMISTRY: crossing borders” from 18th to 20th September 2011 at Landau
2012-01-01 Jennifer A Hammock Dynamic changes in motivation in collaborative citizen-science projects
2012-01-01 Joshua S Madin Calcification, storm damage and population resilience of tabular corals under climate change
2012-01-01 Richard J Telford Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Display
2012-01-01 Brian J. Enquist Interannual variability of growth and reproduction in Bursera simaruba: the role of allometry and resource variability.
2011-12-26 Hervé Sauquet Testing the impact of calibration on molecular divergence times using a fossil-rich group: the case of Nothofagus (Fagales).
2011-12-22 Michael Ray Kearney Physiological implications of genomic state in parthenogenetic lizards of reciprocal hybrid origin.
2011-12-22 Sadie J. Ryan Consequences of non-intervention for infectious disease in African great apes
2011-12-22 Luke McCormack Faculty of 1000 evaluation for Failure to migrate: lack of tree range expansion in response to climate change
2011-12-14 Richard J Telford Testing peatland testate amoeba transfer functions: Appropriate methods for clustered training-sets
2011-12-12 Melissa Haendel Modularization for the Cell Ontology
2011-12-12 Melissa Haendel Modularization for the Cell Ontology
2011-12-08 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk The comparative biology of diving in two genera of European Dytiscidae (Coleoptera).
2011-12-05 Ignasi Bartomeus Climate-associated phenological advances in bee pollinators and bee-pollinated plants
2011-12-04 Ignasi Bartomeus The paradox of invasion in birds: competitive superiority or ecological opportunism?
2011-12-01 Steven L. Chown Time-course for attainment and reversal of acclimation to constant temperature in two Ceratitis species
2011-12-01 Ignasi Bartomeus Native Pollinators in Anthropogenic Habitats
2011-12-01 Jacintha Ellers The costs of phenotypic adaptation to repeatedly fluctuating temperatures in a soil arthropod
2011-11-30 Richard J Telford Comparing different calibration methods (WA/WA-PLS regression and Bayesian modelling) and different-sized calibration sets in pollen-based quantitative climate reconstruction
2011-11-28 Daniel Mietchen Creative Commons licenses and the non-commercial condition: Implications for the re-use of biodiversity information
2011-11-28 Anne Thessen Data issues in the life sciences
2011-11-28 Brian J. Enquist Accounting for spatial autocorrelation in null models of tree species association
2011-11-21 Brian S. Maitner Patterns of bird invasion are consistent with environmental filtering
2011-11-19 Richard J Telford Dynamics of North Atlantic Deep Water masses during the Holocene
2011-11-18 Joshua S Madin Optimal web investment in sub-optimal foraging conditions
2011-11-11 Ian J. Wright | Brian J. Enquist | Brad Boyle The biogeography and filtering of woody plant functional diversity in North and South America
2011-11-08 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright | Daniel Falster Lifetime return on investment increases with leaf lifespan among 10 Australian woodland species
2011-11-08 Daniel Falster Light interception efficiency explained by two simple variables: a test using a diversity of small- to medium-sized woody plants.
2011-11-08 Vanessa M. Adams Correction: How Much Does it Cost to Expand a Protected Area System? Some Critical Determining Factors and Ranges of Costs for Queensland.
2011-11-05 Dylan J. Craven Carbon Dynamics of Tropical Forests
2011-11-03 Jacintha Ellers Ecological and molecular consequences of prolonged drought and subsequent rehydration in Folsomia candida (Collembola).
2011-11-01 Steven L. Chown Ecologically relevant measures of tolerance to potentially lethal temperatures
2011-11-01 Steven L. Chown Springtail diversity in South Africa
2011-11-01 Michael Ray Kearney The “covariation method” for estimating the parameters of the standard Dynamic Energy Budget model I: Philosophy and approach
2011-11-01 Michael Ray Kearney The “covariation method” for estimating the parameters of the standard Dynamic Energy Budget model II: Properties and preliminary patterns
2011-11-01 Michael Ray Kearney Mechanisms and consequences of changing body size: reply to Bickford et al. and McCauley and Mabry
2011-11-01 Vanessa M. Adams Designing, implementing and managing marine protected areas: Emerging trends and opportunities for coral reef nations
2011-10-28 Alexander Keller Common ancestry or environmental trait filters: cross-continental comparisons of trait-habitat relationships in tropical anuran amphibian assemblages
2011-10-19 Steven L. Chown Phylogeography of a mite, Halozetes fulvus, reflects the landscape history of a young volcanic island in the sub-Antarctic
2011-10-19 Michael Ray Kearney A manipulative test of competing theories for metabolic scaling.
2011-10-14 Mark Westoby Safety and streamlining of woody shoots in wind: an empirical study across 39 species in tropical Australia.
2011-10-13 Ignasi Bartomeus Faculty of 1000 evaluation for High plant diversity is needed to maintain ecosystem services
2011-10-13 Michael Ray Kearney Metabolic theory, life history and the distribution of a terrestrial ectotherm
2011-10-09 Rachael V. Gallagher Invasion hotspots for non-native plants in Australia under current and future climates
2011-10-01 Heloise Gibb Experimental evidence for mediation of competition by habitat succession.
2011-10-01 Sadie J. Ryan Robust detection of plant species distribution shifts under biased sampling regimes
2011-10-01 Brian J. Enquist Forest annual carbon cost: comment.
2011-10-01 Dylan J. Craven Estimating carbon stock in secondary forests: Decisions and uncertainties associated with allometric biomass models
2011-09-29 Daniel Falster smatr 3- an R package for estimation and inference about allometric lines
2011-09-28 Vanessa M. Adams How much does it cost to expand a protected area system? Some critical determining factors and ranges of costs for Queensland
2011-09-23 Steven L. Chown Density, body size and sex ratio of an indigenous spider along an altitudinal gradient in the sub-Antarctic
2011-09-23 Ralf B. Schäfer Biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services in environmental risk assessment: introduction to the special issue.
2011-09-23 Luke McCormack Faculty of 1000 evaluation for Relationship between soil enzyme activities, nutrient cycling and soil fungal communities in a northern hardwood forest
2011-09-21 Brian J. Enquist Evolving ecological networks and the emergence of biodiversity patterns across temperature gradients.
2011-09-20 Aud H. Halbritter Testing assumptions of the enemy release hypothesis: generalist versus specialist enemies of the grass Brachypodium sylvaticum
2011-09-14 Joshua S Madin Ecological traits influencing range expansion across large oceanic dispersal barriers: insights from tropical Atlantic reef fishes.
2011-09-06 Daniel Mietchen Wikis in scholarly publishing
2011-09-05 Jacintha Ellers Discriminating between energetic content and dietary composition as an explanation for dietary restriction effects.
