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name contact description traits taxa
AmP Bas Kooijman A database of metabolic traits and associated parameter estimates for the Dynamic Energy Budget theory. 272 trait observations of metabolic (including life history) traits for parameter estimates under the Dynamic Energy Budget theory framework 2026 animal taxa
AmphiBIO Brunno Freire Oliveira / Gabriel C. Costa Global database for amphibian ecological traits (collection of data from literature) Habitat / Diet / Circadian_activity_rhythm / Seasonality / Body_weight / Age_at_mature_min_y / Age_at_mature_max_y / Body_length / Size_at_mature_min_mm / Size_at_mature_max_mm / Longevity_min_y / Longevity_max_y / Litter_size_min_n / Litter_size_max_n / Reproductive_output_y / Offspring_size_min_mm / Offspring_size_min_mm / Breeding strategy  
Arthropod Species Traits Martin M Gossner A summary of eight traits of Coleoptera, Hemiptera, Orthoptera and Araneae, occurring in grasslands in Germany Body_size / Dispersal_ability / Feeding_guild / Feeding_mode / Feeding_specialization / Feeding_tissue / Feeding_plant_part / Endophagous_lifestyle / Stratum_use / Coleoptera / Hemiptera / Orthoptera / Araneae
Australian birds Stephen Garnett Traits for all Australian birds Distribution / Morphology / Habitat / Food / Behaviour / Breeding / Mobility / Climate metrics  
Avian hand-wing index Catherine Sheard Hand-wing index values for 10,338 species, together with a variety of ecological and environmental traits, matched to the Jetz et al. 2012 phylogeny and to IUCN Red List scientific names. HWI / Sample-size / Body-mass / Range-Size / Island / Migration-1 / Migration-2 / Migration-3 / Territoriality / Diet / Habitat / Latitude / AnnualTemp / TempRange / AnnualPrecip / PrecipRange  
GlobTherm Joanne Bennett Thermal tolerance metrics for 2,133 species of multicellular algae, plants, fungi, and animals in 43 classes, 203 orders and 525 families from marine, intertidal, freshwater, and terrestrial realms, extracted from published studies. Updates to the data and metadata will be curated through the iDiv data portal Tmax / max_metric / error / error measure / Multiple measures / max_interval_after_LT0 / Tmax_2 / max_metric_2\terror / error measure / max_interval_before_LT100 / max_pretreatment / max_ramp / lat_max / long_max\televation_max / REF_max / location_max / N / tmin / min_metric / Multiple measures_min / min_interval_after_LT0 / tmin_2 / min_metric_2 / min_interval_before_LT100 / min_pretreatment / ramp_min\t Chlorophyta / Plantae / Fungi / Animalia
BryForTrait Markus Bernhardt-Römermann A compilation of autecological information and morphological and regenerative trait data on different stages of the life cycle of bryophytes occurring in forest ecosystems. The database contains information for 35 traits and 721 Central European bryophyte species; in total more than 23,000 trait values growth form / stem / shoot length / life form / life strategy / protonema / Hyalinnhairpoint / dominants / distribution of gametangia / seta / capsules / size of spores / spore ornamentation / fruiting / vegetative dispersal traits 721 Central European bryophyte species
BETYdb David LeBauer A database of plant traits and ecosystem services. Designed to support meta-analysis and crop and ecosystem modeling. Over 50k plant traits and ecosystem functions from over 5k taxa 1312 distinct genera, 3032 distinct species, and 470 taxa resolved below plant species (mostly cultivars), standardized mainly based on USDA Plants database
Beukhof_2019 Esther Beukhof / Aurore Maureaud A trait collection of marine fish species from North Atlantic and Northeast Pacific continental shelf seas. trophic level / offspring size / age at maturity / fecundity / length infinity / growth coefficient K / maximum length / maximum age / caudal fin aspect ratio / habitat / feeding mode / body shape / caudal fin shape / spawning type 6216 fish taxa, standardized based on World Register of Marine Species
BIEN Brian J. Enquist / Brad Boyle / Cory Merow / Xiao Feng / Dan Park /Brian S. Maitner / BIEN working group   53 plant traits  
Bland_2017 Lucie Bland Data on intrinsic (biology and ecology) and extrinsic (environment and threats) factors for 450 crayfish species assessed on the IUCN Red List Body size / Egg number / Chela size / Chela shape / Habitat breadth / Habitat type Arthropoda / Crustacea / Malacostraca
BROT Juli Pausas A functional trait database for Mediterranean Basin plants 44 traits 2457 taxa
Catching crabs, a case study in local-scale English conservation Will Pearse   diameter / sex Carcinus maenas
