description: A growing database of plant heat tolerances, primarily for photosynthetic tissues, quantified in terms of temperatures causing a pre-determined level of damage. The present database contains Tcrit and T50 heat tolerance estimates corresponding to the temperatures that cause initial and 50% damage to maximum quantum yield.


paperDOIcitation: 10.1111/jbi.13984

contentURL: NA


dataStandard: Heat treatment duration: 15 minutes, Recovery time: 24 hours, Damage assessed with maximum quantum yield (Fv/Fm) fluorescence; standardization of taxonomy mainly based on

standardizationScripts: NA

contactName: Timothy M. Perez


license: CC BY

traitList: Heat tolerance estimates for 123 species

higherGeography: Global | North America

decimalLatitude: 25.677

decimalLongitude: -80.275

taxon: Pteridophytes | Gymnosperms | Angiosperms

eventDate: 2018

taxaList: 123 species names based on the Taxonomic Name Resolution Service

usefulClasses: Heat tolerances of plants growing outdoors in a common garden environment in Miami, FL