2011-09-04 Steven L. Chown Non-indigenous microorganisms in the Antarctic: assessing the risks
2011-09-01 Ignasi Bartomeus The Circe Principle: Are Pollinators Waylaid by Attractive Habitats?
2011-09-01 Cyrille Violle When and how should intraspecific variability be considered in trait-based plant ecology?
2011-09-01 Brad Boyle Disentangling the drivers of β diversity along latitudinal and elevational gradients.
2011-09-01 Diogo Borges Provete The Tadpole of Physalaemus moreirae (Anura: Leiuperidae)
2011-09-01 David B. Roy Spatial covariation between freshwater and terrestrial ecosystem services
2011-09-01 Meghan Balk Plant genotype and nitrogen loading influence seagrass productivity, biochemistry, and plant-herbivore interactions.
2011-08-30 David B. Roy The role of ‘Big Society’ in monitoring the state of the natural environment
2011-08-24 Steven L. Chown Reactive oxygen species production and discontinuous gas exchange in insects.
2011-08-19 Heloise Gibb The discovery-dominance trade-off is the exception, rather than the rule.
2011-08-15 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright | Jens Kattge Fame, glory and neglect in meta-analyses.
2011-08-11 Ignasi Bartomeus Deconstructing the native-exotic richness relationship in plants
2011-08-10 Joshua S Madin Global gradients of coral exposure to environmental stresses and implications for local management.
2011-08-08 Steven L. Chown Creating novel food webs on introduced Australian acacias: indirect effects of galling biological control agents
2011-08-08 Rachael V. Gallagher Invasiveness in introduced Australian acacias: the role of species traits and genome size
2011-08-03 Steven L. Chown Discontinuous gas exchange: new perspectives on evolutionary origins and ecological implications
2011-08-01 Jacintha Ellers Genotypic richness and phenotypic dissimilarity enhance population performance
2011-08-01 David B. Roy Rapid range shifts of species associated with high levels of climate warming
2011-08-01 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Oxygen supply in aquatic ectotherms: partial pressure and solubility together explain biodiversity and size patterns.
2011-07-29 Ralf B. Schäfer Effects of pesticide toxicity, salinity and other environmental variables on selected ecosystem functions in streams and the relevance for ecosystem services.
2011-07-28 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Life-history strategies as a tool to identify conservation constraints: A case-study on ants in chalk grasslands
2011-07-27 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Can oxygen set thermal limits in an insect and drive gigantism?
2011-07-08 Vigdis Vandvik The age of Calluna stands moderates post-fire regeneration rate and trends in northern Calluna heathlands
2011-07-06 Brad Boyle Veg-X - an exchange standard for plot-based vegetation data
2011-07-01 Steven L. Chown Spatial scale and species identity influence the indigenous-alien diversity relationship in springtails
2011-07-01 Michael Ray Kearney Thermal sensitivity of Aedes aegypti from Australia: empirical data and prediction of effects on distribution
2011-07-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Pesticide risk mitigation by vegetated treatment systems: a meta-analysis.
2011-07-01 Vigdis Vandvik Grassland species composition and biogeochemistry in 153 sites along environmental gradients in Europe
2011-07-01 David B. Roy Balancing alternative land uses in conservation prioritization
2011-07-01 William D. Pearse Discussing fertility preservation options with patients with cancer.
2011-07-01 Jérôme Mathieu New insight into the genetic structure of the Allolobophora chlorotica aggregate in Europe using microsatellite and mitochondrial data
2011-07-01 Jérôme Mathieu Earthworm and microbe response to litter and soils of tropical forest plantations with contrasting C:N:P stoichiometric ratios
2011-06-29 Ralf B. Schäfer Risk assessment of salinity and turbidity in Victoria (Australia) to stream insects’ community structure does not always protect functional traits.
2011-06-27 Daniel Mietchen Collaborative platforms for streamlining workflows in Open Science
2011-06-27 Daniel Mietchen Collaborative platforms for streamlining workflows in Open Science
2011-06-24 Ralf B. Schäfer Occurrence and toxicity of 331 organic pollutants in large rivers of north Germany over a decade (1994 to 2004).
2011-06-21 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright | Jens Kattge | Brian J. Enquist | Pete Manning | Rachael V. Gallagher TRY - a global database of plant traits
2011-06-15 Jacintha Ellers Fatty acid composition and extreme temperature tolerance following exposure to fluctuating temperatures in a soil arthropod.
2011-06-14 Joshua S Madin Landscape of fear visible from space
2011-06-14 Cyrille Violle Phylogenetic limiting similarity and competitive exclusion
2011-06-09 Jacintha Ellers Comparing resource exploitation and allocation of two closely related aphid parasitoids sharing the same host
2011-06-01 Steven L. Chown Climatic predictors of temperature performance curve parameters in ectotherms imply complex responses to climate change
2011-06-01 Ralf B. Schäfer Modelling aquatic exposure and effects of insecticides–application to south-eastern Australia.
2011-06-01 Kim S. Ely Evolution of Ataúro Island: Temporal constraints on subduction processes beneath the Wetar zone, Banda Arc
2011-06-01 Courtenay A Ray Habitats and Conservation of Molt-Migrant Birds in Southeastern Arizona
2011-06-01 Diogo Borges Provete Anurofauna do noroeste paulista: lista de espécies e chave de identificação para adultos
2011-05-29 Sadie J. Ryan Landscapes as continuous entities: forest disturbance and recovery in the Albertine Rift landscape
2011-05-27 Steven L. Chown Water loss in insects: an environmental change perspective
2011-05-26 Daniel Mietchen Peer reviews: make them public
2011-05-23 Samraat S. Pawar Systematic variation in the temperature dependence of physiological and ecological traits
2011-05-18 Maurizio Rossetto The impact of distance and a shifting temperature gradient on genetic connectivity across a heterogeneous landscape
2011-05-18 Ignasi Bartomeus Exploring or avoiding novel food resources? The novelty conflict in an invasive bird
2011-05-12 Pete Manning Identification of General Patterns of Nutrient and Labile Carbon Control on Soil Carbon Dynamics Across a Successional Gradient
2011-05-07 Dylan J. Craven Foliar herbivory and leaf traits of five native tree species in a young plantation of Central Panama
2011-05-03 Brian J. Enquist Putting plant resistance traits on the map: a test of the idea that plants are better defended at lower latitudes.
2011-05-01 Alexander Keller Hawaiian ant–flower networks: nectar-thieving ants prefer undefended native over introduced plants with floral defenses
2011-05-01 Steven L. Chown Food for thought: Risks of non-native species transfer to the Antarctic region with fresh produce
2011-05-01 Jens Kattge Improving the predictability of global CO2assimilation rates under climate change
2011-05-01 Sadie J. Ryan Governing Africa’s Forests in a Globalized World - Edited by Laura A German, Alain Karsenty, and Anne-Marie Tiani
2011-05-01 David B. Roy Butterflies reset the calendar
2011-05-01 Nicolas Fanin Does variability in litter quality determine soil microbial respiration in an Amazonian rainforest?