ChinaRoots, Sapling leaf and root traits from 6.6 km Jianfengling transect J. Aaron Hogan   Leaf Area / LeafPermiter / LeafWidth / LeafHeight / LeafCircularity / LeafAspectRatio / LeafRoundness / LeafMass / SLA / LeafThickness / RootMass / RootLength / SpecificRootLength / RootProjArea / RootArea / SpecifcRootArea / RootAvgDiam / RootLenPerVol / RootVolume / RootTD / NRootTips / SRTipAbund NForks / NCrossings  
A morphological database for Colombian anuran species from conservation‐priority ecosystems Beatriz Salgado-Negret A database of traits for amphibians from Colombia. SnoutVentLength / HeadWidth / MouthWidth / ForearmLength / TibiaLength / FemurLength / FootLength / FootWebbing 293 species / 14 families
Compadre Rob Salguero-Gómez Demographic, taxonomic, biogeographic and phylogenetic information of thousand of plants and animals Survival / Development / Reproduction / Recruitment / and many more! See here Plantae and Animalia
The Coral Trait Database Joshua Madin The Coral Trait Database is a growing compilation of scleractinian coral life history trait, phylogenetic and biogeographic data. As of today, there are 68494 coral observations with 106462 trait entries of 158 traits for 1548 coral species in the database. Most of these entries are for shallow-water, reef-building species. 150 coral traits Scleractinia
Panama_SecondFor_LeafTraits Dylan Craven A database of 17 leaf traits measured on 55 woody species and up to 1750 individuals (per species) in tropical secondary forests in Central Panama. 17 leaf traits, standardized according to 55 plant taxa, standardized using The Plant List
Database of Plant Heat Tolerances Timothy M. Perez A growing database of plant heat tolerances, primarily for photosynthetic tissues, quantified in terms of temperatures causing a pre-determined level of damage. The present database contains Tcrit and T50 heat tolerance estimates corresponding to the temperatures that cause initial and 50% damage to maximum quantum yield. Heat tolerance estimates for 123 species 123 species names based on the Taxonomic Name Resolution Service
eFLOWER Hervé Sauquet / Jürg Schönenberger Dataset of angiosperm floral traits (mostly structural), extracted from the PROTEUS database and built for the eFLOWER project; for more information on PROTEUS and eFLOWER, see Sex / Ovary_position / Number_of_perianth_parts / Fusion_of_perianth / Symmetry_of_perianth / Perianth_phyllotaxy / Number_of_perianth_whorls / Perianth_merism / Perianth_differentiation / Number_of_fertile_stamens / Filament / Anther_orientation / Anther_attachment / Anther_dehiscence / Androecium_structural_phyllotaxy / Number_of_androecium_structural_whorls / Androecium_structural_merism / Gynoecium_phyllotaxy / Number_of_structural_carpels / Fusion_of_ovaries / Number_of_ovules_per_functional_carpel 792 angiosperm species
Ecotaxonomy Anton Potapov / Dorothee Sandmann / Stefan Scheu Ecotaxonomy (, is an open web platform, that allows traits, taxa, individuals and samples to be linked within research projects. Any morphological or ecological traits can be customized inside the system and attached either to taxa, individuals, or environmental samples. The system is flexible to include any group of organisms. The taxonomic system of Ecotaxonomy is based on the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (, but may be complemented by morphospecies, pictures, literature and other parameters. As public output, the system provides interactive identification keys and web catalogs of traits and taxa. Multiple morphological and ecological traits Multiple groups of organisms (focused on Arthropoda)
EGrowth Jerome Mathieu The EGrowth database contains 1073 growth curves of 51 species of earthworms, representing 16002 measures of body mass. It covers publications on earthworm body size from 1900 to 2016. The environmental conditions in which the growth curves were produced are also reported (e.g. temperature, pesticides). Body mass of earthworm individuals during ontogenic growth (growth curves) 51 species
angiosperm-wide database of gynodioecious species Katherine Eisen angiosperm-wide database of gynodioecious species gynodioecious Marsupials
Elton Traits Walter Jetz EltonTraits 1.0, Species-level foraging attributes of the world’s birds and mammals Diet / Foraging_stratum / Nocturnal / Body_mass  
European Amphibians Database Audrey Trochet A database of life-history traits of European amphibians (collection of data from literature) Body_weight / Male_body_length / Female_body_length / Body_length / Foot length / Tibia length / Hind limb length / Metamorphosis size / Number of eggs / Survival rates in adults / Sexual maturity / Movement ability  
FishBase Rainer Froese FishBase is a global biodiversity information system on finfishes. It provides key facts on population dynamics for 200 major commercial species and has a wider range of data on all finfish species currently known in the world: taxonomy, biology, trophic ecology, life history, and uses biology / trophic ecology / life history 33,000 fish species
