description: A trait collection of marine fish species from North Atlantic and Northeast Pacific continental shelf seas.


paperDOIcitation: 10.1594/PANGAEA.900866


dataStandard: Standardization of taxonomy based on


contactName: Esther Beukhof | Aurore Maureaud

contactEmail: |

license: CC BY 4.0

traitList: trophic level | offspring size | age at maturity | fecundity | length infinity | growth coefficient K | maximum length | maximum age | caudal fin aspect ratio | habitat | feeding mode | body shape | caudal fin shape | spawning type

higherGeography: North Atlantic | North Pacific



taxon: Fish

eventDate: about 1980 to current

taxaList: 6216 fish taxa, standardized based on World Register of Marine Species

usefulClasses: mostly species-, genus- and family level traits