2011-05-01 Dylan J. Craven Early growth and survival of 49 tropical tree species across sites differing in soil fertility and rainfall in Panama
2011-05-01 Dylan J. Craven Seasonal variability of photosynthetic characteristics influences growth of eight tropical tree species at two sites with contrasting precipitation in Panama
2011-04-28 Luke McCormack Faculty of 1000 evaluation for Organic nutrient uptake by mycorrhizal fungi enhances ecosystem carbon storage: a model-based assessment
2011-04-27 Steven L. Chown Long-term ecosystem networks to record change: an international imperative
2011-04-20 Jacintha Ellers Interaction Milieu Explains Performance of Species in Simple Food Webs along an Environmental Gradient
2011-04-18 Heloise Gibb Experimental reduction of native vertebrate grazing and addition of logs benefit beetle diversity at multiple scales
2011-04-14 Daniel Mietchen Interlinking journal and wiki publications through joint citation: Working examples from ZooKeys and Plazi on Species-ID
2011-04-08 Maribeth Latvis Angiosperm phylogeny: 17 genes, 640 taxa
2011-04-07 Jens Kattge Improving assessment and modelling of climate change impacts on global terrestrial biodiversity
2011-04-06 Daniel Mietchen Wikis in scholarly publishing
2011-04-06 Nuno Simões First record of the white-eye goby, Bollmannia boqueronensis (Teleostei: Perciformes: Gobiidae) along the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula (Gulf of Mexico)
2011-04-06 Joshua S Madin High-performance spider webs: integrating biomechanics, ecology and behaviour
2011-04-04 Michael Ray Kearney Declining body size: a third universal response to warming?
2011-04-01 Nuno Simões Advances in Breeding and Rearing Marine Ornamentals
2011-04-01 Steven L. Chown Comment on “Erosion of lizard diversity by climate change and altered thermal niches”.
2011-04-01 Mark Westoby A fresh framework for the ecology of arid Australia
2011-04-01 Michael Ray Kearney Combining heat-transfer and energy budget models to predict thermal stress in Mediterranean intertidal mussels
2011-04-01 Vanessa M. Adams Dispersal connectivity and reserve selection for marine conservation
2011-03-31 Vanessa M. Adams Promise and problems for estimating management costs of marine protected areas
2011-03-30 Steven L. Chown Intraspecific body size frequency distributions of insects
2011-03-17 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Introducing short roots in a desert perennial: anatomy and spatiotemporal foraging responses to increased precipitation.
2011-03-15 Brian J. Enquist | Brad Boyle Global species-energy relationship in forest plots: role of abundance, temperature and species climatic tolerances
2011-03-14 Alexandra J. R. Carthey Negotiating a noisy, information-rich environment in search of cryptic prey: olfactory predators need patchiness in prey cues.
2011-03-09 David B. Roy Measuring functional connectivity using long-term monitoring data
2011-03-04 Ralf B. Schäfer A trait database of stream invertebrates for the ecological risk assessment of single and combined effects of salinity and pesticides in South-East Australia.
2011-03-03 Alexander Keller Composition of epiphytic bacterial communities differs on petals and leaves
2011-03-03 Steven L. Chown Quantification of intra-regional propagule movements in the Antarctic
2011-03-01 Jacintha Ellers High throughput nano-liter RT-qPCR to classify soil contamination using a soil arthropod
2011-02-25 Pete Manning All size classes of soil fauna and litter quality control the acceleration of litter decay in its home environment
2011-02-23 Michael Ray Kearney Excluding access to invasion hubs can contain the spread of an invasive vertebrate.
2011-02-17 Daniel Mietchen Effectively incorporating selected multimedia content into medical publications
2011-02-17 Maurizio Rossetto | Mark Westoby Phylogenetic tests of community assembly across regional to continental scales in tropical and subtropical rain forests
2011-02-10 Alexander Keller Internal transcribed spacer 2 (nu ITS2 rRNA) sequence-structure phylogenetics: towards an automated reconstruction of the green algal tree of life
2011-02-05 Ian J. Wright Sensitivity of leaf size and shape to climate: global patterns and paleoclimatic applications.
2011-02-04 Brian J. Enquist Metabolic scaling in insects supports the predictions of the WBE model.
2011-02-03 Michael Ray Kearney Prizing open a black box to understand climatic constraints on seabirds
2011-01-28 Brian J. Enquist Variation in above-ground forest biomass across broad climatic gradients
2011-01-27 Heloise Gibb Field tests of interspecific competition in ant assemblages: revisiting the dominant red wood ants
2011-01-25 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright Global patterns of leaf mechanical properties.
2011-01-25 Ramona L Walls Angiosperm leaf vein patterns are linked to leaf functions in a global-scale data set.
2011-01-24 Vigdis Vandvik Changes in species composition of European acid grasslands observed along a gradient of nitrogen deposition
2011-01-20 Sadie J. Ryan The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI): unforeseen successes in animal ecology
2011-01-19 Ralf B. Schäfer Effects of pesticides monitored with three sampling methods in 24 sites on macroinvertebrates and microorganisms.
2011-01-17 Heloise Gibb Morphological traits as predictors of diet and microhabitat use in a diverse beetle assemblage
2011-01-14 Luke McCormack Faculty of 1000 evaluation for Assembly history dictates ecosystem functioning: evidence from wood decomposer communities
2011-01-13 Rachael V. Gallagher Traits and ecological strategies of Australian tropical and temperate climbing plants
2011-01-06 Jacintha Ellers Effects of exposure to short-term heat stress on male reproductive fitness in a soil arthropod.
2011-01-06 Pete Manning Ecosystem responses to reduced and oxidised nitrogen inputs in European terrestrial habitats.
