description: A data base for phenological records of vascular, herbaceous plant species collected in botanical gardens including 11 phenological stages ("Initial growth", "Onset of leaf unfolding", "Onset of flowering", "Peak of flowering", "End of flowering", "Flowering duration", "Onset of fruiting", "End of fruiting", "Onset of senescence", "Peak of senescence", "End of senescence").



contentURL: NA


dataStandard: Data collection standardised in accordance to the PhenObs protocol (; standardization of taxonomy based on LCVP (


contactName: Robert Rauschkolb


license: CC BY 4.0

traitList: 11 vegetative and reproductive phenological stages covering the seasonal life cycle of herbaceous species

higherGeography: Global | Asia | Europe

decimalLatitude: 34 to 63

decimalLongitude: -3 to 75

taxon: Tracheophyta

eventDate: 2019 to current

taxaList: 362+ plant taxa, standardized based on The Leipzig Catalogue of Vascular Plants

usefulClasses: In-situ measurements on plant individuals and populations