FishTraits Emmanuel Frimpong We have compiled a database of > 100 traits for 809 (731 native and 78 nonnative) fish species found in freshwaters of the conterminous United States, including 37 native families and 145 native genera.The database, named Fish Traits, contains information on four major categories of traits: (1) trophic ecology; (2) body size, reproductive ecology, and life history; (3) habitat preferences; and (4) salinity and temperature tolerances trophic ecology / body size / reproductive ecology / life history / habitat preferences / salinity and temperature tolerances Chordata / Vertebrata / Fish
Marsupial trait data Diana Fisher Marsupial trait data Adult female mass / Age at weaning / arboreality / diet type / diurnality / Female age at maturity / Gestation length / Inter-birth interval / Litter size / Mass at birth / Mass at pouch vacation / Mass at weaning / Maximum lifespan / Mean group size / Population density / shelter type Marsupials
Ecological traits of the world’s primates Carmen Galan-Acedo A database on some important ecological traits of the world’s primates (504 species), including home range size, locomotion type, diel activity, trophic guild, body mass, habitat type, current conservation status, population trend, and geographic realm. We compiled this information through a careful review of 1,216 studies published between 1941 and 2018 home range size / locomotion type / diel activity / trophic guild / body mass / habitat type / current conservation status / population trend / geographic realm 504 primate species
GlobalAnts Heloise Gibb Part of a database that also includes assemblage and abundance data for ants / / / / / / / / / / / Sculpturing / Pilosity / Number.of.Spines / Dominant.colour.head..Fig..16 / Dominant.colour.mesosoma..Fig..16 / Dominant.colour.gaster..Fig..16 / Polymorphism / Queen.number / Worker.number / Colony.type / Colony.founding / Nest.Site / Activity / Diet Formicidae - should discuss how you want this as we have localised morphospecies in a lot of datasets
Global Biotic Interactions Jorrit H. Poelen A global index of existing species interaction data records (e.g., predator-prey, pollinator-plant, pathogen-host, parasite-host). predator-prey / plant-pollinator / pathogen-host / parasite-host / symbionts  
Jeppsson_2014 Tobias Jeppsson We compiled information on species’ traits for all resident Swedish longhorn beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) frompublished sources. body_size / generation_time / number_of_larval_host_plant_species / adult_activity_period / overwintering_stage_before_reproduction / substrate_utilization_breadth  
Lislevand_2007 Terje Lislevand Avian body sizes in relation to fecundity, mating system, display behavior, and resource sharing M_mass / M_mass_N / F_mass / F_mass_N / Unsexed_mass / Unsexed_mass_N / M_wing / M_wing_N / F_wing / F_wing_N / Unsexed_wing / Unsexed_wing_N / M_tarsus / M_tarsus_N / F_tarsus / F_tarsus_N / Unsexed_tarsus / Unsexed_tarsus_N / M_bill / M_bill_N / F_bill / F_bill_N / Unsexed_bill / Unsexed_bill_N / M_tail / M_tail_N / F_tail / F_tail_N / Unsexed_tail / Unsexed_tail_N / Clutch_size / Egg_mass / Mating_System / Display / Resource  
Bacterial and archaeal phenotypic trait database Joshua Madin A synthesis of phenotypic and quantitative genomic traits is provided for bacteria and archaea, in the form of a scripted, reproducible workflow that standardizes and merges 26 sources. The resulting unified dataset covers 14 phenotypic traits, 5 quantitative genomic traits, and 4 environmental characteristics for approximately 170,000 strain-level and 15,000 species-aggregated records. It spans all habitats including soils, marine and fresh waters and sediments, host-associated and thermal. Trait data can find use in clarifying major dimensions of ecological strategy variation across species. They can also be used in conjunction with species and abundance sampling to characterize trait mixtures in communities and responses of traits along environmental gradients. 14 phenotypic traits, 5 quantitative genomic traits, and 4 environmental characteristics Approximately 170,000 strains and 15,000 species
Meiri_2018 Shai Meiri Geographical, morphological, ecological, physiological and life history data for the 6,657 known species of lizards body size / ecological / thermal biology / geographic / phylogenetic / life history data Reptilia