2011-01-04 Jens Kattge Feedback of carbon and nitrogen cycles enhances carbon sequestration in the terrestrial biosphere
2011-01-01 Maurizio Rossetto Consequences of long- and short-term fragmentation on the genetic diversity and differentiation of a late successional rainforest conifer
2011-01-01 John Alroy On the flux ratio method and correcting incorrect forms of correct equations
2011-01-01 John Alroy Changes in shell durability of common marine taxa through the Phanerozoic: evidence for biological rather than taphonomic drivers
2011-01-01 Mark Westoby States and transitions: The trajectory of an idea, 1970-2010
2011-01-01 Michael Ray Kearney Seasonal differences in the quality of shortfin glass eel, Anguilla australis, and subsequent effects on growth and survival in captivity
2011-01-01 Brian J. Enquist | Brad Boyle The iPlant Collaborative: Cyberinfrastructure for Plant Biology
2011-01-01 Heloise Gibb Habitat characteristics may override climatic influences on ant assemblage composition: a study using a 300-km climatic gradient
2011-01-01 Colleen M. Iversen Litterfall 15N abundance indicates declining soil nitrogen availability in a free-air CO2 enrichment experiment
2011-01-01 Vanessa M. Adams Improving social acceptability of marine protected area networks: A method for estimating opportunity costs to multiple gear types in both fished and currently unfished areas
2010-12-29 Katja Seltmann A gross anatomy ontology for hymenoptera
2010-12-25 Jacintha Ellers Costs of receipt and donation of ejaculates in a simultaneous hermaphrodite
2010-12-21 Michael Ray Kearney The extinction of dengue through natural vulnerability of its vectors
2010-12-16 Vigdis Vandvik The impact of nitrogen deposition on acid grasslands in the Atlantic region of Europe
2010-12-16 David B. Roy Habitat microclimates drive fine-scale variation in extreme temperatures
2010-12-13 Brian J. Enquist Hydraulic trade-offs and space filling enable better predictions of vascular structure and function in plants
2010-12-08 Sean T. Michaletz Predicting climate change effects on wildfires requires linking processes across scales
2010-12-04 Anne Thessen Meeting Report: BioSharing at ISMB 2010
2010-12-01 Ian J. Wright Functional traits and the growth-mortality trade-off in tropical trees.
2010-12-01 Michael Ray Kearney Modeling the consequences of thermal trait variation for the cane toad invasion of Australia
2010-11-27 Steven L. Chown Temporal biodiversity change in transformed landscapes: a southern African perspective
2010-11-27 Jacintha Ellers Temperature-induced plasticity in membrane and storage lipid composition: thermal reaction norms across five different temperatures.
2010-11-23 Anne Thessen A Global Census of Marine Microbes
2010-11-15 Ignasi Bartomeus Vegetation Response after Removal of the Invasive Carpobrotus Hybrid Complex in Andalucia, Spain
2010-11-15 Brian J. Enquist | Cyrille Violle Venation networks and the origin of the leaf economics spectrum.
2010-11-10 Michael Ray Kearney Predicting patterns of stress and mortality in intertidal invertebrates: applications of biophysical ecology in a changing world
2010-11-04 Melissa Haendel eagle-i: An Ontology-Driven Framework For Biomedical Resource Curation And Discovery
2010-11-04 Melissa Haendel eagle-i: An Ontology-Driven Framework For Biomedical Resource Curation And Discovery
2010-11-02 Steven L. Chown Seasonal, altitudinal and host plant-related variation in the abundance of aphids (Insecta, Hemiptera) on sub-Antarctic Marion Island
2010-11-01 John Alroy Geographical, environmental and intrinsic biotic controls on Phanerozoic marine diversification
2010-11-01 Brian J. Enquist Wanted: A General and Predictive Theory for Trait-based Plant Ecology
2010-11-01 Michael Ray Kearney Modelling the ecological niche from functional traits
2010-11-01 David B. Roy Error propagation associated with benefits transfer-based mapping of ecosystem services
2010-11-01 Dylan J. Craven Physiological and anatomical responses of Acacia koa (Gray) seedlings to varying light and drought conditions
2010-10-26 Joseph A Tobias The impact of conservation on the status of the world’s vertebrates
2010-10-26 Brian J. Enquist Long-term change within a Neotropical forest: assessing differential functional and floristic responses to disturbance and drought
2010-10-25 Colleen M. Iversen CO2 enhancement of forest productivity constrained by limited nitrogen availability
2010-10-24 Ian G. Brennan Miocene biome turnover drove conservative body size evolution across Australian vertebrates
2010-10-23 Michael Ray Kearney Early emergence in a butterfly causally linked to anthropogenic warming
2010-10-22 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Matrix dimensions bias demographic inferences: implications for comparative plant demography.
2010-10-20 Joshua S Madin Fishing indirectly structures macroalgal assemblages by altering herbivore behavior.
2010-10-15 Cyrille Violle Plant functional traits capture species richness variations along a flooding gradient
2010-10-13 Steven L. Chown Mite dispersal among the Southern Ocean Islands and Antarctica before the last glacial maximum
2010-10-12 Mark Westoby | Daniel Falster Influence of four major plant traits on average height, leaf-area cover, net primary productivity, and biomass density in single-species forests: a theoretical investigation
2010-10-08 Ralf B. Schäfer The definition of species richness used by species sensitivity distributions approximates observed effects of salinity on stream macroinvertebrates.
2010-10-07 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Changing Consumption and Marketing pattern of Non-timber Forest Products in a Competitive World: case Study from an Urban Area of North-eastern Bangladesh
2010-10-07 Heloise Gibb Surface covering of downed logs: drivers of a neglected process in dead wood ecology
2010-10-01 David B. Roy Butterfly abundance in a warming climate: patterns in space and time are not congruent
2010-09-28 Jens Kattge | Joshua S Madin A generic structure for plant trait databases
2010-09-18 David B. Roy Assessing the condition of lake habitats: a test of methods for surveying aquatic macrophyte communities
2010-09-17 Joseph A Tobias Using learning networks to understand complex systems: a case study of biological, geophysical and social research in the Amazon
2010-09-15 Heloise Gibb Structure of ant assemblages in Western Ghats, India: role of habitat, disturbance and introduced species
2010-09-14 David B. Roy Synchrony of butterfly populations across species’ geographic ranges
2010-09-13 Sandra M Durán A Test of the Utility of Exotic Tree Plantations for Understory Birds and Food Resources in the Colombian Andes1
2010-09-11 Roberto Salguero-Gómez A hydraulic explanation for size-specific plant shrinkage: developmental hydraulic sectoriality.
2010-09-10 Daniel Mietchen Wikis as platforms for scholarly publishing
2010-09-10 Daniel Mietchen Wikis as platforms for scholarly publishing
2010-09-09 Steven L. Chown Variation in decomposition rates in the fynbos biome, South Africa: the role of plant species and plant stoichiometry
2010-09-09 Heloise Gibb Habitat contrasts reveal a shift in the trophic position of ant assemblages.
2010-09-01 John Alroy The shifting balance of diversity among major marine animal groups
2010-09-01 Steven L. Chown Phenotypic plasticity of gas exchange pattern and water loss in Scarabaeus spretus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae): deconstructing the basis for metabolic rate variation.
2010-09-01 Dalia A. Conde Sex matters: Modeling male and female habitat differences for jaguar conservation
2010-09-01 Ralf B. Schäfer A similarity-index-based method to estimate chemical concentration limits protective for ecological communities
2010-08-30 Brian J. Enquist Response to Coomes & Allen (2009)‘Testing the metabolic scaling theory of tree growth’
2010-08-24 Daniel Mietchen Collaborative Structuring of Knowledge by Experts and the Public
2010-08-19 Joseph A Tobias Song divergence by sensory drive in Amazonian birds.
