description: The TRY database is a growing compilation of vascular plant traits (also mosses and lichens) including published (>10,000 original publications) and unpublished data. TRY started in 2007. As of today, there are 12 mio trait records.




dataStandard: Standardization of traits according to; standardization of taxonomy based on


contactName: Jens Kattge / Gerhard Boenisch / Sandra Díaz / Sandra Lavorel / Colin Prentice / Paul Leadley / Christian Wirth / the TRY Network


license: CC BY

traitList: 2091 plant traits

higherGeography: Global | Africa | Antarctica | Asia | Europe | North America | Oceania | South America

decimalLatitude: -66 to 85

decimalLongitude: -178 to 180

taxon: Tracheophyta

eventDate: about 1900 to current

taxaList: 280,000 plant taxa

usefulClasses: Mostly in-situ measurements on plant individuals