Myhrvold_2015 Nathan Myhrvold A normalized and consolidated database of up to 29 life-history parameters, containing at least one life-history parameter for 21 322 species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. In order to facilitate comparative analyses between amniote life‐history data, we created a database compiled from peer-reviewed studies on individual species, macroecological studies of multiple species, existing life-history databases, and other aggregated sources as well as published books and other compilations female_maturity_d / litter_or_clutch_size_n / litters_or_clutches_per_y / adult_body_mass_g / maximum_longevity_y / gestation_d / weaning_d / birth_or_hatching_weight_g / weaning_weight_g / egg_mass_g\tincubation_d\t/ fledging_age_d / longevity_y / male_maturity_d / inter_litter_or_interbirth_interval_y / female_body_mass_g / male_body_mass_g / no_sex_body_mass_g\tegg_width_mm / egg_length_mm / fledging_mass_g / adult_svl_cm\tmale_svl_cm\tfemale_svl_cm / birth_or_hatching_svl_cm / female_svl_at_maturity_cm / female_body_mass_at_maturity_g / no_sex_svl_cm / no_sex_maturity_d Amniotes / Aves / Reptilia / Mammalia
PanTHERIA Kate Jones Species-level data set compiled for analysis of life history, ecology, and geography of all known extant and recently extinct mammals life-history / ecological / geographic / taxonomic Chordata / Mammalia
Pangaea Philipp Brun A trait database for marine copepods Body_size / Feeding_mode / Clearance_rates / Ingestion_rates / Spawning_strategy / Egg_size / Clutch_size / Fecundity / Myelination / Hibernation / Resting_eggs / Respiration_rates / Growth_rates / Development_duration  
Pantheon Jon Webb Contains habitat-related traits, feeding guilds, conservation status (including rarity and threat status), legal protection data and associations with other taxa for just over 11,700 invertebrates habitat-related traits / feeding guilds / conservation status / biotic interactions 11700 invertebrates
Passerine Morphology Robert E. Ricklefs Passerine morphology, external measurements of approximately one‐quarter of passerine bird species Body_length / Wing_length / Tail_length / Tarsus_length / Toe_length / Bill_length / Bill_width / Bill_depth / Biogeographic_region  
PHYLACINE Søren Faurby PHYLACINE, The Phylogenetic Atlas of Mammal Macroecology. This taxonomically integrated platform contains phylogenies, range maps, trait data, and threat status for all 5,831 known mammal species that lived since the last interglacial (~130,000 years ago until present) Aerial / Diet.Invertebrate / Diet.Plant / Diet.Vertebrate / Freshwater / Island.Endemicity / Life.Habit.Method / Marine / Mass.Comparison / Mass.g / Terrestrial 5,831 mammals
PolyTraits Sarah Faulwetter A database on biological traits of polychaetes broad range, ~60 traits  
Schäfer_2011 Ralf Schäfer We compiled a database on a priori selected traits for South-East Australian freshwater macroinvertebrate families reproduction type / food source / respiration mode/ physiological sensitivity to salinity macroinvertebrates
Senescence João Pedro de Magalhães AnAge Database of Animal Ageing and Longevity Female maturity / Male maturity / Gestation/Incubation / Weaning / Litter/Clutch size / Litters/Clutches per year/ Inter-litter/Interbirth interval / Birth weight / Weaning weight / Adult weight / Growth rate / Maximum longevity / IMR / MRDT / Metabolic rate / Body mass / Temperature  
Sharkipedia Christopher Mull An open-access curated database of shark and ray (all chondrichthyes) life history traits and abundance time-series. 3034 measurements of 49 traits covering 105 species (continuously updated) ~1,200 species based on current taxonomic status of chindrichthyes. See for full taxonomic information.
Tropical and temperate macroinvertebrate morphology Esra H. Sohlström / Malte Jochum Length-mass regression dataset to calculate live (fresh) body mass from body length, width, taxonomic group, and geographic region live body mass / body length / body width / taxonomic information  
TetraDENSITY Luca Santini The dataset includes taxonomic information on species, population density estimate, year of data collection, season, coordinates of the locality, locality name, habitat, sampling method and sampling area. >18,000 georeferenced and dated population density estimates in terrestrial vertebrates 79 sp. of Amphibians, 284 sp. Reptiles, 1174 sp. of Birds, 564 sp. of Mammals
TRY - Global Plant Trait Database Jens Kattge / Gerhard Boenisch / Sandra Díaz / Sandra Lavorel / Colin Prentice / Paul Leadley / Christian Wirth / the TRY Network The TRY database is a growing compilation of vascular plant traits (also mosses and lichens) including published (>10,000 original publications) and unpublished data. TRY started in 2007. As of today, there are 12 mio trait records. 2091 plant traits 280,000 plant taxa

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