2010-08-16 David B. Roy Turnover and trends in butterfly communities on two British tidal islands: stochastic influences and deterministic factors
2010-08-15 Jacintha Ellers Genetic correlation between temperature-induced plasticity of life-history traits in a soil arthropod
2010-08-05 Jacintha Ellers Genetic variation in heat resistance and HSP70 expression in inbred isofemale lines of the springtail Orchesella cincta
2010-08-01 Steven L. Chown Pre-freeze mortality in three species of aphids from sub-Antarctic Marion Island
2010-08-01 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Loss of environmental heterogeneity and aquatic macroinvertebrate diversity following large-scale restoration management
2010-07-24 Marko J. Spasojevic Contrasting effects of hemiparasites on ecosystem processes: can positive litter effects offset the negative effects of parasitism?
2010-07-20 Cyrille Violle Experimental demonstration of the importance of competition under disturbance
2010-07-15 Steven L. Chown Trait means and reaction norms: the consequences of climate change/invasion interactions at the organism level
2010-07-08 Ian J. Wright Functional differences between native and alien species: a global-scale comparison
2010-07-06 Heloise Gibb Fine-scale heterogeneity in beetle assemblages under co-occurring Eucalyptus in the same subgenus
2010-07-06 Cyrille Violle Intraspecific variability and trait-based community assembly
2010-07-02 Alexander Keller ITS2 sequence-structure phylogeny in the Scenedesmaceae with special reference to Coelastrum (Chlorophyta, Chlorophyceae), including the new genera Comasiella and Pectinodesmus
2010-07-02 Vigdis Vandvik Nitrogen deposition threatens species richness of grasslands across Europe
2010-07-01 Steven L. Chown Oxygen limitation and thermal tolerance in two terrestrial arthropod species.
2010-07-01 Anne Thessen Ecosystems Monitoring: An Information Extraction and Event Processing Scientific Workflow
2010-07-01 Sadie J. Ryan Top-down or bottom-up?
2010-07-01 Pete Manning A global comparison of grassland biomass responses to CO2 and nitrogen enrichment
2010-06-30 Heloise Gibb How does habitat complexity affect ant foraging success? A test using functional measures on three continents.
2010-06-29 Rachael V. Gallagher Predicted impact of exotic vines on an endangered ecological community under future climate change
2010-06-15 Michael Ray Kearney A cost-effective method of assessing thermal habitat quality for endotherms
2010-06-10 Alana R O Chin The hydrostatic gradient, not light availability, drives height-related variation in Sequoia sempervirens (Cupressaceae) leaf anatomy
2010-06-08 Jacintha Ellers Temperature-induced plasticity in egg size and resistance of eggs to temperature stress in a soil arthropod
2010-06-07 David B. Roy Disentangling the role of environmental and human pressures on biological invasions across Europe
2010-06-04 Daniel Mietchen Optimizing automated preprocessing streams for brain morphometric comparisons across multiple primate species
2010-06-04 Daniel Mietchen Optimizing automated preprocessing streams for brain morphometric comparisons across multiple primate species
2010-06-02 Ralf B. Schäfer Using silicone passive samplers to detect polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from wildfires in streams and potential acute effects for invertebrate communities.
2010-06-01 Daniel Mietchen Optimizing automated preprocessing streams for brain morphometric comparisons across multiple primate species
2010-06-01 Heloise Gibb How will low-intensity burning after clear-felling affect mid-boreal insect assemblages?
2010-06-01 Marko J. Spasojevic Fire and grazing in a mesic tallgrass prairie: impacts on plant species and functional traits.
2010-05-24 Michael Ray Kearney The art of modelling range-shifting species
2010-05-24 Rachael V. Gallagher Evidence for climatic niche and biome shifts between native and novel ranges in plant species introduced to Australia
2010-05-20 Paula M. Mabee Evolutionary characters, phenotypes and ontologies: curating data from the systematic biology literature
2010-05-12 Heloise Gibb Canopy and litter ant assemblages share similar climate-species density relationships
2010-05-05 Paula M. Mabee Phenex: ontological annotation of phenotypic diversity
2010-05-01 Steven L. Chown Phenotypic plasticity of locomotion performance in the seed harvester Messor capensis (Formicidae).
2010-05-01 Mark Westoby Plant functional traits in Australian subtropical rain forest: partitioning within-community from cross-landscape variation
2010-05-01 Joshua S Madin Decentralize, adapt and cooperate
2010-05-01 Jérôme Mathieu Utilization of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) to quantify the impact of earthworms on soil and carbon erosion in steep slope ecosystem
2010-04-29 Jens Kattge Improving land surface models with FLUXNET data
2010-04-26 Jacintha Ellers Loss of lipid synthesis as an evolutionary consequence of a parasitic lifestyle.
2010-04-16 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Integrating livelihoods and conservation in protected areas: understanding the role and stakeholder views on prospects for non-timber forest products, a Bangladesh case study
2010-04-07 Joseph A Tobias Character displacement from the receiver’s perspective: species and mate recognition despite convergent signals in suboscine birds.
2010-04-02 Richard J Telford Quantifying recent ecological changes in remote lakes of North America and Greenland using sediment diatom assemblages
2010-04-01 Joseph A Tobias Human Vision Can Provide a Valid Proxy for Avian Perception of Sexual Dichromatism
2010-04-01 Heloise Gibb Forest Succession and Harvesting of Hemipteran Honeydew by Boreal Ants
2010-04-01 David B. Roy How well do we understand the impacts of alien species on ecosystem services? A pan-European, cross-taxa assessment
2010-04-01 David B. Roy The impact of proxy-based methods on mapping the distribution of ecosystem services
2010-04-01 Jérôme Mathieu Earthworms accelerate soil porosity turnover under watering conditions
2010-03-29 Melissa Haendel | Paula M. Mabee The teleost anatomy ontology: anatomical representation for the genomics age
2010-03-18 Jacintha Ellers Frontiers in phenotypic plasticity research: new questions about mechanisms, induced responses and ecological impacts
2010-03-10 Brian J. Enquist Biological stoichiometry of plant production: metabolism, scaling and ecological response to global change.
2010-03-06 Daniel Falster Unstable DNA repair genes shaped by their own sequence modifying phenotypes.
2010-03-01 Steven L. Chown South Africa: big science should stay on the agenda.
2010-03-01 Ignasi Bartomeus Combined effects ofImpatiens glanduliferainvasion and landscape structure on native plant pollination
2010-03-01 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Keeping plant shrinkage in the demographic loop
2010-03-01 Roberto Salguero-Gómez Matrix projection models meet variation in the real world
2010-03-01 Heloise Gibb Revegetation of farmland restores function and composition of epigaeic beetle assemblages
2010-03-01 Colleen M. Iversen Scaling plant nitrogen use and uptake efficiencies in response to nutrient addition in peatlands.
