description: An open-access curated database of shark and ray (all chondrichthyes) life history traits and abundance time-series.


paperDOIcitation: In Prep

contentURL: NA


dataStandard: Standardization of traits according to procedures ( and taxonomy according to sharktrees (


contactName: Christopher Mull


license: CC BY

traitList: 3034 measurements of 49 traits covering 105 species (continuously updated)

higherGeography: Global

decimalLatitude: All

decimalLongitude: All

taxon: Chondrichthyes

eventDate: about 1980 to current

taxaList: ~1,200 species based on current taxonomic status of chindrichthyes. See for full taxonomic information.

usefulClasses: Empirical and model derived measurement of life history traits and abundance. All measurements MUST be traced to a valid peer-reviewed reference. Collaborating with for reference database.