2010-03-01 David B. Roy Empirical realised niche models for British higher and lower plants - development and preliminary testing
2010-02-24 David B. Roy Representation of ecosystem services by tiered conservation strategies
2010-02-22 Heloise Gibb Saproxylic parasitoid (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonoidea) communities in managed boreal forest landscapes
2010-02-19 Wilco C.E.P. Verberk Explaining abundance-occupancy relationships in specialists and generalists: a case study on aquatic macroinvertebrates in standing waters.
2010-02-16 Jacintha Ellers Altruistic behavior and cooperation: the role of intrinsic expectation when reputational information is incomplete.
2010-02-09 Steven L. Chown Metabolic rate, genetic and microclimate variation among springtail populations from sub-Antarctic Marion Island
2010-02-08 David B. Roy Heterogeneous landscapes promote population stability.
2010-02-01 Steven L. Chown Taxonomic homogenization and differentiation across Southern Ocean Islands differ among insects and vascular plants
2010-02-01 Mark Westoby | Daniel Falster Angiosperm wood structure: Global patterns in vessel anatomy and their relation to wood density and potential conductivity.
2010-02-01 Jacintha Ellers Adapt or disperse: understanding species persistence in a changing world
2010-02-01 Vanessa M. Adams Opportunity costs: Who really pays for conservation?
2010-02-01 Jérôme Mathieu Habitat quality, conspecific density, and habitat pre-use affect the dispersal behaviour of two earthworm species, Aporrectodea icterica and Dendrobaena veneta, in a mesocosm experiment
2010-01-26 Michael Ray Kearney Correlative and mechanistic models of species distribution provide congruent forecasts under climate change
2010-01-20 Franziska Schrodt Co-limitation of photosynthetic capacity by nitrogen and phosphorus in West Africa woodlands.
2010-01-18 Steven L. Chown Parameter landscapes unveil the bias in allometric prediction
2010-01-15 Alexander Keller Including RNA secondary structures improves accuracy and robustness in reconstruction of phylogenetic trees
2010-01-15 Sadie J. Ryan MPowering ecologists: community assembly tools for community assembly rules
2010-01-07 Jacintha Ellers Trait plasticity in species interactions: a driving force of community dynamics
2010-01-04 Diogo Borges Provete The tadpole of Physalaemus jordanensis Bokermann, 1967 (Anura, Leiuperidae) from Campos do Jordão, Serra da Mantiqueira, Southeastern Brazil
2010-01-01 Alexander Keller Ribosomal RNA phylogenetics: the third dimension
2010-01-01 Melissa Haendel Integrating phenotype ontologies across multiple species
2010-01-01 Steven L. Chown Using scale-area curves to quantify the distribution, abundance and range expansion potential of an invasive species
2010-01-01 Jennifer C. Girón Revision, phylogeny and historical biogeography of the genus Apodrosus Marshall, 1922 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae)
2010-01-01 Jennifer C. Girón Weevils of the genus Cercopeus Schoenherr from South Carolina, USA (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae)
2010-01-01 Jacintha Ellers Altruistic Behavior and Cooperation: The Role of Intrinsic Expectation When Reputational Information is Incomplete
2010-01-01 Joshua S Madin Owlifier: Creating OWL-DL ontologies from simple spreadsheet-based knowledge descriptions
2010-01-01 Daniel Falster Plant functional traits - linkages among stem anatomy, plant performance and life history
2010-01-01 William D. Pearse Crisis, social support, and the family response: exploring the narratives of young breast cancer survivors
2010-01-01 Jérôme Mathieu Decreasing fallow duration in tropical slash-and-burn agriculture alters soil macroinvertebrate diversity: A case study in southern French Guiana
2009-12-26 Alexander Keller ITS2 secondary structure improves phylogeny estimation in a radiation of blue butterflies of the subgenus Agrodiaetus (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae: Polyommatus ).
2009-12-23 Vigdis Vandvik Diversity and distribution patterns of benthic invertebrates along alpine gradients. A study of remote European freshwater lakes
2009-12-15 Colleen M. Iversen Digging deeper: fine-root responses to rising atmospheric CO concentration in forested ecosystems
2009-12-10 Steven L. Chown Body size variation in insects: a macroecological perspective
2009-12-09 David B. Roy Plant extinctions and introductions lead to phylogenetic and taxonomic homogenization of the European flora
2009-12-03 Sharif Ahmed Mukul Economics and Employment Generation of Bamboo-Based Enterprises: A Case Study from Eastern Bangladesh
2009-12-01 Steven L. Chown Extrapolating population size from the occupancy-abundance relationship and the scaling pattern of occupancy.
2009-12-01 Steven L. Chown Insect rate-temperature relationships: environmental variation and the metabolic theory of ecology.
2009-12-01 Steven L. Chown Effects of thermal acclimation on water loss rate and tolerance in the collembolanPogonognathellus flavescens
2009-12-01 Jennifer A Hammock Beaked Whale Strandings and Naval Exercises
2009-12-01 Brian J. Enquist Controls on Radial Growth of Mountain Big Sagebrush and Implications for Climate Change
2009-12-01 Alana R O Chin Experimental Tests of Latrine Use and Communication by River Otters
2009-11-26 Jacintha Ellers Evolutionary processes in community ecology
2009-11-20 Cyrille Violle Allocation strategies and seed traits are hardly affected by nitrogen supply in 18 species differing in successional status
2009-11-19 Steven L. Chown Ambient, productive and wind energy, and ocean extent predict global species richness of procellariiform seabirds
2009-11-19 Mark Westoby The relationship between stem biomechanics and wood density is modified by rainfall in 32 Australian woody plant species
2009-11-17 Alexander Keller The ITS2 Database III–sequences and structures for phylogeny.
2009-11-17 Michael Ray Kearney Size, shape, and the thermal niche of endotherms
2009-11-11 Ian J. Wright Evidence of a general 2/3-power law of scaling leaf nitrogen to phosphorus among major plant groups and biomes.
2009-11-01 Melissa Haendel Linking human diseases to animal models using ontology-based phenotype annotation
2009-11-01 Steven L. Chown Macrophysiology: a conceptual reunification.
2009-11-01 Jacintha Ellers Female preference and fitness benefits of mate choice in a species with dissociated sperm transfer
2009-11-01 Colleen M. Iversen Missing links in the root-soil organic matter continuum
2009-11-01 Dylan J. Craven Impacts of Herbicide Application and Mechanical Cleanings on Growth and Mortality of Two Timber Species inSaccharum spontaneumGrasslands of the Panama Canal Watershed
2009-10-31 Dylan J. Craven Silvicultural and economic aspects of pure and mixed native tree species plantations on degraded pasturelands in humid Costa Rica
2009-10-30 Steven L. Chown Population responses within a landscape matrix: a macrophysiological approach to understanding climate change impacts
2009-10-27 Jacintha Ellers A moderate change in temperature induces changes in fatty acid composition of storage and membrane lipids in a soil arthropod.
2009-10-14 Anne Thessen Crassostrea virginica grazing on toxic and non-toxic diatoms.
2009-10-01 Steven L. Chown Breaching the dispersal barrier to invasion: quantification and management.
2009-10-01 Steven L. Chown Management implications of the Macquarie Island trophic cascade revisited: a reply to Dowdinget��al.(2009)
2009-10-01 Steven L. Chown Animal Introductions to Southern Systems: Lessons for Ecology and for Policy
2009-10-01 Jacintha Ellers Maximized PUFA measurements improve insight in changes in fatty acid composition in response to temperature.
2009-10-01 Brian J. Enquist Advancing the metabolic theory of biodiversity
2009-10-01 Vigdis Vandvik Fire and regeneration: the role of seed banks in the dynamics of northern heathlands
2009-10-01 David B. Roy Changes in habitat specificity of species at their climatic range boundaries.
2009-10-01 Rachael V. Gallagher Modelling the impact ofHieraciumspp. on protected areas in Australia under future climates
2009-09-29 Maurizio Rossetto Permanent Genetic Resources added to Molecular Ecology Resources Database 1 May 2009-31 July 2009.
2009-09-23 Katja Seltmann Data publication and dissemination of interactive keys under the open access model
2009-09-23 Katja Seltmann Revision of the Oriental genera of Agathidinae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) with an emphasis on Thailand and interactive keys to genera published in three different formats
2009-09-23 Katja Seltmann Appendix 1. Listing of directory containing key files for the fruit-fly interactive keys package at http://delta-intkey.com/ffa/ (Carroll et al. 2002)
2009-09-23 Vigdis Vandvik Prescribed burning of northern heathlands: Calluna vulgaris germination cues and seed-bank dynamics
2009-09-01 Steven L. Chown Directional evolution of the slope of the metabolic rate-temperature relationship is correlated with climate.
2009-09-01 Steven L. Chown Assemblage level variation in springtail lower lethal temperature: the role of invasive species on sub-Antarctic Marion Island
2009-09-01 Steven L. Chown Changes in soil nematode populations indicate an annual life cycle at Cape Hallett, Antarctica
2009-09-01 Jens Kattge Effect of elevated CO2 on soil N dynamics in a temperate grassland soil
2009-09-01 Michael Ray Kearney No sex please, we’re clonal
2009-09-01 Sadie J. Ryan Methods for assessing movement path recursion with application to African buffalo in South Africa
2009-09-01 Brian J. Enquist Above-ground forest biomass is not consistently related to wood density in tropical forests
2009-09-01 Richard J Telford Holocene climate variability in the Southern Ocean recorded in a deep-sea sediment core off South Australia
2009-08-29 Heloise Gibb Does the availability of arboreal honeydew determine the prevalence of ecologically dominant ants in restored habitats?
2009-08-26 Cyrille Violle Litter quality and decomposability of species from a Mediterranean succession depend on leaf traits but not on nitrogen supply.
2009-08-19 Ignasi Bartomeus Invasive plant integration into native plant-pollinator networks across Europe.
2009-08-14 Melissa Haendel Uberon: towards a comprehensive multi-species anatomy ontology
2009-08-14 Melissa Haendel Uberon: towards a comprehensive multi-species anatomy ontology
2009-08-14 Paula M. Mabee Phenoscape: Ontologies for Large Multi-species Phenotype Datasets
2009-08-14 Paula M. Mabee Phenoscape: Ontologies for Large Multi-species Phenotype Datasets
2009-08-01 Michael Ray Kearney Stasipatric speciation: resurrecting a system to bury a hypothesis?
2009-08-01 Heloise Gibb Conserving ground-dwelling beetles in an endangered woodland community: Multi-scale habitat effects on assemblage diversity
2009-08-01 Brian J. Enquist Opposing assembly mechanisms in a neotropical dry forest: implications for phylogenetic and functional community ecology.
2009-08-01 David B. Roy Spatial covariance between biodiversity and other ecosystem service priorities
2009-08-01 Jérôme Mathieu Effects of an endogeic and an anecic earthworm on the competition between four annual plants and their relative fecundity
2009-07-30 Joseph A Tobias Signal design and perception in Hypocnemis antbirds: evidence for convergent evolution via social selection.
2009-07-27 Mark Westoby Costs of height gain in rainforest saplings: main-stem scaling, functional traits and strategy variation across 75 species.
2009-07-21 Ian J. Wright Are species shade and drought tolerance reflected in leaf-level structural and functional differentiation in Northern Hemisphere temperate woody flora?
2009-07-21 Sharif Ahmed Mukul The use of medicinal plants in healthcare practices by Rohingya refugees in a degraded forest and conservation area of Bangladesh
2009-07-15 Ramona L Walls Hybridization and Plasticity Contribute to Divergence Among Coastal and Wetland Populations of Invasive Hybrid Japanese Knotweed s.l. (Fallopia spp.)
2009-07-01 Pete Manning Shifts in seed size across experimental nitrogen enrichment and plant density gradients
2009-06-26 Steven L. Chown Unpredictable change in Antarctic terrestrial systems: a consequence of science and policy priorities?
2009-06-26 Ian J. Wright Global patterns of foliar nitrogen isotopes and their relationships with climate, mycorrhizal fungi, foliar nutrient concentrations, and nitrogen availability.
2009-06-25 Steven L. Chown Quantifying the propagule load associated with the construction of an Antarctic research station
2009-06-01 Michael Ray Kearney Integrating biophysical models and evolutionary theory to predict climatic impacts on species’ ranges: the dengue mosquitoAedes aegyptiin Australia
2009-06-01 Jacintha Ellers Reference genes for QRT-PCR tested under various stress conditions in Folsomia candida and Orchesella cincta (Insecta, Collembola).
2009-06-01 Anne Thessen Intra- and interspecies differences in growth and toxicity of Pseudo-nitzschia while using different nitrogen sources
2009-06-01 Roberto Salguero-Gómez After “eco” comes “service”
2009-06-01 Brian J. Enquist Taking species abundance distributions beyond individuals
2009-06-01 Cyrille Violle Intraspecific seed trait variations and competition: passive or adaptive response?
2009-05-01 Rachael V. Gallagher Different climatic envelopes among invasive populations may lead to underestimations of current and future biological invasions
2009-04-28 Brian J. Enquist Extensions and evaluations of a general quantitative theory of forest structure and dynamics
2009-04-16 Samraat S. Pawar Community assembly, stability and signatures of dynamical constraints on food web structure.
2009-04-15 Brian J. Enquist Comment on Coomes et al. ‘Scaling of xylem vessels and veins within the leaves of oak species’.
2009-04-10 Brian J. Enquist A general quantitative theory of forest structure and dynamics
2009-04-08 Steven L. Chown Realizing a synergy between research and education: how participation in ant monitoring helps raise biodiversity awareness in a resource-poor country
2009-04-08 Cyrille Violle Competition, traits and resource depletion in plant communities.
2009-04-03 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright Is there a latitudinal gradient in seed production?
2009-04-01 Steven L. Chown Coefficient shifts in geographical ecology: an empirical evaluation of spatial and non-spatial regression
2009-04-01 Brian J. Enquist Multiplicative by nature: Why logarithmic transformation is necessary in allometry
2009-04-01 Michael Ray Kearney Mechanistic niche modelling: combining physiological and spatial data to predict species’ ranges
2009-04-01 Jens Kattge Quantifying photosynthetic capacity and its relationship to leaf nitrogen content for global-scale terrestrial biosphere models
2009-04-01 Jacintha Ellers Dynamics of heat-induced thermal stress resistance and hsp70 expression in the springtail,Orchesella cincta
2009-04-01 Heloise Gibb Climatic drivers of hemispheric asymmetry in global patterns of ant species richness
2009-03-31 Mark Westoby | Ian J. Wright | Daniel Falster Controls on declining carbon balance with leaf age among 10 woody species in Australian woodland: do leaves have zero daily net carbon balances when they die?
2009-03-31 Jennifer A Hammock Discovery and characterization of chemical signals for citrus root weevil, Diaprepes abbreviatus
2009-03-26 Steven L. Chown Effects of flow rate and temperature on cyclic gas exchange in tsetse flies (Diptera, Glossinidae).
2009-03-12 Joseph A Tobias Signal jamming mediates sexual conflict in a duetting bird.
2009-03-10 Jacintha Ellers Plasticity versus environmental canalization: population differences in thermal responses along a latitudinal gradient in Drosophila serrata.
2009-03-10 Maribeth Latvis Rosid radiation and the rapid rise of angiosperm-dominated forests
2009-03-02 Ian J. Wright Leaf mesophyll diffusion conductance in 35 Australian sclerophylls covering a broad range of foliage structural and physiological variation
2009-03-01 Steven L. Chown The detection of spatial structure in populations and communities: An empirical case study
2009-03-01 Jennifer C. Girón Scelianoma elydimorpha, a new genus and new species of entimine weevil from southwestern Puerto Rico (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Entiminae)
2009-03-01 Ian J. Wright A global study of relationships between leaf traits, climate and soil measures of nutrient fertility
2009-03-01 Paula M. Mabee Development of the pharyngeal arch skeleton in Catostomus commersonii (Teleostei: Cypriniformes).
2009-03-01 Joshua S Madin Improving Data Discovery for Metadata Repositories through Semantic Search
2009-03-01 Jérôme Mathieu Spatial patterns of grasses influence soil macrofauna biodiversity in Amazonian pastures
2009-02-24 Vigdis Vandvik Pattern and process in Norwegian upland grasslands: a functional analysis
2009-02-20 Steven L. Chown Physiological tolerances account for range limits and abundance structure in an invasive slug.
2009-02-20 Michael Ray Kearney The potential for behavioral thermoregulation to buffer “cold-blooded” animals against climate warming
2009-02-15 Mark Westoby Phylogenetic biome conservatism on a global scale.
2009-02-11 Ian J. Wright Leaf phosphorus influences the photosynthesis-nitrogen relation: a cross-biome analysis of 314 species.
2009-02-01 Steven L. Chown Indirect effects of invasive species removal devastate World Heritage Island
2009-02-01 Steven L. Chown Phenotypic variance, plasticity and heritability estimates of critical thermal limits depend on methodological context
2009-02-01 Steven L. Chown The extent and impacts of ungulate translocations: South Africa in a global context
2009-02-01 David B. Roy Assisted colonization in a changing climate: a test-study using two U.K. butterflies
2009-02-01 David B. Roy Surrogacy and persistence in reserve selection: landscape prioritization for multiple taxa in Britain
2009-02-01 Jérôme Mathieu Modelling approach to analyse the effects of nitrification inhibition on primary production
2009-01-31 Maurizio Rossetto Isolation and characterization of nuclear microsatellite loci from Ceratopetalum apetalum (Cunoniaceae).
2009-01-29 Joseph A Tobias Sexual selection and ecological generalism are correlated in antbirds.
2009-01-24 Steven L. Chown Life stage-related differences in hardening and acclimation of thermal tolerance traits in the kelp fly, Paractora dreuxi (Diptera, Helcomyzidae).
2009-01-09 Cyrille Violle Differential impacts of plant interactions on herbaceous species recruitment: disentangling factors controlling emergence, survival and growth of seedlings
2009-01-06 Hervé Sauquet Contrasted patterns of hyperdiversification in Mediterranean hotspots
2009-01-01 Daniel Mietchen Computational morphometry for detecting changes in brain structure due to development, aging, learning, disease and evolution
2009-01-01 Daniel Mietchen Kumulative Dissertation
2009-01-01 Daniel Mietchen Themensuche
2009-01-01 Daniel Mietchen Wissenschaftliche Berufstätigkeit
2009-01-01 Mark Westoby | Daniel Falster Evolutionary coordination between offspring size at independence and adult size
2009-01-01 Ian J. Wright Why are non-photosynthetic tissues generally13C enriched compared with leaves in C3plants? Review and synthesis of current hypotheses
2009-01-01 Brian J. Enquist Improved abundance prediction from presence-absence data
2009-01-01 Ian J. Wright Causes and consequences of variation in leaf mass per area (LMA): a meta-analysis
2009-01-01 Ignasi Bartomeus Breeding system and pollen limitation in two supergeneralist alien plants invading Mediterranean shrublands
2009-01-01 Jens Kattge Ecophysiological Characteristics of Mature Trees and Stands - Consequences for Old-Growth Forest Productivity
2009-01-01 Michael Ray Kearney Lost Sex in the Reptiles: Constraints and Correlations
2009-01-01 Rachael V. Gallagher Phenological trends among Australian alpine species: using herbarium records to identify climate-change indicators
2009-01-01 Maribeth Latvis Floral variation and floral genetics in basal angiosperms
2008-12-24 Hervé Sauquet Using fossils and molecular data to reveal the origins of the Cape proteas (subfamily Proteoideae).
2008-12-05 Daniel Mietchen In vivo assessment of cold adaptation in insect larvae by magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance spectroscopy
2008-12-01 Dalia A. Conde Understanding movement data and movement processes: current and emerging directions
2008-12-01 Michael Ray Kearney The evolution of sexual and parthenogenetic Warramaba: a window onto Plio-P